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Mom and Daughter Duos Front This Year’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign

Ralph Lauren created Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in 1994 after losing a close friend to the disease, which encouraged him to use his contacts within the fashion industry to increase awareness and raise money in order to fight the disease. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was subsequently launched in the UK in 1996 by Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and to this day, it remains the charity’s flagship fashion campaign.

Each year, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer unites some UK high street favourites with well-known celebrity faces, and this year they’re having a famous mother and daughter theme, as they’ve enrolled the support of Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Pearl and Daisy Lowe.

Sharon and Kelly OsbournePearl and Daisy Lowe

The famous family duos will front the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer ad campaign, urging us to invest in pieces from this year’s collection to support the cause. 30% of all of the pieces purchased will be donated, and this year we can expect to see retailers such as M&S, Topshop, Warehouse, Laura Ashley, Debenhams, and River Island. Plus, the price points range between £2 and £275, so there’s definitely something for everybody’s taste or budget!

About the initiative, Kelly Osbourne states, “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is all about British retailers uniting to raise vital money for a cause that affects almost 50,000 UK women a year. I’m so happy to be in the campaign with the most important woman in my life – my mum. I'm urging everyone to Wear Your Support – visit”

So, do as Kelly Says and hit their website to find out more and wear your support!

Images: Simon Emmett for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer / Breakthrough Breast Cancer 

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John Galliano Gets That Parsons Job

Gonna just play this straight: Earlier today, senior students in Parsons' BFA fashion program received an email announcing a new masterclass series taught by John Galliano, reports Lucky magazine's John Jannuzzi.

Galliano's future has been uncertain for the past two years, ever since the designer was fired from his position at Dior and his namesake brand (both labels are owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH), following the release of a video which showed him going off on an anti-Semitic, racist and simply vile drunken tirade in a Paris cafe (hate speech is a crime in France, and Galliano was later found guilty).

This February, Page Six reported that the designer was considering taking a teaching post at either New York City's Parsons or London's Central Saint Martins, both top fashion programs. 

And so he is! The course will actually be called SHOW ME EMOTION, which is hilarious and probably a bit of a misstep. You'd think that with the production of Zoolander 2 on the horizon, Galliano would want to make it harder for haters to make him the butt of their jokes (the original installment of the film franchise parodied the designer's 2000 Dior collection, which was inspired by homeless people). 

As described by the school: "[This class] seeks to engage its participants by provoking the power of emotion in context of fashion practice and exploration of intuitive, perceptive manners of investigational making." ("Perceptive manners of investigational making," I can't.) The course has a rigorous selection process; in addition to submitting samples of their works, the application requires “faculty recommendations, a short essay or video, a visualization supporting their entry, and a minimum 3.0 GPA.” Galliano does not tolerate mediocrity. 

Collage via WENN, Parsons course poster


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Man Apologizes For Inventing Word ‘Fashionista’

When a man apologizes for inventing a word that you didn't know he invented until you read his apology for inventing it, you have to assume that his apology is not quite sincere. But I guess it's easier to pitch and publish an article with the headline, "I Apologize for Inventing the Word 'Fashionista' 20 Years Ago" than one titled, "I Am Proud of Myself for Inventing the Now-Commonly Used Word 'Fashionista.' Please Recognize My Contribution to the English Language. The OED Entry Was Not Enough."

Stephen Fried is the author of, among other things, Thing of Beauty: The Tragedy of the Supermodel Gia, which tells the story of Gia Carangi, a model who was quite active in the late Seventies/early Eighties (she was Vogue's August 1980 cover girl) until she developed a heroin addiction, contracted HIV and died from AIDS. 

He claims that, despite his wife's objections to the neologism, he first used the word "fashionista" four times in his 1993 biography of the late supermodel. The first time The New York Times printed "fashionista," it was in a review of Fried's book; the critic, a fashion editor named Carol Kramer, called it a "corny label."

Nothing really happened for five years but THEN, in a dramatic twist to this exciting and suspenseful story, in 1998 HBO decided to make a movie based on Gia's life, casting Angelina Jolie as the supermodel. BAM. According to Fried, the word "fashionista" was used over 200 times in newspapers the following year, before being inducted into the Oxford English Dictionary, the uncontested authority on the English language. (The official OED definition, for your time: "A person employed in the creation or promotion of high fashion, such as a designer, photographer, model, fashion writer, etc. Also: a devotee of the fashion industry; a wearer of high-fashion clothing.")

"I suppose I should apologize to all users of language for my crime against nomenclature," writes Fried, but then he never actually does, choosing instead to chronicle how the word became ubiquitous. The real takeaway of this article is: Fried desperately wants credit for inventing the word "fashionista" which no one would ever use today if it hadn't been popularized by Angelina Jolie.

I Apologize For Inventing the Word 'Fashionista' 20 Years Ago (The Atlantic)

Image via Tony Forte/WENN

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Miu Miu Packs Its Spring Eyewear Campaign Video With All Those Models You Like

If Lizzy Caplan hadn't made a parody of fashion films, Miu Miu's Spring 2013 eyewear campaign video could be an unintentional one. It comes off as an inadvertent spoof of itself.

So many meaningful glances! But what do they mean?

"The world is such a dark place."

"That's just because you're wearing sunglasses. What are you doing? We're inside."

The video stars all the models from the brand's Spring womenswear campaignMalgosia Bela, Bette Franke, Martha Hunt, Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima, Arizona Muse. Did you miss them? It's really hard to be away from the ones you love. 

The campaign specifically features shades from the Miu Miu Rasoir Sunglasses capsule collection, which have a flattering retro cat-eye shape, distorted with a sharp crop at the bottom (pictured).

The other day, I tried on a pair of the label's sunglasses at the store. I wanted to have them permanently attached to my face. I could extend the compliment to the ones in the video below. 

Images via Miu Miu Eyewear



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Helen Rochfort Bags to Quench Your Kitsch Cravings

Ever fancied channeling your inner Katy Perry? If so, let us introduce you to the Helen Rochfort brand — that’s if you’re not already a massive fan. The UK-based brand perfectly mixes the world of vintage with pop art inspiration to create statement framed box handbags. The bags may not be to everybody’s taste but if you’re the kind of gal who likes the eccentric, be sure to check out their latest collection.

Helen Rochfort has just released the arm candy collection which is inspired by our favourite treats. We particularly love the Cherry and the Custard Cream bags (above, both retailing for £65) and best of all, they’re even scented! 

If you’re intrigued, then, pop over to their site here and check out all of their currently available collections. They also collaborate with other artists, such as the Su Lin Panda Love bag (above left) by the artist Kitty Finegan, and the Owl A Rama by the Fashion Designer Emma Bell (above right). Believe us, this section is definitely worth a look.

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