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WATCH: Calvin Harris’ New Music Vid with Gigi Hadid Is One Giant Ode to Hair Tossing

We thought our hair-whipping days were locked away in a little box with Willow Smith back in 2010, but Calvin Harris and Gigi Hadid have teamed up to show us how to properly flip those locks. 

Calvin’s video clip for “How Deep Is Your Love” has just been released on YouTube, starring one of Taylor Swift‘s many, many supermodel BFFs Gigi, who thought she best prove to us that she has hair on her head and she knows how to use it.

The vid sees Gigi lie on a surgical bed in Dexter-esque plastic wrap before hitting da club, having a dip, hanging in a dingy tattoo parlour, checking out the crop, and getting amongst the mushrooms all while being the greatest (hair) tosser we’ve ever seen. 

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Flippin’ babe or not, we think she’s far more believable as Calvin’s Frankenstein spawn than in her previous music vid roles as Swifty’s “Alien Jumpsuit Chick” Slay-Z or Cody Simpson’s own personal surfboard.

Don’t believe us? Watch Gigi do her thang above.


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Cara Delevingne and Beanie Babies Look to Raise Money in Honor of Cecil the Lion

Cara Delevingne Cecil the Lion

Image: WENN

While actual Zimbabweans wonder why Westerners are more concerned about the life of a lion they never heard of than the woes of actual humans living in the country, the celeb set is more than happy to help raise money to conserve the nation’s wildlife. One of these celebrities is Cara Delevingne, who is graciously giving up her TAG Heuer Signature Edition watch to raise money for the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. 

Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby

Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby

Delevingne has set up an eBay auction for the timepiece, promising that all proceeds will go to “Today JOIN ME to help the scientists who care about the future of wild lions in Africa and work very hard on their conservation.”  The auction, which is open from now until August 10 has already hit around £6,100 in bids. We have no doubt that higher amounts will come rolling in, based on the massive outcry after the lion’s death. 

Delevingne mentions that she wore the watch to the Monaco Grand Prix, so now is the time (ha) for wealthy animal lovers to put their money where their mouth is and get their hands on a fashionable item for a good cause. If watches aren’t your thing, you might fancy purchasing a Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby, which the Ty company created to benefit WCRU.

[h/t Mashable, USA Today]

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Emily Ratajkowski Tries (and Fails) to Seduce Us on British GQ’s Cover (Forum Buzz)

Men’s fashion magazines are often overlooked in our forums, even while delivering terrific covers and content. For September, the British version of GQ serves up Emily Ratajkowski on the front of its recently released issue. The title has previously featured women, like top models Miranda Kerr and Lara Stone in memorable shoots from Mario Testino. The Peruvian photographer shot Emily for this occasion, with Katie Grand on hand to style the Gone Girl actress for a series of sexy and sultry photos.

UK GQ September 2015 Emily Ratajkowski by Mario Testino


Our forum members weren’t impressed with the outcome, however. “Is Mario Testino the highlight of this issue??? Oh well, Katie and Mario, two names I hate. Next,” MON announced immediately.

“So… that was the huge anti-climax GQ had for us?” asked an underwhelmed Chanelcouture09.

Also unimpressed was KINGofVERSAILLES, ranting, “Wouldn’t the headline about her hitting and/or seducing Hollywood have been more appropriate last year? A quick look at her IMDb page shows she had a cameo in Entourage, which was a critical and commercial flop, she has a supporting role in a bad looking indie, and a supporting role in an upcoming cable mini-series. No other roles on the horizon. Hardly seducing Hollywood.” Ouch!

Forum member honeycombchild was quick to throw in, “Ergh, I bloody hate men’s magazines like GQ sometimes. It’s tragic that the only way they believe they can sell an issue is by having a scantily clad girl or a man in a dull suit on their cover. It irritates me that they pitch themselves above the usual men’s magazines too, it’s for ‘gentlemen’ don’t you know.”

“I was like ‘Oh not Kim [Kardashian] again,'” laughed GIVENCHYlover.

UK GQ September 2015 Emily Ratajkowski by Mario Testino


See even more of Emily and join the conversation here.

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Watch: Emma Watson Leads a Discussion on Gender Equality with Stella McCartney and Jonathan Saunders

Since her speech at the He for She campaign talk at the UN, Emma Watson has become something of a spokesperson for equal rights for women. She urged men to join the fight in parity for women, mentioning that the patriarchy hurts men too. Some might argue that her words are simply Women and Gender Studies 101, while others regard them as “game-changing.”

This month, Vogue UK’s September issue cover girl has teamed with the magazine for a video in which she leads a discussion on gender equality. Watson poses questions, which are answered by designers Stella McCartney, Bella Freud, Jonathan Saunders and Erdem Moralioglu. They discuss what role the fashion industry can play in furthering women’s rights, their hopes for the future of gender equality and more.

Watch the video above to hear each designer’s viewpoints on the hot topic.

[via Vogue UK]

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Karlie Kloss Looks So Effortlessly Cool on Flare Magazine’s September Cover Shoot (Forum Buzz)

Is Karlie Kloss set to dominate your local newsstand this month? It’s certainly starting to look that way as Karlie already has the current cover of Glamour under her belt and now fronts the September 2015 issue of Flare. The statuesque beauty participated in a classic studio sitting with photographer Nino Muñoz behind the lens, with Katie Mossman on styling duties. Karlie shows us just how it’s done, looking effortlessly cool wearing a crisp white shirt teamed with a pair of blue jeans. 

Flare September 2015 Karlie Kloss by Nino Munoz


Members of our forums couldn’t contain their praise for long. “She is everywhere this month. Love the cover with the white shirt. This is much better than the US Glamour cover,” stated dfl-001 right away.

In agreement was MON: “Stunning! Beyond beautiful!! So much better than her Glamour cover!”

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“QUEEN!” hailed Slater, returning to the thread moments later to add, “Karlie is such an icon. She has left an impact on high fashion that will be remembered!”

Benn98 was quick to reply, “I know, and quite right too, if you ask me. She’s finally getting the recognition she deserves. I like this cover, she looks very approachable. Hope it sells for Canadians.”

Also full of admiration and appreciation was blueorchid: “I’m always glad when Flare manages to get a model on their cover, rather than the third rate American actresses they typically get.”

“Love this cover! Very classic!” said Nepenthes, before justaguy echoed, “Very nice! Simple, clean & love the crisp white shirt…classic!”

See more photos of Karlie doing what she does best inside our thread, and don’t forget to drop us a comment here.