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Link Buzz: California Girl Miriam Haney for Marc by Marc Jacobs Campaign; Karlie Kloss for Tamara Mellon

  • Image: tFS Forums

    Image: tFS Forums

    The tFS forums are not feeling this Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 ad. (But I am!) [Forums]
  • "Snow problem." [FabSugar]
  • Lauren Sherman makes a convincing case for Saint Laurent's stellar accessories business. [Fashionista]
  • Rich Kids of Instagram: A Novel is available for pre-order. Yes, really. [Refinery29]
  • Plus-size model Robyn Lawley gets a Barneys campaign. [BellaSugar]
  • Does wearing Lululemon motivate you to work out? Weirdly enough, kind of. [TheAtlantic]
  • Tamara Mellon has just released its first-ever brand video, starring Karlie Kloss. [TamaraMellon]

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Sorry We’re Not Sorry, Says Chanel Over Native American Headdress (Forum Buzz)

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Following backlash over the Native American feathered headdress which appeared on the runway at Chanel's Dallas-inspired Pre-Fall show, the label has issued an apology in a comment to Elle:

"The Chanel-Dallas Metiers d'Art 2013/2014 collection is a celebration of the beauty of Texas. Native Americans are an integral part of Texas's rich history and culture and the feather headdress, a symbol of strength and bravery, is one of the most visually stunning examples of the creativity and craftsmanship they possessed. We deeply apologize if it has been misinterpreted or if it is seen as offensive as it was really meant as a tribute to the beauty of craftmanship."

In the forums, the apology didn't go over well:

PixieDust1603: "Well, Chanel have apologised in the most passive-aggressive way possible."

Masquerade: "That 'apology' is no better than the act itself. 'Sorry you were too dumb to get our wonderful point.' Sigh, it's them who don't get the point."

And koibito summed it up: "Sorry we're not sorry."



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Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn Star in Today’s Inevitable Beyoncé Post

Image: screenshot

Image: screenshot

For me, the Gchats started coming early this morning: "The Internet is going to rip itself apart today over Beyonce," wrote my friend Andrew.  

Me: "I know, it's on every site."

Andrew: "Big news. Internet Excited Over PR Stunt."

Me: "Lol. I'm going to steal that from you."

Andrew: "Please. Oh: 'Beyoncé shit-talks over a trap-ish beat. Includes sampled excerpts of 'We Should All Be Feminists,' a speech by Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I’m not certain that Beyoncé would have self-identified as a feminist five years ago.'"

Me: "Another iconic feminist moment. I don't like what's happening to feminism."

Andrew: "It's being commoditized?"

Me: "Yes."

Andrew: "Honestly, and this may be controversial, but I don't like Beyonce. Not that some of her songs aren't good, but she's so manufactured. And how everyone worships her is a loss, I think, for music. The PR machine, the awards machine, the world tour machine. I don't know. She's too big to fail."

Me: "I mostly agree. #Rihanna."

Andrew: "Rihanna has actual character, I think. Does real people things. Makes mistakes, etc. Everyone is like GROUNDBREAKING BEYONCE MADE VIDEOS FOR HER MUSIC. Just, lol. Stfu, Internet. Leave me alone. I'm going back to bed."

Me: "Some band I follow on Facebook posted about it: 'If ya don't know, Beyoncé just released a new record with 17 videos accompanying it. Without any hype or press about the release. Nice move!' Lol, 'no hype!'"

Andrew: "I just can't with this. It must be nice to be so rich you can A) have a platinum selling album come out like, whenever B) have money for the best studios, producers, artists C) have unlimited budget to produce more music videos than you even have songs. 'Nice move.'"


Andrew: "The 41 Most Unbelievably Flawless And Life-Changing Moments From Beyoncé’s New Album"

Me: "It's all trash. Let's throw out the Internet."

Andrew: "It smells."


All that being said, it's my pleasure to reiterate that this morning, Beyoncé released a surprise album on iTunes (simply called, Beyoncé), with 14 new songs and 17 teaser videos. In one of them, titled Yoncé, the pop star unveils a new cigar-smoking alter ego — as The Daily Mail rather dramatically put it, "Sasha Fierce is dead." 

For our purposes, the more interesting bit is that the video features three of today's top black models: Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn wear grills and gyrate to the tune of Beyonce's newfound badassery.

The clip is below. 

Also! Here's the video for the song "Mine" (featuring Drake) which was directed by Terry Richardson. (I guess Beyoncé never heard about that petition, huh?)

And here's "Blue," which includes a cameo by Blue Ivy:

Around the web:


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Galliano Creates Stage Costumes for Stephen Fry’s ‘Importance of Being Earnest’

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Marking John Galliano's first major endeavor since he was dismissed from Dior and his eponymous brand in March 2011 (that is, if you don't consider his internship at Oscar de la Renta 'major'), the designer is set to costume Stephen Fry's British stage production of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest.

No matter what you think of Galliano, who has made a solid case for his rehabilitation in press outlets like Vanity Fair and The Charlie Rose show, there's no question that the designer is well suited for the project.

Galliano has a biting sense of drama and dandy-ish, even Wildean, personal style. Vogue UK notes that the designer costumed Lady Bracknell (played by Judi Dench) for the 1982 production at the National Theatre. Galliano is reportedly already at work. 

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Rumor: Is Harper’s Bazaar UK Planning a Kim Kardashian Cover? [Update]



Is Kim Kardashian slated to appear on a Harper's Bazaar UK cover in 2014? That's the rumor going around the tFS forums.

Miss Dalloway first posted about the possibility a week ago: "Did you hear anything about Kim Kardashian on upcoming UK HB cover? I mean that was even more unbelivable to hear than the Miley on US Vogue cover, hopefully it has the same outcome of not being true. Don't follow them, or view their site, do they report about her a lot?"

After some brief discussion, the conversation came to a lull, but it was picked up again yesterday by honeycombchild, who noticed that British Bazaar's website had included the professional celebrity in its Best Dressed of the Week roundup. 

"So now I'm officially slightly worried about her face looking up at me from my doormat in 2014," he added. 

When I checked on the website, I discovered that Kardashian has actually been appearing on Harper Bazaar UK's 'Best Dressed' lists pretty consistently for the past month. The datelines run: November 20 (look is above, left), December 6, December 12 (look is above, right). Kardashian was even included in British Bazaar's Best Dressed of the Year roundup. 

The digital arm of the publication has been calling out Kardashian's style with increasing regularity ever since it ran the feature, "Kim Kardashian's Fashion Transformation," with the meta description, "How Kim Kardashian transformed herself from reality star to Carine's best friend (with a little help from Riccardo Tisci)." The Carine Roitfeld name-check is quite the compliment, coming from Bazaar: earlier this year, the former Paris Vogue editor was named Global Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar worldwide

The glossy's attention to Kardashian is especially surprising because we're used to seeing more hostility from fashion publications in response to her bid for attention; US Vogue notoriously cropped her out of their Met Gala slideshow in May. However, the star did appear on the cover of Roitfeld's biannual magazine, CR Fashion Book

We reached out to Harper's Bazaar for comment but have not heard back. 

UPDATE: We just heard back from British Bazaar's Digital Editor, who says that the publication has no plans to feature Kardashian on a future cover:

"I'm afraid there is no correlation between our best dressed galleries and the cover stars for Harper's Bazaar, and there are no plans to place Kim Kardashian on the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK! "

RelatedYou’ll Never Guess Who’s Under All That Sparkle on the Cover of CR Fashion Book #3 (Forum Buzz)

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Was Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ Commercial the Best Ad of 2013?

According to AdWeekDove's 'Real Beauty Sketches' commercial was this year's most viral ad, clocking in 4.24 million shares since its April 19 debut. It was also one of the most watched videos, with over 59.5 million views on YouTube (Dove's commercial trailed Evian's 'Baby & Me' film, which had above 66.2 million views). One more distinction for Dove's commercial coup: AdWeek just named it ad of the year, describing it as "a clever and poignant exploration of self-esteem that was as beautiful as the subjects it studied."

Though the ad clearly resonated with many millions of viewers, it also produced a fair share of vocal critics, who suggested that the film reinforces many of the same ideas (about sexism and the beauty standard) it claims to undermine.

Other people (like me) believe that ad's main problem lies not in its messaging (which is pretty standard for a commercial product), but in its taste level and believability — it's cheesy. Although there's no proof that the video is scripted, it's hard to believe that some of these lines came out of people's mouths, unprompted. ("She had nice eyes, they lit up when she spoke." "She was thin, so you could see her cheekbones.")

Best ad of the year? You decide: 

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