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Sonam Kapoor Looks Like a Goddess on Vogue India’s April Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue India often falls under our radar, but its April 2015 issue sure has our attention. As a title that prefers to give homegrown actresses the spotlight, Sonam Kapoor is welcomed back after fronting its cover several times previously. The 29-year-old beauty posed for Kristian Schuller wearing a jaw-dropping lilac dress. What more could we want?

Vogue India April 2015 Sonam Kapoor Kristian Schuller


A few of our forum members have taken a liking to Vogue India’s latest offering. “WOW I totally love it! She looks beautiful,” raved Oxymore within moments of the cover surfacing.

“She looks fantastic. The pose is very goddess-like and her face is very regal and sultry yet elegant. Great layout too, all the elements are here and it works well,” Bertrando3 approved.

GlamorousBoy gave props to Sonam’s modeling skills by crediting her “fantastic pose.”

“It’s stunning and visually striking! Beautiful girl as well. My thing with Vogue India is that it’s always the same girls?” asked MON, as things started to take a slight turn.

Sharing an identical view was A.D.C.: “Not bad for Vogue India but isn’t she on like every other month? It sure feels like it. I guess every edition has their Kate Moss of British Vogue.”

“This is actually quite striking, I imagine it will be hard to ignore on a newsstand. I like the coarse looking hair and kitschy tassel earrings. What’s going on with her eyebrows though? I knew Sonam would show up sooner or later, she’s much like Gisele for Vogue Brazil,” added Benn98.

Fantastic attempt, but enough with the recycled cover stars? Check out the accompanying cover story and drop us a comment here.

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American Apparel Taps Band of Outsiders’ Joseph Pickman to Lead Menswear

American Apparel Storefront

Image: Getty

American Apparel is looking to reinvent itself in its post-Dov Charney days, and is enlisting the help of Joseph Pickman to do it. The retailer just signed the former Band of Outsiders men’s design director to lead its menswear team into a new era.  

American Apparel’s menswear sector hasn’t been performing well and the brand is hoping that Pickman’s aesthetic will help get it back on track. According to WWD, Pickman plans to bring some of that Band of Outsiders vibe to the division. “We really, really work on the fit first — because the fit is what makes the customer feel good in the clothes — and then we look at fabrics,” Pickman explains. “What can we add to that assortment? Can we give them something a little more refined and still call it a basic?”

Now that Dov Charney’s officially out at the label, American Apparel has been steadily restructuring in order to make up for $300 million in losses over the past five years. Needless to say, we’ll be taking a closer look at the men’s section in American Apparel in the coming months. With Pickman on its team, American Apparel is sure to reestablish itself as an affordable, refined and cool label. 

[via WWD]

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Finally, the Book of Yeezus, a Bible Kanye West Fans Can Get Behind

Image: Etsy

Image: Etsy

Some people believe the Bible is the word of God, but what is the word of a deity against that of a self-professed genius who believes his art is the most important thing to our society? Absolutely nothing, which is why we think Kanye West will be pleased to hear that a few Etsy shop owners are taking the words of the Bible and making them even doper, by replacing mentions of God with ‘Yeezus.’

Shop owners TheBookofYeezus say they put together the tome as a lighthearted reflection of modern times. “This book wasn’t made to make fun at Kanye, nor to represent an undying devotion for him. Book of Yeezus is simply an exposition. It’s adding an original twist to something ancient and important in order to capture new meaning,” they write explaining their product. “We are trying to cast our spotlight towards the way cultural icons have come to be the contemporary spiritual figures in our information culture.”

The tome will set you back $20, a trifle for the privilege of reading the Bible according to the Steve Jobs of deities, Kanye West. 

[h/t Mashable]

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Gorgeous Jourdan Dunn Used to Hate the Way She Looked

Jourdan Dunn Elle Style awards

Image: WENN

Long legs, razor-sharp cheekbones and a $4 million dollar paycheck – Jourdan Dunn has it all. But though she’s blossomed into a jet-setting in-demand high fashion model, Dunn says she didn’t always feel as confident in herself as she does now. The model sat down with the Sunday Times to talk about the struggles she faced coming to terms with her look as a teenager.

“I didn’t want to leave the house,” she said. “I didn’t want to look in the mirror. I would feel physically sick. I hated being me. I hated going to school. I already didn’t like the way I looked and now people were making me feel bad.” Even after Dunn nabbed herself a modeling contract around the age of 16, she still had esteem issues with her self image. “Once I did get scouted, and would get turned down for jobs because I was so too skinny, it was really damaging for me.”

But Dunn grew to embrace her career as a model after she became pregnant with her now five-year-old son Riley, who has sickle cell anemia. Having a young child with an illness made her realize that she was in a great position to provide for her kid, so she stuck with modeling and the rest? Well, that’s history. 

“I thought to myself: Jourdan, you have this great career in front of you. You can set your son up for life. Just go for it.”

[via Telegraph]

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Madonna Gets Five Different Covers for Cosmopolitan’s 50th Anniversary Issue (Forum Buzz)

Madonna failed to hide the fact she was about to star on an upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan, after she shared a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot with her 3.5 million Instagram followers back in January. The info was immediately brought over to our forums for discussion and we’ve been waiting for the cover to drop ever since. Cosmo finally released its 50th anniversary issue and understandably, produced five covers for the celebratory occasion. Madonna was photographed by Ellen von Unwerth and insisted in participating in the same old and tiresome concept.

Cosmopolitan May 2015 Madonna Ellen von Unwerth


Make no mistake, the majority of our forum members are yearning for change. “Zzzzzz …. NEXT!” proclaimed DutchHomme right away.

“Sex and Madonna are two things I would never want to associate with one another,” noted a disgusted GivenchyHomme.

GlamorousBoy echoed similar uninterested thoughts, writing, “Awful and boring… everything.” Nail on the head, we say.

Additionally projecting the same idea was Nymphaea: “Can’t she do anything else? For years she hasn’t had any interesting pics. Move on!”

“The plain backgrounds are their signature so to go away with it, for me, loses the identity of the magazine. This is a step toward the wrong direction. It looks like a fan wanted a cover for her but couldn’t find the exact Cosmo fonts and a shot of her on a plain background, thus the result,” MON discredited.

But not everyone was left wanting something different. “It’s a well tested formula for Madonna to be presented like this, at this point in her career. It’s so very interesting that not even Cosmo could break away with that. Shows how much power she has. On the other hand, I do like that 25 years later, she is back on the cover, true Icon!” admired Miss Dalloway.

“All great shots, nothing too original, but still great,” enthused justaguy.

Are you a fan? Join the conversation inside the thread here.

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Kate Upton Didn’t Know Terry Richardson Was Going to Post That Cat Daddy Video

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Not even a high-profile professional model like Kate Upton is safe from some of Terry Richardson’s creepiness

Back in 2012, fresh off that famous video of her doing the dougie at a basketball game, Terry Richardson tapped the model for a shoot, during which he recorded a behind-the-scenes video of Upton doing the Cat Daddy in nary but an extremely tiny bikini. The video itself got a lot of traction, but Upton was none too pleased at first about the video making the rounds. In fact, the model tells Vogue UK that she didn’t even think the clip would be released. 

In a move that seems so classically Richardson, the photographer posted the video without her knowing, which had Upton seeing red. The model reportedly confronted Richardson about it saying, “That was disrespectful, you could have told me!” But the clip garnered millions of views and actually wound up giving the model even more visibility. In the end, it worked out for her career.

At least Richardson’s questionable antics worked out for someone…

[via Vogue UK]

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