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A Different Kind of Hair Weave: Hair Tapestries Are All the Rage on Instagram

Move over unicorn hair, there’s a new trend in town and it’s got us all reaching for a needle and thread. This weekend, at the FYF Fest in Los Angeles, London-based Bleach Hair Salon set up a booth offering hair tapestries, which have subsequently taken over Instagram, though it’s been around for about a year. The festival-appropriate style is achieved by weaving pieces of string into hair with the help of a loom. You can get the style with extensions or you can weave the yarn directly into your tresses. 


A photo posted by Tiffany (@tiffanydecaux) on

Marie Claire credits hairstylist Alex Brownswell with starting the trend, saying he was inspired by Andean tapestry from Argentina. We took a quick look to see if somehow this tradition is linked to some sacred cultural practices and it doesn’t appear to be (although if it is, definitely let us know), so it seems this new festival trend isn’t haunted by the spectre of cultural appropriation. So ladies, weave away. (Unless you’re Kathie Lee Gifford and hair tapestries aren’t your cup of tea.)

Check out some examples of hair tapestries below. (more…)

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Daria Strokous Gives Numéro Its Best Black and White Cover to Date (Forum Buzz)

The French edition of Numéro solidifies its return to form with the release of the September cover. Out is Karl Lagerfeld, who has shot Numéro‘s big March and September covers since forever, and in comes photographer Nathaniel Goldberg like a breath of fresh air. Goldberg captured model Daria Strokous on location in the streets of Paris at night wearing Chanel Haute Couture. The overall look of the image may still resemble Lagerfeld’s signature black and white aesthetic but we’re just loving Numero‘s elegant new offering.

Numéro #166 September 2015 Daria Strokous by Nathaniel Goldberg


Members of our forums were pleasantly surprised. “Beautiful, chic and classic, great dress,” praised Nymphaea from the offset, setting the tone for comments to follow.

“Sublime! I love this cover so much,” forum member fluxxx enthused soon after.

[ September Issues: All the Covers We Loved and Hated ]

MON was impressed by Goldberg’s cover too and applauded: “Looks so beautiful!! Wow! Finally a black and white cover that works.”

In agreement over how fantastic the cover turned out was TeeVanity, raving, “Very elegant and stunning cover.” 

“So striking! It’ll be quite a noticeable competitor on the newsstand,” Aedlacir said.

“Gorgeous cover! Goldberg’s use of lights and darks works beautifully here in black & white,” commended justaguy.

If you’re a fan of this cover then you’ll be delighted with Daria’s accompanying cover story. Check it out and preview the rest of Numéro’s September issue here.

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The World Has Officially Gone Pumpkin Spice Crazy

m&m pumpkin spice latte

Image: courtesy M&M’s

The world has officially gone pumpkin spice crazy. Peeps recently announced it was releasing an autumnal-flavored version of its famous marshmallow snacks and Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats unveiled a limited-edition pumpkin spice cereal. Now, M&M’s is getting in on the fun with the release of pumpkin spice latte-flavored M&M’s. 

According to E!, M&M’s has dropped pumpkin spice versions of the candy before, but this one seems to also be latte flavored, so we’re expecting a lot of chocolatey, coffee pumpkin goodness. Don’t get us wrong  – these new M&M’s sound insanely delicious. Still, we can’t help but feel a little pumpkin spiced-out. So many food and drink companies have hopped onto the pumpkin spice train that it’s getting hard to keep up. Also, a little redundant. But hey, folks love artificial pumpkin and nutmeg flavors, so why not give the people what they want?

Pumpkin spice is here to stay – no matter how much fatigue we might have. So for those of you who can’t get enough of the flavor, below are some pumpkin spice products you can add to your pantry this fall. (more…)

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Kanye West to Receive Video Vanguard Award at This Year’s VMAs

Kanye West VMA

Image: WENN

Now that Kanye West is finally getting the recognition from the fashion industry he always thought he deserved, it’s time for the music industry to follow suit – and MTV is ready, willing and able. The controversial and oft-polarizing rapper is set to be honored at this year’s Video Music Awards. Yeezy will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this year, which makes sense considering the rapper has rolled out more than a few iconic videos in his time. 

We’re sure Kanye will come dressed to the nines to collect his honor. In the meantime, MTV has released a short video announcing West as the recipient of the award, which you can see above.

Six years ago, Kanye famously interrupted Taylor Swift as she collected her VMA for Best Female Video – this sounds like a great opportunity for Swiftie to exact sweet revenge. 

Sex Appeal, Sparkle and a Denim Red Carpet Throwback Dominate This Year’s MTV Video Music Awards ]

[via Variety]

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Of Course Léa Seydoux Photographed Like a Dream for Vanity Fair France (Forum Buzz)

While the American/British version of Vanity Fair serves up a brash and unflattering cover starring Taylor Swift for September 2015, the French edition delivers the goods and we’re delighted with the outcome. The title tapped Léa Seydoux for its newly-unveiled issue and since the actress is well affiliated with Prada as the face of its feminine Candy fragrance, it seemed only fitting for the 30-year-old upcoming Bond Girl to wear an outfit by the Italian fashion brand before the lens of photographer Paul Wetherell.

Vanity Fair France September 2015 Lea Seydoux by Paul Wetherell


The minute the cover surfaced, forum members began to sing the magazine’s praises. “Stunning. You can’t do wrong with her, so beautiful,” admired jexxica.

“Their (Vanity Fair France that is) best cover, by far. You just can’t go wrong with Lea,” echoed HeatherAnne.

September Issues: All the Covers We Loved and Hated ]

“Absolutely stunning! Love how sultry yet demure she looks. The hair & makeup is perfection and even though it’s quite predictable to see her in Prada, I love the styling,” enthused Wolkfolk.

Also enthusing about the cover and Léa’s presence was burbuja8910: “Amazing, this woman is so beautiful.”

Nepenthes simply used to the word “breathtaking” to describe the cover, with Aedlacir adding, “Magnificent! The colors, hair and make up make this my top pick for September covers. Such a fan of Léa.”

“Lovely cover. Flawless hair and Prada looks good on her,” noted jeffandtheworld.

Show the cover some more love by dropping us a comment inside our thread here.

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Lisa Hyde’s The Bachelor S3, Ep 9 Low-Down: ‘Emily, You Are In For a Little Shock’

Lisa Hyde

Photo: supplied

It’s Episode 9 of The Bachelor, which means “date crashers” Lana and Rachel are finally going to arrive. By the looks of the spoilers, tonight is going to be amazing.

It’s obvious that all the ladies are wanting a second, or, for some, a third, single date with Sam, and, really, who would blame them? Let’s not forget that the ladies are also trying to suss out if Sam is the right man for them.

The single date goes to Bec, and  it wont take much to top her last date with Sam. Bec leaves the mansion wearing a stunning leopard-print maxi dress, which I’m guessing is from Spell Designs. I just love that shop. (more…)