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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Wears Chanel On The Cover Of Vogue Germany (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Germany have been knocking it out of the park with their covers lately! For their June 2014 issue, the team enlisted Camilla Akrans to photograph Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for the front cover. The British model wears Chanel, looking sophisticated yet sultry wearing her hair in a messy bun tied back with a black ribbon. I just love this!

Vogue Germany June 2014 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Most members of theFashionSpot forums don't share the same opinion, however. Bertrando3 wrote: "I don't like it, it looks very cheap. It's like a Guess advertisement."

"I don't really care for Rosie one way or another, but I'm kinda liking everything about this cover," commented justaguy.

|PerfectTonight| didn't think it looked like Rosie: "Looks nothing like Whiteley!" I do understand where he's coming from. Rosie's jaw does look as though it has been slimmed down a little.

Although Greenway disagreed and wrote, "Are we looking at the same image because it looks exactly like her?" he replied. Then went on to say: "It's a gorgeous cover, the pose, the makeup and especially the hair its so cute."

"Beyond, I love this cover. Rosie can't help her gorgeousness, looking forward to this editorial," wrote TeeVanity.

Be sure to check out the thread, join the discussion and await the contents here.

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Montreal-Based Mackage Plans Free-Standing Stores Across Canada

When one door closes, at the very least a window opens, which couldn’t be truer with today’s news that Montreal-based Mackage is set to open free-standing stores across Canada.

As reported earlier this week, Canadian fashion is suffering a loss with the closure of Jacob, but it seems a new Québécoise will be taking its place on our credit cards. Retail Insider reports that outerwear-maven Mackage has retained a real estate company to establish its brand across Canada.

Mackage Canadian Outerwear

Image: Mackage

Of course, these latest stores won’t be the first free-standing Mackage joints of their kind. The brand already has a shop in New York City's Soho district. But finally, we Canucks won’t have to rely solely on the likes of Holt Renfrew, Harry Rosen and Mendocino for our fix of well-tailored coats and jackets.

What’s more, with news that Mackage intends to focus more energy on expanding their handbag and accessory lines, we can expect the fashion favourite to become a one-stop shopping contender against the influx of retail heavyweights.

There’s currently no word on when or where Mackage intends to officially set up shop, but in all likelihood, the company’s hometown, Montreal, as well as Toronto and Vancouver will be prime choices.

Where do you hope a new Mackage will surface?

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theFashionSpot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week


  1. André Leon Talley Wears the Infamous Pharrell Hat to the Anna Wintour Costume Center Ribbon Cutting — André tries Pharrell's infamous Vivienne Westwood topper on for size.
  2. The Most Epic Trains at the Met Gala 2014 — All the beautiful trains we saw at this year's Met Gala.
  3. Streakers: A Brief History of Nearly Naked Fashion Event Crashers — Everyone who's ever crashed a fashion event in the buff.
  4. Elle Lands Angelina Jolie by Hedi Slimane for June Cover (Forum Buzz) — Angelina Jolie is photographed by Saint Laurent's Hedi Slimane.
  5. Anne Hathaway’s Post-Rachel Zoe Style —What does breaking up with Rachel Zoe do to a celebrity's red carpet style?
  6. In Honor of Mother’s Day, Here Are Some of Fashion’s Best Mother-Daughter Duos — Besides good looks and natural talent, these mothers passed down a love of fashion to their daughters, all of whom have pursued careers in the industry.
  7. The End of a Trend? These Dior Sandals Aren’t Just Ugly, They’re Abominable — Although we enjoyed watching all the ugly shoes stomping down the Spring 2014 runways and loved the way the trend transformed for retail, we think this phenomenon might be on its last legs.
  8. 8 Bad Fashion Habits You Need to Break Now — Feeling kinda blah about your closet? Before you go out with credit card in tow, read on, think about it a little and try to face your own fashion habits with a new attitude.
  9. Not Ready to Commit? Get One of These Celeb-Inspired Instant Hair Makeovers — Need an instant hair makeover without doing anything drastic? 
  10. Christian Dior Cruise 2015 Proves There’s a Million Ways to Fold a Scarf (Runway Review) — The French fashion house flew out editors from all over the world to view their latest, shuttling them out from Manhattan to the show's location at the Brooklyn Navy Yard via Dior-commissioned ferries staffed by some very good looking sailor boys.

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Beyoncé, Bambi, and Este Haim Love Lover’s ‘In Bloom’ Prints

For basically as long as the brand has been alive, Lover’s lace in black, white and red has been the label’s hallmark. So much so that they’ve released sell-out capsules based solely on doily dresses and gypsy-hipster wedding gowns.

But this season, lace is taking a back seat. Lover’s In Bloom print is a moody spring floral that’s proved amenable to the varied wardrobes of everyone from Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel to Este Haim and Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Swanepoel and Haim accessorized Lover’s mini dress with stilettos and a guitar, respectively, while Blyth chose a sheer Bloom shirt. 


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Guess How Much The Duchess of Cambridge’s Engagement Ring is Worth Now?

Arguably the most famous engagement ring in the world, The Duchess of Cambridge’s ring is now worth over ten times its purchase price. The ring, made up of a 12-carat Ceylon sapphire encased in 14 diamonds, has been valued at £300,000, after being bought for £28,000 by Prince Charles for Princess Diana in 1981.

Kate Middleton in a grey outfit

(image: WENN)

The Duchess’ ring comes first in a new top 20 list of the world’s most expensive engagement rings and how much they have increased in value since they were bought. If anything is going to help prove that diamonds really are a worthwhile purchase, this certainly will.

a close up of kate middleton's engagement ring

(image: WENN)

The list was compiled by Vashi Dominguez, jewellery expert on British TV show This Morning, and while we may gasp at the astonishing price of some of these sparklers, that certainly doesn’t mean we don’t want to know how much they all cost.

The queen's ring comes second with the beautiful platinum-set 3-carat diamond solitaire, flanked on each side by 5 smaller diamonds, given to her by Prince Phillip, which has risen from £28,000 in 1947 to £100,000 today. Michelle Obama follows in third with her ring given to her by the president who was a then-unknown lawyer in 1991 at the cost of £7,500, which has since gone to £20,000. 

Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Anniston and Halle Berry are all up there too in terms of value, but nothing tops Beyonce and Kim Kardashian for original price. Beyonce’s enormous 18-carat emerald cut diamond, designed by Lorraine Schwarz, is thought to have cost £2.65 million when Jay-Z bought it in 2007, but now has a value of £5.8 million.

Meanwhile, Kardashian's is a marginally smaller 15-carat diamond, also by Schwarz, given to her by fiancé Kanye West in October last year, and it has already seen an impressive boost, rising from £5 million to £5.15 million. Who knows, after their lavish Parisian wedding ceremony, she may be giving the Duchess of Cambridge a run for her money soon.


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Karlie Kloss to be Fashion’s Next Harvard-Edumacated Model

Karlie Kloss is more than just a pretty face and long legs, y'all. The model is trading in her high heels for highlighters, as she's enrolled in classes at Harvard University. She posted a snap to Instagram of herself standing by the school's statue of its namesake, John Harvard, with the very adorable caption, "I am very excited to be spending a few days here on the Harvard Campus in Cambridge for a class this week. I had to pay respect to Mr. John Harvard himself and rub his foot for good luck ;)"

And it looks like the model's workload is already pretty heavy. She added another photo hours later of piles of highlighted papers, captioning it, "Late night in the library." The shot was tagged as being at the Baker Library at Harvard Business School, which could mean Karlie's enrolled in the same Owner/President Management extension program Tyra Banks couldn't stop reminding us about back in 2011. 

If so, she might not get a real-life HARVARD DIPLOMA, but at least she's getting her book learnin' on. Snaps to you, Ms. Kloss!

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