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A Jumping Marion Cotillard Returns for Lady Dior Handbag Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Marion Cotillard, long-term face of Christian Dior, returns for another season fronting Dior's Lady Dior handbag campaign. The French actress is photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino wearing a range of looks from Raf Simon's Pre-Fall collection for the historic fashion house. A behind-the-scenes video is set to be unveiled on this Thursday.



"The first image is so lovely! I adore the colours and styling of the second image, but the first one is really captivating. Can't wait to see more, it's very different to what we're used to from this partnership," enthused birdyandme.

Member Nymphaea also shared the same positive sentiments and added, "Great pics, love them."

Be sure to check out the thread and discover Marion's previous campaigns here.



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Suvi Koponen Wears Prada on the Cover Of Vogue Korea’s April Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Korea's April 2014 issue has Suvi Koponen on the cover, wearing Prada which was styled by Ye Young Kim. The Finnish model was photographed by Benny Horne. Korean Vogue is one of those editions which is underrated at times but they often produce some terrific covers, as seen here.

Suvi Koponen's Vogue Korea cover


"That styling really works on cover," wrote justaguy.

Anlabe32 also shared the same positive sentiments: "That's definitely a good cover! Suvi and the Prada look great. Refreshing after Vogue Korea's dark and depressing backgrounds."

"Beautiful cover," added fiqary.

As always, the wit from theFashionSpot members is always evident, with GIVENCHYlover writing, "Reminds me of Mario (the game)."

"I really don't like this sporty-a lot of layers-colorblocking styling… I just don't," exclaims GlamourousBoy.

Bertrando3 also wasn't fond: "Gosh, it's not pretty, I don't get it."

Suvi koponen laying against a tattooed shirtless man on the floor


What are your views? Be sure to check out the thread and the accompanying editorial here.

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Vogue Mexico Produce a ‘Kind of 90s’ Cover with Karolina Kurkova (Forum Buzz)

A glamorous  looking Karolina Kurkova is on the cover of Mexican Vogue's April 2014 issue. The Czech Victoria's Secret model is photographed by David Roemer and wears an extremely feminine tweed look from French fashion house, Chanel.



"Fun cover, with a good model who pulled off the styling," wrote Miss Dalloway

Justaguy was also very fond of the cover and commented, "Karolina is bringing it! She looks so great here."

"LOVE. IT. The styling is hilariously over-the-top and KK (with some help from the poofy hair) is pulling it off with aplomb. Love the one hand on hip and the other playing with the necklace. Her expression is playful, too. It's just very well done on all fronts. She looks gorgeous, obviously," exclaimed a very enthusiastic happycanadian.

UrbanStylin kicked off the 90s reference the cover oozes: "Looove it! reminds me of the 90s which she does pretty well since she does have that supermodel quality."

His opinion was then echoed by jexxica: "Very beautiful cover, love the style and colors. Kind of 90s."

Although Bertrando3 wasn't impressed and said, "Gosh I hate it, she looks fake and it's way too over the top. Her Vogue covers have always been like that: hit or miss and THIS is a big miss."

Be sure to get involved in the discussion here.


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Here’s What People Really Think About the Kim/Kanye Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

If you haven't already seen US Vogue's April 2014 cover with the "#worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple" Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, I don't know where you've been for the past few days. Vogue released the cover Friday which was photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

Kanye West wears a tux while holding Kim Kardashian in a wedding gown for Vogue


Anna Wintour's decision to put Kimye on the cover of American Vogue has sparked major discussion within theFashionSpot forums. The very first comment by t-rex read, "Get out. This thread will be a great one and remembered for a long time." Our members do not disappoint and have made for some excellent reading.

As you would expect, the cover didn't go down well and within the first few minutes fee de foret wrote, "This is why after 5 years I've let my Vogue subscription run out. [Irrelevant] cover stars, stale editorials and worst of all, unimaginative fashion! It's become a pitiful, desperate edition."

Honeycombchild was not happy with Wintour's decision either: "I'm really disappointed with the decision to make this cover. I think this is the first issue of US Vogue that I won't be buying in about ten years. I find that sad and mostly I'm just confused that Vogue thinks she and Kanye are what their audience wants to read about."

Magdalena00 simply wrote, "RIP Vogue Magazine."

Amongst all the negativity came this comment from Bobby153: "I was actually really looking forward to a Kim K cover, I thought there was a lot of potential to do something very interesting with her. Vogue can take ‘un-Vogue’ like subjects and make them look beautiful, there was a lot of hoopla around the Kate Upton cover but I thought it was very striking and one of my favourite covers of recent times."

A fragment of Cottonmouth13's comment was also positive: "I honestly think the cover somehow looks great. It's poetic, romantic and a little nice too."

I'm almost certain this issue will fly off the shelves, considering the mass of attention this issue is getting right now. People are always willing to own a bit of history too — and this is it. "All publicity is good publicity," as Kite stated.

Discussion progressed between members with over 342 replies to the thread and almost 46,562 views, thus far.

Check out the eventful thread and be sure to join the discussion here.

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theFashionSpot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week


  1. Stalking Ireland Baldwin: Are You Obsessed With Her Yet? [theFashionDish] – Ireland Baldwin may be the daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, but the 18-year-old model has been steadily building a reputation and career all her own.
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  4. On Celebrity Fashion Careers: ‘Kanye Never Counted, I’m Sorry’ [theFashionDish] – Although Victoria Beckham has established a strong reputation in the fashion industry, other celebrities who tried to make the leap have been less successful. 
  5. Forget Trends: You Can Wear These Hot-Off-the-Runway Updos All Year Long (Here’s How) – How-tos for the best hair of Fall 2014 to wear all year round.
  6. Watch: Is Marc Jacobs Still Setting Fashion Trends? And Could There Be a Target Collaboration in His Future? [theFashionDish] – "Don't be surprised if you see Marc at a Target doing something big box. You heard it here first."
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  8. 5 Themes for a Fun-Filled Booze and Book Club – While the hot new reads are great conversation starters, nothing loosens the tongue to tell what you really think like a good strong cocktail. Hence, these 5 booze and book club ideas!
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  10. Why L’Wren Scott Deserves Better Than Just Being Called ‘Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend’ – How Scott’s tragic passing is being covered in the mainstream media is causing some ire in fashion circles, this writer included.

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Vanessa Axente Scores Second Vogue Japan Cover (Forum Buzz)

The May 2014 cover of Vogue Japan surfaced on theFashionSpot forums today. Yes, you read that right…the May cover. Hungarian model Vanessa Axente wears Céline, photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Nicoletta Santoro.



"A little bit of an eyesore but happy for Vanessa," wrote Creative

Psylocke also agreed, "Yeah, not her fault, obviously. But this is awful. That hair and that lipstick. Not to mention the ever so terrible layout. The pose is nice and very elegant, but seems weird in combination with that styling. I hope she has an editorial by Vanderperre inside that is much better than the cover shot."

As did anlabe32 who wrote, "Horrible! It's not her fault though… the text overload, the fact that the left side of the cover is a lot brighter than the right side and not to speak about those blue underlined headlines…Looks like a 1999's homepage of a website. I almost clicked on it."

So, the cover isn't off to a very good start with forum members, but I don't mind it. I admire the composition and how Vanessa's head sits nicely in the middle of the Vogue masthead. I also love the fact this particular piece from Céline's Spring 2014 collection actually looks wearable.

It's pretty safe to say the release of this cover won't outshine Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's American Vogue cover.

Be sure to join the discussion here.

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