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Casey Legler Models Her First Women’s Campaign

The Upside Casey Legler

Photo courtesy of The Upside/ Jez Smith

The Upside has launched the second installment of its “Be You” campaign, which sees the world’s first female, male model, Casey Legler, take on a womenswear campaign for the first time.

The 38-year old French artist, author and former Olympian is recognised as the first woman signed to the men’s division at one of the world’s most influential modelling agencies, Ford Models. She has worked with photography royalty Mario Testino, Inez & Vinoodh, Ryan McGinley, Peter Linbergh, and, for The Upside’s “Be You” shoot, Jez Smith.

The concept for The Upside’s new campaign is a reflection on popular culture engaging in the conversation on gender and identification, with a goal to give us all courage to be ourselves. (more…)

The Buzz Latest News

Link Buzz: Jessica Simpson Is Going Brick and Mortar, Givenchy Spring 2016 Coming to NYFW

Jessica Simpson

Image: WENN

  • This clip from the forthcoming Amy Winehouse documentary shows the singer at 14 serenading her friend with a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” [Defamer]
  • The Jessica Simpson brand is looking to open stand-alone stores. [Us Weekly]
  • Givenchy will show its Spring 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week. [WWD]
  • Tracee Ellis Ross says she totally wasn’t throwing shade at Tyga when she presented him and Chris Brown at the BET Awards last night. [@traceeellisross]
  • Ghosting victims and perpetrators explain what the passive-aggressive breakup style is all about. [NYT]
  • All the info you wanted to know about Magic Mike XXL in one convenient chart. [TIME]

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Model Naty Chabanenko Takes a Selfie on the Cover of UK Harper’s Bazaar (Forum Buzz)

Celebrities are everywhere we look on the newsstands, splashed across almost every single fashion magazine. So you can imagine our amazement when U.K. Harper’s Bazaar dropped a model on its August 2015 installment. We took an exclusive first look at the cover photographed by Erik Madigan Heck over the weekend, featuring Naty Chabanenko taking a selfie in a fabulous matelassé dress by Erdem.

UK Harper's Bazaar August 2015 Naty Chabanenko


The majority of us weren’t feeling the cover though. “This is so try-hard! Sigh! I applaud a magazine such as this not going with a celeb cover, but why not do a decent one with the used model then?! Nothing about this image would attract me to purchase the issue! Cold & gimmicky!” critiqued Miss Dalloway.

“What on earth is this? Is it a joke?” asked an underwhelmed MON.

Bertrando3 wasn’t feeling it either, echoing, “Gosh I hate when magazines try to be so creative and they end up being a gimmick of themselves. This cover looks fake and what is it? Product placement on the cover like that with a phone and with a few petals on the floor and you call this a cover?”

Also disappointed was tigerrogue: “In principle, I like it when a magazine is experimental with the cover, but on a personal level, this cover is meaningless. The colors are cold and there’s absolutely no connection between the model and me, because she’s too busy taking a selfie or something similarly unappealing.”

Fortunately for Bazaar, not everyone was uninterested. “I applaud any risks taken by a magazine these days. Let’s not forget that U.K. Bazaar started off the year by given us yet another Reese and Gwyneth profile. I’ll take this over them any day,” applauded A.D.C.

“I actually really like it. It pops and I like how you can barely see her face cause it’s white-out,” gazebo admired.

Are you a fan? Share your opinion with us here

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Kendall Jenner Serves ‘Empty Dishwasher Face’ for Fendi’s Fall Campaign (Forum Buzz)

As reported on our forums and documented across Instagram, Kendall Jenner and Lily Donaldson shot for Fendi‘s Fall 2015 advertising campaign. There are no signs of Donaldson’s images as of yet but Jenner’s debut for the campaign is here, as she sets out once again to prove herself as a worthy model. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, the Esteé Lauder spokesperson poses in the studio before an eye-catching prop and does her best to stand out.

Fendi Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Kendall Jenner by Karl Lagerfeld


According to our forums, Kendall isn’t and won’t be worthy — ever. “Karl, stop it! You used to discover interesting models… Right now, you just get on the bandwagon. I’m so over his model choices and his photos right now,” Creative said and came back to say, “That dull face! I can’t even. I didn’t have anything against her but she’s such an awful model. So dull, boring and insipid! She has no skills at all.”

“Always the same dull pose, I just don’t believe that she is a model,” slammed burbuja8910.

In agreement was gazebo: “Are you kidding me?? What is that face? There is no tension in her body. She just stands there. It really bugs me. It’s almost the 50th anniversary of Karl at Fendi and this is no way to celebrate. That house deserves more and Kendall deserves nothing. She’s not a model. Period.”

“And as always she’s serving empty dishwasher face,” shared an unsurprised Vitamine W.

Feeling the same way was thatsfierce: “Is it surprising to me that she looks so boring? Nope, she always does. What a boring picture. Hopefully Lily D works in this.”

“In all of the work she gets she ALWAYS looks bored and like she’d rather be somewhere else. And if that’s the case, then fine. Let other girls who actually want to be there—and can actually model/emote—be in the campaign,” ranted orchidee.

Dare to disagree? Drop us a comment here.

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Kate Moss and Lara Stone Join Forces for Balenciaga’s Epic Fall 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

So far, the Fall 2015 advertising campaigns have been pretty predictable in terms of casting. We never saw this one coming though: Alexander Wang tapped Kate Moss and Lara Stone to pose alongside each other for Balenciaga‘s fall campaign — with outstanding results. Steven Klein captured the moment in front of what looks to be the same recycled background from last season. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from loving on the image hard after it surfaced earlier today.

Balenciaga Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Kate Moss & Lara Stone


“This is absolute perfection. Quintessential Steven Klein and epic cast; nothing could go wrong! Stellar image, can’t wait to see the full campaign!” expressed Nepenthes the second the image struck.

“Oh my!!! This got me all wet, both girls look so stunning. So much mood, and I like the clothes they chose. Cannot wait to see the rest,” added a more than elated Benn98.

Marsnoop2 was head over heels too, describing the image as “epic!!”

In agreement was Chanelcouture09: “This has to be the biggest surprise casting of the season – Steven’s dark aesthetic works wonders with the collection and the mood Alexander tried to create this season, they complement each other exceptionally.”

Sharing the same sentiments was Miss Dalloway: “Yes, perfect combo of cast, styling & photographer. This is when Klein works for me!”

“Oh my goodness!! I am in love with this!!! There’s not much movement but you can just sense the energy!! I love it. I cannot wait to see the entire campaign,” enthused MON.

“This is absolutely fantastic !! The composition is phenomenal, Kate & Lara look phenomenal, the clothes look phenomenal and Steven’s photography is on point. Totally unexpected but so great,” Wolkfolk raved.

We can’t remember when a campaign was this fantastic. Join the conversation here.

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Winona Ryder Joins Bevy of Celebs for Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Images from Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2015 campaign keep trickling out. So far, we’ve seen Cher, Willow Smith, Anthony Kiedis in this season’s campaign. Now, Winona Ryder joins this esteemed set of celebrities for the label’s latest ads. 


Winona Ryder • Marc Jacobs Fall ’15 campaign photographed by David Sims

A photo posted by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on

For her turn, we see Winona perched on a ladder with an embellished coat draped over her shoulders, obscuring the rest of her look, which includes long leather gloves and what looks a pleated skirt with a floor-sweeping hemline. In the second image, Ryder is smiling — in spite of an unfortunate choppy haircut — her eyes obscured by oversized sunglasses.


Winona Ryder • Marc Jacobs Fall ’15 campaign photographed by David Sims

A photo posted by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on

“Love love love, the new images of Winona, especially the one where she’s on the ladder,” jescajade said, though she is not expecting to see any more surprise celebrities crop up for Jacobs’ campaign. “Surely that has to be it for the campaign now, right? At this rate, next season’s collections will be coming down the runways, and they’ll still be trickling out.”

Most of our forum members echoed sentiments of approval towards Winona’s efforts in these images though some couldn’t get past her, uh, creative hairdo. “Winona makes a lot of sense, much more than any of the other women,” Benn98 wrote. “Her hair is really bad though, looks like a bird.”

Gazebo was certainly feeling it. “Winona and Debi are the best. They are mature, confident and quirky.”

Are you loving Winona in these pictures? Add your two cents and join the discussion in our forums.