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Blake Lively Wears Chanel on Harper’s Bazaar China (Forum Buzz)

Back in May, Allure delivered an effortlessly beautiful cover with Blake Lively and now Harper’s Bazaar China takes its best shot at the actress. Blake becomes the magazine’s July subject, posing for photographer Trunk Xu looking poised and elegant for the shot. It should come as no surprise that Blake wears Chanel , having formed a solid relationship with Karl Lagerfeld — remember the Chanel handbag campaign back in 2011? 

Harper's Bazaar China July 2015 Blake Lively by Trunk Xu


The cover leaves us with mixed feelings, however. “Wow, this looks good. Much better than American magazines (especially her last Marie Claire cover). Love what she’s wearing,” Benn98 raved.

“How disappointing, must be one of their worst cover images! She can look, and photograph so much better than this! Not to mention that bad hair, makeup, and open mouth expression in combination with the cheap looking background! It’s almost like a press junket photo!” Miss Dalloway replied as things started to go downhill.

MON wasn’t enthusiastic, either. “Oh my goodness, even The Hollywood Reporter can photograph better than this. That hair looks like a low quality dried up wig. That nose contour is all sorts of wrong. I dislike the green masthead but I wouldn’t blame them for trying to add color to a rather dead cover shot. Even her stare gives me nothing,” he complained.

Also unimpressed was gazebo: “She looks crippled. Her legs look disproportionately short and tiny.”

“That pose is awful and does not work at all, the photography is bad. Yes she looks beautiful with her face and hair but the styling, that cropping, the pose make it look super amateur or an outtake at best. The layout of that cover looks also quite weak,” disapproved Bertrando3.

A missed opportunity? Share your opinion here.

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Yikes: Hipster Guys are Carrying Pocket Knives Now

As if the scourge of the hipster set on America wasn’t scary enough, it turns out this group of too-cool-for-school cultural elitists are also arming themselves. NThe New York Times just penned a trend piece on pocket knives being all the rage for stylish dudes looking to tap into their inner mountain man – without actually having to go to the mountains and do anything.

The piece includes “noted fashion photographer” Nigel Barker, who says that the young cool kids he works with all carry pocket knives, which admittedly makes us a little uneasy. Men are apparently carrying these things to feel manlier, which, um, if carrying a weapon makes you feel more like a man, we’re a little scared for the state of manhood. But while most of these guys seem to be using their pocket knives to open boxes, some fellas are actually putting their knives to more badass use.

“Wes Siler, 34, a Los Angeles-based blogger for the outdoors website IndefinitelyWild, who said he reached for his to help a man at the site of a car crash. ‘I used the pocketknife to smash the window and cut the seatbelt and pull him out,’ Mr. Siler said. And when he’s not playing action hero? ‘If I’m eating a steak in a restaurant and the knife isn’t sharp enough,’ he said, ‘I’ll pull my knife out.'” It’s as tacky as bringing your own hot sauce to a restaurant, but the cool kids are doing it so we guess it’s OK?

[via NYT]

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Lindsey Wixson Is ‘Adorable’ on Vogue Russia’s July 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Russia successfully knocked it out of the park with its June cover, featuring a smoldering Catherine McNeil. In an attempt to keep up that winning streak this month, Russian Vogue tapped Lindsey Wixson as its July model of choice. Continuing the sultry theme, the model vamps it up for photographer Ellen von Unwerth as she playfully places a daffodil across one eye and gazes down the lens — ultimately reminding us of another publication.

Vogue Russia July 2015 Lindsey Wixson by Ellen von Unwerth


“Well it would be perfect for i-D… But I actually like the cover,” acknowledged Cosmic Voices within moments of the cover surfacing.

In agreement was MON, who wrote, “I’d love this for i-D. It’s not that bad actually. I expected worse.”

Also a fan of the cover was Nymphaea. “I can feel the sunshine, nice and warm,” she appreciated.

MDNA was quick to share his enthusiasm, too, writing, “Perfect cover, it’s her best Vogue cover with no doubt.” This sounds good for sales this month!

“Gorgeous cover, I also loved their Catherine one, it looked so amazing in print,” informed Miss Dalloway.

“Adorable! Love her so much. Happy she got another Vogue cover,” enthused thatsfierce.

Showing the cover some more love was happycanadian: “I have to confess that this is a stunning cover – pretty much in all regards. The lighting, the colour saturation, her hair, her lips, her emotive eye, the placement of the flower. Even the focus on her quirky teeth. It all just comes together to make a striking photograph. It’ll stand out on the magazine rack, of that I can be sure.”

Will you be rushing out to purchase a copy? Drop us a comment here.

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This Is What Tom Ford Letting Himself Go Looks Like

Tom Ford CFDA Awars

Image: WENN

Tom Ford’s life has changed quite a bit over the years. The Evening Standard profiles the designer, who says his life is far less glamourous than what people might expect. Though he admits he had his days of partying, drinking, working out and bathing five times a day, Ford says that time is behind him now that he is a father. His home is littered with toddler toys and though Ford’s appearance is still impeccable, he says he has relaxed a bit when it comes to dressing and grooming. 

“When I got up this morning, I was going to trim my beard because I knew I was having this interview and I needed to look good. It’s going quite grey, which I sometimes camouflage with Just For Men beard dye — do not put that in the article! — and I just didn’t even have the energy,” he said. As for his perfectly-tailored suits? Those are a bit of a front. Like some of the men in our lives, sometimes Ford just doesn’t have the will to put on a fresh suit every day. “This old dirty suit! I literally just pick up the suit from the night before and put it on. Sometimes I have another uniform — jeans, a jean shirt and a different jacket — and it’s one or the other of those outfits. I used to make more of an effort in the mornings but I don’t anymore.” If a day-old worn suit is what Tom considers letting himself go, we’re thinking that maybe more guys should take a page from his book.

Ford also admits that his workout regimen has changed, and by changed he means has been nixed completely. He hasn’t worked out in over two years. While he says he stays slim by eating right, he does have a guilty pleasure. “There may be a pack of Percy Pigs during the day or a couple of doughnuts, or if I’m in America, Hostess Donettes — those cheap little white powdery things. I mean, if I even see them, I have to eat the pack! So there’s junk layered on top of a really healthy diet.” And now, the image of Tom Ford dusting his suit lapel off because it got a little Hostess powder on it is blessedly forever etched into our minds.

Thank you for this, Mr. Ford.

[via Evening Standard]

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Olivier Rousteing Explains #HMBalmaiNation in New Promo Video

It doesn’t matter what comes out of Olivier Rousteing’s beautiful mouth, just as long as he is speaking. But what the Balmain creative director is saying about his forthcoming collaboration with H&M is definitely worth listening to. The Swedish retailer just released a short video interview with the designer, who talks about the meaning behind the #HMBalmaiNation hashtag associated with the collection. In the clip, Rousteing talks inclusivity and bringing the Balmain look to the rest of us paupers who can’t afford a $2,390 blazer

What we’ve seen of the collection has been nothing short of exciting – the designer unveiled two looks from the forthcoming range on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, looks that were almost identical to what we’ve seen on the Balmain runway. Rousteing has been very vocal about his love of fast fashion and he restates his positive sentiments in the short. “I am an H&M boy, I’m an H&M generation, I was getting the clothes from H&M waiting two or three hours… so I know the excitement that can happen.”

But whether or not you plan to stand on line for three hours to get your hands on the collection, you can certainly enjoy Olivier’s sexy French accent in this video. 

[via H&M YouTube]

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Is Melissa Rivers the New ‘Fashion Police’ Host?

Melissa Rivers

Image: WENN

With the passing of Joan Rivers and the resignation of Kathy GriffinFashion Police is in need of a host and, if rumors are to be believed, it may have just found one. Sources say that the E! show has tapped executive producer Melissa Rivers to take her mother’s place as the show’s panel moderator.

Fashion Police is expected to return to the airwaves August 31 and according to this anonymous source, Melissa is thrilled to be walking in her mama’s footsteps. “She is so happy, she is excited. The idea actually came from her. The bosses like it. It’ll be a tribute to her mom, and Melissa’s the one who understands how it’s done. She can pull it off.” Fashion Police is signed up for six shows this season and will recruit a rotating crew of celebrity guests to offer commentary for the broadcasts. 

There was a mass exodus of Fashion Police staffers after Giuliana Rancic made some off-color comments about Zendaya Coleman’s locs at the Oscars. Co-stars Kelly Osbourne and Kathy left after the big controversy.

[via NYDN]