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Link Buzz: Mark Badgley and James Mischka Got Married; Vera Wang Charging Chinese Brides an Extra Fee?

  • Mark Badgley and James Mischka are officially married — congratulations! [Fashionologie]
  • I don't really believe Lucy Hale's whole story about being real. Her face has "cyborg alien robot" written Get the look! [BellaSugar]
  • Kate Bosworth's layers are so layer-y. Layer my layer, slayer. Gonna be a mayor, nev-or. [FabSugar]
  • Victoria Beckham finally turned in her official resignation from the Spice Girls, making it a sad day for my 11-year-old self. [HaveUHeard
  • Do you think you have a special talent for telling apart real and fake handbags?  
    Genius! [SheFinds]
  • Apparently, Vera Wang's Shanghai boutique has been charging brides an extra "try-on" fee which doesn't exist in other locations. [Refinery29]

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Jessica Gomes Replaces Miranda Kerr as the Face of David Jones

Jessica GomesThe formidable Aussie power couple comprised of Miranda Kerr and David Jones is no more. Last week the supermodel stepped down from her role as David Jones ambassador as the retail behemoth decided not to renew her $1m contract, handing the reigns to 27-year-old Perth-born stunner Jessica Gomes.

Gomes is relatively unknown outside of fashion circles and the pages of Sports Illustrated, lending some to question the decision. Miranda Kerr has an enormous international profile and lends massive publicity to the DJs brand, while her successor still flies relatively under the radar.  

The Sydney Morning Herald has pegged the switch as being in the name of runway diversity. In a feature that ran last week called 'Faces of Change' Gomes was featured alongside half Aboriginal model Samantha Harris, a long-time David Jones favourite, and half Pakistani-Saudi Shanina Shaik, who made the move from reality television to Vogue Australia. Harris, though, is the only one of the three to carved out a name for herself on our shores – both Shaik and Gomes were forced to pursue careers in New York and Asia after failing to land modelling gigs in Australia. Is David Jones just making up for being a bit late to the party?

On landing the David Jones gig, Gomes told the Herald, “I get Asian girls coming up to me and going, ‘I just look up to you so much. I’m so happy you’re paving the way.’”

Whether this is part of David Jones' quest to remain relevant by developing a taste for multicultural models or whether Gomes evidently has what it takes to fill her predecessor’s superhuman-sized shoes, we’re all for the switch. Are you aware that she likes to throw herself out of planes? God knows, DJs could do with a little fun on the side. 

Image: WENN

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Link Buzz: Opening Ceremony — Spring Breakers and Fox Fur Slap Bracelets

  • I really liked Spring Breakers, but if you are an adult and you go out of your way to buy stuff from the Opening Ceremony line which promotes the film … I'm sorry, you're beyond help. [SheFinds]
  • Mulberry had a dinner and it was pretty cool, depending on your definition of cool. [FabSugar]
  • Don't worry, Patrick Robinson is not going to go live in a ditch. He's gonna start deisgner for A/X Armani Exchange. [Fashionologie]
  • Here's an interview with the great great Tina Fey. [BellaSugar]
  • Alexander Skarsgard covered Man of the World magazine because I don't understand why you're questioning that decision. [DailyStab]
  • Opening Ceremony made a fox fur slap bracelet for Fall. "It’s the ultimate high-low” and will retail for $390. [Fashionista]

Collage with Opening Ceremony screengrab and Selena Gomez image via WENN


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Zimmermann’s Summer 2013/14 Swim Campaign is An Ode to Aussie Summers

As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia draws closer it’s normal for the conversation to surround who isn’t showing rather than who is. And this time, all the talk around schedule absentees has surrounded Zimmermann. This time Nicky and Simone are trading in our humble — and, though they’re focusing on the positive side of this, pretty ill-timed — event for New York Fashion Week. It’s the latest in a series of moves aimed at growing their international presence, with Zimmermann having recently opened boutiques in Los Angeles and New York.

But while that means we won’t get to see them on the runway this April, it does explain the somewhat awkward timing of the magnificent new campaign they’ve just dropped. Summer Swim 13/14 has been relased to coincide with the warming of the Northern Hemisphere, and any residual winter frost should be sufficiently melted thanks to the smouldering Derek Henderson-lensed shoot.

Fronting the campaign is relative newcomer Gabby Westbrook-Patrick, who lends the campaign a nice local touch helped in part by the unkempt countryside Australia backdrop. The collection itself is quintessential Zimmermann: Ruffles, lingerie-inspired underwire, retro cuts and phenomenal prints that glide between trippy and bold. No wonder they’re a hit up north.   

Images: Zimmermann on Facebook

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Blind Item: Which High Fashion Model Has a ‘Baby Daddy’ Who Started a Blog to Defame Her?

Today I'm proud to bring you the Fashion Spot's first-ever Blind Item — that is, a story that's too juicy to pass up, but too quasi-libelous to run on the site in full.

Let's see, typically blind items present themselves as a question, so let's try: Which well-known high fashion model has an ex-boyfriend and (sorry but this is the best way to put it) "baby daddy" who's obsessed with slandering her for dubious personal reasons?

For the purposes of this post, I'm going to call the ex-boyfriend Texas and refer to the model as Zelda. 

Yesterday, Texas launched a blog with an extended account of his turbulent multi-year relationship with Zelda. He describes how the pair met, fell in love, moved across the country several times, broke up on the regular and had a baby. That's all window-dressing to the main attraction: Zelda's spectacular rise to the top of her profession, corresponding addiction to drugs (mostly prescription) and alcohol and her attempts to prevent Texas from seeing his son (let's pretend the son's name is Andy).

Texas claims Zelda is a bad mom, too caught up with partying and getting blitzed out of her mind to be there for her young son, who she (as the story goes) exploits as a marketing gimmick for her career. Because she's currently camped out with Andy in Europe (Instagram seems to back this up), publicly shaming her is, Texas alleges, his only recourse. He wants to rescue his son; he wants to see Zelda get the help she so desperately needs. 

Throughout this whole sordid narrative, Texas weaves in a message about the corrosive influence of celebrity — a point of view which is contradicted by his seeming obsession with Zelda's fame and recurring mention of his fancy music industry job, working with some supposedly-bigshot performing artist. 

Instead of laying out a modest set of facts to put pressure on Zelda to compromise with regards to custody and visitation (he claims that's all he wants), Texas includes every detail he can possibly think of to make Zelda look bad — including her non-heteronormative sexual relationships and her father's drug use. To his credit, I guess, Texas includes several passages about his own, er, youthful indiscretions (which consist of, among other things, heavy drinking and sex so casual it's sloppy), but he spends so long harping on his many sexual partners, I wondered whether he just wanted us (and maybe Zelda) to know he can get laid. 

Look, I understand the appeal of the revenge story better than the next girl (writing about terrible ex-boyfriends is literally what I do with my free time), but after reading Texas' account, I'm not convinced that his blog is about anything other than his hurt feelings. Also not convincing: the argument that he'd be a better primary parent to his son. Considering what he revealed about his prior alcohol use and (no judgment, but let's call a spade a spade) reckless sex life, it's not like he's living in a particularly pure or moral way.

That's all folks. We made the decision to run this as a blind item because we don't want to reward "Texas" for his (sorry) sleazy behavior by publicizing his story, his blog and his allegations about Zelda. 

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Watch the Premiere Episode of Escape My Life

Escape My Life is a web comedy campaign series which spotlights the Ford Escape. It stars comedian Natasha Leggero as Skylar, a Hollywood wardrobe designer, and comedian and actor Joe Truglio as Barry, the weird vagrant that came with her car. 

It's an ambitious series, chock-full of the kind of in-jokes and meta-references which characterize some of today's most popular television comedy. In the premiere webisode below, Skylar learns about a new Ford marketing program which leases cars to people that work in the entertainment industry as a way of generating buzz. There's just one catch…

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