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Yes! Teen Vogue’s ‘New Faces’ Cover Features 3 Women of Color (Forum Buzz)

We’re forever complaining when magazines fail to deliver in terms of diverse cover stars. Teen Vogue undoubtedly provides us with some much-needed diversity on the newsstand this month, serving up a trio of the fashion industry’s hottest new models of color. Aya Jones, Imaan Hammam and Lineisy Montero are each handed their own cover for the momentous occasion and pose together on the fourth (pictured below). Photographed by Daniel Jackson, the girls wear double denim, but who’s looking at the clothes when their fresh faces command our attention?

Teen Vogue August 2015 Aya, Imaan & Lineisy by Daniel Jackson


Our forum members couldn’t be more thankful. “Quite exceptional! I’m digging the casting and having a cover for each girl brings me to tears,” announced Aedlacir.

“Epic casting! Three of the best girls right now,” Style Savvy replied.

Also full of praise was Riseup: “Boom!!! Hands down the best cover of the year (sorry Caitlyn Jenner), ICONIC on every single level!!!”

Sharing the same sentiments was LabelWhore4, hyperventilating, “I’m crying right now! Amy Astley consistently supports young (especially black) models by putting them on the cover. This is so beautiful and I’m happy for all three of them. They deserve this and more!”

Wolkfolk showed enthusiasm too, adding, “I usually don’t care about Teen Vogue but this is really amazing and so unexpected which makes it even better. I was super excited when I read the title but the covers are even better than I thought. All covers are fantastic but the group one is my favorite. I love how they kept their individuality without outshining each other. Great styling too!”

“Sensational, these three are perfect. Love all the covers!” exclaimed TeeVanity.

Teen Vogue August 2015 Aya, Imaan & Lineisy by Daniel Jackson


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Lily-Rose Depp Is Chanel’s Latest Campaign Star

Lily-Rose Depp Chanel

Image: courtesy Chanel

It was only a matter of time before some fashion house scooped up Lily-Rose Depp for a campaign and that time has come. Chanel has named the 16-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis its newest ambassador. As we know, Karl Lagerfeld is always ready to pounce on the next new, hot It model or celebrity offspring and Lily-Rose is just an obvious choice. 

Depp will serve as the face of the label’s Pearl eyewear collection. Paradis herself has posed for the label, appearing in the COCO perfume campaign in 1990 and as the face of the house’s Girl handbag. The young Depp gives her best pouty face for the campaign photo, looking ever the angsty babydoll with plum-hued lips and, of course, a sweet pair of round Chanel shades with frames festooned with tiny pearls.

Depp’s big debut as the face of a major fashion house certainly doesn’t disappoint and we can safely guess that there is more to come. Watch Lily-Rose in action in the video below.


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Justin Bieber as You’ve Never Seen Him Before for Interview Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Like it or not, Justin Bieber is undoubtedly being embraced by the fashion world. He recently inked a contract with Calvin Klein, stripping down to his briefs alongside Lara Stone for the brand’s controversial Spring 2015 ad campaign and now, the Canadian fronts Interview‘s August issue. The Biebs was photographed like never before, captured by edgy fashion photographer Steven Klein for a series of raw and untouched portraits, which ultimately contributed to the unconventional cover. Count on Interview to deliver something striking and full of shock value.

The forums erupted once the cover dropped earlier today. “This looks good… and I’m shocked to say that,” shared a pleasantly surprised MON.

“Am I liking this?” Oxymore questioned in disbelief.

Also willing to admit liking the feature was Thefrenchy: “To be honest, he’s one of the celebrities I hate the most but I do sort of like some of the shots. I like how trashy it is.”

Forum member fluxxx felt the same way, confessing, “Actually I like the concept. He looks so douchey but it suits the concept very well. This is the most interesting editorial from him and Klein did a great job to shoot this.”

The rest of us were left feeling uneasy and displeased. “I actually love the photography and composition, if only it was any other celeb. I can’t stand this kid. Too bad they wasted this on him,” expressed kokobombon.

In agreement over the wasted potential was Royal-Galliano. “I love the art direction. It’s a shame they wasted it on him,” he expressed in response.

“There’s something very trashy about the cover and editorial, he doesn’t look very clean here. Could be that horrible blonde hair and tacky tattoos,” a horrified Benn98 replied.

Check out Justin’s must-see cover story and share your opinion with us here.

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Salma Hayek Looks Gorgeous on Allure’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

Is Allure set to become flavor of the month? First serving up fan favorite Taraji P. Henson and now Salma Hayek poses for the title’s stunning August cover. The 48-year-old actress appears as radiant as ever before the lens of Patrick Demarchelier, wearing a bra from Stella McCartney Lingerie. Selma’s messy updo was tended to by Garren and makeup was applied by Gucci Westman. Text overload aside, it should come as no surprise that the cover turned out so fabulously appealing.

US Allure August 2015 Salma Hayek by Patrick Demarchelier


“She looks beautiful. A nice surprise from Allure. I’ve been quite happy with their cover choices this year. Definitely not predictable as others,” admired A.D.C. right away.

“What a stunning shot of Salma! Beautiful!” added a satisfied Nepenthes.

Also full of appreciation was RanThe: “It’s nice to see someone on a cover of a magazine that isn’t overly used.”

Though there’s no denying the cover’s beauty, the amount of text leaves a lot to be desired. “Obnoxious oversized font taking attention away from a truly phenomenal image. I know we need to know what is inside the issue but surely there is a way to include all pertinent information without overwhelming the image,” said Luxx.

Kokobombon agreed: “I love the image, so powerful – that eyebrow!  Too bad the layout takes away from it. What were they thinking? Members from The Cover Challenge thread handle layouts better than this,” she declared.

“The text deserves a special place in hell for ruining an otherwise stunning cover image,” scorned marsnoop2.

Come sing Allure‘s praises with us inside the thread here.

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JW Anderson Tapped as Diet Coke’s Latest Designer

JW Anderson just nabbed himself a new gig as Diet Coke’s latest designer. Anderson has been tapped to reimagine the iconic soda bottle, as well as two T-shirts and a notebook to go with it, which will be available in a box set at Harvey Nichols. Looking to his Fall 2015 collection, Anderson added elements inspired by his knits as part of Diet Coke’s Regret Nothing campaign. “I take inspiration from my collection and make something that you want to touch,” he said in a video announcing the partnership. 


Coming this summer: Diet Coke x @JW_Anderson Fashion heaven! #DietCokeJWA

A photo posted by Diet Coke (@dietcokegb) on

J.W. Anderson’s designs mark the first time Coke is using photography on its bottles. “I view Diet Coke as a pop-culture icon so I was excited to have the opportunity to put my stamp on Regret Nothing,” Anderson said. “You can expect something completely different with lots of cool surprises.”

Anderson joins the ranks of past Diet Coke designers Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and more who have put their spin on the iconic bottle. Expect to see the designs hit shelves starting August 17. 

[via Vogue UK]

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Amy Schumer Plays the Sexy Princess Leia for GQ

Count on Amy Schumer to put a hilarious spin on an iconic pop culture moment. GQ tapped the comedian for its comedy issue and, of course, Schumer delivers the kind of cover we all expect from her. We see her dressed up as Princess Leia with C-3PO standing behind her, his metal finger in her mouth as Schumer flashes a cheeky glance to the camera. Like we said, we would expect no less from her.

Amy Schumer GQ

Image: GQ

Inside the issue, a topless Schumer is pictured in bed with C-3PO and R2-D2, smoking cigarettes and touching one of R2’s knobs as 3PO wields a blowtorch. In another risqué shot lensed by Mark Seliger, Schumer inserts a light saber in her mouth, simulating fellatio. Who knew Star Wars could be sexy and funny at the same time?

Check out more images from Schumer’s shoot at GQ.

[via GQ]