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Is DKNY Searching for a New Creative Director?

DKNY Fall 2015

Image: Imaxtree

Some major changes could soon be coming to DKNY. Donna Karan’s more youthful DKNY line is rumored to be looking for new leadership, a young designer to bring a fresh perspective to the 26-year-old label. 

DKNY is said to be eyeing talent at some of the industry’s trendiest brands, including Public School, A.L.C.’s Andrea Lieberman and Prabal Gurung. Lieberman and Gurung would not comment on whether they were considering the position and Public School’s Maxwell Osborne has admitted that he already has a lot on his plate building his own brand. Jane Chung, who currently sits as the executive vice president of design for DKNY, has been at the label since its establishment in 1989, so a new direction with new talent seems like it could be a welcome change for the brand. 

Only time will tell what moves DKNY makes, but signs appear to be pointing to some shake-ups at the label.

[via WWD]

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Link Buzz: ABC Confirms Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer Interview, Lindsay Lohan Poses for Homme Style

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

  • Lane Bryant launches an underwear campaign for the rest of us gals who DON’T look like Victoria’s Secret Angels. [The Huffington Post]
  • Stacey Bendet is expecting a third child. [Page Six]
  • ABC has confirmed that Diane Sawyer will be sitting down with Bruce Jenner to discuss what many people believe to be his transition to becoming a woman. [ABC]
  • Lindsay Lohan takes pictures for Rankin and answers Mickey Boardman’s questions for Homme Style magazine. [Homme Style]
  • Apple employees are apparently entitled to a 50 percent discount on the Apple Watch. Must be nice. [Business Insider]
  • One analytical chemist offers a brilliant takedown of the “Food Babe,” and why much of what she says is hogwash. [Gawker]
  • Lord & Taylor lands in hot water over an Instagram campaign it did with a few influencers. [Marketing Land]

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Giuliana Rancic Blames Zendaya Debacle on Bad Editing

Giuliana Rancic at ASTRA Awards 2015

Photo: Getty

Giuliana Rancic is finally speaking out about her Fashion Police comments on Zendaya Coleman’s Oscars locs, which started a media firestorm after Rancic quipped that Zendaya’s hair looked like it smelled of “patchouli oil” and “weed.” Rancic offered a most perfect apology in the aftermath of the incident, but never really got a chance to explain herself, namely, why she made such a crappy joke in the first place.

Rancic finally got the opportunity to tell America what happened in her own words. The Fashion Police host paid a visit to the Today Show and told host Savannah Guthrie how this whole thing started in the first place. “I made a reference to the hippie culture. I talked about patchouli oil, which is a hippie perfume,” Rancic said. “In the editing process, some of the gestures I made were taken out for time. So I made peace signs, I said bohemian twice. Those were taken out for time, so when the joke aired, some people were offended by it.”

Though Rancic says she learned a lot from the experience, she says the thing that was most hurtful about the entire debacle is the fact that she was painted as a racist. “That someone could believe that I would have racial undertones in the things I do – absolutely not.”

Rancic says she understands why people were offended and blames it on the fact that she was “not edited in the proper way” as she was telling the joke.

In the interview, Rancic also addresses viewers’ hurtful comments about her weight. “It became distracting. I would do a two-hour red carpet show and I would be so proud of these interviews and fun moments, and I would go on the internet afterwards and see 99% of the comments were about my weight.” Rancic goes on to say that she does not have nor has she ever had an eating disorder, and her thinness is due to the side effects of the cancer medication she’s taking. “I was eating more than I’ve ever eaten and I was losing weight. I was scared. I didn’t think, ‘oh, this is great!’, I was thinking, ‘what the heck’s happening to my body?'”

[via Today]

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John Galliano Will Talk about Getting Inspired by China in ‘Through the Looking Glass’ Catalog

Image: @metmuseum

Image: @metmuseum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Insitute’s China: Through the Looking Glass exhibition is nearly upon us and as the date of its opening approaches, more details about the show are leaking out. WWD today reports on the dedicated catalog coming out in conjunction with the exhibit, in which curator Andrew Bolton charts how Western fashion designers have been influenced by Chinese art and culture.  “‘China: Through the Looking Glass’ is not about China per se, but about a China that exists as a collective fantasy,” he writes. “It is about cultural interaction, the circuits of exchange through which certain images and objects have migrated across geographic boundaries.”

Potentially problematic representation of this Chinese “fantasy” as told by the exoticising eyes of Westerners aside, the catalog also includes a Q&A with John Galliano, who got inspired by Chinese culture during a 2002 trip. The excursion later provided a jumping off point for his Spring/Summer 2003 Haute Couture collection for Christian Dior.

We’re hoping that Through the Looking Glass is done respectfully and celebrates the influence of Chinese culture on Western fashion in a manner that doesn’t toe the line of fetishization. 

The exhibit will run from May 7 to August  16.

[via WWD]

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Edward Snowden Says the Government Can Totally See Your Dick Pics

If you’re the type who likes to send naughty pictures via email and text message, you might want to think twice the next time you take a racy snap. Because according to Edward Snowden, the government can totally see all those dick pics you’ve been sending.

Snowden unveiled in 2013 that the NSA had been using its resources to essentially spy on American citizens, tracking their phone calls and internet use. Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver went to Russia to talk to Mr. Snowden, who is currently living there under asylum. The conversation turned to allegations that NSA was passing around nude photos of some of the accounts they were spying on. “This is something that it’s not actually seen as a big deal in the culture of the NSA, because you see naked pictures all the time,” Snowden said. 

Oliver mentioned during the interview that while a lot of people he polled weren’t 100% sure about who Edward Snowden actually is and why he’s in trouble with the government, pretty much everyone could agree that the government being able to peek at their dick pics is definitely not OK. 

Snowden maintains while there is no specifically named “dick pic” program in the government, unfortunately, your naked photos are still being collected by the government. Snowden then goes on to outline which NSA programs have the capabilities of collecting such material. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot.

Watch the interview above and find out just how much of your naughty bits the government is able to see. 

[Last Week Tonight YouTube]

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Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington and Sarah Jessica Parker Star on a Powerful Glamour Cover for May (Forum Buzz)

Glamour delivers a bombshell of a May cover featuring none other than Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama and Kerry Washington. Photographed at the White House (yes, seriously!), the trio of heavyweights stand before the lens of Patrick Demarchelier, each looking radiant wearing a set of spring shift dresses.

US Glamour May 2015 SJP, Michelle Obama, Kerry Washington Patrick Demarchelier


Our forum members raced to the thread to sing Glamour‘s praises with Nepenthes using the word “beautiful” to describe the cover, hitting us off on a positive note.

“I LOVE this cover!! Plus, Kerry has been racking up the fashion magazines back to back! Bravo to her,” hailed RanThe.

MON shared the same attitude, writing, “What a powerful cover. I love this so much! Michelle looks stunning! She looks very regal even though it’s a simple cover. Her aura shines through as well and I’m so happy that they styled her hair beautifully! She leads this cover. Kerry looks beautiful too! She looks herself and I’m so happy that she’s getting covers after covers!”

As did GIVENCHYlover, who stated, “Not bad for Glamour.”

Also full of love was tigerrouge, who echoed, “There’s been so many supermodel group shots recently, I’m happy to see a cover that goes one step bigger, because that’s certainly some combination of high-achieving women.”

“I bet this will sell like crazy, women love these ‘feminist’ covers. I guess all of them look nice, but I dislike seeing politicians on fashion magazines, no matter if I like them or not, they should stick to Time and Forbes,” noted Srdjan.

“I really resent the positioning of Kerry here, would have switched her, and SJP, it looks like Washington is just barely squeezing to make it in the shot. But all three such fantastic women,” Miss Dalloway suggested.

Will you be rushing out to purchase a copy of Glamour‘s May issue? Share your opinion here.

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