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H&M Home Collection Launches in Canada

When H&M’s Home Collection launched in the U.S. back in 2012, Canadian shoppers waited with eager anticipation for news that the fast fashion brand will head north of the border. Finally, more than two years later, the retailer is doing just that and testing the market with the first in-store boutique prototype at the West Edmonton Mall’s flagship location.

H&M Home Collection

Launched on June 12 in Edmonton, Alberta, the swish new collection features H&M Home's Spring, Summer and Fall 2014 lines. Bath towels, bedding, storage containers, soft furnishings (their cushions are divine), tableware, candles and bold outdoor living accents give the option to update every room in a range of styles including modern, bohemian and retro.

And being H&M, it goes without saying that all the wares are available at unbelievably low price points, ranging from $3.95 for napkins to about $100 for a knitted wool throw. I’m not sure how these hold up against U.S. sticker prices, but it’ll be interesting to see how customers respond.

H&M Home Collection

"We are very proud to house the very first H&M Home in Canada as part of the remodel of the store. We are sure it will be hugely successful with our customers," David Ghermezian, President of West Edmonton Mall, recently told Retail Insider about the new launch.

Many retailers have, in the past, used The West Edmonton Mall as a testing ground for new ventures, but hopefully this colourful collection of furnishing will be rolled out nationwide if the reception proves positive. It's all down to you Edmonton.

Images via UXUS Design

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Kati Nescher’s ‘Ethereal’ Vogue China Cover Gets Mixed Reactions (Forum Buzz)

Kati Nescher has never delivered a bad Vogue cover, always giving good face, and this time around she doesn't disappoint. The German model is Vogue China's latest cover girl, photographed by Mikael Jansson, styled by Anastasia Barbieri and wearing an extravagant floral dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Reviews in the forums of the July 2014 cover were mixed, however.

Vogue China July 2014 Kati Nescher Mikael Jansson


"Wow, that's ethereal! Another beautiful cover from Vogue China, yet again. I thought it must have been shot by Åkrans until I checked the title again," commented Kanna.

Miss Dalloway shared the same enthusiastic sentiments: "How beautiful, love this cover."

"Couldn't be happier with the fact that Jansson finally made his Vogue China debut. I've been longing to see him work for the Chinese edition and this one turns out to be brilliant. Kati looks divine here. Love the combination of the soft styling and the tough facial expression," enthused Jelavender.

There weren't only positive reviews, however. "This has been done too many times and way better," wrote Creative.

Lavinray was reminded of an advertisement: "It's okay, reminds me of Abbey Lee [Kershaw]'s Gucci Flora Fragrance."

As was Nepenthes, who wrote, "Beautiful, ethereal and summery. My first thought was Abbey Lee's Flora campaign meets Florence Welch. Looking forward to the cover story!"

"So boring. Even the most commercial of brands/catalogs do this sort of styling now," commented HeatherAnne.

Whose side are you on? Join the discussion and preview the issue's fashion stories here.

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Link Buzz: Watch an Interview with Suzy Menkes; Ban Glassholes

  • Suzy Menkes NYFW Prabal Gurung

    Image: Amandine Dowle/

    Suzy Menkes talks fashion in the digital age with Imran Amed. [BusinessOfFashion]
  • I can't go to Bonnaroo this weekend because I don't care about music festivals at all. [FabSugar]
  • Celebrities dye their hair lots of different rainbow-y colors because it's a free country. [BellaSugar]
  • Speaking of hair, apparently your shampoo can stop working. [IntoTheGloss]
  • Both Karlie Kloss and Miranda Kerr are in model denial. [The Cut]
  • The Daily Show takes on/takes down glassholes. [Racked]

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Lana Del Rey Tells Interviewer ‘I Wish I Was Dead Already’

Lana Del Rey Budweiser sweatshirt


In a new interview which was published in The Guardian today to coincide with the release of her new album, Ultraviolence, pop performer Lana Del Rey tells music writer Tim Jonze, "I wish I was dead already."

She dropped the comment during a conversation about two of her idols, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain, both musical icons who died young, as Jonze pointed out.  

"I do [mean it]!" Del Rey said, when the reporter suggested that she didn't mean what she said about dying. "I don't want to have to keep doing this. But I am."

Beautiful, young celebrities don't typically broadcast this kind of information in international newspapers, but it's not exactly surprising to hear it from Del Rey, whose public persona and artistic output have long hinged on a devastating sense of melancholy. The 27-year-old has spoken openly about her history of alcoholism and depression; her demeanor is like a rebuttal to the cheery, upbeat persona other pop stars project. 

Real talk: Depression is a serious condition that affects an estimated 40 million adults in the United States alone. We wish Del Rey all the best.

[Lana Del Rey: 'I wish I was dead already'The Guardian]

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Sam Rollinson Finally Gets Her First Vogue Cover via Vogue Russia’s July Issue (Forum Buzz)

There's cause for celebration for Sam Rollinson this month as the British model has scored herself her first-ever cover of Vogue. Jason Kibbler photographs a sports-chic Rollinson for Vogue Russia's July 2014 cover, wearing Moschino and styled by Olga Dunina.

Vogue Russia July 2014 Sam Rollinson Jason Kibbler


Members of theFashionSpot are excited to see Sam score her first Vogue cover. "Finally, a Vogue cover for Sam! She deserves this!" commented Starry.

"Wow it didn't take her long to get her first cover! Congrats to Sam! I like her, she's like the new Arizona Muse," enthused Bertrando3.

Nepenthes was also enthusiastic: "Glad to see her get her first Vogue cover. Sam looks effortlessly cool and I love the colour scheme!"

Burbuja8910, however, wasn't so fond of the actual cover and wrote, "Great that Sam got her first Vogue cover, but I don't like it, her face is too Photoshopped. Hope her story will be better."

"I like that Sam got the cover but what a horrible cover! The layout is somewhat interesting but the hair and makeup and the styling are terrible imo," agreed kokobombon.

Are you a fan of Sam's and glad she landed her first cover of Vogue? Check out the thread for the cover story and join the discussion here.

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Facebook #Freesthenipple, Allows Mothers to Post Breastfeeding Images

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

The #Freethenipple campaign celebrates a small victory today, now that Facebook has relaxed its policies on showing exposed nipples of breastfeeding mothers. #Freethenipple has garnered a lot of press as of late, thanks in part to Rihanna getting banned from Instagram for posting a photo of her nip-tastic Lui magazine cover. Scout Willis has also showed tremendous support to the movement, posting photos of herself walking around Manhattan completely shirtless to Twitter, which actually does not have a ban on women showing their nipples. Miley Cyrus is also a fan but…we kinda think she'll support anything that gives her more attention allows her to show her assets. 

#Freethenipple is all about equality. Why are women's breasts sexualized, even when they're being used for non-sexual, functional purposes? Why should we be ashamed to show our nipples, but men, some of whom also have breasts (bigger than some women's) are free to post shirtless photos as they please? Supporters of the initiative have been putting pressure on social media outlets to stop banning users who share breastfeeding photos in particular, which are at risk of being flagged as pornography–even though there's nothing really pornographic about a mother feeding her child the way nature intended.

It looks like the people at Facebook are finally sitting up and paying attention. The social media outlet has lifted the ban on exposed nipples for breastfeeding mothers, which prompted activist Paala Sector to post a snap of her feeding her son. “I didn’t share it before because I didn’t want to be banned for having a female nipple exposed. I do not consider myself an extremist in any way. I am not a nudist in my real life, walking around in the buff all day long, just at home, but I don’t shame people who do feel more comfortable that way."

Sector's photo has been flagged and removed twice, although upon further review, Facebook said it did not violate its new image policy. "We reviewed the photo you reported for containing nudity and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards," the outlet wrote to a user.

Of course, we have a long way to go, but the fact that breastfeeding mothers are allowed to share their personal photos of a natural, beautiful process without having them be flagged as pornography is a huge step. 

Here's hoping Facebook eventually frees all the nipples.

[via HuffPost UK]

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