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Samantha Harris Opens Up About Incarcerated Fiancé: “I See Him Regularly”

Photo courtesy of The Iconic

Photo courtesy of The Iconic

Australian model Samantha Harris has opened up about how she is still very much in love with her incarcerated fiancé, but admits that the situation they are in is “tough”.

The stunning 24-year-old indigenous model has been keeping herself busy over the past two years, by throwing herself into a hectic work schedule while her other half has been serving time.

Samantha’s partner, Luke Hunt, has already served two years of a maximum four-year sentence. He plead guilty to dangerous driving, resulting in the death of 78 year-old northern beaches man, Kenneth Lay, in 2012. (more…)

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Courtney Act Reveals the Grey Areas by Identifying Herself as ‘Genderqueer’


A photo posted by Courtney Act (@courtneyact) on

Gender expression is at the forefront of popular culture right now, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose revealing they are gender-fluid, and Caitlyn Jenner publicly becoming the woman she always wanted to be.

Australia’s own drag superstar and trailblazer Courtney Act has also opened up about her own gender identity, revealing a term which she feels best describes her, although she definitely doesn’t feel the need to slide into a category within society.

The gender-bending beauty sat down with the ladies of Man Repeller to chat about the topic, bringing forward a different and appreciated perspective. In a world that prefers to categorise the unknown to better understand it, Courtney, real name Shane Jenek, prefers to live in the moment, saying, “I’ve just been having fun this last year, really discovering the grey area and not needing to fit into a box.” (more…)

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Teresa Palmer Lands Leading Role in New Horror Flick with Esteemed Aussie Producer

Teresa Palmer

Photo: WENN

Teresa Palmer has scored the leading role in Atomic Monster’s upcoming horror film Lights Out.

Deadline reports that the movie is about a young boy and his estranged sister, who are confronted by an evil thingymajig which only appears when the lights are turned off. Our childhood fear of “lights out” at bedtime is set for a comeback after the release of this film, we’re sure.

The film is based on David Sandberg’s short horror movie of the same name, which went viral. The feature-length film starring Palmer will be directed by Sandberg, with production by Australian horror royalty James Wan beginning today. (more…)

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Justin Bieber Trails Hailey Baldwin to Sydney for Hillsong Conference

Justin Bieber; Image: Getty

Justin Bieber; Image: Getty

Justin Bieber landed in Sydney this morning, June 29, beliebed to be headed to a five-day Hillsong Church conference at Allphones Arena.

Sydney Confidential reports that Justin is visiting the conference as a “delegate”, and Hillsong are keeping very tight-lipped about the visit out of respect for Justin’s privacy.

“People come from across the world to Sydney each year to attend Hillsong conference,” a spokesman for Hillsong church told Sydney Confidential. “Justin is here — like tens of thousands of others — as a delegate who is seeking to build stronger foundations into his life,” he added.

“He is not participating in the conference in any other capacity,” the spokesman continued, ruling out a potential performance from Biebs. “Out of respect for his privacy we will not be making further comments. The purpose of the conference is to honour God, and our hope for all attending is that their lives are enriched.”

Hailey Baldwin, Justin’s rumoured love interest, also landed in Sydney this morning to promote Topshop’s new Spring 2015 denim line, and is expected to be visiting the Hillsong conference too.

Just over a year ago Justin couldn’t even recall if he’d ever visited Australia, which is an insult on so many levels. Does he not remember the several children who were injured in his cancelled performance for Sunrise, or where his mates Miranda Kerr and Shanina Shaik come from?

Hopefully this trip will be more memorable for young Biebs.

[Via Sydney Confidential]

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Rachael Finch Is Runway Ready for Myer’s Latest Collection

Rachael Finch

Photo: Getty

If you are heading to Myer’s upcoming Spring 2015 fashion show, don’t expect to nab a seat beside the department store’s latest ambassador, Rachael Finch. Rather than sitting FROW, she will be strutting down the run way with the likes of Jennifer Hawkins, Kate Peck and Kris Smith, who also represent the department store.

Rachael may have signed on as an ambassador for Myer back in January, but the upcoming show at Carriageworks this August 13 will mark her first time walking in a show for the brand. Designers including Sass & Bide, By Johnny and Alex Perry will be worn by over 50 models, including Rachael. 

Speaking to Sydney Confidential, the 26-year-old shared, “It’s one of the goals I wanted to achieve and something I’ve had on my bucket list.” She added, “Every time I see the show I’m in the audience watching so it will be nice to experience it from a different perspective. And I love to soak up the atmosphere and bounce off the crowd, so it will be a lot of fun.”

We know Rachael is going to kill it on the runway. 

[Via Sydney Confidential]