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Coachella: Where Good Style Goes Bad for Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger (Forum Buzz)

Kate Bosworth in TopShop at Coachella - Day 2

Kate Bosworth is more known for her sartorial choices than her acting these days and best-dressed staple Diane Kruger can seemingly do no wrong on the style front. So why then, did these ladies take such a bad style turn when they hit the Coachella music festival? If these two managed to do it wrong, you can imagine what happened with everyone else…

Kate (who actually looked super cute the first day of the festival), took a turn on Day Two. Kate’s second day outfit consisted of items from the collection she designed for TopShop, which hits stores next month. So, unfortunately, she’s really responsible for the not-so-good look in more ways than one. Not only did she put together an awkward outfit, but she also designed the individual components.

Diane Kruger in H&M - Coachella Day 1“I really hate that,” m4fh wrote. “It's very boho TopShop from a few years ago and just too much. She can do better.”

LolaSvelt commented: “Tragic, tragic outfit. I think that outfit pretty much sums up her casual style nowadays. And even worse, she designed that ensemble. Don't give up your day job,” she advised.

Maybe Diane’s fashion faux pas can be explained away by her commitment to wearing H&M from head to toe? The actress attended the 2013 H&M Loves Music Coachella Kick Off Event with Joshua Jackson (who was also completely clad in H&M). She wore an H&M Rolling Stones tee with a pair of the brand’s graphic print shorts and suede over-the-knee boots. The tee and shorts are admittedly cute, but the boots are where the outfit takes a turn.

“Has she been possessed by a hipster?” Label Basher asked. “The top half looks great. Her top and shorts are cute but those boots are horrendous. The fashion at Coachella is always 90% horrible. I expect better from Diane.”

“Good lord that's one ugly pair of boots!!!” Wolkfolk exclaimed.

Not Plain Jane posted: “Burn those boots – put them with Bosworth's vest and light that stake on FIRE! Good lord, what happens to these celebs during a festival? Their style is atrocious.”

That’s the million-dollar question. Maybe Diane chose the footwear in case it was muddy? That way, if they got ruined she wouldn’t care and would just throw them away? She should do that anyway, really. Those boots belong in a dumpster.

Images: STS/

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Erin Wasson Makes the May Cover of Vogue Netherlands (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Netherlands May 2013 - Erin WassonVeteran model Erin Wasson was photographed on the beach by Petrovsky & Ramone for the cover of Vogue Netherlands’ May issue. Erin’s (mostly) wearing a romantic pink dress and some sort of feathered headdress-type contraption on her head.

Though she looks beautiful –as usual – feelings in the forums, as they often are when it comes to Vogue Netherlands, were mixed.

“How awesome this could've looked with one of those shiny golden/silver fonts Vogue Australia does sometimes,” MulletProof lamented. “I'd send whoever's behind this to Australia for awhile, then have them come back and stop giving us fonts that belong on a sketchy bar's toilet sign.”

Elfinkova also took issue with the text: “The photo itself is nice but the text/fonts make this cover look incredibly amateur,” she commented.

Niknak countered: “I like the font color a lot actually. It accents the water, and it feels beachy/like summer… The font color, dress, and that headpiece make Erin look like Empress of the Seas… but I love it. At least it not another portrait shot. I think this is the best of Dutch Vogue so far.”

Vogue Netherlands May 2013 - Hannelore KnutsMulletProof then zeroed in on what the real issue (for her) was: “I guess it's the amount of aquatic references what bothers me. I feel like I'm looking at someone with teal heels, teal dress, teal earrings and teal eyeshadow.”

In other words, overkill – but a kind of pretty overkill, nevertheless.

At least the preview photo of Hannelore Knuts (at left, shot by Anne Menke) looks pretty cool. No arguments there, right?

Images: and

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Let’s Talk About Michelle Williams’ Hair For a Second (Forum Buzz)

Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams has been rocking a cropped cut for a while now, but her ‘do has recently taken on an edgier (shall I say more experimental?) vibe. I don’t know if it’s her recent split with Jason Segel – breakups are notorious for spurring drastic hair changes – or some other cosmic force that brought this on (could it just be a weird, in-between growing out phase?), but I can’t quite decide what to think about it. And neither it seems, can the other forum members.

At the launch of stylist Kate Young’s Target line, Michelle sported some seriously asymmetrical styling on her head. Maybe she was inspired by Kate Lanphear, but I’m thinking Michelle’s face, look and style are just too sweet for that amount of edge.

“Oh no, her hair does not look too good in those pics,” Alma Kemp posted. “And it looks like it annoys her,” she added.

Sobriquet87 wrote: “I love her hair. It's quite edgy.”

“Yeah, I actually really like it,” tapenerd agreed. “It's definitely awkward and seems annoying, but I think for someone in the growing out phase, this is the best!”

“My twitter feed was full of people raving about this hair cut… to me it looks like a combover,” glitterpeacock quipped. That’s one way of putting it… can we call Michelle’s look combover chic? Or is that pushing it?

Image: Joel Ginsburg/

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Gwyneth Paltrow Comes Out as a Smoker (Sort Of) in Harper’s Bazaar

My editor is currently on vacation, so there is no check on the contents of this post — apart from my own (faulty) common sense. I bring that up because I am about to start writing on the topic of Gwyneth Paltrow, especially dangerous territory because … I think I tend to be overly mean about her (even when reigned in by my Gwyneth-appreciating editor), which inspires some tFS readers to be overly hard on me — that's fair in most instances, but I accidentally took three melatonin yesterday (I thought they were multivitamin gummy bears!) and I am still too groggy to even think of tolerating disagreeable comments. But we need posts! And there is so much to say about Gwyneth's Harper's Bazaar cover and accompanying interview…

Photographed by Daniel Jackson for the glossy's May issue, the actress and lifestyle guru is styled in the cut-out bandage top which opened the Balenciaga Spring 2013 runway show (originally modeled by Kirstin Kragh Liljegren). Great! Fantastic. Of all the problems anyone could have with Paltrow, her appearance is not one. Consistently flawless, she dresses like an extremely rich attractive person with taste — and since she is actually all of those things (not just striving towards them, like most people), it's a hard look to mess up. 

In the interview, Paltrow talks about that time she tried Botox ("I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!"), refers to Shawn Carter as "Uncle Jay" in conversation with the reporter, and reveals her guilty pleasure ("My one light American Spirit that I smoke once a week, on Saturday night").

There are currently dozens of articles in Google News about the HUGE BREAKING NEWS of Gwyneth's once-a-week cigarette habit. And for good reason! People will click on that headline because the subtext is, Little Miss Perfect Is So Perfect She Can Even Smoke a Cigarette Once a Week, At a Precise Scheduled Time and Not Get Addicted. That's the way celebrity media works so okay — but in Paltrow's case, it's not enough to know about her Saturday night smoke, we also have to read about her preferred brand. The sad part is, I don't even think that remark was sponsored; Paltrow's entire existence is just filtered through a commodity lens. She's selling something all the time — including herself, as a legitimate role model. 

Images via Harper's Bazaar

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Canadian Men and Their Footwear Fetishes

A recent piece by The Star reports that sales of men's footwear increased by 13 per cent in Canada in 2012. In comparison, women's sales grew only by 3 per cent, meaning our metrosexuals males have more retail power than we originally thought.

More than any other retailer, Sears has seen the most growth in their footwear department since pairing with Aldo and Buffalo International to shed their dowdy image. "Where a man would normally own three to five pairs of shoes, that same generation may now own 10 to 15 pairs of shoes," Patrick Dillon, vice-president of footwear for Sears, told The Star. Their most popular sellers? Sneakers (with coloured soles) and tan brogues.

Of course, women do still splurge more on footwear than the average male, which as stereotypical as it sounds, is just a fact of life. But still, men's footwear has come a long way in terms of choice and, as such, I've rounded up some of the most fashion-foot-forward styles available across Canada…


1. Ecco Cognac Sport Shoe.
2. S-Perry Top Spider Boat Shoe from The Bay.
3. Clark's Men Leather Dress Shoe from Sears.
4. Tiger of Sweden Frank Shoe (new store location opening at 56 Ossington Avenue, Toronto on April 10th).
5. Rag & Bon Wesley Boot available at Uncle Otis (26 Bellair, Toronto).
6. Wings + Horn Suede Low-Top Sneaker in Papaya available at Nomad (819 Queen St. West, Toronto)

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Marc Jacobs Turned 50 Today — See Him at 26

Speaking of attractive male fashion designers, Marc Jacobs is no Tom Ford but his rippling muscle-y chest (pictured) definitely puts him in the safe zone, looks-wise. Jacobs turns 50 years old today which is not surprising because that's exactly how long he's been alive.

Stéphane Sednaoui/Coca-Cola via WWD

As you might have noticed in the paparazzi photo that circulated yesterday which showed the designer and his 25-year-old porn star boyfriend making out in miniature speedos on a Rio beach, Jacobs is living it up. (Also yesterday: questions about "jerk[ing] off" figured prominently in a red-band clip from the designer's acting debut.) Youth might be wasted on the young, but nothing's wasted on Marc Jacobs.

Anyway, here he is in 1989, when he was 26: 

Image via Getty

Behind that coy, mischievous grin, we can only imagine what he was thinking: Can 26 still be considered mid-20s, or is it definitely late-20s? Do those fabric swatches offset my camel wool turtleneck? Would this picture be better if I was shirtless? Will I ever realize my dream of getting a sketch drawing of a couch tattooed on my hip? (Spoiler on all of those: yeah.)

After all my gentle ribbing, I just feel like I have to say, flat out: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marc Jacobs — you're perfect and I hope you never change. 


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