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Beyoncé-Inspired Architecture Is Happening in Melbourne CBD

Beyonce vegan diet

Image: WENN

Who run the world? Beyoncé, people. The singer has inspired a 78-storey skyscraper going up in Melbourne’s CBD, because there ain’t nothing this girl can’t put her flavour on. Wuh, uh, oh!

NME reports that the Premier Tower, consisting of retail space, apartments and hotel rooms, will have serious curves that have Beyoncé written all over it.  “We will reveal that the form does pay homage to something more aesthetic – we’re going to trust you’ve seen the music video for Beyoncé’s Ghost,” architecture firm Elenberg Fraser’s press release explains of the building. (more…)

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Cara Delevingne Reacts to ‘Slashie’ Label, Reveals Charlize Theron as Inspiration

Cara Delevingne

Photo: Tenplay

Although Cara Delevingne has now sadly left Australia, the bushy-browed beauty has opened up about the direction she wants her career to go in, what life’s been like living with those statement brows, and she feels about the term “slashie” while she’s been in the land down under.

Introduced on The Project as an “ultimate slashie” because of her new supermodel-slash-movie-star title, Cara admitted the term makes her feel a little confused. “This ‘slashie’ thing is killing me right now,” she said. “It’s only in Australia that people are like, ‘So you’re the queen of the slashie,’ and I’m like, ‘What does that mean? Queen of the slash? Huh?'”

Perhaps she’s uneasy with the label because she treats modelling and acting very separately. “I literally feel like it’s a different part of my life now,” the Paper Towns star said. “I feel like I’ve kind of been born again, I know that sounds really weird, but, honestly, acting I’ve wanted to do so badly, as soon as I got the opportunity I was like, “I’m here! Take me! I’ll do anything!'” (more…)

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Lara Stone Stars on Two Fabulously Tacky Covers for UK Vogue (Forum Buzz)

U.K. Vogue‘s July offering with Stella Tennant basically bombed on our forums and the dull cover will (thankfully) soon vanish from newsstands, making way for a set of flashy, fabulously tacky covers featuring a blonder than usual Lara Stone. Photographed by Mario Testino, the current face of Kurt Geiger posed before a white studio backdrop wearing glitzy designs from J.W.Anderson (left) and Versace (right).

UK Vogue August 2015 Lara Stone by Mario Testino


Forum members flocked to the thread within seconds. “Finally! I couldn’t stand that Stella cover anymore. I don’t really know what cover I like the best. The cat kind of annoys me. I like the Versace one but her pose is not the best, she looks uncomfortable,” Oxymore described right away.

“I like the first cover. I sort of get that she’s meant to look like a socialite/Donatella-esque person. I kind of like it. Least they attempted something this month, and I’m all for Lara on the cover. It’s a bit of a waste of her but still, let’s be thankful it doesn’t look like a grey day in January like last month’s,” added honeycombchild.

“This is SO bad it’s good. I think it’s meant to be tacky, and let’s be honest, when was the last time they dared to style their cover into something not boring?” appreciated Miss Dalloway.

Chanelcouture09 showed both covers some enthusiasm too. “I love both covers! I’m surprised how much I like the J.W.Anderson cover over the Versace cover. I also love the blonder hair on Lara,” he noted.

“I’m surprised. I hate U.K. Vogue and I don’t like Lara but they somehow made it work and this is cool,” admitted a surprised gossiping.

Also in the mood was tigerrouge: “I like the tackiness of it, finally a U.K. Vogue cover that feels alive, if not to everyone’s tastes. A few decent editorials, some new season ads, and my only problem with the issue would be choosing which cover to get.”

Which cover will you be hunting down? Let us know here.

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Miu Miu Releases First-Ever Fragrance

Image: WWD

Image: WWD

Calling all fragrance fanatics: Miu Miu just announced its first-ever scent, aptly named Miu Miu. Mark your calendars, as this is one chic perfume you don’t want to miss out on. 

Miuccia Prada was hands-on the entire way, making sure both the bottle and scent were perfectly in line with the brand. So what exactly does the fragrance smell like? According to WWD, the scent contains a “lily of the valley note, made by mixing jasmine with rose absolute and some green notes.” Akigalawood adds woodsy, peppery accents. Givaudan perfumer Daniela Andrier, who helped create the scent, used a Miu Miu dress from Fall 2011 with embroidered lilies of the valley as inspiration. 

The brand chose actress Stacy Martin as the face of the fragrance. “Stacy was a very obvious choice because she already belongs to the Miu Miu family, having appeared in two of its fashion campaigns,” said Caroline Javoy, group vice president of marketing for the label at Coty Inc., Miu Miu’s fragrance licensee. “She is an uncommon talent and an uncommon beauty because at the same time she is very timeless and modern. She’s like the Miu Miu girl: She’s young, elegant and graceful, but has a bit of a dark side, which makes her very special and gives her an edge.”

Miu Miu eau de parfum will debut in August in Harrods in the U.K. and exclusively at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman in the States from September through December. 

[Via WWD]

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Is Victoria Beckham’s Vogue Australia Cover Outstanding — or a Photoshop Disaster? (Forum Buzz)

We’ve been waiting for this one to drop ever since we were treated to a tidbit in our Cover Rumor Thread and the wait is finally over. Victoria Beckham graces the cover of Vogue Australia like never before. Captured by master of portraits Patrick Demarchelier with styling from Christine Centenera, everyone’s favorite pop star-turned-fashion designer wears an intriguing Louis Vuitton creation.

Vogue Australia August 2015 Victoria Beckham by Patrick Demarchelier


Yet our forum members were left with mixed feelings. “This is awful. Her head looks disproportionately large for her body. It’s freaky. Also she looks depressed,” MyNameIs announced, clearly not a fan of what’s on offer.

“Her awful facial expression throws me off. This could be a perfect cover, but her facial expression ruins everything,” condemned fluxxx.

Also not feeling it was Creative: “It looks like they cut the head from another picture and Photoshopped it on the dress. Creepy. And the dress looks 2D while her head looks too 3D. So weird.”

“Given how overwhelming the LV dress is, it does look like they Photoshopped Victoria’s head onto the cover haha. That being said I do love the direction – the way that strand of hair curls around the byline is pure magic,” shared Cosmic Voices, shedding light on the cover as things started to shape up.

“What a stunning portrait. Victoria and Demarchelier add so much drama to this odd LV dress. This feels much lighter than the past VA covers (last August was just as great),” Benn98 admired.

Miss Dalloway was in love too, raving, “LOVE this (a bit Gertrude Bell, no?), when would you EVER see VB wear something like this? Her face expression goes perfectly with the styling, and feel of the cover.”

Good job Vogue Australia? Check out some previews of Victoria’s cover story and join our discussion here.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Is Sorry About That ‘Sex and the City 3’ Rumor

Image: Michael Thompson/Cosmopolitan

Image: Michael Thompson/Cosmopolitan

SJP’s first time gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan, say what? We couldn’t believe it either, but it’s definitely one that Carrie Bradshaw would approve of. (And Kim Kardashian too, given the sexy cleavage shot.)

In the accompanying article, Sarah Jessica Parker talks about the fact that people are still fired up over her alleged Sex and the City 3 rumor on Instagram back in May. “Oh my god,” she says, “When I posted that picture and people were in a rage at me, I was shocked. They were convinced I had been taunting them. I’m not that clever! And to what end would I relish dangling this idea and then saying there’s no movie?” Sorry fans, there really is no third movie in the works. 
Parker is also passionate about having access to proper healthcare in America. “The thing that would change people’s lives maybe more than anything, assuming that we maintain access to health care, is child care,” she says. “If I could guarantee every mother who is working two, three jobs that she had good child care that didn’t make her anxious all day—people would probably work in more efficient ways.”
And she touts being a humanist instead of a feminist, as she believes it would create a stronger force. “I see a lot of people trying to sort out their roles,” said Parker. “People of color, gays, lesbians, and transgenders who are carving out this space. I’m not spitting in the face or being lazy about what still needs to be done—but I don’t think it’s just women anymore. We would be so enormously powerful if it were a humanist movement.”
With this being her first Cosmopolitan cover, she’s definitely covering some serious ground. Check out her behind the scenes cover shoot video below.