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Marc Jacobs Taps Cher as the Face of His Fall 2015 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

The Fall 2015 advertising campaigns are trickling in earlier than expected. Roberto Cavalli is already out with Ciara and now Marc Jacobs has unveiled his mainline campaign featuring Cher. Yes, the Cher stars solo in Jacobs’ brand new fashion spots which have set our forums ablaze, though we’re not completely surprised. The designer took the 69-year-old icon as his date to this year’s Met Gala, which should have sent alarm bells ringing. Nonetheless, the first image captured by David Sims is here and ready to be dissected by our forum members.

The campaign only just dropped this morning but everything’s looking positive so far. “I love the fact that Marc uses women of different ages for his campaigns. Cher looks stunning, the collection was incredible and works great on her! Looking forward to seeing more!” Nepenthes hailed.

Also showing some love was LastNight: “A big YES to this. Love Cher and love this photo, excellent choice.”

GIVENCHYlover was quick to rave about the image too, using the word “stunning” to describe the shot.

“Beautiful!” agreed FashionPhoto1134.

“I love it! Morticia Addams in Marc Jacobs!” Khyrk shared soon after.

Love that Jacobs tapped Cher as his campaign girl this season? Join the conversation here.

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This Plus-Size Agent Doesn’t See a Future in Modeling for Tess Holliday

We’re in the midst of a plus-size revolution in the world of fashion and modeling, with bloggers setting the pace and demanding labels create fashionable clothes for larger gals. Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign for its Cacique lingerie line caused quite a buzz and the latest issue of People magazine features size 22 model Tess Holliday. Tess is the first model of her size and height  (5’5″) to get a modeling contract. Despite her early success, however, there are some folks who wonder if her days in the industry are numbered. 

Business Insider interviewed an anonymous plus-size agent to get her take on the state of plus modeling today. While it seems we’re beginning to make strides in body diversity, this agent is not confident the trend will last. She has a particularly bleak forecast for Ms. Holliday, whom she believes is the flavor of the moment. “I doubt Tess Holliday will get much more work than the Yours campaign she has just shot,” she said. “Her agent has been very savvy from day one about using social media to drum up interest in her girls, and to win clients. But again, I think the much bigger sizes don’t have staying power. It is a freak show. The buzz will die down again.”

Ouch. She attributes Holliday’s success to her strong social media following, which we think would make her something of a plus-size Instagirl – sounds pretty good, right? After all, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and their ilk were able to help boost their popularity through social media, so why would Holliday be any different? According to this agent, it’s because of Holliday’s size. “Holliday is not a healthy size and I think it does encourage those who battle with weight to just say ‘f*** it’ and not take care of themselves. It’s not a popular attitude, but it’s my humble opinion.” Good thing her opinion is anonymous. “I’ve seen how the seasoned and popular girls work out and take care of themselves and it’s inspiring stuff. They will never be a [UK] size 10, but they are a glorious and healthy and toned [UK] size 16. Prime examples are Laura Wells and Robyn Lawley. Granted there are a lot of bloggers out there like Holliday who are [UK] size 20+ and write about fashion and acceptance, and good luck to them, but I’m doubtful if they will ever stick in the mainstream long term.”

Fashion is unpredictable, but we’re hoping this agent is wrong about Holliday, who is gorgeous and says she’s been pretty busy since signing with MiLK. Most likely too busy to care about other people’s opinions on her career trajectory. If this agent’s words prove anything, it’s that Ms. Holliday still has boundaries to break and she will do that once she establishes some sort of longevity.

[via Business Insider]

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See Taylor Swift Made of 35,850 Lego Bricks at LEGOLAND

The childish folks at LEGOLAND have created a massive mosaic of Taylor Swift, made completely out of Lego, because apparently wax figures aren’t making celebs feel important anymore. 

The artwork, if you will, was unveiled at The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort in England on Monday, May 25, after being built over the weekend by guests who wished to take part.


The Celebrity Best Friend Big Build is in full swing. Join us on the Miniland lawn to help us re-create a giant LEGO mosaic of Taylor Swift.

Posted by Official LEGOLAND Windsor on Sunday, 24 May 2015


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Link Buzz: Band of Outsiders Isn’t Doing Well, Hillary Clinton Selling Pantsuit T-Shirts

  • Band of Outsiders may be folding amid reports that most of the staff has been laid off. [Fashionista]
  • You might want to switch to a different exfoliator now that California is banning plastic microbeads. [Eco Watch]
  • The Daily‘s summer issue has arrived. [ISSUU]
  • Some people are not happy with Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram selfie from Dubai. [@khloekardashian]
  • A Lilly Pulitzer employee’s fat-shaming cartoons have pissed off the Internet. [Racked
  • Legendary photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away at age 75. [NPR]
  • This Hillary Clinton pantsuit T-shirt is all we want to wear this summer. [People StyleWatch]

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Twitter Drags Mane Addicts Over ‘Mini Buns’ Post

Though black people might get minimal representation in campaigns, on runways and in design studios, one thing is for sure: Fashion thinks black folks are cool. From “bold braids” to badonkadonks, mainstream fashion has been eagerly gathering scraps of black culture and style only to put them on Kendall Jenner or Miley Cyrus and call it revolutionary. It is a cycle that repeated itself and set Twitter ablaze this weekend. 


WTH is a “Mini Bun” ??? These are called BANTU KNOTS… bye

A photo posted by Johnny Boy (@johnthefame) on

Hair website Mane Addicts posted a hair tutorial to help their readers recreate the “twisted mini-buns” look from Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2015 show, marketed as one of the many “creative ways to get our hair up and off our faces while still looking cool & chic!” As with many of these hair tutorials inspired by typically black hairstyles, the folks at Mane Addicts sadly didn’t realize that their “twisted buns” were just Bantu knots – a style worn by women of color, looking to add definition their curl pattern. Of course, folks on Twitter had plenty to say about the post.

Mane Addicts’ editorial director Justine Marjan seemed pretty ruffled by the internet’s reaction to the story. After being mentioned once by Instagram user @johnthefame in a post on the matter, Marjan quickly took up the cross to defend herself. “Please stop harassing me,” she wrote. “I have nothing against African culture and love Bantu knots. I would love to do a post on then soon. Mane addicts pulls inspiration from runway and this post was inspired by a beautiful photograph from the Marc Jacobs show. I would love to do more posts featuring traditional African hairstyles.” Would be nice if she loved Bantu knots enough to, you know, call them Bantu knots in the first place. She assured @johnthefame and his cohorts that she was “so sorry for the oversight,’ a typical response for incidents that happen way too often.

Mane Addicts has already removed the post, but interestingly enough had a story dedicated to the ‘fro just a few days before, in which, along with Solange Knowles and Diana Ross, they also highlight white women who have worn ‘fros on the runway or in magazines. We wonder if the same consideration was paid for black women with “twisted mini-buns.”

While there is nothing wrong with women experimenting with their hairstyles or wearing Bantu knots, this instance is another perfect example of why cultural appropriation is so problematic. It’s not about claiming ownership over a culture or a hairstyle, it’s about being erased from the conversation when trends certain marginalized groups have been wearing for years suddenly become popular in the mainstream. Why are Bantu knots only cool on the white women on Marc Jacobs’ runway, but are unremarkable on the bevy of black natural hair bloggers who rock them all the time? 

We think you already know the answer to that question.

[via Twitter]

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