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Hilary Rhoda’s Vogue Ukraine Cover Is Dated, but in the Best Possible Way (Forum Buzz)

We always complain when magazines deliver a messy and chaotic cover shot and Vogue Ukraine clearly heard our cries when considering its July cover image. After last month‘s disaster, the title asked Hilary Rhoda to pose before the lens of Jack Waterlot, delivering a minimalist fashion spread for the occasion. On the cover, Hilary wears a glistening top and skirt by Oscar de la Renta and sports pieces from BalmainAkris and Alexander Wang in the cover story.

Vogue Ukraine July 2015 Hilary Rhoda by Jack Waterlot


Forum members couldn’t wait to add their two cents. “This looks so dated. Like it’s a reprint from Vogue Japan circa 2006. Vogue Ukraine needs to try harder,” announced MON, who soon was left standing alone as more positive reviews began to flood in.

“Love the cover shot! It’s very dated, but a refreshing angle for them. Hilary is great at posing and that smile draws you right in,” applauded Benn98.

“I think it is their best cover in months although it looks like a cover from 15 years ago,” added GlamorousBoy.

Forum member gazebo was quick to show the cover some praise, writing, “It’s not bad at all. Very clean and tidy.”

Also full of admiration was DutchHomme: “I like it…very simple & Hilary made it work.”

In agreement was TeeVanity, who simply stated, “It really is a beautiful cover.”

“I think the cover is amazing. So sleek. It does feel late 90s/early 00s but in the best way possible. Hilary looks really good,” raved MyNameIs.

Be sure to check out Hilary’s accompanying cover story, which is even better than the cover shot, right here inside our thread.

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Of Course Kendall Jenner Has Her Own Shade of Estée Lauder Lipstick

Kendall Jenner’s latest contribution to Estée Lauder, besides 29.2 million followers on Instagram, is a new shade of red lipstick. The reality TV star-turned-model announced the release of her very own shade of Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting lipstick, which Estée Lauder calls “part poppy, part orange crush, all matte, all Kendall.”

The shade is a limited-edition reddish-orange hue called Restless, which Jenner advertised on her Instagram earlier today. The bottle for the $30 shade has Jenner’s signature on it, so you can remember who created the shade every time you reach for a tube. 

It’s actually the perfect shade for the season – a coral lip is always a great way to rethink a traditional red once the weather gets warmer. And given the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s uncanny ability to move product, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this one fly off the shelves. You can buy the shade now at Estée Lauder.

[via @kendalljenner]

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Kanye, Kendall and Riccardo Tisci Star on Vogue Japan’s ‘Strange’ August Cover (Forum Buzz)

After Vogue Japan‘s ordinary July cover with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the magazine finally brings the excitement with its newly-unveiled August 2015 installment (yes, August covers already). In an unexpected turn of events, the Japanese title tapped Riccardo Tisci and his Givenchy gang to sit in a yearbook formation for photographic duo Luigi & Iango, making for an interesting subject. Tisci asked Kanye West, Kendall JennerJessica Chastain, Joan Smalls, Jamie Bochert, Akimoto Kozue and Mica Arganaraz to pose alongside him, but we’re far from impressed.

Vogue Japan August 2015 Givenchy Gang by Luigi & Iango


“What a strange cover. Are they trying to look like Vogue Italia with the black frame? And what is Jessica doing here? And Kanye? I mean, I can understand if it’s Tisci with his models but I don’t think adding Kanye and Jessica really brings something to the cover,” voiced Oxymore.

“This is just as lazy as it could get. Were they too lazy to think of a theme so they just thought of Tisci and asked him to bring seven people with him? I just can’t anymore. What is happening with Vogue Japan? I am really bothered. They continue to lose their identity and their prestige with every cover they produce. After that horrendous cover with Rosie now this? I just don’t know anymore,” MON replied.

Marc10 definitely wasn’t feeling it as he ranted, “God I can’t stand Riccardo and his gang [of] nonsense. So freaking annoying.”

Also finding the situation rather laughable was Edie123: “Simultaneously busy and boring. I guess that’s an achievement of sorts.”

Are you feeling it? Get in on the action and drop us a comment here.

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Cupcakes and Cashmere the Clothing Line Is Coming Very Soon

Blogger Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere is delving into the world of fashion design with the launch of her new clothing line, named after her blog. For Fall 2015, Schuman will release over 40 pieces, divided into three sub-collections inspired by Los Angeles, Malibu and San Francisco. 


A photo posted by Emily Schuman (@emilyschuman) on

Schuman posted a preview of the range to her blog today, revealing lace-trimmed top and skirts, a printed floral dress, leather jackets (also available in vegan leather), a distressed sweater and more. Schuman says she’s been working on the collection for 18 months and that it will hit shelves at Nordstrom and Shopbop come July 6. Price points are described as “affordable,” though we don’t quite yet know how much everything will cost. 

So far, the collection does look quite wearable though perhaps not particularly groundbreaking. This will be something Cupcakes and Cashmere fans will surely snap up and we can’t wait to see the collection in full.

[via Cupcakes and Cashmere]

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Anya Hindmarch Offers a $95,200 18k Gold Version of the Crisp Packet Clutch

Solange Knowles Met Gala Anya Hindmarch

Image: Getty

We will always remember last year’s Met Gala, not for the gorgeous gowns or the theme, but for the epic melee that happened after the big event. Indeed, how could anyone forget about that post-gala elevator fight between Jay Z and sister-in-law Solange Knowles? Caugh on video, Solange hit the rapper with more than a few kicks and smacks as things got heated during an argument, the subject of which remains a mystery to this day.

Anya Hindmarch was proud to be part of this moment in pop culture history, as Solange was carrying one of her Crisp Packet clutches that night and actually smacked Jay Z with it in the (soundless) security video. Now, Hindmarch is updating the iconic piece, this time crafting versions in 18k yellow gold, rose and white gold. 

Hindmarch says she got the idea for the bags after a customer requested one in gold. Figuring other people might be interested in such a fancy item, she decided to go ahead and create a small collection of the pricey bags. The yellow gold bag the designer calls “wearable art; a very fluid, sculptural piece” takes four months to make and will set you back $95,200. 

Something tells us Jay Z wouldn’t want to get smacked with one of these babies.

 [via NYT]

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Steven Meisel Returns to Photograph Coach’s Menswear Fall 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Coach continues to lay out its revamped image and calls on photographer Steven Meisel to return for its Fall 2015 advertising campaign. For Stuart Vevers‘ debut menswear collection at the New York-based brand, models Ben Allen and Niels Trispel take a trip to Staten Island, evoking a true American spirit. The guys wear heavy shearling coats and carry large bags, styled by Karl Templer. Coach is on to a winning formula here, but forum members ask: what’s next?

Coach Menswear Fall 2015 Campaign by Steven Meisel


“Get a life, so booooring,” ranted GIVENCHYlover, setting the tone of the forthcoming discussion.

“These diptych campaigns need to end. They’re not artsy at all,” complained RedSmokeRise immediately.

Testinofan wasn’t showing much love for the campaign either, exclaiming, “Same concept, so boring!!!!!”

KissMiss agreed, “Only one word can describe this: boring!”

“They probably should switch up their style now,” suggested gossiping.

Avogadro had something positive to say: “The concept is the same EVERY SEASON but Ben looks really good!”

“Not exciting, but looks good,” justaguy commented, shedding a glimmer of light on the campaign.

Coach Menswear Fall 2015 Campaign by Steven Meisel


Are you over the same old concept after two consecutive seasons? Join the conversation here.