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David Sims Photographs 6 Covers for LOVE Magazine’s Fall/Winter 2015 Issue (Forum Buzz)

By now, you’re no doubt truly sick of seeing Kim Kardashian‘s nude derrière inside the current issue of LOVE magazine. Thankfully, the title is now gearing up for the release of its Fall/Winter 2015 edition and continues to tease us with previews. Earlier today, we took a first peek at the finished and final set of covers, which feature Gisele Bündchen, Carolyn Murphy, Cher, Florence Welch, Mia Goth and C-3PO (yes, the robot character from Star Wars), who are all captured solo on their own covers. Each subject was photographed by David Sims and styled by Katie Grand.

Our forums were left divided. “At least there are no Kardashians/Jenners on the cover,” appreciated jnobis.

LOVE is just too desperate and irrelevant right now,” slandered Creative, unwilling to give support.

In agreement was KissMiss: “I hate all these covers. There’s always something so pretentious about this magazine…”

Oxymore wasn’t ecstatic either, adding, “I hate the masthead this time.” Oh, dear.

Discussion soon shifted toward Gisele’s unusual and unsuspecting cover. “Gisele looks really good here. It’s easy to forget that behind the fembot look is a truly versatile supermodel,” enthused an impressed GivenchyHomme.

“Gisele’s cover is so wonderful! Always love seeing her in a more high fashion concept. Also love Carolyn and Florence. Plus, Mia’s face is just precious!” continued Nepenthes.

Also showing enthusiasm was thiago:): “I know LOVE is a quite pretentious publication but I can’t help but love all the covers so far. I could have them all, seriously. Love how raw they look.”

Which will you be hunting down, if any? Share your sentiments and await the content here.

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Kristen Stewart Gets the Photoshop Treatment on Marie Claire (Forum Buzz)

As the new issues of our favorite glossies continue to drop, Marie Claire is the latest to hit our forums. Kristen Stewart makes an appearance on the mag’s August offering, captured by Tesh against a white backdrop for the fairly simple and straightforward cover image. Styled by Alison Edmond, Kristen carries herself perfectly wearing a Carven sweater teamed with a pair of G-Star RAW jeans. Easy dressing? We’re on board.

US Marie Claire August 2015 Kristen Stewart by Tesh


“Years have passed after Twilight and yet here she is still looking like a vampire. Oh well. I wish the masthead was behind her tho,” said MON, kicking us off after the cover broke earlier today.

“Old dead eyes is back. The inside pics are a lot better though. God, I don’t know why but a wave of nostalgia rushed over me when seeing this cover. It really has been a while now since the Twilight phenomenon hasn’t it?” asked A.D.C.

Also unimpressed was HeatherAnne, who declared, “Too much Photoshop, she doesn’t need all that smoothing.”

Forum member burbuja8910 questioned, “I don’t get why she got so many covers, I mean is she promoting something?”

As a couple of Kristen’s images from her cover story surfaced, things started to look up. “Her editorial looks nothing like the cover, and that’s good,” said Benn98.

“The edit looks good,” justaguy simply stated in agreement.

US Marie Claire August 2015 Kristen Stewart by Tesh


Check out some more images and drop us a comment here.

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New Campaign Celebrates the Diversity of the Female Body

There is a body diversity revolution going on and Australia’s Amy Herrmann has added her voice with a new campaign that strives to show that women are much more than the labels imposed on them. Herrmann tapped women of varying sizes to “showcase the amazing diversity that is the female form.” 

Herrmann wants to photograph 100 women to help spread the word of body acceptance. “Education is key to giving women and men a better understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the female body and the ways in which it grows, shapes and changes over time and with different life experiences,” she said on her website. “What better way to educate than through honest and uplifting photographs of 100 amazing women?”

Herrmann has launched a kickstarter to help raise money to reach her goal of photographing all those women. So far, she is starting with a $2,700 dollar goal which will allow her to shoot 7 women and make a promo video to help raise even more money for the project. Herrmann seems to have only photographed white women of varying body types, but hopes that with future injections of cash, she will be able to add a different kind of diversity to this project. After all, how can you champion body diversity without different kinds of bodies?  “For this project to be successful we MUST have diversity within our participants. This is key,” she wrote. “And to gain that diversity, we must have numbers.”

So far, Herrmann has raised $1,916 for her project, to which you can donate here.

[via Stylist

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Kaia and Presley Gerber Pose for CR Fashion Book

By now, we know the fashion world loves celebrity children and will not hesitate to pay homage to the genetically blessed offspring of the rich and beautiful. Recently, Cindy Crawford’s young lookalike daughter, Kaia Gerber, scored herself a modeling contract with IMG as well as a feature in Vogue Italia. We expected that wasn’t the last we’d see of the teenaged beauty and we were right. CR Fashion Book Instagrammed teaser images from its forthcoming issue, which features Ms. Gerber and her older brother Presley who, just like his mom, has that trademark mole right next to his lips. Cindy Crawford’s got some strong genes, y’all.

Bruce Weber was tapped to photograph the gorgeous pair, who in one image pose with model Garret Taber. You can see the Gerbers clearly getting their smize on in this picture – we bet they’ve been getting pointers from their mom on how to serve the camera. CR Fashion Book also posted a solo image of Gerber, who looks soft and serene as she lays in bed in an embellished dress layered over a knit striped sweater, rocking playful makeup.


From CR Fashion Book Issue 7: @kaiagerber following in her mother’s footsteps. Photo by @bruce_weber.

A photo posted by CR Fashion Book (@crfashionbook) on

The Gerbers look predictably amazing and we have no doubt that the rest of their feature is going to be just as good as what we’ve seen so far. When your mom is one of the biggest supermodels ever, the world expects nothing short of excellence. Looks like the Gerbers are nailing it. 

[via @crfashionbook]

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Vogue Paris Recreates a Cover from 1973 with Anna Ewers for August 2015 (Forum Buzz)

It has become apparent over the past year that Emmanuelle Alt has taken a shining to Anna Ewers. The German beauty already has two Vogue Paris covers under her belt and with the release of the title’s latest, now adds another to her ever-growing portfolio. The model-of-the-moment has channeled Brigitte Bardot on numerous occasions and French Vogue carries on the theme, stylizing its August cover to resemble one from 1973 with the French icon. Photographed by Inez & Vinnodh and styled by Suzanne Koller, Anna delivers a fabulous close-up flashing a warm, inviting and energetic smile.

Vogue Paris August 2015 Anna Ewers by Inez & Vinoodh


Forum members began to voice their opinion within seconds. “Oh I’m definitely intrigued! So glad to see Anna scoring VP covers!” shouted GERGIN immediately.

“I’m instantly in love with this, her smile is so infectious!! The need to work with I&V more often. This is such a charming shot,” an elated Benn98 added.

The cover certainly made an impact on Avogadro: “WOW, when I started to find her annoying this cover came out!! So gorgeous and definitely my favorite VP cover this year.”

Creative was in the mood for some Anna too, writing, “I wish Anna had a cover every month because I could never get tired of her. She’s just perfect.”

Also full of appreciation was MON. “Oh my god this is stunning!! That smile is so infectious and it’s a classic yet fun take on the season. I love it. It’s a simple head shot but the energy is there. This is why I love Inez & Vinoodh for VP,” he hailed.

“Summer at night! A dark, golden, beautiful cover. It feels like something under [Carine] Roitfeld or from the 70s. Good job on this one,” t-rex approved.

Do you share the same sentiments? Join the conversation here.

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In Which Gwyneth Paltrow Teaches Us How to Yawn

dog yawning

image: Getty

It’s something we’ve done since we were born but according to Gwyneth Paltrow, we’re not doing it right. The lifestyle guru published a post on her website about the virtues of yawning and how to make the most of your yawning experience. And here we thought watching an hour of C-SPAN would do the trick. 

According to the post, there are two types of yawns one must master in order to achieve optimal Goopdom and the everlasting approval of lifestyle overlord Gwyneth Paltrow. The yawns require a lot of stretching and overthinking. For the first yawn, you should have your mouth open. The other requires your lips to be closed. Both demand that you yawn until you can’t take it anymore and there are sweet tears streaming down your face, which you must collect in a jar and mail to Paltrow to add to her morning green tea. Although, if you don’t tear, don’t worry too much because the end of the post notes that you don’t need to be crying in order to benefit from these exercises. Oh, thank goodness.

“There’s a perception that it’s rude or that it means that you’re bored, but the reality is that it’s a very important mechanism for releasing stress,” yogi and yawning expert Michael Lear says. “It feels good for a reason: Trust that your body knows how to calibrate itself.”

If only there was some way we could trust our bodies to know how to yawn on their own…

[h/t Mirror via Goop]