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Gwen Stefani Collaborates with Q&Q SmileSolar on Adorable Emoji Watch Collection

gwen-stefani-qq-watches-lJust in time for summer, Q&Q SmileSolar and Gwen Stefani are teaming up to bring you a collection of watches that works with a little help from the summer sun. The pair has collaborated on a solar-powered set of timepieces, due out in June. Naturally, Stefani took cues from her Harajuku Lovers line, using emojis inspired by the label’s artwork. 

With cutesy names like “Baby Shine Bright” and “Donut Be So Serious,” the range is as whimsical as you might expect with plenty of brightly-colored watches printed with bold patterns. From pink lips and fluffy clouds to pizza with smiling pepperoni, the collection certainly brings out that fun, summery vibe in all of us.

Take a look at pieces from the collection below.  (more…)

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Kate Moss Talks Shooting That Famous Calvin Klein Obsession Campaign

Kate Moss Calvin Klein Obsession

Image: Calvin Klein

The early romance between Kate Moss and photographer Mario Sorrenti seems like something out of a fashion fairy tale, but according to the supermodel, it was just…a little creepy. Kate’s legendary Calvin Klein Obsession campaign was famously born out of Klein noticing Sorrenti’s actual obsession with Kate after looking through some of his photos. But the way Kate tells the story reveals just how enthralled Sorrenti was with her. 

She recalls the rigors of shooting the campaign to SHOWstudio. “I’d wake up in the morning and he’d be taking pictures of me. I was like, ‘Fuck off!’ I lay like that [naked on a couch] for 10 days. He would not stop taking pictures of that. But, he’s Italian, you know? He was like, ‘Lay down, I’ll tell you when we’ve got it!’ We probably had it in the first roll,” she said. “They rented us a house, just me and him and loads of film, in this deserted little shack on the beach.” 

Yikes. Seems like Sorrenti would simply not give poor Kate a break during that shoot. But for all his, um, zealousness, the pictures came out great and it wound up being one of the most iconic campaigns of the 90s. So, as creepy as Sorrenti’s methods may have been to us, they definitely got the job done. Kate says they broke up soon after that shoot. “When you’re in a relationship with a photographer and they start abusing that relationship – and being like, ‘I want you to do this, and I want you to do that’ – it makes you go, ‘No.’ I didn’t want to work all the time, but he’d be like, ‘Get up on the roof, take your clothes off,’ and I would think, ‘Fuck off!’ Now I understand that kind of thing a bit better, capturing an image, but at the time I was 17.”

Watch Kate talk Calvin Klein in the video above.

[via Vogue UK]


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Tara Moss Is Heading to the Syrian Border with UNICEF

Tara Moss at Women of Style 2014

Photo: Getty

Model citizen Tara Moss is headed to the Syrian border for her role as UNICEF’s Australian ambassador for children’s survival.

Confidential reports that the model-turned-crime-writer plans to travel to Lebanon with UNICEF Australia, to meet Syrian families living in tent villages. She hopes the trip will bring attention to the plight of the world’s largest migration of refugees, with refuge migration out of Syria creeping close to four million.

Half of these refugees are children, who are at risk of the massive displacement inside and within countries neighbouring Syria. “I can’t turn away from that. We can’t turn away from that,” she explained to Confidential. “This refugee crisis has slipped from the global radar. We’ve all but forgot about the immense humanitarian crisis here.” (more…)

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Introducing Your New Favorite Hot Guy Twitter Account: @FoundBeau

Before we start, you’re welcome, because we just found your new favorite Twitter account. There are few things we love more here at tFS than hot guys and a new Twitter account is dishing out just that. @FoundBeau, the brother account to @FoundBae is a curated selection of handsome men of various ethnicities. It launched about two weeks ago and already boasts a following of 15K and counting.

The account is curated by a 24-year-old Southern California transplant named Terrell, who certainly has a keen eye for beauty. His @FoundBae handle has 125K followers, some of which requested an alternate account dedicated to hot guys. And so, @FoundBeau was born. “Hundreds of people were asking about an account that featured guys,” Terrell told us via email. “I pretty much said that in order for the account to launch I needed 1000 followers by the end of the day. An hour later I had the followers I had asked for and started posting.”

His first submissions: a suited hunk with a well-groomed beard, identifying as African-American, white and Dominican. That looker was followed by a tracksuit and beanie-clad Nigerian fellow and a short vine of a shirtless Armenian hottie. Later that day, we saw a gorgeous Brazilian and English fellow – and the shots of multicultural imaginary boyfriends kept coming. 

At the heart of the account is Terrell’s commitment to showcasing a diverse range of beauty. Granted, most of the guys pictured are pretty fit, but while many of the bodies largely conform to the anti-dadbod ideal, he knows how important it is to show all types of beauty. “The account was founded central to the idea that beauty isn’t skin tone, cultural, size or shape specific. It is also important to me that I do not perpetuate the ideology that lighter skin is superior to darker skin and vice versa; that equal/comparable beauty exists on both ends of the spectrum,” he says. “Diversity also broadens the demographic. There are accounts dedicated to highlighting the beauty of one specific type/race or accounts that will post ‘any’ race but tend to only exhibit fairer skinned individuals. I think bigger than the individuals who run accounts like that. I don’t like limits.”

And we love that you don’t like limits, Terrell. Below, feast your eyes on some of our favorite guys from @Foundbeau, and see if you can get through this post without hitting that follow button.

Sigh… Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

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Daphne Groeneveld Appears on One of Six Covers for Numéro’s Art Issue (Forum Buzz)

After featuring a smoldering Aya Jones on the previous issue, Numéro gears up for its latest installment. The French title’s current offering is an entire issue dedicated to art. The magazine created not one, but six unique covers for the occasion, making perfect sense considering it will appear at newsstands worldwide for two consecutive months. Thus far, Daphne Groeneveld and Jessica Miller are Numéro‘s June/July 2015 cover girls.

Numéro June/July 2015 The Art Issue


Forum members couldn’t wait to see what Numéro had in store for us. “Daphne! She looks great!” exclaimed justaguy, hitting us off on a high note.

“I love it so far! It’s always a pleasure to see Daphne!” contributed Valentine27.

“I like the first cover, nice seeing Daphne,” TeeVanity agreed.

Feeling the same way was burbuja8910 who wrote, “Amazing cover, Daphne can’t do wrong.”

Forum member thatsfierce shared, “I’m not sure about the makeup, but I’m glad Daphne got a cover!”

Not everyone was so impressed with Numéro‘s efforts, though. “I thought that art was creativity and fantasy! This is so boring, it’s not even ordinary boring but horrible. Both covers,” |PerfectTonight| declared.

Benn98 replied, “God, you’re so right!! They really should stop running with these ‘art’ themes. Every fashion edit could be art. Just because the shot looks slightly unconventional for a cover doesn’t make it ‘art’. Daphne’s cover looks OK, but the coat she’s wearing looks awfully cheap.”

Await the remaining covers and join the debate here.

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