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Marion Cotillard is W’s ‘Red-Hot Superstar’ this December (Forum Buzz)

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

Marion Cotillard has had a banner year when it comes to magazine covers. Months would go by where she was a constant on the newsstands, and she’s capping that all off with a Tim Walker-photographed cover of W’s December issue. I may be biased because I’m a fan of W, Marion, and Walker’s photography, but I think this may be my front-runner for favorite December cover, and favorite cover of Marion’s this year. Between the wonderfully saturated red of the Christian Dior coat (the one that Leelee Sobieski looked so amazing in earlier this year) and Marion’s blunt Audrey-Tatou-in-Amélie-esque hair (and even the hands poking through the pliable red background), I think it all comes together to produce a really eye-catching and unexpected cover.

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

“They had some seriously beautiful covers this year but this one is the best!” LabelWhore4 exclaimed.

Nepenthes posted, “What a genius cover!!! Marion in Dior is a match made in heaven. Absolutely gorgeous.”

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

“I can't think of any other actress who got that many prestigious covers in the same year,” Wolkfolk mused. “I would've complained of a Marion overdose if the cover wasn't so amazing. The red makes it so striking. I love how it fits perfectly for a December issue without being too obvious. The whole surrealism aspect with hands is also very interesting. Like W's own interpretation of what's happening; that is, everybody wanting to get a piece of Marion. Can't wait to get this.”

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim WalkerW December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker

Marion’s editorial also has a subtly “creepy Nutcracker/Christmas vibe,” that YoninahAliza loves. You kind of have to love the fantastically weird fantasy worlds that Tim Walker creates, right? Especially when they feature someone as great as Marion Cotillard.

W December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim WalkerW December 2012 - Marion Cotillard photographed by Tim Walker


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Chris Brown Signs with Wilhelmina, Really Wants an Endorsement Deal

I can accept that for some people, operating in the professional world means sometimes setting aside a personal dislike for something or someone, so I can see how Wilhelmina Models could be willing to represent Chris Brown. That doesn't mean I think it's okay that they signed him, or that in an upcoming installment of this story, he might get an endorsement deal. 

I'm surprised Wilhelmina would jeopardize its reputation by working with someone most famous for assaulting a woman. In 2009,  Brown was convicted of a felony for assault, and photos of Rihanna's bruised and beaten face were all over the Internet. That's what he's best known for. I'm sorry, but to my mind, there's no way to come back after something like that — to "rebrand" — and there shouldn't be. He did not say something mean about someone, he did not make a gaffe: he brutalized someone. Domestic violence isn't simply a mistake or a slip-up, it's serious and dangerous and awful and deeply messed up. I can't overstate it. 

I'm maybe less outraged by Wilhelmina's willingness to sign him because I know that for many people, a buck is a buck (and it's not like I neccessarily expect modeling agents to be moral agents, too — although that would be super great), but I'm horrified to know that someone thinks they can make a buck on Chris Brown. That he's marketable. How do we get a new market? 

Image via WENN

[via WWD]

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Don’t Die, But Margiela for H&M Launches Tomorrow

I don't know who you are and I don't know what kind of relationship you have to money, fashion, or your bed, but if you're planning to wait overnight so you can be one of the first (and maybe few) to buy the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collaboration when it launches tomorrow morning … why are you doing that? 

According to Racked Chicago, there were already people waiting in line at the city's Michigan Avenue H&M at 2:30 in the afternoon today. The store opens its doors at 8 a.m. tomorrow. Apparently for some people, the best use of their willpower and time is to wait for like eighteen hours on one of the Windy City's most literally windy streets in the middle of November, so that they can be first in line to buy some H&M clothes. Sorry, but that's really lame. Even if the pieces are Margiela-branded, they're still factory-produced and a serious downgrade in quality compared to the original. Also, the line retails at boutique prices, so you're not even getting that great of a deal.

I'm sure I'm talking about otherwise perfectly decent, marvelous people, but whoever's waiting in line right now should kind of be embarassed. No, really embarassed. I'm embarassed on their behalf. 

Campaign image via TFS Forums

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Link Buzz: Nina Garcia Gets Promoted & Lana Del Rey Gets Bangs

  • Marie Claire's new EIC, Anne Fulenwide, promoted Nina Garcia to Creative Director. [Fashionologie]
  • Instead of shopping for the person that has everything, you should tell them to donate some stuff. [BellaSugar]
  • Who knew how badly I'd want a faux-fur snood? [FabSugar]
  • No, the world doesn't need a "Netflix for Nails." [SheFinds]
  • Channing Tatum was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive because we live in a sad, dark world. [Earsucker]
  • Justin Bieber was turned down by all the Victoria's Secret models because some people have standards. [StyleBakeryTeen]
  • Lana Del Rey got bangs because you should try everything once. [MTV Style]

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Take a Trip to the Tropics with We Are Handsome’s Indhra Chaghoury and Jeremy Somers

We Are Handsome are masters at making us nostalgic for things we might never have even experienced, and here they are doing it again for Resort 2012. “The Enchanted” is an enigmatic and mysterious collection featuring six new prints, each dug from designers Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers’ personal photographic archives.

While the photographs have probably undergone a little reimagining, we’re happy to believe that at least one of the design duo has stared an assertive eagle directly in the eyeballs if it makes for a print this magical. The Guardian features the same somewhat intimidating eagle that caused a stir at MBFWA earlier this year, rearing its head on a panel one-piece swimsuit and, somewhat more cheekily, on the rear of a string bikini bottom.

Other prints draw on Chagoury and Somer’s love of all things that make you want to run away to an exotic location filled with enchanting sunsets and animals that are either very beautiful or very dangerous. The Messenger is a flight path of birds illuminated by a myriad of greenery, while The Calypso is a moment captured by Somers as he was just casually basking on the shores of the tropical Philippines glimpsing a yacht sailing into the horizon.

New shapes for the collection include a cut-away one piece, butterfly bikini and tie-front bikini alongside cult classics like the scoop one piece and string bikini. But with prints this pretty they could feature on a Borat mankini and we’d still probably consider wearing it.    

Images courtesy of EVH PR

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Yorkdale’s Haute Wheels Makes a Downtown Toronto Fashion Delivery

Sure, food trucks are cool — what with their indulgent ability to satisfy your bacon, tacos, and poutine cravings at the flip of a parking brake — but do you know what feeds our consumer cravings even more? Fashion trucks.

Starting today, Yorkdale will be pandering to our shopping appetites and rolling out a brand new, gourmet fashion truck, stocked with hand-picked merchandise from many of the coveted and first-to-Canada brands (like kate spade new york, Ted Baker London, and LOFT) that are arriving at Yorkdale on November 16. That's right! This is street style at a seriously street level.

Other iconic and innovative retailers such as Ann Taylor (which recently opened at the Eaton Centre), Club Monaco, Diesel, Holt Renfrew, Microsoft, and The North Face will also be hitting the road with the Yorkdale Fashion Truck, which you can track under the twitter handle @YorkdaleStyle or the hashtag #YKDfashiontruck.

But there's more. As well as delivering decadent courses of designer swag to the downtown core, shoppers that make purchases at the fashion truck will receive the free side of a $10 Royal Bank Plaza gift card that can be used at any of Royal Bank Plaza’s 21 stores. Customers can also enter to win a $200 Oxford Gift Card or a $1,000 gift card from Brookes Brothers.

Are your taste buds tingling yet? Then check it all out when it kicks off from 11 a.m. today at the Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay St, Toronto.

Images via Yorkdale Shopping Centre

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