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Coco Rocha Teams with Botkier for Handbag Collaboration

Coco Rocha Amfar

Image: WENN

Coco Rocha is a busy lady. She just gave birth to a baby girl in late March, but mommy duties aren’t stopping her from staying on her grind. Rocha is dipping her toe into the wonderful world of handbag design thanks to a new collaboration with Botkier. 

Rocha has created an 8-style range of handbags for the label, which is expected to hit shelves in November – just in time for holiday shopping. The pieces were inspired by New York, Milan, Paris and London – places where the model has spent plenty of time in her day — and will retail from $268 to $448.

“I’ve wanted to create my own handbags for a long time, but I didn’t just want to lend my name to something and have no input,”  Rocha told WWD. The model is no stranger to design collaborations. She recently launched her first-ever clothing line with HSN, in tandem with the release of Disney’s Cinderella movie. Last year, she unveiled a jewelry range with BaubleBar, and in 2011 she created a collection with Senhoa jewelry, a brand which benefits women and children victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking and exploitation.

[via WWD]

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UK Vogue Continues to Style Anna Ewers as Brigitte Bardot (Forum Buzz)

British Vogue has redeemed itself after Emilia Clarke‘s eyesore of a cover last month with its new June edition featuring model-of-the-moment Anna Ewers. The German bombshell also covers the May issue of U.S. Harper’s Bazaar after having fronted numerous other editions of Vogue worldwide. Anna once again channels Brigitte Bardot on Vogue‘s latest, captured by Patrick Demarchelier while kneeling in the sand.

UK Vogue June 2015 Anna Ewers by Patrick Demarchelier


The overused Bardot concept doesn’t sit well with the majority of our forum members. “Why [is she] always styled in this way? It’s gorgeous but really boring,” noted Avogadro.

“It looks quite similar to her other covers,” added Nomar.

In agreement was orchidee who wrote, “Not the most original, but it’s a tried and true formula for a summer cover. Anna looks gorgeous obviously, but I really hope we’re not in for yet another Bardot-inspired editorial.”

Forum member t-rex was feeling the same way: “Anna as Brigitte Bardot, brilliant. Not. Anna has been styled as Bardot in her short career more times than Lara Stone in her long career. Stop it!”

“I’m not seeing the Bardot in this cover though. I mean that’s her face. They didn’t really primp her up. She’s in a bikini at the beach with beach curls. What were they suppose to do with her at the beach? Turn her into a Vargas girl?” A.D.C. fired back in retaliation.

Sure, not everyone was left bored and underwhelmed. “LOVE IT. Best U.K. cover in ages. Well, actually it’s my favorite U.K. Vogue cover ever. Gonna get it. This girl is stunning,” Creative raved.

Nepenthes was also on board writing, “Yessss!!! This is absolutely stunning, Anna is the best!”

Are you a fan? Await Anna’s cover story and join the conversation here

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The CFDA and Covet Fashion Launch Styling Challenge Series

The CFDA is delving into the mobile world with the help of Covet Fashion, an app that allows you to dress up an avatar in different looks. The Council is teaming up with the mobile app, setting up a series of styling challenges for its 2.5 million users to participate in. The challenge will focus on up-and-coming CFDA labels, helping users get acquainted with some of the fresh talent American designers have to offer – and hopefully, moving product as a result. 

While we don’t have all the details as to which designer duds we might be seeing in the app, it’s clear that the CFDA is trying to take advantage of the mobile market, which could help them increase their visibility and promote the work of some of their members to a wide audience. Around 600,000 users log on to Covet a day spend at least an hour styling their avatars. It’s a great way to show that the CFDA is a forward-thinking organization whose members can engage with this generation of tech-obsessed shoppers. And not to mention, a good strategy to expose Covet’s users to young brands moving and shaking in the fashion world.

[via WWD]

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Kylie Jenner Wants to Trademark Her Name, Bruce Jenner Fires Kris as Manager

Kylie Jenner is on a crusade to help protect the good name of the most important Kylie in the world – herself. According to TMZ, the 17-year-old filed to trademark her first name for “entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment, fashion and pop culture.” 

Jenner’s star is rising and it makes sense that she, as part of this entertainment-focused family would want to protect her name. TMZ also notes that her older sister Kendall is filing for similar rights. Kylie Jenner, as many have pointed out, isn’t the only famous Kylie. Aussie pop singer Kylie Minogue has been making music since Jenner’s eyes were at her knees, so we’re not sure if she would have to change her name – or cease to use it – should Jenner’s application go through. 

Kylie Jenner isn’t the only celebrity to try and trademark her name. Jay Z and Beyoncé attempted to trademark the name of their daughter, Blue Ivy but their application was denied. Blue Ivy isn’t a common name and since Kylie isn’t necessarily the most unique name out there, we wonder if Jenner’s fate will be the same as Jay and Bey’s. But if the courts reject her trademark request, she’ll at least she will in good company with other famous trademark rejectees.

Meanwhile. Kylie’s dad Bruce, who just came out as transgender, is going through some changes of his own – and we’re not talking about the changes related to his life as a woman.  Bruce is the star of an upcoming E! docu-series which will focus on his life as a transwoman, but Kris Jenner, his manager and ex-wife will reportedly have little to do with it. Word is that Bruce has fired Kris as his manager for the new show. 

A source says Kris’ take control attitude is part of the reason why Jenner is looking to handle this new chapter in his life without her interference. “Kris is as you see on the show — bossy, nosy and controlling,” the source said. “She didn’t want to relinquish control because it makes it harder for her to sort out fees for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Sounds like Kris will just have to deal with the inconvenience now.

[via TMZ, Mirror]

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Vogue Throws a Pre-Met Gala PJ Party, Anna Wintour Talks Michelle Obama’s Mark on First Lady Fashion

In celebration of tonight’s Chinese-themed Met Gala, Vogue magazine held a very chic pajama party this weekend at the Nom Wah Tea Parlor in Chinatown where guests dined on dim sum and dressed in Chinese-style pajamas as they posed for pictures. Of course, no Chinese-inspired Fête would be complete without an obligatory dragon and some parading in the street. Naturally, such revelry was a feature of the event, with guests dancing and throwing confetti in the narrow Chinatown streets towards the end of the affair.

On hand for the party was a gaggle of fashionable beauties, including models-of-the-moment Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski and Ireland Baldwin. Xiao Wen Ju, Constance Jablonski, Alexa Chung,, André Leon Talley, Hamish Bowles, Mickey Boardman and more were also in attendance. Guests donned silky printed PJs and robes, pairing their otherwise comfy attire with some fancy footwear.

Ahead of tonight’s festivities, Anna Wintour sat down with The Cut to talk about her career, her political concerns, the social media boom and more. Wintour discussed the Costume Institute and this year’s exhibit which was inspired by China’s rise in the global luxury market. “It’s not just for fashion connoisseurs,” she says. “People are not just whizzing by. They are really studying, they are looking at the captions, they’re standing back, and they’re spending real time in there. I think that’s because Harold [Koda] and Andrew [Bolton] put the shows in extraordinary context.” As we’ve mentioned before, the subject of the exhibit, the idea of China influencing fashion as told through a western lens seems a bit problematic, but hopefully tonight we won’t have to see actresses and models twirling on the red carpet with chopsticks in their hair tonight.

Wintour also touched on her relationship with Michelle Obama during the interview, whose presence Wintour seems extremely grateful for. “It’s been wonderful, from the fashion industry’s point of view, to have a First Lady who’s so supportive of our industry,” she said. “I think previously, with the exception of Mrs. Kennedy, Washington has been a little wary of fashion and what it means. I think there was a mindset down there that being interested in clothes and fashion and how you look might equate you with not being a serious person. But she’s been a real force for fashion without in any way not being interested in so many other things.”

See images from this weekend’s Vogue PJ party in the gallery below.

[via Page Six, The Cut]

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Johnny Weir’s Kentucky Derby Hat for the Win

Johnny Weir wearing a rose-covered and mint julep hat to the Kentucky Derby

Image: Getty

When most of us think of the Kentucky Derby, we picture horses, rose garlands, fascinating fascinators and mint juleps. Ice skater Johnny Weir managed to combine three out of the four on Saturday with his amazing race-day topper as he and Tara Lipinski covered the social highlights of the festive weekend. Johnny even affectionately named his eye-catching hat “To the victor, the spoils.” Kerin Rose Gold fashioned the masterpiece, constructing it over the course of a few days.

According to Yahoo! Beauty, Johnny and the designer began discussing the creation as far back as the Super Bowl. The dynamic duo were trying to channel the “giant blanket of red roses” awarded to the winner, explained Gold. It was Johnny who brought up the mint julep, and Gold thought it was the perfect accent to all those roses.

So, how did Gold craft that realistic-looking drink in a breakable tumbler glass? “I painted the inside of the glass so the ‘liquid’ is on an angle and filled the glass with fake ice cubes that I drained the re-freezable liquid out of,” Gold elaborated.

Johnny finished off the rest of his look with a gold patterned suit and a pair of golden embroidered black loafers. We actually feel kind of bad for Tara. Talk about coming in second…

[h/t Yahoo! Beauty]

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