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Get Your Mouses Ready, Dion Lee for Target Launches Tonight

Dion Lee for Target

Photo courtesy of Target

The Dion Lee for Target capsule collection is here! Well, almost. The range launches at 8 p.m. AEST tonight, July 1, so you best be hanging on your computer from approximately 7.45 p.m. if you want to nab yourself a piece.

If the Missoni for Target range is anything to go by, we can expect this to sell out ASAP, and the Target website could crash in the process. “We are thrilled to launch the Dion Lee for Target collection online tonight to our customers, and are expecting the range to sell quickly,” Target’s Managing Director, Stuart Machin, said. “The Dion Lee for Target collection delivers modern, designer womenswear at an affordable price, and it is a range our customers will love.”

The 36-piece women’s collection is part of the ‘Designers for Target’ program and features day-to-night clothing, loungewear, performance wear and accessories. The prices range between $25 and $119, in sizes 6 to 16.

If you happen to be captivated by an episode of The Voice or some other Aussie reality show which won’t make you nearly as happy as a Dion Lee for Target piece will, then you can try and find yourself something in Sydney stores from July 2. Good luck!

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You Won’t Believe Which Former Cast Member is Playing the Villainous Julie Cooper in The O.C Musical

Melinda Clarke as Julie Cooper

Image: Facebook

While The O.C‘s Marissa Cooper was pissing her mother off with any bad boy she could find, lesbian experimentation and a hip flask permanently attached to her hip, Julie Cooper-Nichol-Roberts was always one bad ass level above her, gold digging her way to the top, sleeping with minors who also happen to be her daughter’s ex-boyfriend, hiding sex tapes, and just ruling the entire county, really.

Granted, Melinda Clarke‘s role was always going to be a hard one to fill for the upcoming one-night-only The O.C Musical. But it looks like a former cast member from the hit show is ready to take it on. You ready for this? This news is bigger than Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows. Bigger than any Chrismukkah miracle we’ve ever seen. (more…)

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Miranda Kerr Is Not Returning to the Victoria’s Secret Runway, Thank You Very Much

Miranda Kerr on Victoria's Secret runway

Photo: WENN

Miranda Kerr might’ve paved the way for Australian models to take on the Victoria’s Secret runway, with the likes of Elyse Taylor, Jessica Hart, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Shanina Shaik following in her footsteps, but, despite what reports say, she’s definitely not returning to the fabulously OTT show this year.

The Fix reported that a “VS insider” revealed information of Miranda inking a $3.8 million deal, which would see her return to the VS runway in November after a two-year hiatus from the lingerie brand.

However, a VS spokesperson has completely debunked the rumours to People. “The recent reports regarding Victoria’s Secret and Miranda Kerr signing a new contract are completely untrue, and we have no idea how they got reported,” they said. (more…)

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Katy Perry Battles It Out With Nuns Over Real Estate

Katy Perry

Photo: WENN

There’s a prime piece of real estate in the hills of Los Feliz, Los Angeles, and some nuns, an archbishop, Katy Perry and a local restaurateur are all battling it out for ownership. Oh, and did we mention it’s a convent?

Curbed reports that the archdiocese emptied out in 2011 against the will of the nuns, and now LA Archbishop Jose Gomez feels he has the right to sell the building. Pop star Perry is the potential buyer, who wants to make the convent hers for around $14.5 million, after reportedly being interested in the space for years now. It is believed that Gomez is currently completing the paperwork for the Perry transaction.

However, two of the last five living nuns are all like, “No way, Jose,” saying they are the ones with the right to sell the place. In fact, they’ve already sold it to Dana Hollister, a local restaurateur and aspiring hotelier, for roughly $15.5 million, who has apparently moved in with plans to reinvent the space into a boutique hotel. (more…)

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Donna Karan Is Leaving Donna Karan International

Donna Karan

Image: WENN

Donna Karan International has been going through lots of changes over the past few months, with the appointment of Public School’s Maxwell Osbourne and Dao-Yi Chow as DKNY’s creative directors, the hiring of Hector Muelas as chief image officer and losing longtime executive vice president of global public relations and communications Patti Cohen. But this news coming out of DKI is the most game-changing yet as Donna Karan has decided to step down as chief designer of her company. 

Donna will still have a presence at DKI in an advisory capacity, but is stepping away to spend more time on her Urban Zen Foundation and Company. “I have arrived at a point in my life where I need to spend more time to pursue my Urban Zen commitment to its fullest potential and follow my vision of philanthropy and commerce with a focus on health care, education and preservation of cultures,” Karan said. “After considering the right time to take this step for several years, I feel confident that DKI has a bright future and a strong team in place.”

Donna Karan Collection will halt its show schedule and collections for now. It has not named a replacement for Ms. Karan, though word is DKC might merge with DKNY, but nothing is yet confirmed.

Obviously, it’s sad to see such an iconic label dissolve with the departure of its namesake designer. Hopefully Donna Karan Collection will be resurrected or perhaps live on in tandem with DKNY. 

[via WWD]

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Nothing But Love for Naomi Campbell in La Perla’s Latest Campaign (Forum Buzz)

You can always count on two things: that La Perla’s campaigns are going to be sexy and that Naomi Campbell will always deliver the perfect slay. These two truths come together in La Perla’s latest set of ads. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Campbell joins a cast including Liu Wen, Isabeli Fontana and Natasha Poly and, of course, she has stolen the show.


A photo posted by LA PERLA (@laperlalingerie) on

The 45-year-old’s body is looking tighter than many women half her age and the forums could not be more into this latest effort from Ms. Campbell. Her shots were unsurprisingly greeted with plenty of positive feedback. “I asked for Naomi this season and the Gods have favored me! Thank you,” VogueDisciple93  gushed. “She is slaying as usual.”

“Naomi on top,” Emmanuelle  proclaimed while Benn98 noted that “Naomi’s body is still kicking!” And it is. In the campaign, we see Ms. Campbell in some of the label’s made-to-measure swimwear and lingerie. We can only hope that pale gold banded swimsuit looks half as good on us as it does on her. 

Anlabe32 wasn’t a fan of all the retouching but she couldn’t help but be stunned with how amazing Ms. Campbell looks. “Somehow I really love Naomi’s shot. She looks very elegant even if she’s photoshopped to death.” 

So, in case you were wondering if Miss Naomi still has it, this La Perla campaign should give you your answer (yes, she very much does).

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