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Stefano Pilati Shows His First Collection for Ermenegildo Zegna (Forum Buzz)

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TFS forum members wept bitter tears when Stefano Pilati was dismissed from his job at Yves Saint Laurent in February 2012… and when they saw his successor Hedi Slimane’s collection for the now renamed Saint Laurent Paris. After two seasons where Pilati remained out of the spotlight, he has now made his return as creative director at Italian menswear label Ermenegildo Zegna, showing a safe, but wonderful, collection during Menswear Spring 2014 Fashion Week in Milan. Forum members were mostly pleased with what he created for the luxury house, which has been owned by the Zegna family since its establishment in 1910. 

“It may be too soon, but this collection must be one of my favourites. Those super light coats are amazing, loved the outwear so much! Really good, I'm so glad Pilati's in charge," commented marcBarna

And mistress_f was also very excited by Pilati’s debut for the brand, saying, “The belted outerwear… so so good, I love it. I really like this collection, love it for the most part, and I see what Stefano is doing here, pretty much everything shown here could be easily found in his closet. This is him 100%. I guess he felt happy to be given freedom and did it his own way. I'm so happy to have him back in fashion.”

The similarity to Pilati’s own style is a valid point and something that struck me upon first viewing this collection, too. But others found that it was not only reminiscent of what the designer himself wears, they felt it was also too similar to what he did for Yves Saint Laurent. Pricciao wrote, “The black section is so much better than the rest, I think Stefano needs to work on the depth, what works for YSL is not what Zegna costumers want.”

This sentiment was not shared by GERGIN who felt that this collection was even better than Pilati’s YSL collections. “This is probably one of Stefano’s best outings for menswear he's ever done, as much as I enjoyed his work at YSL, the styling and tailoring is much more cleaned up…of course makes sense for a brand like E. Zegna,” he said.


Cold commented, “Pilati can definitely give Zegna a new kind of attraction. In love with the lush palette and the styling. The coats are gorgeous.”

Pilati indeed triumphs with this collection, meeting everyone’s expectations and continuing to do what he does best by delivering sophisticated and desirable menswear. This is a convincing effort in every way. And VogueDisciple93 summed up nicely: “Truly an amazing collection. Pilati did what he does best, luxury. The craftsmanship and fabrics is bar none — everything looks so light, yet completely structured. I'm in awe with what he did with the suede. I also love the vertical pockets on the suit jackets. I'm so happy to have him back!"

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Sasha Pivovarova Fronts Vogue Japan August 2013 Issue (Forum Buzz)

Image Credit: via the tfs Forums

Image Credit: via the tfs Forums

After taking a break from modeling to focus on her art projects and to enjoy motherhood, Sasha Pivovarova is slowly but surely making a strong comeback. Having already starred in recent Prada campaigns and having done various editorials for major magazines, she has now landed her first Vogue cover since October 2011 when she covered Vogue Paris. For the August 2013 issue of Vogue Japan, she was shot by Patrick Demarchelier and is shown wearing a stunning dress from the Christian Dior Fall 2013 collection. TFS forum members could not find any flaws in Sasha’s appearance on the cover.

“EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! Sasha looks divine as always, stunning shot!” gushed an excited miguelalmeida

And Urban Stylin added, “I like it, fresh yet unexpected but the BAG!!!!”

The promotional item on the cover seems to be a point of frustration for many members, with some of them even making the effort to remove it from the cover with photoshop. Although giving away what seems to be a postcard sized Fendi bag with the issue is certainly a nice gesture by Vogue Japan, the placement of the preview image was all wrong, forum members agreed.

“I AM OUTRAGED BY THAT BAG! WHY?” vented MON, who went on to say, “But Sasha looks gorgeous! That pose, that stare and that dress! Oh and that mouth!!! Lord have mercy! I love everything except the bag!” MON also pointed out issues with the layout and Vogue Japan’s unsatisfying art direction.

Greenway was more pleased with the cover. He wrote, “This is gorgeous, I gasped when I saw the title because I was trying to think what they would do with Sasha and the image in my head definitely wasn't like this. It's so fresh and the light, the Dior dress is showcased to its best potential and the veil is very fitting.”

However, Nymphaea also agreed that the awkward layout took away from the beauty of the cover image. “Lovely picture, Sasha looks beautiful. Hate the clutter around her! It makes the pic less clean,” he stated. 

It is unfortunate to see one of tFS’ favorite models being overshadowed by promotional gifts and poor text placement on a Vogue cover, and I certainly co-sign what most forum members said. Sasha looks striking and, for once, Vogue Japan did a brilliant job with the styling on the cover, and yet the joy of seeing a flawless image is marred when you have such a fussy layout distracting from it. Having additional images on a Vogue cover is really just so… non-Vogue. And I would like to just repeat what justaguy commented and say, “Shame on Vogue Japan for ruining it with the shot of the handbag!”

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A Chat With Christian Louboutin at the Toronto Design Exchange

Shoes, shoes, shoes, did I get your attention ladies? What if I was to tell you that Christian Louboutin, the very mind and master behind the iconic red sole, was in Toronto this week to launch the North American debut of the highly anticipated Christian Louboutin retrospective at the Design Exchange, Toronto?

Christian Louboutin, Designer, Shauna Levy, President of the Design Exchange, and Donna Loveday, Exhibition Curator.

Christian Louboutin, Designer, Shauna Levy, President of the Design Exchange, and Donna Loveday, Exhibition Curator.

I attended a conference with the man himself, before being given a guided sneak peek at the collection, which if I had to describe in two words, I borrow from an aesthetically similar Baz Luhrmann film and call it: Spectacular, spectacular.

Talking about the inspiration behind his many, many creations, the stylishly dressed Louboutin (he wears a camel colour, piped blazer) simply says, "Women. Women themselves and life. What I was saying is that when I'm designing, there is a designer, there is a man, and there is a friend of women."

When asked if he has any special places "to find his muse" he adds, "When I'm designing summer shoes, I stay in my house in Egypt or travel to visit friends in Brazil. But when I'm designing for winter, I head to my cottage. If it's cold then that's great, but if not then I turn off the heating! I love working there, but I have difficulties working anywhere that I can see a garden. I love to garden."

Christian Louboutin, Designer, Shauna Levy, President of the Design Exchange, and Donna Loveday, Exhibition Curator.

Christian Louboutin, Designer Shauna Levy, President of the Design Exchange, and Donna Loveday, Exhibition Curator.

As an international jetsetter with not-so-humble abodes on virtually every continent, it therefore begs the question, why Toronto for the first North American Louboutin World exhibition? "It's such an international city and the Bata Shoe Museum shows a love for shoes."

Christian Louboutin at the Design Exchange, Toronto

Christian Louboutin at the Design Exchange, Toronto

Eloquent and articulate in the discussion, Louboutin shares an endearing anecdote about a woman who went to jail for stealing a pair of his coveted footwear: "When I heard about it, I wanted to send her a pair in jail! Nobody should go to those extremes, but it is flattering the passion that people show."

I can relate with that very jailbird. Touring the exhibit, the shoes were mouthwateringly decadent, adorned with feathers, jewels and lace. Alas, they were all glued down (obviously), but if you'd like to look and not touch, the exhibit will be at Canada's design museum, the Design Exchange from June 21 to September 15, 2013. You can find tickets on, but in the meantime fellow shoe lovers, await my next post where I'll be publishing some teaser photos of the retrospective…

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Catherine McNeil is a Tattooed Glamazon from Space for H&M’s Summer Magazine

Every time Catherine McNeil reenters the frame of a camera, it’s labeled a comeback, if only because every time she does so is better than the last time. This time she’s reinvented herself as a tattooed glamazon from space who crash-landed in a desert. A ballsy backstory cooked up by no less than high street behemoth H&M.

It’s a bold move for the British chain, who you’d think would have gone into safe mode after (deservedly) feeling the wrath of Beyoncé for reaching the retouching tools. Perhaps leaving Catherine’s tattoos fully in tact and on fully display is their take on damage control – either way, we’re not complaining.  

The new campaign is titled ‘Fantastic Voyage’, and mixed in amongst the space blankets are plenty of wearable pieces that you might more readily associate with H&M. With this and a Dior eyewear campaign both done and dusted, we foresee a lot more ‘comebacks’ heading her way.   

For proof the campaign is all Catherine and minimal airbrush too, watch the behind the scenes video of H&M's shoot below.



Images: Fashion Gone Rogue

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Daria Werbowy Covers Vogue Spain’s July 2013 Issue (Forum Buzz)


Patrick Demarchelier photographed Daria Werbowy for Vogue Spain’s July 2013 cover and not one, but two editorials within the issue. And we in the forums (for the most part) are so glad to see her. One of those supermodels who supposedly hates modeling, we don’t get graced with Daria’s presence as much as we all would hope. But here she is. Looking her tousled, beachy best for this summer issue.

“Like the pose and Daria's expression! The overall composition is actually really cool,” justaguy commented.

“Gorgeous! That stare!” MON exclaimed upon viewing the cover. And oh (not to belabor a point), how we’ve missed it.


Several forum members called out the odd leather-jacket-on-the-beach styling, but shouldn’t we all be accustomed to things that don’t make sense in the pages of our fashion mags at this point? In the end, the somewhat off styling didn’t really matter. “I do find the leather jacket on the beach to be strange, but her face and hair look gorgeous,” ALAUU admitted.

Creative had a stronger reaction to the iffy styling. “Belén Antolín is the worst stylist I've ever known,” he declared. “Her fascination with Vogue Paris makes her want to copy whatever she sees in the French magazine, but through her filter everything looks one million times worse. Her styling is so bad that it ‘affects’ me even physically,” he laughed.

Styling aside, I’m glad Daria took time off from her non-modeling adventures to humor us all with a few photos. I’ll be eagerly awaiting her next appearance. No matter what she’s wearing.


All images via Vogue Spain.

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Man Detained for Threatening to Kill Miranda Kerr


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Australian top model Miranda Kerr seems to be a having a turbulent year so far. The ever cheerful Kerr already made headlines this year after losing her two major contracts with Victoria’s Secret and David Jones, which was followed by reports about her supposedly being “difficult.” But Kerr will most likely be even more stressed out by the news that surfaced yesterday about a crazy man having been detained for threatening to kill her. According to CapeCodOnline, 52-year-old Steven C. Swanson from Cape Cod in Massachusetts called the Los Angeles County sheriff's department to announce his plans to fly to LA to kill Kerr, whom he calls his “soul-mate.” He informed the department that he intended to take two handguns with him and “rescue her.” He also threatened to "turn the place upside down." Swanson’s home is said to be plastered with pictures of Kerr. Diagnosed by a doctor with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, Swanson pleaded not guilty following his arrest. Swanson is due back in court July 19 for a second hearing. 

It is very scary to think what could have happened had Swanson not called the sheriff's department himself. It is good to know Kerr is safe and Swanson did not get anywhere near her or her 2-year-old son, Flynn. After this concerning news, we hope the former Victoria's Secret Angel will provide us with more positive news to report about soon!

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