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High Heel Injuries Have Doubled in the Last 10 Years

High heels

Image: Imaxtree

Are we getting clumsier or what? A study done by The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery has found that since 2002, there has been a huge increase in injuries associated with wearing high heels. According to the piece, the level of heel-related injuries has almost doubled, going from 7,097 in 2002 to 14,140 a decade later.

8 Things Women Who Hate High Heels Will Understand

Most of the injuries sustained are “sprains and strains to the foot and ankle,” But interestingly enough, most women are hurting themselves in heels in their own homes – and not during Beyoncé dance-offs with their girlfriends in a nightclub. So, all you ladies out there practicing your Naomi Campbell walk from the comfort of your apartment, try to be a little more careful. Young adult females between the ages of 20 and 29 are more at risk for these types of injuries, sustaining them at a rate of 18.38 per 100,000 women. Those aged 30-39 years have an injury rate of 11.07 per 100,000 women. 

How to Make Wearing Heels More Comfortable

“Although high heels might be stylish, from a health standpoint, it could be worthwhile for females and those interested in wearing high heels to understand the risks of wearing high-heeled shoes and the potential harm that precarious activities in high-heeled shoes can cause,” the study reads, as if most women aren’t already aware that they are one bad step away from spraining their ankles in those Charlotte Olympia platform pumps they’ve been teetering around in all day.

On Your Feet All Day? Here’s What to Look for in a Heel

[via UK Vogue, the Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery]

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Gap Is Closing 175 of Its Stores

Gap Store Closures

Image: Getty

Things aren’t looking too great for Gap Inc. which is closing down 175 of its stores in North America. Gap’s sales have been in decline over the last five quarters and new CEO Art Peck is trying to turn the tide for the ailing retailer and its Banana Republic sister store. The move is supposed to save Gap Inc. $25 million a year once the operation is complete. Gap expects to lose $300 million in sales as a result of the closures and hopes to have 140 of its locations eliminated by January.

Layoffs are also happening for 250 people in the retailer’s corporate leg. Gap’s global president Jeff Kirwan says that many of the stores closing “don’t represent the best of our brand.” After the closings, Gap will be left with around 800 stores – 300 outlets and 500 mainline stores. 

“Returning Gap brand to growth has been the top priority since my appointment four months ago — and Jeff and his team bring a sense of urgency to this work,” Art Peck said. “Customers are rapidly changing how they shop today, and these moves will help get Gap back to where we know it deserves to be.”

[via BOF, WWD]

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Gigi Hadid Is the Face of Max Mara’s Fall 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

If there’s one campaign that belonged to a certain model this season, it’s Gigi Hadid snagging Max Mara. The 20-year-old beauty walked the show during Milan Fashion Week back in February, stealing the spotlight as she opened and closed the cinematic show while channeling the Marilyn Monroe theme to perfection. It should therefore come as no surprise the Maybelline ambassador fronts the Italian brand’s new print campaign, which resembles old-Hollywood Polaroids.

Max Mara Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Gigi Hadid


But the shoot, along with Gigi’s modeling abilities, simply isn’t enough to satisfy our forums. “She’s stretching her neck too far and too often in these pics. Overall it’s very bland/dull, Gigi isn’t bringing anything extra,” noted an uninterested Nymphaea immediately.

“Modeling through her nostrils. Bravo!” sniggered Mody.

Sharing the same sentiments was gossiping: “Love Gigi but this is really bad. Looks like a quick shoot after the show tbh.”

Simon was unimpressed too. “This is atrocious. This looks more like an advert for some clinic. Gigi is not doing anything for this collection. Nothing is working here,” he stated.

Forum member Creative simply described the campaign as “very ugly.” Ouch!

The styling of the photos also left a lot to be desired. “The flat shoes ruin it,” GivenchyHomme declared.

Max Mara Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Gigi Hadid


Check out more of the campaign and share your opinion with us here.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Collab with Lavish Alice Isn’t Terrible

Lindsay Lohan is all done with her court-ordered community service, leaving her with plenty of time to focus on moneymaking endorsements and partnerships. Her latest is with British clothing label Lavish Alice, for which she has created a 19-piece collection.

The pieces in the range are a little hit or miss. You’ll find some attractive options, like a suede black minidress with fringe galore or an ivory look she posted to her Instagram, boasting wide-legged trousers and a sleeveless blouse with a peplum extending down the back. No celebrity-designed collection is perfect so there are still some head-scratching numbers, like a tasseled jacket that, if you ask us, just has far too many embellishments for its own good. 

Of course, this isn’t LiLo’s first time in the design chair. After her miserable turn at Ungaro, followed by her 6126 leggings line and, most recently, a collaboration with Civil clothing called “My Addiction” referencing her well-documented battle with substance abuse. Hilarious.

[via Yahoo]

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Miley Cyrus’ #InstaPride Campaign Focuses on the Stories of LGBT Youth

Miley Cyrus is looking to boost her image as an activist with new social media movement #InstaPride. The pop singer is teaming with Instagram over the next two weeks “to share stories of transgender and gender expansive people from around the country.”


A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Cyrus has already begun posting stories to her Instagram featuring Leo, a 19-year-old transgender man who is a college student at the University of Michigan. “I have a lot of different identities. I’m a writer, a filmmaker in the works, a sometimes photographer, a good public speaker, a social media junkie, a Gleek, a feminist, an activist, a movie buff, a dutiful Netflix fan,” he says. “The list goes on and on. As for my gender, I identify as a trans man.”

Of course, Cyrus’ nonprofit for homeless LGBT youth Happy Hippie is also behind the campaign, which launched yesterday. The hope of the campaign is to draw attention to the issues LGBT youth deal with and also make their lives and struggles more visible to a public that might otherwise not see them. “For someone that famous to say, ‘Hey, I’m looking at you. I know who you are, and I celebrate you;’ that means the world,” Mariana Marroquin, a participant in the campaign said. You’ll also find familiar faces like Brendan Jordan and YouTube sensation Gigi Gorgeous in the campaign, whose stories will be highlighted as #InstaPride continues.

Cyrus is particularly passionate about the cause, noting that her celebrity affords her many freedoms that might elude others. “There are women miles away from me right now that are only allowed to show this much of their eyes. I can stand on a stage with my tits out,” Cyrus says. “It’s so unfair that I’m allowed to be like this and there are two men that can’t get married in f—ing Nashville right now.”

[via TIME]

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Link Buzz: Katy Perry Shows Us More of Her Moschino Campaign, Gisele Bündchen Poses Again for Stuart Weitzman

Katy Perry Moschino

Image: @katyperry

  • Isabeli Fontana is the new face of L’Oréal Paris. [Vogue]
  • Katy Perry inundates our timeline with images from her Moschino campaign. [@katyperry]
  • The ever-adorable Selena Gomez is the new face of Pantene. [Just Jared]
  • Anthony Kiedis and his adorable son join Cher and Willow Smith in Marc Jacobs’ latest campaign. [The Telegraph]
  • He’s back at it! Paolo Ballesteros transforms himself into Caitlyn Jenner with the magic of makeup. [Yahoo! Style]
  • Stuart Weitzman just can’t quit Gisele Bündchen, tapping the model yet again for the Fall 2015 campaign. [WWD]
  • Kylie Jenner may not be releasing an album with the help of Tyga, but she is working on a website. [E!]
  • Tyra Banks and Chrissy Teigen are already beefing on the set of their new show. [Page Six]