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Cara Delevingne Lashes Back at Journalist After Accusations She Slept Through Interviews

Cara Delevingne has hit back at Vogue journalist Plum Sykes after she claimed that the model slept through two interviews with her for the magazine. Whilst anyone who has read anything about Cara Delevingne will know that she just loves to sleep, Cara is not happy about this information in the interview, despite even admitting “I fall asleep everywhere! Someone recently asked if they could publish a book of pictures of me sleeping, because there are so many.”

cara delevingne main image 620

(image: WENN)

The piece entitled "Everyone’s favourite rebel model" does detail Delevingne’s hectic lifestyle in which she is seen pretty much everywhere at everything, giving rise to why the 21-year-old would be so tired. When trying to talk to Cara, Plum says she had few results as she fell asleep twice during the scheduled interviews.

Apologetic after turning up late to the interview, Cara says, "I always wake up ten minutes before I have to be anywhere," before she mentions that the two of them should have a massage so they can be relaxed for the interview, within which she promptly falls asleep again.

Sykes contacted photographer Tim Walker for the piece, who has worked with Cara many times, who confirms that she is a serial sleeper: “Every shoot I’ve done with her, she’s fallen asleep,” he tells her. “She slept for seven hours on one Mulberry shoot.”

However, it is when she leaves the interview that she discovers that Delevingne has, in fact, been out until 5 a.m. the night before, her notoriously photographed presence giving her away on Instragam and in the tabloids. When she questioned the model as to whether this is the reason she is so tired at work, Cara cleverly notes that "compared to anyone else my age that I know, I really go out so little."

The whole thing has riled Cara up so much that she has posted numerous responses on both Instagram and Twitter since yesterday.

“Why do people in the industry lie so much???? They would rather see you fail than succeed. What happened to supporting each other?” was her first response, followed by a stream of tweets including, “All I can say is that I work extremely hard and 'sleeping' is proof that sometimes I work too hard. I apologise for being so ambitious [sic]”

cara sleeping tweet

Cara’s Twitter responses that she later posted on Instagram also (Instagram: @caradelevingne)

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Taylor Schilling’s Allure Cover Fails to Impress Forum Members (Forum Buzz)

Amber Valletta's cover is now long gone (thankfully, I got mine just before the weekend) and now Allure's latest issue is out on newsstands. For its July 2014 issue, the magazine tapped Taylor Schilling as the cover subject. The star of the hit TV show Orange Is the New Black is photographed by Carter Smith wearing an orange bathing suit from Eres. Schilling is also featured inside the magazine in a range of photos set in a prison cell created especially for the shoot.

Allure July 2014 Taylor Schilling Carter Smith


As soon as the cover surfaced on our forums, members of theFashionSpot started to voice their opinions. "Something really wonky about the way they've messed with her eyes. When a magazine claims to be 'The Beauty Expert' and manages to de-beautify their cover star, something's wrong," wrote KINGofVERSAILLES.

"Agreed. She looks odd," replied Elfinkova, who went on to say, "Regardless, I'm happy to see Taylor nab a cover."

Blueorchid couldn't understand how the outcome was so bad: "I feel like her face doesn't look this wonky on the show. What on earth is going on with her mouth, eyes and, I guess, her entire face? How was this even published?"

"She looks better in jail than on this cover! Her skin and hair look great on the show but didn't come out here," shared Urban Stylin, who also wasn't a fan.

Neither was tigerrouge: "This is the second month in a row that Allure has put someone unexpected on the cover — which is good — but then managed to make them look bad."

Check out the thread for a preview of the issue's contents and join the discussion here.

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Calm Down, Juicy Couture Isn’t Folding

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty Images

Last week, it was reported that Juicy Couture, the brand whose baby tees and velour tracksuits were everywhere in the early aughts, was closing down. It was billed as the end of an era, and the amount of tribute stories of celebrities wearing their pastel-colored sweatsuits quickly shot up. But while everyone is saying their adieus, Juicy Couture is, well…not. 

The label told Vogue U.K. that there are currently no plans to shutter Juicy Couture entirely, they're just doing a little spring cleaning now that they've got a new owner. "As part of Authentic Brands Group's comprehensive strategy to expand the Juicy Couture brand globally and re-energize the brand in the U.S., the existing Juicy Couture stores in the U.S. are being phased out," they said. "These stores were opened under the previous owner of the brand and are no longer representative of the Juicy Couture brand today and our vision for the brand's future. We plan to open new concept U.S. stores in new locations in 2015."

These new stores promise to be in "key, high-traffic locations" throughout the country. Juicy Couture maintains that the label is thriving and although they are shutting down a few retail locations, they're confident that collaborations with Movado, Swimwear Anywhere, Steve Madden, Contour and more will help make up for any lost revenue. 

So, if you were lamenting the loss of your favorite brand when you were a teenager–stop right now because it sounds like Juicy Couture ain't going anywhere.

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Nicolas Ghesquière’s Debut Louis Vuitton Ads Are Here! (Forum Buzz)

As our forums reported and discussed a few months back, Nicolas Ghesquière’s first ads for Louis Vuitton were to be captured by three different photographers. For his debut collection for the French fashion house, Ghesquière enlisted the expertise of Bruce Weber, Annie Leibovitz and Juergen Teller to lens the Fall 2014 campaign. The designer also tapped four "contemporary heroines," Freja Beha Erichsen, Jean Campbell, Liya Kebede and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall 2014


Ad Campaign Louis Vuitton Fall 2014


Earlier today, WWD gave readers an exclusive first look at the campaign and members of our forums are weighing in on the first set of images. "Yes! Finally! I've been so waiting for this and the result doesn't disappoint, just amazing! Loving all the pictures posted so far and they actually look like part of one campaign which was a big concern for me since they were using three different photographers…can't wait for more! So exciting!" enthused Lee MG Tisci.

"That shot of Freja by Juergen is breathtaking," wrote LagerfeldBoy.

Another impressed member was burbuja8910: "Nice campaign, I can't believe that Nicolas used 3 different photographers."

"I could cry this is AMAZING!! Ugh! My eyes have been starving for this for ages! # photographers, all gorgeous images…ugh this made my morning," exclaims maxlinden.

Not everyone was in the same frame of mind, though. Forum member Thefrenchy wrote, "That's probably going to be an unpopular opinion but, I'm not sure how I feel about this…I feel like it's a bit lacking so far, and would make a super cool editorial (Freja's shot is fantastic) but not an actual campaign — only Charlotte's shot is selling me something here…Looking forward to seeing more."

Are you a fan of the campaign? Check out the thread for more images and share your opinion here.

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Sportsgirl to Stop Using Angora Fur After Influx of Customer Complaints


It's been a crazy 48 hours for Australian fashion chain Sportsgirl after customers found out it makes select clothing with angora fur. Derived from angora rabbits in China that are subject to torture during the horrific process, this fur is heavily frowned upon and Sportsgirl has really felt the backlash as a result. Over the past couple of days, the retailer has had an influx of customer complaints on its Facebook page and many existing customers have declared they'll be boycotting the brand for good. With its reputation on the line, Sportsgirl has quickly responded to complaints by telling Facebook 'likers' (we imagine they've lost a few over the past couple of days) that it plans to stop using angora fur as of October 1 this year.

Sportsgirl reportedly told PETA that its angora was sourced from reputable companies in “ethical harvesting situations” and that it sent company representatives to witness the rabbit shearing process. However, PETA told News Limited  that “there is simply no such thing as humanely produced angora from China" and that suppliers, like Sportsgirl, can  "mislead their customers" on purpose.

And for many customers, October isn't nearly soon enough for this to be stopped, with some insinuating that Sportsgirl would rather jeopardise the company's dignity than risk its impressive profit margin. Facebook user Bronte Watson commented on the thread asking, "Why wait until October?! You make me sick, and I will not shop in your stores again."

Another user, Truly Scrumptious also expressed her thoughts onto the lengthy thread of comments. "We all know full well that you are looking to sell the rest of your Angora stock by October and therefore not lose money," she wrote. Over 2,000 Facebook users 'like' Sportsgirl's Facebook status.

PETA is also less than happy with Sportsgirl's efforts to rectify the issue and has posted a graphic image of the fur being "ripped" from the rabbits' bodies on its Facebook page. The post is addressed to Sportsgirl and reads, "Waiting until October to remove angora wool from your shelves says you care more about MONEY than RABBITS."

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Summer Lovin’ in Virginia Johnson Swimsuits

Virginia Johnson swimwear.

Recently, I showed off some of Waiwah’s sleek and sophisticated swim things, but for those of you looking for more of a fun and flirty vibe this beach season, I feel obliged to draw your attention to Virginia Johnson’s colourful collection. It also helps that I recently caught wind of a 30% reduction, so I’m passing on the good news to top up my karma levels.

So, where do we begin with Virginia Johnson for those who aren’t familiar? First of all, she’s not the same saucy doctor played by Lizzy Caplan in Masters of Sex. This Virginia Johnson is a famous textile designer specializing in colourful prints that are stocked by the likes of Barneys, Liberty and Holt Renfrew. Based in Toronto, she frequently collaborates with big-name brands, but also sells pieces out of her online store. That’s where you can find these three gems.

The swimsuits come in at $108.50 (with the current sale) and the bikini rings in at $94.50, but like much of the inventory, they are 100% made in Canada. Combine that with the fact that all three swimsuits are irrefutably adorable and you've got yourself a stylish steal that’s the be-all and end-all of those summer nights.

Images via Virginia Johnson

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