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The Fashion Spot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week


  1. How I Got to Be…Features Editor at Teen Vogue with Jessica Duncan - Let's start off our reading with some career motivation.  
  2. DIY: How to Use Hair Chalk – You'd feel way more motivated if your hair was streaked pastel.
  3. Ready for Some Major Shoe Porn? 20 Runway Pairs We’re Coveting – You. know. you. must. click.
  4. Your Summer Playlist, Straight from the Festival Circuit – The soundtrack of our summer lives.
  5. The Essential Bright Matte Lip: A tFS Video How-To – Your lips are begging you to watch this video tutorial and apply (har har) what you've learned.
  6. Seeing Double: Audrey & Alexa in Ditsy Daisies and Other Celeb Look-alikes –  Which pretty European girl looks prettier in a pretty polka dot dress?
  7. 11 Ways to Do Big Things With Your Small Space (On a Tiny Budget) – Turn your hovel into a place you're proud of.
  8. 21 Questions with…Model Chrissy Teigen – "Can I have your pretty?"
  9. 8 Summer Fashion Risks Every Woman Should Take – Public service: Nudity is not one of them. 
  10. Insta-Crush: The Jetsetting Instagram World of Susie Bubble – All there is to say about Susie Bubble is: <3. 

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Christopher Esber and Holly Blake Go Bush for AW2013


Steering well clear of anything that could be described with a profusion of F words (flouncy, floaty, frilly, etc.), Christopher Esber makes immaculately tailored outfits that are at once both seductive (unique fabrics give new meaning to the word ‘luxury’) and stern (silhouettes are so sharp they could draw blood). 

His game of opposites continues in the campaign for Autumn 2013. Lensed by renowned photographer and fellow Sydneysider Holly Blake in a shadowy forest, the wild setting draws attention to the sleek office-appropriateness of Esber’s clothing as well as the surreal elements it’s lined with. Esber has a strong allegiance to elements that feel out of place, and model Caitlin Hill looks considerably so as she roams through overgrown bush like a Vogue intern who accidentally went bush on her way to Starbucks.  

In March, Esber won the BT Emerging Fashion Designer Award, earning him $1000 as well as access to mentoring and a financial planner. And last year he won the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival National Designer Award before taking on New York Fashion Week in a joint presentation with Kym Ellery.

He’s rapidly on the rise, and for anyone with any opinions on the current state of office-appropriate attire, this is an excellent thing. 


Images courtesy of evh PR

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The Latest Imagery from Dior is Seriously Stunning [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)


I’m still not quite sure what to call these images (forum members spent half their time wondering whether they were for a Fall or Pre-Fall 2013 campaign or simply an editorial for Dior’s magazine), but I do know that they are seriously stunning. Willy Vanderperre photographed models Daria Strokous, Iselin Steiro, Marie Piovesan, Anastatsia Ivanova and Alex Kirtoka at the Opéra Garnier in Paris. Sure, I still have a little nostalgia for John Galliano’s Dior, but I can’t say that I really, truly miss him when the brand comes out with images that are equal parts opulent, elegant and wearable. 

I may love what I’m seeing (maybe the flashbacks of my high school visit to the Paris opera house are influencing that?), but not all forum members were as convinced. For the record, I think they might be a little crazy.



Vogue28 shared, “Advert or editorial from Dior Magazine… I don't appreciate any of this whatsoever. There's far too much going on for my taste and the background becomes the foreground here. But ugh… Daria and Iselin both look sensational and totally complement each other. Their hair looks fabulous in the video.” (That sounded like a little something to appreciate to me…)

“I'll be disappointed if this is the actual campaign and not just an editorial,” Elfinkova wrote. “I didn't really like last season's campaign but it was truer to Raf's aesthetic than this.”



Anlabe32 and jmrmartinho at least, were on my side. Both expressed hopes that this would be a campaign splashed all over magazines rather than an editorial that would only appear in Dior’s magazine.

Check out the video below to see the ladies in motion (accompanied by the song “Synrise” by the Belgian band, GOOSE).


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Preview Every Piece of the FEED USA + Target Collection

Target and FEED Projects both excel at the strategic partnership game: Lauren Bush Lauren's anti-hunger humanitarian effort has previously teamed up with Gap, Bergdorf Goodman and Pottery Barn; and obviously Target is no stranger to collaborations. Their joint limited-edition collection is so meant-to-be, I can't believe it hasn't happened yet. 

The 50-piece lifestyle range will be available in stores and online on June 30. Target hopes sales from the collection will help the company provide 10 million meals to combat hunger in the US, and each product will show the number of meals that'll be donated as a result of purchase.




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Link Buzz: Shop the CFDA Nominees; Colored Mascara

Marc Jacobs


  • In anticipation of Monday's CFDA Awards (we're all waiting with baited breath), here's a roundup of stuff you can buy from nominated designers. Womenswear finalists are: Marc Jacobs (baby!), Alexander Wang (womp-womp) and the Proenza Schouler boys (mmm). [Fashionologie]  
  • GOOP lady Gwyneth is like, buy British designers! And I'm like, I guess if you say so but can I use your credit card? [FabSugar]
  • Speaking of GwynGwyn, a tabloid says that the reason she had such a lousy time at the Met Ball is because she has no friends and is really unhappy about it. Obviously, the kind and humane thing for all of us to do is to mock her for being such an unlikeable wench. [AmyGrindhouse]
  • Miley Cyrus stars in Snoop Lion's (rawr!) great new "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" video which is sort of convenient for anyone who wants to see Miley being Miley. [MTV Style]
  • KStew style, then and now. I'm sorry but are you trying to give me a happiness heart attack? (Just kidding, only kittens do that.) [StyleBistro]
  • Body shaping swimwear: Because you'll have to wear something at the beach this summer. It's the law (FASHION LAW). [SheFinds]
  • Zooey Deschanel has her own nail decals now because the fit-and-flare frock design and production process was just too much. [StyleBakeryTeen]
  • Colored mascara: It's like all the eye makeup in the world rolled together into one magical rainbow. [BellaSugar]

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Watch American Apparel CEO Dov Charney Go After H&M for its Labor Practices on a VICE Podcast

Dov Charney for VICE

Image: via screenshot

This is not the time to criticize American Apparel CEO Alpha Dov [Charney]'s sometimes idiosyncratic behavior (i.e. he sometimes gives in-person interviews from the toilet at his company's LA factory) and the brand's disturbing advertising practices, but in light of the major factory collapse which happened last month in Bangladesh, his retail company's manufacturing practices are a positive example for the garment industry. In a VICE video podcast interview with conservative columnist Reihan Salam, Charney attacked fast fashion companies like H&M, calling offshore sourcing "a form of apartheid."

"Can H&M afford $50 a week? They shouldn't be making clothing. If they can't pay $50 a week, don't make clothes."

Charney is, of course, mostly right. Despite H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson's claim that he appealed to the Bangladesh Prime Minister ("We’ve already asked for it twice and they’ve raised it both times, and now it looks like they’ll raise it again") to raise the country's minimum wage (which is $38 a month), the Swedish corporation is welcome to pay workers more (labor advocates estimate that a living wage would amount to at least $60). Persson might argue that paying higher wages might undercut its competitive advantage among other Western companies operating overseas, but Charney is right when he points out that H&M is huuuuge. 

"H&M is a $22 billion corporation — they've amassed an enormous amount of wealth. They don't have to have their hands dirty to the extent that they do."

Charney also points out that "a $4.99 bikini doesn't exist unless you're screwing someone."

The CEO makes some strong points and yes, American Apparel deserves a lot of credit for manufacturing in the US, but the situation is likely more ambiguous on the ground. Charney is quick to take advantage of these kinds of controversies to bolster his company's image in the public eye (remember last year's Olympics uniforms scandal?) — that's fine and natural, it's just worth remembering that he's hardly an impartial observer. (Also, note the venue for this interview: American Apparel has been one of VICE's longest-term advertisers, although a disclaimer at the head of the clip makes it clear that the podcast is not an endorsement for the garment retailer.) I'll be bringing you more information about the company's production practices in the coming days.

The video:

[via HuffPo]

Previously: H&M CEO Speaks Frankly About Factory Conditions, 'Too Thin' Models

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