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Grace Elizabeth Looks Effortlessly Glam on Vogue Brazil’s August Covers

Ever since Steven Meisel gave his seal of approval to Grace Elizabeth with a glorious Vogue Italia cover back in 2017, we (along with the entire industry) have been transfixed on the brunette beauty as we watched her career take off. Grace has managed to amass covers for the likes of Vogue Paris, Vogue Spain and V Magazine, as well as scoring Max Mara, Chanel and Zara campaigns and an Estée Lauder ambassadorship. Her latest is the cover of Vogue Brazil for August 2018, photographed by Luigi & Iango. The American model does vintage glamour on two covers, giving us good face in cover one (below) while wearing nothing but gloves and a pair of black stilettos in the second cover (after the jump).

Vogue Brazil August 2018 : Grace Elizabeth by Luigi & Iango


Our forum members welcomed the sight of the covers with open arms and one cover, in particular, stood out. “Oh the first cover look amazing! Her face is perfect for close-ups. Don’t see the need for the second one,” commented Benn98.

“The first cover shot reminds me of Gisele. The second one’s just an embarrassment,” added tigerrouge.

“The first one is literally one of the best Vogue Brazil covers EVER!” said guimon.

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Beyoncé Stars on Vogue’s Stunning September Issue, Shot by the Magazine’s First-Ever Black Cover Photographer

The be-all-end-all of September issues just dropped and our forums have been proven right once again: as predicted, Beyoncé is American Vogue‘s latest cover star. The last time Queen Bey took to the cover of the magazine was September 2015, following two prior cover appearances. Beyoncé’s latest is going down in history, marking the first time an African American photographer was handpicked to capture the fashion bible’s cover. Tyler Mitchell, a young and rising photographer whose career is surely about to skyrocket, captured Beyoncé on location in England with Tonne Goodman on styling duties. Just like Rihanna on British Vogue, Beyoncé sports a floral headpiece and a white Gucci dress in the first cover (below), while wearing Alexander McQueen in the alternative second cover (after the jump).

US Vogue September 2018 : Beyoncé by Tyler Mitchell


Will our forum members be making a dash for the newsstand? “Wow, I expected to hate it but the first cover is amazing!!” confessed Lalipatty the moment the covers struck.

“Well, this is absolutely stellar work. I love both covers, but the first is truly breathtaking,” added happycanadian.

“No gray background and minimal makeup! She looks amazing,” CommanderTMugler admired.

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Bruce Springsteen and His Daughter Are Harper’s Bazaar’s Bizarre Choice for Its September Cover

Is the novelty of the September issues starting to wear off in the industry? It’s sure starting to feel that way with the unveiling of American Harper’s Bazaar‘s utterly random offering for the publication’s most important issue of the year. Following tradition since 2014, Carine Roitfeld’s “Icons” is the focus of the mag’s September 2018 offering photographed by Mario Sorrenti featuring families that rock. The newsstand cover goes to Bruce Springsteen and his daughter Jessica this year with the father-daughter duo posing together in the fairly basic and uneventful shot.

US Harper’s Bazaar September 2018 : Bruce & Jessica Springsteen by Mario Sorrenti


Members of our forums were not fans of Bazaar‘s latest cover. “Well this is really disappointing. What is this doing in a fashion mag? This would be good for another magazine, but why this?” asked SLFC.

“A magazine and editor get what they deserve when they opt to give readers freaking Bruce and Jessica Springsteen as their September cover stars. What the actual heck? I’m dumbfounded. This is so random that it’s not even remotely funny or… iconic!” declared vogue28.

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“Bruce Springsteen on the September issue cover for a women’s fashion mag? On what planet does that make sense? Also, not to be rude, but who the hell knows or cares about Jessica Springsteen on top of that? This is such a disaster I can’t even fathom what the logic behind this was,” echoed lelaid.

Also in a state of shock was burbuja8910: “Shocking that Springsteen and his daughter are on the cover of this mag. It seems that Carine’s glory days are over.”

“This is just awful,” stated LastNight.

“As if we needed a whole issue dedicated to nepotism,” proclaimed Les_Sucettes.

GivenchyHomme won’t be rushing to the newsstand, either: “And the award for the worst selling magazine of the year will go to…”

Are you a fan? Take a peek at Roitfeld’s accompanying “Icons 2018” shoot and join the debate here.

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Model-of-the-Moment Faretta Lands Her Third Vogue Cover for August

Croatian beauty Faretta must be on a mission to dominate newsstands worldwide. In the past two months, she’s scored covers for Vogue Japan and Vogue Russia. Now Faretta adds the cover of Vogue Spain to her impressive body of work. The polar opposite of her ultra glam Russian Vogue shoot, the current face of Blumarine does nomad chic this time around. Photographed by Camilla Akrans and styled by Cathy Kasterine, Faretta wears a Chanel tweed jacket as she stares over her shoulder in the beautiful and serene cover image.

Vogue España August 2018 : Faretta by Camilla Akrans


But were our forum members into it? “Yess…Miss Faretta Radic out here collecting Vogue covers like it’s nothing this year. Sensational stuff really…very very happy for her. Amazing cover,” proclaimed Scouting Snapper.

“I like it! She looks very soft and relaxed. It’s nice to see her without her signature pouty face,” credited GivenchyHomme.

“So effortless and romantic. Faretta has that timeless, silver screen face that’s pure cinematic heroine,” declared Phuel.

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“First time ever I liked her picture. Stunning,” confessed Vitamine W.

Also showing the cover some love was Perickles: “Beautiful pictures, she expresses a lot with her eyes. The cover is so gorgeous. I’ll buy this.”

“What a beautiful cover, Faretta looks stunning,” Lausanne chimed in.

“After her tacky Vogue Russia cover (where she looked like she had a lazy eye) this is kind of amazing, first time I get her appeal,” admitted YohjiAddict.

Ivanovaju felt the same way: “Miles better than her Vogue Russia cover.”

Do you agree? Check out Faretta’s accompanying cover story and add your own two cents here.

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The Kardashian-Jenner Sisters’ Second Calvin Klein Underwear Campaign Is Just as Bad as the First

There are just some things we can’t avoid and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ affiliation with Calvin Klein is one of them. Our forums genuinely thought last season‘s campaign was a joke and the ultimate all-American label drives the dagger even deeper by casting the five siblings once again for Fall 2018. Ditching the whole barn concept and venturing out into the great outdoors, Willy Vanderperre photographed Kim Kardashian, a pregnant Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner for CK’s new underwear campaign and forum members were not having it.

“Well, it seems their Madame Tussauds wax figures needed some fresh air. Hope they don’t melt in the sun. Or maybe I do…” joked mikel the moment the campaign dropped.

“Again?!” simply asked a dumbfounded dodencebt.

Anlabe32 felt the same way, commenting: “Can’t believe CK/Vanderperre would sink that low for the second time.”

“They look too disconnected and awkward,” Perickles pointed out.

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“I officially don’t know who’s who anymore! Really surprised Raf cosigned this to the extent of getting the Ambien in live form to shoot them. Campaign looks a mess, I’m guessing they were all Photoshopped together?” Benn98 questioned.

“This shot looks Photoshopped indeed,” echoed Zposen. “It’s sad that only Kendall and Kourtney look ‘human’… the other three just look too plastic for my liking especially for a brand like Calvin Klein.”

“What’s the point in booking a ‘family’ if you can’t get them to appear in the same place at the same time?” wondered tigerrouge.

“The funniest thing is they were actually shot together. The wonders of bad retouching,” stated Melancholybaby.

“Wow, CK campaign shot by CGI team. It’s bad when you actually get them all at the same shoot yet you Photoshop the hell out of it to make it look like they are placed together by a digital program,” slammed an unforgiving TaylorBinque.

Probably best to go with someone else next season CK. Share your thoughts by joining the conversation here.

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Rihanna Makes History as the First Black Woman to Star on British Vogue’s September Issue

Our forums have been rife with speculation about who would turn up on British Vogue‘s all-important September 2018 issue. Edward Enninful‘s been making a splash ever since he took over from Alexandra Shulman last year by giving us bold and diverse covers and now 10 months into his tenure, he chooses Rihanna to front the mag’s September edition (marking the first time a woman of color received the honor). Photographed by Nick Knight (whose last cover was back in 2012) and styled by Enninful, the Barbadian beauty sports a quirky makeup look in the portrait newsstand cover image (below) and wears a head full of exotic flowers for the subscriber’s cover.

UK Vogue September 2018 : Rihanna by Nick Knight


What’s not to love? “I’m into anything that will pop on the newsstand and this definitely will!” raved Lucien112 the second the cover surfaced.

MissLimaVzla felt exactly the same way: “I am living for this, honestly. This is the kind of cover that will catch everyone’s attention on the newsstands.”

“You honestly cannot be mad at this cover. I love it! Rihanna just knows how to work the camera and deliver stunning content,” praised callalills.

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“This woman is really on a whole different level, incredible,” applauded Marc10.

RanThe also seemed pretty impressed with the outcome: “STUNNING! MARVELOUS! ICON! I love it, I’ll be buying several copies and spend way too much money on them in America!!”

“I love E V E R Y T H I N G about this,” commented Fashionswagger.

“Rihanna by Nick Knight evoking late aughts Galliano realness, how can I be mad at that,” declared dodencebt.

“Epic!! A round of kudos to everyone involved!” proclaimed Velasco.

UK Vogue September 2018 : Rihanna by Nick Knight


Await the contents of the issue and have your say by dropping us a comment here.

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