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Yawn: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Stars on Her Umpteenth UK Harper’s Bazaar Cover for March 2018

Every magazine has its go-to cover girl and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a firm favorite of British Harper’s Bazaar. The model has appeared on every September cover for the magazine since 2014, except for last year when she was pregnant. Making up for lost time, Rosie is back, appearing on Bazaar‘s second-biggest issue of the year: March 2018. Shot by Agata Pospieszynska on location at the Four Seasons Hotel in London, Rosie wears Saint Laurent with the Tower Bridge in the background on the bright and inviting newsstand cover (below). For the limited subscribers cover (after the jump), the Brit beauty is captured in black and white outside the hotel wearing Altuzarra while clutching a cute pooch (cue the awwws).

UK Harper’s Bazaar March 2018 : Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Agata Pospieszynska


Members of our forum have had enough with Rosie’s umpteenth Bazaar appearance. “This looks like a posed Instagram shot,” complained A.D.C the moment the cover dropped.

“Awful, and I can never understand this obsession they have with her. It looks like she was Photoshopped onto that chair. Dress doesn’t work, backdrop looks like a painting, clearly Agata does much better outdoors than indoors,” added Benn98. (more…)

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Cara Delevingne’s February Cover of Numéro Looks Awfully Familiar

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Numéro isn’t the cutting-edge publication it once was. Cameron Russell‘s cover from mid-2017 was the last to captivate our forums and now the French fashion magazine just unveiled its latest cover featuring Cara Delevingne. Cara was declared the new face of Christian Dior Cosmetics back in October and the Numéro team clearly found it fitting for the model/actress to don Dior (what little of it she’s wearing, anyway) in the stark black and white February 2018 cover photo, photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. But something about this shot looks awfully familiar.

Numéro #190 February 2018 : Cara Delevingne by Jean-Baptiste Mondino


Our forum members won’t be rushing out to grab a copy, that’s for sure. “Did they even try? My goodness,” disapproved MON at once.

“Just lazy, come on!” protested a far from impressed Miss Dalloway. (more…)

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Gisele Bündchen Poses at Home in Pajamas and Slippers for Vogue Italia’s Cozy February Covers

You’re probably used to seeing Gisele Bündchen look a certain type of way on the cover of magazines. Take, for example, the Brazilian bombshell looking every inch the supermodel on Vogue Japan‘s February cover last month and in the new Versace campaign. Now, posing as never before, the model opened up her family home one lazy Sunday to photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, who shot Gisele in comfortable surroundings for two inviting and intimate covers of Vogue Italia’s February 2018 issue.

Vogue Italia February 2018 : Gisele Bündchen by Jamie Hawkesworth


Despite the magazine’s recent decline in standards, our forum members were in awe this month. “This is probably the first new Vogue Italia cover I liked. Gisele is so iconic,” said marsnoop2 the second the first cover (above) came to light.

“Love the fact that it doesn’t look like a fashion magazine cover, and looks very cozy and comfy, I like it,” wrote Your Anchor. (more…)

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Not Even Vittoria Ceretti and Taylor Hill Can Save Fendi’s Boring Spring 2018 Campaign

Karl Lagerfeld has long favored the likes of Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid for Fendi’s various advertising campaigns, yet replacing BFF’s Kendall and Gigi for Spring 2018 are models Vittoria Ceretti and Taylor Hill. The Italian fashion label’s latest proves that not even the best models can save Karl’s concepts and imagery from mediocrity (once again). It may be time to take things outdoors — or hire someone besides himself as campaign photographer — as the girls pose amongst a fairly bland studio set, doing little else.

Fendi S/S 2018 : Vittoria Ceretti & Taylior Hill by Karl Lagerfeld


Members of our forums weren’t feeling this season’s campaign, to say the very least. “Last season they had a very solid collection with two boring models for the campaign, now I like the model choice but not the collection. Also, the hair looks too messy and don’t suit the styling for me. The most tragic thing is Karl’s photography though, so uninspired,” slammed apple the moment the campaign struck.

“Oh God, I miss the time when Karl used to shoot his campaigns outdoors. The worst thing about those weird sets is that they don’t add anything interesting to the campaign,” Lola701 noted. (more…)

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Luna Bijl Steals the Spotlight on Vogue Japan’s March 2018 Cover

Vogue Japan sure does love a good group shot on the cover, once again turning to its winning formula for March 2018 (just as long as we don’t get a repeat of August 2017‘s crowded shot, we’re good). After a magical Gisele Bündchen cover last month, photographic duo Luigi & Iango are back with a handful of models for Japanese Vogue‘s latest cover shoot. Luna Bijl, Lexi Boling, Kiki Willems and Selena Forrest pose in various pieces from Louis Vuitton, styled by Anna Dello Russo.

Vogue Japan March 2018 : Luna, Lexi, Kiki, & Selena by Luigi & Iango


For the most part, our forum members weren’t here for it. “When will VJ stop with this group cover? Seem like everyone under the sun has a Vogue Japan cover now,” commented djowodjo30.

“VJ has been obsessed with group covers lately,” added Lausanne. (more…)

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A Diverse Cast Comes Together for a Disappointingly Bland Series of Covers for UK ELLE’s February 2018 Issue

Our forums have been all over UK ELLE ever since Anne-Marie Curtis unveiled the magazine’s bold redesign with a series of Cara Delevingne covers in September. We’ve been hooked ever since and have adored every cover — until recently. Poor Romee Strijd was flanked by obnoxious fonts last month and now the British publication fails to impress with its bland offering for February 2018, shot by photographer Liz Collins. Nevertheless, we support the diverse cast, which includes models Lorena Maraschi, Neelam Gill, Odette Pavlova, Lili Sumner and Riley Montana featured on a series of covers.

UK Elle February 2018 by Liz Collins


Our forum members weren’t too fond of the outcome. “Can’t stand Lili… it’s all a bit of a try-hard diversity exercise. Also in terms of composition, I dislike that they put Riley in front of a brown sweater, she feels a bit lost,” commented carbon-made.

“I always appreciate seeing models on covers, but couldn’t they cast more models relevant right now? Lili Sumner has been fading and I never got the hype about her, in fact she’s the weakest in the group shot for me,” pointed out apple. (more…)

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