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‘Beach Body’ Protein World Ad Sparks Ire in the UK

London Commuters are in an uproar over a fitness ad by Protein World, which some say promotes a negative body image for women. The ad, posted in subway stations throughout the city, depict a woman with a toned tummy along with the tagline, “Are you beach body ready?” Charlotte Baring of East Sussex has started a petition asking Protein World to remove the ads.

“Perhaps not everyone’s priority is having a ‘beach body’ (by the way, what is that?), and making somebody feel guilty for not prioritising it by questioning their personal choices is a step too far,” she writes. “The question I would like to pose to whoever gave this advert the go-ahead would be: what is ‘Beach Body Ready’? And who would not be?”

Baring does have a point – the poster does seem to imply that being beach body ready would entail having a flat tummy and that if you’re not necessarily toned, you might not be “ready” for the beach. But to say that Protein World is trying to make people feel guilty for not being focused on fitness seems a little drastic to us. Protein World has been retweeting comments from supporters saying that the poster promotes health and fitness as opposed to simply being thin. They think of it more as fitsporation than body shaming. Meanwhile, the petition has over 34,000  and is very close to reaching its 35,000 goal. 

Protein World could have just issued an apology or stated their point of view and moved on, but they’re sticking to their guns and have rather tastelessly defended their ads on social media. When Twitter user Juliette Baron tweeted the brand saying she signed the petition because she “spent life believing I’m not good enough,” Protein World responded, “Why make your insecurities our problem?” When Burton brought up the point that “adverts like yours add to the external voices telling young girls they’re not good enough as they are,” Protein World viciously replied, “And it’s ok to be fat and out of shape instead of healthy? We are a nation of sympathisers for fatties #doesnthelpanyone.” Certainly not the kind of answer you want to use to diffuse an already volatile situation! 

The Protein World campaign has been the subject of guerrilla marketing, with people modifying the ads to be more inclusive to all types of “beach bodies” (every body) and women posing alongside the ads in bikinis, to show that though their bodies might not be as toned as the model’s, they’re still acceptable for summer trips to the beach. And they would be correct. 

The Advertising Standards Authority is currently investigating these ads to see if they go against regulations.”We are looking into the complaints to establish whether there’s further grounds to remove them.” Protein World is not backing down, saying “It is a shame that in 2015 there are still a minority who aren’t focusing on celebrating those who aspire to be healthier, fitter and stronger.”

 [via Mirror, Evening Standard]

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We’re Hiring: Come Intern for theFashionSpot!

We promise you won't be hanging coats. Photo: © TM and2006 Twentieth Century Fox/IMDB

We promise you won’t be hanging coats.
Photo: © TM and2006 Twentieth Century Fox/IMDB

To all the fashion lovers out there looking for a start in the industry: WE NEED YOU. TheFashionSpot is on the hunt for some brilliant young talents to join our team this summer and help us create some amazing content. We are looking for someone to fill an Editorial Intern position and a Photo Editorial position for college credit. 

Our ideal interns will be bright, fast on their feet, conscientious, enthusiastic and have a deep knowledge of fashion. And by deep knowledge of fashion, we mean, you must be a huge fashion nerd. So if you live and die by Fern Mallis’ 92nd Street Y talks or can tell us who the current creative director of Emilio Pucci is (and can name his other fashion label) without having to use Google, we want you. Also, if you’re applying for the Photo Editorial position, you’ve got to be a whiz with Adobe Creative Suite.

You must be currently enrolled in college and be able to receive academic credit. And be prepared to work, not get our coffee. (We make our own!) You will be writing, copy editing, learning the ins and outs of digital editorial and creating graphics for the site, so this internship is very hands-on. For the Editorial position, we’re looking for majors in journalism, fashion design, fashion history, writing and English with fabulous writing skills. For Photo: arts, photography, and/or design, as well as someone with a key eye for graphic design.  You should be able to commit to 3-4 days a week. Liking dogs helps because our office mascot likes to come by.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join our team, send your resumé and cover letter to

And don’t worry – it’s not going to be like the Devil Wears Prada… although dang, Miranda Priestly knows how to throw some serious shade.

We’re Looking for Interns!

Image: Tumblr

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You No Longer Have to Be Hot to Work at Abercrombie & Fitch

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Abercrombie and Fitch is undergoing a serious rebranding. It has already turned up the lights in its stores, eased up on the overpowering in-store cologne smell, pledged to add larger size options and will also start making clothes in black – a color forbidden under the sacred “look policy” while former CEO Mike Jeffries was in power. These are all welcome changes but it looks like A&F is about to make one very major shift in store branding, and while we’re all for the retailer’s long-overdue makeover, we can’t help but be a little sad to see this one tenet of the company go.

According to Business of Fashion, Abercrombie has decided to do away with its hot salespeople rule, meaning you no longer have to be really, really ridiculously good looking to get hired to sell its overpriced wares. So yes, the only reason why you would ever set foot in an Abercrombie store – to ogle hot shirtless guys with ripped abs or attractive ever-smiling women – will soon be no more. 

The company is getting rid of its strict look policy, which means the rules of acceptable employee attire and grooming will finally be relaxed. Employees will have a bit more freedom now – eyeliner will be allowed and men will be permitted to wear mustaches, amongst other reforms. 

[via Business of Fashion]

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‘Paper Towns’ Author Says Cara Delevingne Is a Great Actress

Cara Delevingne CinemaCon Red Carpet

Image: WENN

Cara Delevingne is set to star in the film adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns, and while we weren’t too sure about her American accent in the trailer, we have word from Green himself that Cara is actually really good in the film. “Cara is an amazing actress,” he told Page Six, making it clear that even though Cara is from the modeling world, she’s not what you typically think of when you imagine a model/actress. The girl’s got some substance. “Legitimately. All of the constructions we have of supermodels are deconstructed by Cara in the course of the film,” he gushed.

And it’s not just Green who thinks Cara D’s got some serious acting skills. Ms. Delevingne also picked up a CinemaCon award with her Paper Towns co-star Nat Wolff for Rising Stars of 2015. 

Paper Towns  is due to hit theaters July 24. Cara also has a few other roles lined up, including a part as a mermaid in the forthcoming Pan movie and a role in Suicide Squad as Enchantress.

[via Page Six, IBT]

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Christie Brinkley and Daugher Sailor Brinkley-Cook are Peter Alexander’s Newest Stars

Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor pose for Peter Alexander

Sleepwear extraordinaire Peter Alexander has tapped world-famous supermodel Christie Brinkley and her 16-year-old daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook for its latest Mother’s Day campaign.

The campaign, dubbed Super Mum, aims to celebrate mothers of all ages and from all walks of life. “This campaign has been such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate mums from across the decades, each in their own unique and colourful way”, says Peter Alexander, whose mum also features in the heart-warming shoot. (more…)

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