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See This 17-Year-Old’s Insane Transformations Into Iconic Hollywood Characters

Annelies Maria Francine shares a lot with Audrey Hepburn — Belgian heritage, a passion for mid-20th century fashion, killer bone structure, a vivid imagination and, if her 38.6k Instagram followers (at time of publication) are any indication, a promising career already budding in her teens.


Bonus picture of me wearing it! #romanholiday #audreyhepburnlookalike #audreyhepburn #Friends_of_Faces_and_Style

A photo posted by Annelies van Overbeek (@bewitchedquills) on

The 17-year-old student, currently studying history at the University of Leuven, has big dreams of making it in the world of fashion and modeling, and a work ethic to match. Her first order of business? Creating an Instagram account in which she deftly transforms herself into the notable faces of Hollywood’s Golden Age and beyond — including, of course, the Roman Holiday starlet. (more…)

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Cara Delevingne Works Saint Laurent’s Heart-Shaped Fur on the Cover of W Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Cara Delevingne’s last notable appearance on a major fashion magazine cover was for Vogue back in July 2015, so we guess a cover in 2016 was to be expected. After a brief hiatus from the world of modeling in order to focus on her acting skills (and a couple advertising campaigns in between), Cara is on the cover of W magazine’s June/July 2016 issue to coincide with the release of Suicide Squad, her latest film role. Returning to the cover for a third time, Cara was shot by Mario Sorrenti and stepped up to the challenge of making Hedi Slimane’s heart-shaped Saint Laurent fur look somewhat wearable.

W Magazine June/July 2016 : Cara Delevingne by Mario Sorrenti


The cover left our forum members divided in their opinions. “I rolled my eyes really hard when I read the title but the cover surprised me in a positive way. It’s a fantastic use of the Saint Laurent heart-shaped fur, I couldn’t have imagined it would look this appealing,” commented dodencebt.

“What a strong cover, I feel that these days W is horrible, but this cover is fantastic!” Miss Dalloway complimented shortly after. (more…)

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Are People Reading Too Much Into These ‘Whitewashed’ Snapchat Filters?

Snapchat is under fire for filters that whitewash users.

Image: @erisolsies/Twitter

In today’s edition of news we can hardly believe is news: politically incorrect Snapchat filters. You would think that, following an April 20 debacle involving a face-altering algorithm designed to make users look more like Bob Marley (skin tone included, sigh) the social media platform would’ve learned its lesson. However, the app has once again come under fire for racially (and otherwise) insensitive feature-warping.

When Snapchat users select the app’s “beautifying” and “Coachella” filters, a disturbing sight meets their gaze. Pounds disappear from faces. Eyes shift into doe-like shapes. Cheekbones become more chiseled, noses more narrow. Bumps and blemishes are Photoshopped away — as is skin pigmentation. It’s implied that you are now a more stereotypically socially desirable version of your former self, despite the fact that your natural beauty has been whitewashed away. (more…)

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Anwar Hadid and Cameron Dallas Underwhelm on Teen Vogue’s New Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’ve definitely been dancing to the beat of Teen Vogue‘s drum lately with it’s recent run of diverse covers, though our forums couldn’t be more disappointed with the offering this month. Social media stars Cameron Dallas and Anwar Hadid (watch out Gigi and Bella) take to the cover of the title’s double summer issue, posing together with coiffed hairdos and vacant expressions, while completely lacking personality.

Members of our forums weren’t pleased. “Why are they angry? It had potential. But we ended up with a flat cover. Were they even photographed together or Photoshopped?” questioned MON at once, suggesting some post-production manipulation had went on.

“Are they even cute?” asked Mody, questioning Teen Vogue‘s declaration. (more…)

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We’re Sold on Miley Cyrus for Marc Jacobs for Planned Parenthood

Marc Jacobs is known for using his brand’s visibility to shine the spotlight on social issues beyond the scope of fashion. In the past he’s collaborated with Christy Turlington Burns’ Every Mother Counts to raise funds in support of maternal health programs worldwide. Profits from his Playboy partnership — remember those tees splashed with the iconic image of Kate Moss in her bunny ears and not much else? — benefited amFAR. Just recently, the fashion mogul’s Spring 2016 campaign centered on “the idea of equality” in America, particularly the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriages. Now, Marc is putting his talents to altruistic use yet again, this time by endorsing women’s right to choose.


Thank you for the #MileyxMarilyn t-shirt shout out @JimmyFallon!

A video posted by Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) on

Marc Jacobs, Miley Cyrus and Marilyn Minter used their combined design, entertainment and artistic prowess to create limited-edition Miley x Marilyn T-shirts, now available for $50 at Marc Jacobs boutiques and online. One hundred percent of net proceeds from sales will go to Planned Parenthood, an organization which, for those not familiar, advocates for women’s reproductive rights, offers low-cost gynecological care and helps educate women regarding their sexual health, among other community services. If Donald Trump wins the presidency (shudder), Planned Parenthood will likely lose its national funding and may even be forced to shutter its doors. (more…)

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Emily DiDonato Helps Vogue Ukraine Deliver Its Strongest Cover Yet (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying Vogue Ukraine has been pulling out all the stops lately and has surely gained our attention with its newfound confidence. Since a new team took the helm back in October 2015, our forums have noticed evident changes in the magazine’s creative direction. Now with the unveiling of the June 2016 issue, photographer Bon Duke delivers a stunning profile shot of Emily DiDonato.

Vogue Ukraine June 2016 : Emily DiDonato by Bon Duke


Forum members were into it straight away. “That profile…*sighs*,” wrote Bobby153.

“Kinda love it! Hair & makeup is amazingly beautiful,” admired justaguy. (more…)

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