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Emilia Clarke’s Cover for UK Marie Claire Is Her Best Yet (Forum Buzz)

We’ve had our fair share of Emilia Clarke over the past couple of months, with the actress appearing on British Vogue‘s May issue and the June/July edition of Harper’s Bazaar. Now, the Game of Thrones star covers U.K. Marie Claire‘s July issue photographed by David Roemer. The 28-year-old keeps her natural hair color for the shoot and sports a dramatic makeup look which takes center stage.

UK Marie Claire July 2015 Emilia Clarke by David Roemer


Forum members feel the image is better suited to another publication. “Looks more like Allure,Oxymore noted immediately.

“Too dark for July, and yes, it looks like an Allure cover,” responded fluxxx.

Allure, is that you? Well this cover had the style for that magazine,” burbuja8910 agreed.

Discussion soon took a turn for the better. “Allure, especially the American edition, can only wish! This cover, and the January Jones one is actually proof that British MC can produce decent content. This is without a doubt Emilia’s [best] to date, much better than Vogue. Love the dramatic make up,” raved Benn98.

Nepenthes shared the same sentiments, enthusing, “This has to be her best cover so far!”

Also full of admiration was kokobombon: “One of her best covers IMO. Magazines rarely do her beauty justice.”

“She’s a beauty, yet with her natural hair color, I often find her nondescript. But this makes her look dramatic, and it’s certainly a lot better than her U.K. Vogue cover,” tigerrogue shared soon after.

Take a peek at Emilia’s accompanying cover story and drop us a comment here.

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There’s a Big Sale Going on at the Soon-Closing Band of Outsiders Store

Things are really not looking great for Band of Outsiders. The contemporary label has been rumored to be in the process of shutting down, and it looks like they are going full steam ahead. According to WWD, the New York-based brand will be closing its SoHo boutique at the end of June.

The Band of Outsiders Instagram page shows an image of a sign assuring customers that the store is still open as of now and that they are selling their wares at discount prices, which is sometimes a telltale sign that a brand might be in trouble or trying to get as rid of as much merchandise as possible before officially shuttering. Staff members at the label’s 70 Wooster St. store say that most of the items are for sale at up to 40 percent off and even more price reductions are expected as the store’s closing date nears. They mention that the sale was already planned before the news broke, so perhaps the closing process has been going on for longer than we thought. 

‘Tis possibly the only upside to a beloved label shutting down – getting discount designer duds. Band of Outsiders founder Scott Sternberg still will not comment or confirm whether the brand will be shuttering completely.

[via WWD]

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The True Cost Takes a Hard Look on the Human and Environmental Price of Fashion

There’s a lot of talk within the fashion industry about how the business can be made more sustainable. Fast and luxury fashion are the source of so much pollution and a hotbed of human and worker’s rights violations for many of the people who actually craft the garments. It’s easy to see that the way we make clothes these days is not only hurting our environment, but is also fracturing our societies. True Cost, a film directed by Andrew Morgan, explores this dark side of the fashion industry, the garment workers who suffer and the dire damage mass producing clothing is doing to the environment. 

In the film, the fashion industry is noted as the second most polluting in the world after the oil business, a statistic Morgan later credited to the Danish Fashion Institute and World Wide Fund for Nature. Morgan, who raised $76,456 through a Kickstarter to put the film together, traveled to 13 countries to research and capture just how harmful and unsustainable the industry really is. The film is widely said to be one that will really make you rethink picking up that $10 H&M skater dress. That a near $3 trillion dollar industry can’t “afford” to make sure some of the people most instrumental to keeping it afloat have even basic rights in their workplaces or livable wages is certainly enough to get audiences to at least be more thoughtful when they shop. The film is filled with eye-popping statistics, like one that claims that 2014, the year after that devastating Rana Plaza building collapse, the fast fashion industry amassed sales of $72 billion dollars, making it its most profitable year. 

The film paints a bleak picture of the industry, but the good news is some high and low fashion retailers have begun to address some of the inherent problems in mass producing clothing. H&M has been quite transparent about the impact its clothing has on the environment, publishing sustainability reports every year, complete with their goals for leaving less of a footprint. Kering just released a report on its environmental impact, which found that the majority of their footprint comes in the production phase.

The True Cost definitely shows the bleaker side of fashion but hopefully, jarring films like this will help keep the public informed about the changes that desperately need to be made, and hopefully will help bring us closer to actually improving the impact fashion has on the environment and helping workers. 

The True Cost hits theaters and iTunes today. Watch the trailer above.

[via NYT, LAT]

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Yet Another Gisele Bündchen Reprint Appears on an International Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Reprints with Gisele Bündchen are all the rage. Vogue Portugal reused a shoot for its June cover from Vogue China and now Vogue Thailand steals an image originally featured in British Vogue‘s March issue. Mario Testino, a longtime collaborator with Gisele, captured the Brazilian bombshell and current face of Chanel in her element, sporting a cotton jacket and shorts by Ralph Lauren Collection teamed with a pair of bikini bottoms from Heidi Klum Intimates. According to our forum members, however, this simply isn’t enough.

It appears that reprints are starting to fall out of favor with readers. “Their first reprint, right? Not a great image as cover. The styling looks messy here. Vogue Portugal did reprint better than this,” discredited fluxxx right away.

“Too much brown, I don’t even see the masthead,” Oxymore complained.

Also unimpressed was niknak: “I feel like it’s 2000 again with all these cover reprints Gisele is getting.”

Gazebo wasn’t feeling the cover either. “Gisele is everything but I really don’t dig this,” he disapproved.

“I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings about this cover, mostly because of the styling. I mean, it’s the cover of Vogue, so it has to be classy, timeless and super fashionable. So to see Gisele with such an overly-sexy styling on the cover, it’s a bit strange. It’s like this cover is intended for Cosmopolitan readers somehow,” Bertrando3 added.

Want to add your own two cents? Join the conversation here.

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Lady Gaga’s Dog Is Working on a Clothing Line

While human designers struggle to keep their labels afloat, privileged canines of the rich and famous launch fashion ventures like it’s nothing. Case in point: Lady Gaga’s dog Asia. The pop singer inundated her Instagram followers with adorable pictures of her Frenchie, who will be launching a new range of stylish wares for dogs. “I get hooked up with the finest in puppy products, so I really have a knack for what’s quality,” the caption reads on an image of Asia sitting in front of a table full of sketches. “My vision is to find creative & functional ways for pets and their owners to bond!”


A photo posted by @ladygaga on

But that doesn’t seem to be all that’s on the pup’s plate. The other aww-worthy Instagram posts reveal that Asia will be making Choupette Lagerfeld-style moves by modeling for a “major luxury fashion brand.” She also hinted at an organic, local grain-free line of dog food, since every dog deserves to eat as well as Gaga’s. 

No word yet on when Asia’s puppy products are set to hit stores, but judging from the photos Gaga posted, that dog is living maybe just a little more fabulously than we are.

[via @ladygaga]

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You’ll Soon Be Seeing Less of David Gandy’s Perfect Abs

David Gandy

Image: WENN

Most of us can agree that the only thing David Gandy should ever wear is underwear, but it looks like the male model will soon be hanging up his tighty whities. Gandy revealed to Chatty Man‘s Alan Carr that his days of delighting us in nary but some tiny undergarments are numbered.

Gandy is at a point in his career where he already has a lot on his plate. He’s got his David Preston footwear label to focus on, as well as his Marks & Spencer line, acting gigs, and he’ll be launching his own line of dietary supplements and healthy snacks. It’s clear that Gandy has already entered the realm of burgeoning model mogul and though his face can sell pretty much anything, Gandy admitted that he his phasing himself out of advertising for his own underwear line. “I will slowly fade from modelling my own stuff,” he said. “I’ll be bringing in young British models to give them a chance like I had.”

We’ll be sad to see less of Gandy, but we’re willing to take the promise of him introducing us to a new range of hotties as consolation. Maybe he can pull from this crop of lookers for his next campaign.

In the meantime, please enjoy the video below.

[via Vogue UK]