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Link Buzz: Frida Giannini Had a Baby; Time to Adjust to New Isabel Marant It Shoes

  • Frida Giannini successfully birthed a girl, it's crazy when that happens. [Fashionologie]
  • The best Oxford flats are the ones in the link, if you click through. [FabSugar]
  • Bradley Cooper didn't even want your stupid Oscar. [HaveUHeard]
  • Here's a beauty look which you can do to your own face all.the.time. [BellaSugar]
  • Now that Beyonce went and ruined Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers, there's a new It shoe for everyone to go gush about. [SheFinds]

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Rumor: Kendall Jenner Gets the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Mere Seventeen mag brand ambassador no more, Harper's Bazaar will likely soon legitimize Kendall Jenner's modeling career with a cover, according to the 17-year-old's Instagram. A couple days ago, she posted the photo above with the accompanying caption: 

at an amazing photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar …. shooting the COVER and an inside spread! so so excited! #NoWords

Seventeen is a personality-driven lifestyle publication for teen girls and Kendall is appropriate-ish for the brand. But Bazaar is supposed to be a "serious" fashion glossy; Bazaar is supposed to be about clothes. Kendall's a cute girl, but there are a lot of cute girls with modeling contracts. This one's riding the coattails of sister Kim Kardashian's tabloid and reality TV fame, which was founded in large part on a sex tape.

#NoWords indeed, Harper's Bazaar. Well okay, maybe just this one: #classy. 

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What’s Missing from Paris Fashion Week? The Answer’s in This Vintage Dior Fashion Video

Wanted to post this blast-from-the-past-y video of Christian Dior's 1969 "Fur Fashion Show" in London [via Fashin].

Yes, for many people, it seems both unethical and disgusting to drape your body in 25 pounds of dead chinchilla (and it's hard to imagine a normal non-heiress type person wearing something like this today in earnest, without getting grossed out), but this was a long time ago (I know even vintage fur is controversial for wearing, but maybe watching vintage fur fashion fashion shows can be okay?), and Dior's modern-day fur products are far worse. Like: ew

Anyway, I know designers typically don't want anything to distract from the clothes (why we see so much austere, sameish stomping during fashion week), but this runway show incorporated an usual performance which made the collection's gaudy fur pelts only more appealing. In the words of the narrator in the newsreel below, "It was more like a cabaret than a fashion show, but that's no cause for complaint: It was the most expensively-dressed cabaret of all time!"


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Get the Timeless Oscars Look with Project D for Simply Be

The red carpet of red carpets has to be at the Oscars, and this year we were delighted that quite a few of those leading ladies, such as Jessica Chastain, had reverted back to that age old glamorous golden era dressing. You have to agree that it’s hard to beat a look that emulates the classical dressing of Hollywood’s former leading ladies like Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.

As golden era dressing seemed quite the reemerging trend, we were extra excited to discover that former X Factor style icon Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb's Project D brand have just teamed up with the high street retailer Simply Be to create a timeless Spring 2013 line. Glamour, elegance and timeless appeal are always key to Project D’s designs, and as they are now collaborating with Simply Be, it means that we can achieve that Golden era Hollywood look at high street prices — with price tags ranging between £60 and £150.

Their Simply Be range is inspired by iconic silhouettes, and as Simply Be caters to the curvier figure, you can of course expect to find some hourglass figure-hugging dresses within the line. Above left, the black Marilyn-esque dress costs £120, and on the right, the versatile polka dot dress would set you back £100. 

Project D’s own line will of course cost you at least double the price of their Simply Be range, but if you’ve got a special occasion on the horizon and you're  looking to spend that little bit more, then the Admiral LBD complete with embellished bolero detail, £213, would be a great way to emulate Audrey Hepburn. If you were totally won over by Jessica’s Oscars’ look, then the gold asymmetric Itala gown, £416, is the one for you! 

Images: Adriana M. Barraza/, Simply Be, Project D

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The #1 Reason Self-Hating ANTM Fans Should Be Watching ‘The Face’

[This post contains some spoilers about this week's episode.]

On this week's episode of The Face, Naomi Campbell totally disproved her claim that she'd never seen America's Next Top Model, established herself as the anti-Tyra Banks and won my undying TV love. 

The moment came during judging, as two contestants tried to convince Naomi that they each deserved to stay in the competition. Both aspiring models pulled a tactic straight from the reality TV playbook, and one which works particularly well on Tyra: they told Naomi about all they'd been through, how much they struggled; they told her they deserved to stay in the competition because they had overcome all these obstacles to get to where they are today (which is, for the record, standing in the bottom two on a reality show). This is obviously insane logic (a skills and talent competition always discredits itself the second it turns into a likability contest), but it's logic that we've come to expect from our terrible reality television.

Tyra always treated sob stories like the pinnacle of achievement on America's Next Top Model, and probably for good reason: as the show's winners were never able to live up to their title, ANTM very quickly devolved from an actual competition to a vehicle for Tyra's self-branding. The sob stories on America's Next Top Model didn't just make for good TV, they also satisfied Tyra's morality, a morality which hinges on victimization as virtue. Tyra mythologizes herself as this epic heroine who found success despite all odds, no matter how many people tried to stand in her way, and she praises people when they construct the same narratives about themselves — even though in her case (and in most cases), the victim myth is utter bullshit. Sure, Tyra wasn't like, Brian Williams' daughter — some rich girl who grew up in Manhattan and spent her life ensconced in elite private schools — but she had a loving mother who was enormously invested in her daughter's success and also the genetic material of a supermodel. Tyra has not had to "overcome all odds!" sry.

I've watched almost every episode of every season of ANTM, but all the prattle about suffering was one of the (not few) things that made the show insufferable. But it's been such an entrenched part of Tyra's series and the reality TV conventions she helped set, that I never even thought to hope that The Face could be different. But then, this happened:

"Nobody is your friend in a competition, no one. I did not appear on the first September Issue of Anna Wintour's American Vogue by going in front of Anna Wintour and saying to her, "This has been my life story, I've never met my father."

No. She doesn't want to hear it!

We've all got stories, everyone in the world has different stories. Both of you are trying to play on my heartstrings. That is not what's going to make me decide who goes and who stays. 

The awesome series of GIFs is by (I believe, but I'm sure you'll let me know if I'm miscrediting) (woah that Tumblr name!). 

Image via WENN



[The Face is a sponsor of The Fashion Spot but not of this post, which is purely editorial.]

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Link Buzz: Behind-the-Scenes with Jennifer Lawrence at Dior; Brow Powder Is a Thing Now

  • Here's behind-the-scenes footage from Jennifer Lawrence's Dior campaign, just in case you feel lovefesty. [StyleBakeryTeen]
  • If you want your feet to feel softer / look prettier, then by all means click through. [BellaSugar]
  • Still haven't figured out how to mix prints? It's like this: you wear one kind of print with another kind of print, but look in the mirror before you leave the house to make sure you don't look insane. [FabSugar]
  • Trussardi has a new creative director which is what happens to fashion brands when they don't have a creative director.
  • If you still haven't seen Lena Dunham's Rolling Stone cover, there's a whole Internet out there. [DailyStab]
  • Anderson Cooper defends Anne Hathaway because yeah, people hate her so much it's kind of creepy. [Earsucker]
  • If you aren't powdering your brows um, yeah neither am I! [SheFinds]

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