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Transgender Community Asks: ‘Where’s My Vanity Fair Cover?’


Image: tumblr

Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover has been the talk of the town this week and rightfully so. It’s a big moment for transgender visibility in our culture. Although the reactions to her coming out have been mostly positive, it has not gone unnoticed that she is a wealthy white woman who did not have to face many of the struggles of transgender people without the same financial security or familial support system.

Transgender people who aren’t rich or famous or on reality TV are now joining #MyVanityFairCover, a social media movement to give visibility to a community whose voices aren’t heard quite as loudly, who might not have the means or desire to look like Caitlyn Jenner. Crystal Fraiser started the hashtag to highlight the harsh realities the transgender community faces in order to give a fuller image of what it is like to live in this world as a transgender person. “The world only seems to embrace us if we’re wealthy enough or lucky enough to adhere to white, cisnormative beauty standards,” she wrote. “I’ve felt frustrated and useless and overwhelmed by opinions on transgender women and how we’re ‘supposed’ to look if we want to be taken seriously.” 

“Whether we fit those standards or not, we’re beautiful, and we all deserve to feel beautiful, and be acknowledged by the world. Admiration and praise for trans women shouldn’t only come if we fit a narrow definition of beauty. As a good friend of mine said Monday ‘Where’s my Vanity Fair cover?'” The hashtag took off on tumblr and social media sites, with transgender people of all stripes creating their own covers and showing the diverse faces of the transgender community. Below, a sampling of the many brave faces and voices who participated. 


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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Tired of You Comparing Goop to Other Actress’ Lifestyle Sites

Gwyneth Paltrow

Image: WENN

With all the celebrity lifestyle websites out there, it seems pretty inevitable that comparisons would be drawn between them. Whether they’re peddling artisanal hand-poured candles or monogrammed napkins with a bit of Southern charm, the fact that they’re all websites run by wealthy actresses is enough for folks to point out some parallels. But if you ask Gwyneth Paltrow, the whole thing reeks of sexism. 

Gwyneth was recently asked by TIME if she looks at the lifestyle sites of her peers and, let’s just say, she didn’t take too kindly to the inquiry. “I wonder if George Clooney would be asked about Puff Daddy’s ancillary liquor line,” she responded. “I’m fascinated how the media, in particular, are so confounded by entrepreneurial women doing something outside of their box. Jessica [Alba], especially, who’s a friend of mine — our businesses could not be more different. There’s not a lifestyle piece to her business. The fundamentals of our sites are very different. Reese launched — our businesses have similarities, but hers has retail. People are grasping at straws to tie us together and I get it, because it makes a good story, but I’m slightly offended by this sort of generalization that happens with myself and Jessica and Reese and Blake.”

Gwyneth has a point. All three businesses are quite different, have different branding, different target customers and completely different vibes. Still, considering that these lifestyle sites seem to be cropping up so often, people will obviously ask how they are similar or different. But Gwyneth still feels uneasy about the comparisons. “I feel there’s something slightly misogynistic about it. This is a common theme. I think Reese and Jessica and I—I don’t know Blake Lively, and I don’t know if Jessica and Reese know each other—I’m friends with both of them and I speak to both of them and I want to do everything I can to support their businesses.” 

One thing all four lifestyle brands have in common is the fact that they seem to be doing well for each respective actress. Comparisons aside, it’s always nice to see entrepreneurial women winning — or in Blake Lively’s case, chugging along. Blake also sat down with TIME to talk about her venture, expressing that her Preserve site simply isn’t at the level she hoped it would be by now, a fact that she blames on the hasty launch, which debuted to coincide with that Vogue cover last year. “What I wanted Preserve to be at launch was not what it is at all. It’s just impossible!” she explained. “We found ourselves at launch and we had a Vogue cover set up, so I couldn’t call Anna Wintour and say ‘I need six more months’ — people hacked into our site a week and a half before it was meant to launch, so the site leaked. The site’s not close to what I want it to be. I hope by the time it’s what I want it to be, my standards will be raised infinitely more.”

Blake mentions that she would like to make changes to the site’s navigation, but assures us that she’s working on it. “Every layer of the company can and will be improved.”

[via TIME]


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Mixed Emotions Over Willow Smith’s Marc Jacobs Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Marc Jacobs had our forums in a frenzy when Cher was unveiled as the face of his Fall 2015 campaign. Yesterday, WIllow Smith let it be known via Instagram that she will also appear in the ads. Sadly, a few of our forum members weren’t so thrilled to see the young Ms. Smith fronting the campaign, one even wondering why she was cast in the first place. 


A photo posted by Willow Smith (@gweelos) on

“Whose idea was it to cast Willow?? Scratching my head at that choice,” Benn98 wrote. “Anyway, her shot doesn’t look bad. I like that we have the age disparity, and both women look great and age-appropriate in MJ so far.”

“Willow Smith though…..I mean…..CHER………and willow smith,” Kite quipped, making it clear who they were really impressed with in this campaign.

But in spite of a few naysayers, overall people seemed pleased with her shot. “I actually like the direction of the campaign. It’s like the House of Haunt,” MON said. “We have Cher as Morticia/Emily and now we have Willow as the creepy doll considering how doll-like her pose is.”

Our members Nepenthes and Whats Ur Name both agree that Willow looks “stunning” in the shots, while TREVOFASHIONISTO rushed to Smith’s defense over those who weren’t quite feeling the campaign. “It was amazing and cute when Marc casted Elle and Dakota for the campaign, but it’s out of the ordinary to cast Willow who seems to fit the theme perfectly…” BA-ZING. Oh, the shade.

Nomar still is having none of it. “I loathe celebs in campaigns!”

We think Smith is a great addition and that her quirky personality is just perfect for this particular campaign. But that’s just our opinion. Share yours by joining the discussion in our forums

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Celebs Embrace the Edge for ‘Terminator Genisys’ Premiere in Sydney

The Australian premiere of Terminator Genisys hit George Street’s Event Cinemas in Sydney last night, June 4, with a mix of Aussie names hitting the red carpet alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The night’s fashion boasted utlilitarian-chic and edgy pieces, featuring winter-appropriate khakis and blacks. See a roundup of our favourite looks from the night below. (more…)

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Solange Knowles is Magnificent in Maticevski

Solange Knowles is not only a singer and songwriter, she’s a head-turner on the red carpet too. The natural beauty stunned onlookers at the Moët Nectar Imperial Rose x Marcelo Burlon launch event on June 3 in New York City, rocking an architectural creation from Australian label Maticevski. 

Moet Nectar Imperial Rose x Marcelo Burlon Launch Event

No stranger to taking fashion risks on the red carpet, Solange nailed this look which could’ve easily been a little overwhelming. The asymmetrical cuts and contrasting drape detail fit her edgy, modern vibe, while the part-peplum detail and strategic cut-outs still make this look sleek and sexy.

The dress from Maticevski’s Spring 2015 collection marks a departure from the colourful prints we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Solange in, but she manages to pull this look off by pairing the sculptured creation with voluminous, natural flowing curls and white sandals, letting the dress design take the limelight. (more…)

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Andreja Pejić Makes History Yet Again, Gives Sage Advice to Caitlyn Jenner

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Andreja Pejić has not only made history as the first transgender fashion model to land a spread in Vogue, but she’s also the first transgender model to front a major beauty campaign, thanks to Make Up For Ever.

The Aussie beauty has opened up about her new endeavour, being transgender in the fashion industry, and even shared some sage advice for Caitlyn Jenner. (more…)