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Discover Butterfly Twists: Your Party Night Saviour

There’s no better feeling than buying a new pair of skyscraping heels and then dancing the night away in them. Well, that’s until you've been dancing for just that little bit too long and you feel like your feet have been set on fire. We've all been there! Even worse than that is the dreaded walk home, when you physically can’t walk in your shoes any more. So, what’s better than stupidly deciding to walk the pavements barefoot? Foldable ballerinas, of course!

The foldable ballerina is far from being a new concept to anybody these days, as they've been around for quite some time, but we've just so happened to stumble upon a particularly great stockist that we had to share with you, the British company, Butterfly Twists.

Not only do they stock the typical formal black ballerina that could easily be put on at the end of the night as to match most outfits but they also offer cool seasonal collections too. For S/S 13 they’re set to launch in on trend neons, pastels and prints with prices ranging between £19.99 and £24.99. Or, if you’re after something a bit more quirky, try on their British flag Jacqui flats, £30 for size.

Butterfly Twists even has your summer holidays covered with their foldable flip flops for around £15. Or, if you’re anything like us, your summer walks in the park when you've decided to wear your new pair of wedges, and then halfway around you've realised that you really can’t walk in them. The perfect situation for a pair of foldable flip flops, wouldn't you agree?

Each pair folds up to fit into the smallest of handbags, and believe us you’ll be eternally grateful to rest those dancing feet in something comfortable come the end of your night on the tiles! 

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Cathy Horyn on Hedi Slimane’s Grunge Dresses: “Not Special”

Ever since Hedi Slimane strolled into the head designership at Yves Saint Laurent and announced his intention to rebrand the legendary French fashion house and move it to (of all places!) Los Angeles, the former Dior Homme designer's every move at the company has rankled.

At Dior Homme, Slimane basically single-handedly popularized the now-ubiquitous skinny jean-clad shrunken-chested white hipster boy. People still talk rapturously about his tenure at the menswear brand, but the designer entered his job at YSL after spending years on hiatus as a sometimes-photographer. In recent years, Slimane seemed less like a genius, more like a once-brilliant, now-retired eccentric.

YSL was Slimane's womenswear debut. As far as the world was concerned, the designer had something to prove, but the designer conducted himself carelessly. He announced the Saint Laurent name change and studio relocation to L.A. within just a couple weeks after the annoucement of his new position. It seemed arrogant. 

Slimane's first womenswear collections have been odd, but not awful on the level of Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro. The styling, art direction and initial concepts have all been off-key, but the clothing itself is fine. It's fine. Slimane's terrible behavior is what makes people predisposed to be critical, to seek out all the flaws instead of trying to see the best in his collections.

The designer takes every chance he has to be a smug childish jerk. Last season, he piled on Oscar de la Renta's poorly percieved attack on fashion critic Cathy Horyn after the longtime New York Times writer panned the way Slimane was conducting public relations at Saint Laurent (Horyn hadn't been invited to his debut show). The designer responded by attacking Horyn's "sense of style" and saying she would never get a seat at his shows, but "might get 2 for 1 at Dior."

Saint Laurent didn't extend an invitation to Horyn this season, but the critic did what she was always does when designers try to silence her — used it as column fodder. 

From today's New York Times

One of the first things the new designer, Hedi Slimane, did was to remove “Yves” from the label, thereby severing a symbolic connection to the founder, and everything he stood for, like good taste and feminine power. But it was also a test of the label’s enduring appeal.

Mr. Slimane has been the talk of Paris Fashion Week, or at least the closing days, largely because he showed a grunge collection of baby-doll dresses and flannel shirts, which I viewed online because I was not invited to the show. Opinion varied widely.


In terms of design, the clothes held considerably less value than a box of Saint Laurent labels. Without the label attached to them, Mr. Slimane’s grunge dresses wouldn’t attract interest — because they’re not special. But a box of labels is worth a million.

Hey Hedi, let's chat: Blocking the widely read New York Times critic from your shows sends the message that you can't handle criticism. Please just invite her next time. It's not that hard. If you want to be a jerk about it, assign her a seat in the second row, whatever. She might not like your designs, but she'll respect you and the broader fashion community will respect you. And then everyone will be less picky, more willing to consider the merits of your work.

Image via Getty


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Today in Boys: Andreas D. from Elite Copenhagen

"Today in Boys" is a monthly-ish feature showcasing some of the new and noteworthy male models we're discovering in the tFS Forums. I'm doing this because fashion boys are underpaid, underappreciated and underloved. (Ha ha, just kidding: I'm sure they do alright for themselves with regards to "love.")

Here's Andreas D. from Elite Copenhagen. The photos below showed up in the "Hommes" board about two hours ago [via Flashbang] and they were pulled directly from his agency website where Andreas is listed as a "new face." He is apprently brand new, like newborn-baby-new: I couldn't find any other information about him online. But we know this much: he's 6'2" and needs a job. And if you hire him, you'll be doing the world (me) a favor. 

Images via Elite Copenhagen


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Selena Gomez Narrates Her Terry Richardson Shoot for Harper’s Bazaar

"This just how I stand when I feel flirty, fun and relaxed. So like, all the time. I find that putting my hands on my head and sticking my elbows out to the side really lets people know I'm feeling fresh."



"But also I'm a really sensual person. Especially about walls. There's just something about the way they hold up the roof that really gets me going."


"Pool cement can be slippery when wet but it's not wet right now. I wouldn't sit on it if it were wet. It's always really important to keep your shoulders covered up if you burn easily. I don't burn easily but I'm really concerned about aging."

"I am pretending to be scared or surprised or something. Terry Richardson told me to do this and he says this picture is totally [thumbs up] and he's one of the best photographers in the world so I'm sorry if you don't get it."


"Market research shows that young college educated women between the ages of 18-35 can't even tell when a picture's been airbrushed.

This is a really nice parisol, I wish it were real. It would have been nice to hold it."

"Yeah, I can be SUCH a mean girl sometimes, look."


Selena Gomez by Terry Richardson for Harper's Bazaar April 2013, images via the TFS Forums


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Ruby Rose Sings Blondie, Makes Out and Breathes New Life Into JAG Jeans

I’m not sure how much Ruby Rose’s claim that she loves JAGs because her mum wore them is helping JAG’s reputation as a leading supplier of mum jeans. But dancing around in the said denims while making out with a very attractive man and performing an only slightly cringey rendition of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” is, against all odds, making me want a pair.

The model/presenter/singer/ex-fiance of Catherine McNeil has been tasked with breathing new life into JAG as the face of JAG Bombshell after the brand went into receivership over a year ago. If JAG is trying to speak to a pre-childbirth audience with this move, then they couldn’t have chosen a better face than Ruby’s, which is immediately recognisable and attached to a perfect body that is at all times covered with either a) tattoos or b) designer clothes.

The video filmed to accompany the campaign makes excellent use of Ruby’s place in the upper echelons of youth culture, painting her as a rebellious wild child who makes out with hot guys and looks excellent in slow motion. Let’s all forget about the fact that Ruby is actually an open lesbian and enjoy the show. And then probably go buy some jeans. 

Image: Ruby Rose's Facebook

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