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72 Dead in Philippine Factory Fire

philippine factory fire

Image: Getty

It seems that every few weeks we hear of another disaster in a factory filled with people who make our clothes and shoes. This time, a footwear factory outside Manila caught ablaze and 72 people are dead in the aftermath. 

A factory in Valenzuela City owned by the Kentex Manufacturing Corp. went up in flames, which is believe to have been caused by welding work going on at the entrance to the factory. Investigators say that the sparks from the welders set nearby containers of chemicals on fire. Of course, this fire brought up questions about the unsafe working conditions in this particular factory, which had bars on the windows that kept people from escaping during the blaze. 72 people are said to have been killed and many of them were on the second floor of the building, leading investigators to believe the workers were trapped. 

Many of the bodies are said to be burned beyond recognition, making identifying the victims difficult for authorities. The Kentex Manufacturing location is said to be where Havana flip flops are produced, a knockoff of the famous Havaianas footwear.

[via Quartz, CNN]

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Gisele Bündchen’s Recycled Photo on Vogue Portugal Delights (Forum Buzz)

More often than not, you’ll hear us ranting about magazines using reprints. Yet Vogue Portugal has restored our faith in recycled shots with its fabulous June 2015 cover. The magazine tapped Gisele Bündchen‘s shoot with Mario Testino from Vogue China’s March issue for its latest and we couldn’t be more delighted. The appearance is perfectly timed after Gisele’s retirement from the catwalk last month.

Vogue Portugal June 2015 Gisele Bundchen by Mario Testino


Our forum members were quick to show their enthusiasm. “Fantastic reprint, it looks gorgeous!” Miss Dalloway raved immediately.

“Better than Vogue China March. Gisele already got 5 Vogue covers this year,” shared Kikala.

“Stunning cover! I don’t care that it’s a reprint. Pains me to say this but it looks better than the original,” Benn98 agreed.

TeeVanity shared the same sentiments and was quick to add, “Now this is a great way to use a reprint, stunning!”

Feeling the same way was Bertrando3: “One of the best reprints in the history of Vogue! Good one Vogue Portugal.”

“Shocked! I usually hate when magazines run reprints because they never seem to get it right, but a round of applause to Vogue Portugal for this knockout of a reprint. Gisele looks amazing,” enthused RanThe.

“It’s a gorgeous reprint, they did it right this time,” KateTheGreatest echoed.

Nepenthes described it as a “stunning reprint” and we couldn’t agree more.

Show your admiration inside our thread here.

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Peep Taylor Swift’s Star-Studded Cast for Her ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

Taylor Swift has been heavily promoting her upcoming music video for “Bad Blood” over the past week, posting teaser posters of the star-studded cast on Twitter. It seems Swift is enlisting the help of all her celebrity BFFs for the video, which will premiere on Sunday at the Billboard Music Awards. And looking at the cast, we think this video is going to be pretty epic.

Karlie Kloss, Zendaya, Lily Aldridge, Gigi Hadid, Ellie Goulding, Kendrick Lamar and Martha Hunt are just a few of the names expected to appear alongside Swift in the much-hyped video. Each of the cast members adopts a superhero persona and name, chosen by the respective celebrities themselves. Swift retains a producer credit on the video, which was directed by Joseph Kahn.


A photo posted by Martha Hunt (@marhunt) on

Martha Hunt (aka HomeSlice) also posted an image of her having drinks with Taylor Swift to Instagram last night. A friendly summit or a ploy to promote the music video? You decide. 

Check out each of the celebrity superhero alter egos in the gallery below. (more…)

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Lindsay Lohan Was Either Really Early or Really Late to Community Service

Lindsay Lohan

Image: WENN

Lindsay Lohan was busy yesterday playing Saint Mary, tweeting about making a difference in young children’s lives through community service. Community service, mind you, that she’s required by law to complete. But service is service whether or not one is bound by the harsh consequences of the legal system, so we gave Lohan her Mother Teresa moment.

But according to TMZ, the actress has little to brag about as she was allegedly unfashionably late to her community service gig. “Our Lohan sources tell us Lindsay managed to sneak in a back entrance to the children’s daycare facility… dodging all the media gathered out front for her arrival. She showed up about 2 hours after she was expected – or roughly 90 minutes after most of the kids got there.”

Lohan being late for anything comes as a shock to no one, but an administrator told Page Six she actually got to her service early. “She got here super early. I don’t know exact time, but she was here early,” early childhood education director Ivonne Lopez said. 

So, there you have it. Lohan is known for erratic and sometimes extreme behavior, so if you think about it, getting to her community service either woefully late or extremely early doesn’t seem out of character. But considering Lohan still has so many hours of community service left to complete, we hope she’ll arrive at least on time for now on.

[via TMZ, Page Six]

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Jennifer Lawrence’s First Christian Dior Beauty Campaign Is Released (Forum Buzz)

Christian Dior is certainly rolling out the campaigns this month. First, Rihanna‘s highly-anticipated ads surfaced and now Jennifer Lawrence‘s latest has been unveiled. Oddly enough, the actress isn’t clutching one of Dior’s coveted handbags in the shot, but she is, however, selling us a shade of Dior Addict lipstick. That’s right, Jennifer has transitioned from shilling accessories to cosmetics and unfortunately receives negative reviews from our forum members.

Dior Addict Lipstick Campaign Jennifer Lawrence


“Like everything about this brand nowadays, it’s so lifeless. Jennifer Lawrence seems great, but I wish they would find another young actress to have as a brand ambassador. It’s clear she isn’t a good fit,” commented orchidee, failing to get us off to a positive start.

“Can Dior stop with Jennifer already? Seriously all those campaigns she did for them, she looks the same every time! I’m so done with this collaboration,” Oxymore added.

In agreement was squilliam: “What’s the point of taking a young casual vivacious girl and making her lifeless, old and formal repeatedly? If that’s the look they’re going for then get someone else who can do it better. I agree, she does look the same in every campaign. It’s actually kinda hard to differentiate between the different campaigns.”

Also not fond of Jennifer being associated with Dior was gossiping. “Why not a model? I hate all Dior campaigns with a celebrity, it makes them instantly forgettable,” she said.

“Is she doing beauty as well now? What happened to Sasha Luss? I hope they didn’t drop her in favor of Jennifer,” worried Benn98.

Do you share the same sentiments? Drop us a comment here.

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Melissa Rivers Has Some Thoughts on Kathy Griffin’s ‘Fashion Police’ Exit

Melissa Rivers

Image: WENN

Kathy Griffin claimed she was standing up for feminism and fairness when she left E! Fashion Police but Melissa Rivers has a different opinion on the matter.

If you remember, Griffin released a statement explaining her departure, saying, “There is plenty to make fun of pop culture without bringing people’s bodies into it… I do not want to use my comedy to contribute to a culture of unattainable perfectionism and intolerance towards difference.” But Griffin’s self-righteous indignation rubbed Rivers the wrong way. 

“My biggest complaint was the feeling that she kind of s ** t all over my mother’s legacy in her statement on leaving,” Rivers told Hoda Kotb at the 92nd St. Y. “And I know that was not an intentional reading of it, but that’s how I felt… by calling the comedy and the style of it old-fashioned. It was like, I understand what you were doing, you’re trying to save yourself, but don’t crap all over my mother to do it.”

Rivers obviously feels very close to the Fashion Police brand as its executive producer and, of course, because her mother was the star of the show. She also expressed that she took issue with the allegations of racism after Giuliana Rancic’s “smells like weed” comment on Zendaya’s locs on the Oscars red carpet. “Fashion Police was a little jewel and it was the last piece I had of my mother… I felt like all these people were so out of control, including the person who made the allegation about racism. They took the last thing I had and smashed it.”

We can certainly understand the sentimentality of the show to Melissa Rivers, but we’re not sure if pointing out the racist undertones of Rancic’s comments (though they did not seem to be intentionally racist) is “out of control.” What was out of control were her comments in the first place.

[via Page Six]