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Cara Delevingne Got Her Finger Tattooed (Forum Buzz)


Apparently, Cara Delevingne is a lion fan. So much so, that she got one tattooed on her index finger.

Cara-Delevingne-finger-tattoo-2“My first tattoo!! Lions rule! Thank you so much @bangbangnyc @badgirlriri,” she tweeted.

Tattoo-fiend Rihanna got a shout out for recommending her favorite tattoo parlor, Bang Bang Tattoos in New York, where Cara went to get inked.

“Ummm… no,” Legolas posted. He’s clearly not feeling Cara’s new finger embellishment.

“That's quite a prominent place to get a tattoo, considering she's a model,” sarahswonderland commented. “I guess it'll either become a part of her image or get covered up, although I'm not sure how. But it's very her.”

LegsXI wrote: “I am surprised by this tattoo, it’s very THERE, and she is a model.”

Cara wouldn’t be the first model to sport a prominent tattoo (though I have doubts about just how prominent it actually looks in real life). See Freja Beha ErichsenCatherine McNeilCarolyn MurphyErin Wasson… I could go on for days. Makeup works wonders and clients can easily have her cover the tattoo up if they prefer. And if makeup doesn’t work? There’s always Photoshop.


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Vogue Paris Resurrects Last Year’s Body Sand Concept for Andreea Diaconu’s Cover

Andreea Diaconu for Vogue Paris June/July 2013

Andreea Diaconu by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris June-July 2013 / via Vogue Paris Tumblr

Last year, Vogue Paris kicked off the season with a June cover that was indulgently summery: supermodel Gisele Bunchen on a beautiful blue-skied beach, wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini bottom supplemented with a generous pat of butt sand. For the June/July cover this year, editor Emmanuelle Alt took a similar approach. Mario Sorrenti photographed Andreea Diaconu against the impossibly dreamy waters of St Barts. Echoing the 2012 cover, the Romanian model is wearing almost nothing (a seashell necklace) and some body sand. A lot of body sand. Vogue Paris probably had their Chief Body Sand Styling Artist on location for the shoot. 

If you'd never heard of Diaconu before now, you've got plenty of company. The Bucharest-born model has been working in relative high fashion obscurity for a few years. Represented by IMG, Diaconu has been fairly active on runways and featured in some campaigns for brands like Ralph Lauren and MaxMara — even a one-off for Target. She was featured on the cover of ELLE Romania once, ELLE Russia twice; she landed the supplement cover for Vogue Brazil last year. Diaconu has also appeared in editorial stories for several international editions of Vogue — Brazil, US, Germany, Italia, Japan. She was first included in Vogue Paris only in February, making this June cover for the high-profile glossy a total surprise. 

As reported by one of our Forum Buzz editors, Pilar Meier, tFS members welcomed seeing the new model:

"WERQ, Andreea! Not gonna lie, I thought Gisele's beach cover from last year was perfection, but this comes quite close to being up to par. Just glad Andreea is finally getting the recognition. Total beach babe here," said LagerfeldBoy.

Bertrando3 also applauded the model choice: "This reminds me of Gisele's cover but finally: someone new!!! However it's not very creative, it's just fresh."

Thefrenchy didn't share the excitement over the cover image and said, "That girl is pretty but what a bore, we have ELLE for covers like that!"

Valentine27 also had mixed feelings about Alt going not all-out in delivering something new. "It feels refreshing to see a new model on a VP cover. This is not breathtaking but it still remains a gorgeous cover. I can't stop thinking about Gisele's cover from last year though, and I think it was executed better, but Andreea looks stunning here," she stated.

"Finally Alt is trying new things, with new models! I can't say it's all that inspiring or exciting, but I still am pleased with it and find it lovely," summarized HeatherAnne.

Pilar notes: "After all the criticism that Alt received for being too safe with her cover choices, it's been pleasant to see some surprising cover subjects in recent months — Suvi Koponen in March, Freja Beha [Erichsen] in May — but clearly tFS members need Vogue Paris to be more than just a showcase for new faces. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful cover and congratulations to Andreea, who started out as a model several years ago and was under the radar for so long, for scoring her first major magazine cover!"


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A Stunning Catherine McNeil Stars in Donna Karan’s Fall 2013 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Catherine McNeil Stars in Donna Karan's Fall 2013 Campaign

Model Catherine McNeil was shot by photographer Mikael Jansson for the new Donna Karan Fall 2013 campaign, for which a sneak peek was released today. Catherine McNeil, who made a surprising and enormously successful runway comeback this season and opened and closed a total of 11 shows, is seen wearing a sassier version of a runway look, posing seductively in front of male model Andres Velencoso. The campaign is set in an atelier with the New York Skyline being visible in the background and it marks the return of McNeil as being the face of the Donna Karan brand after having already starred in a campaign for the line 6 years ago.

Forum members were enthusiastic about seeing Catherine McNeil back in the high fashion campaign scene.

"This is so beautiful!!!!!!!!! Expect Cat will be the queen of this campaign season," exclaimed congacon.

"Soo stunning. Both models look great! Best way to start this campaign season," agreed alonsoJonathan.

Melancholybaby joined the chorus of praise and added, "This is hot! Love the styling and the chemistry between Catherine and Andres."

Catherine McNeil Stars in Donna Karan's Fall 2013 Campaign

"What a lovely duo. Catherine not only looks mesmerizing and evokes glamour, but I love how she's essentially seducing him. Andres' sex appeal and stare only emphasizes how strong, sexy, and glamorous this campaign is. I feel like the ad seems to be depicting some furniture designer enthralled by Catherine and her sex appeal. Oh, and I have to point out that I think the New York bridge in the background is a lovely touch," analyzed LagerfeldBoy.

It is surprising that forum members are already in the mood for dark fall campaigns when summer in most countries has not even started yet. I personally find the campaign too brown and depressing but can't argue with anyone over McNeil looking simply beautiful in this campaign and I would not be shocked if congacon ended up being right with his notion about McNeil snatching a few more campaigns this Fall 2013 season.

Image credits: and Facebook/Donna Karan via the tFS forums

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Terry Richardson Manhandles Objects of Desire for Valentino

Terry Richardson Manhandles ‘Objects of Desire’ for Valentino

Image via WWD

Terry Richardson's first-ever campaign for Valentino launched today. Take a look, and you tell me if the notorious photographer's tattooed arms and veiny hands groping at shiny red stuff makes you feel like dropping over a grand per item on marked-up luxury accessories. I feel like, no. 

As the brand's designers, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri, told WWD, the campaign was created to communicate “the sensual yet elegant nature of our accessories, described as objects of desire.”

And of course no one's better qualified to get grabby with objects of desire than the fashion photographer whose early work (that link is so extremely NSFW) anticipated the most hardcore, vile Internet pornography that's around today — where women are displayed less as objects of desire than as objects of ridicule. In some of those earlier, grimly sexual photos, Richardson sometimes shoots models with their faces buried in trashcans and their bodies nude. Richardson's professional work operates within the limits drawn out by his corporate clients and according to mass media content restrictions, but the vulgar, cruel impulses which are so shamelessly on display in his personal work are at the core of his commercial work, too. 

And then there are the accusations that he has an exploitative, borderline-sexual harassment-y method to working with models. Another story, one I've discussed at length in previous posts — links to some of those are below. 

I find it strange that these issues aren't at play when brands decide to sign on Richardson for a campaign. I realize that he creates fairly compelling, provocative fashion images, but the world doesn't need any of it — he's not making timeless art, he's just creating moderately amusing advertising. Can't someone less horrible do that? 


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There’s Something Different About theFashionSpot


We told you there were big changes coming to tFS and well, now they have arrived. Here they are, all around you. On behalf of the editorial team, we hope you love the new "look" (scare quotes on behalf of myself) as much as we do and are excited about what's to come. 

Just to go over some of the new updates (for more info about what's going on in the Forums, check out our earlier post):

  • GIANT ATTRACTIVE IMAGES all over the site. Supersize pictures. Big, juicy, delicious visuals. We hope you find them pretty and chic. 
  • New Disqus commenting system: Easier for you to join in on the conversation and give us feedback, easier for us to keep track of what you're saying and respond. The bad news: It will not cure any major diseases or even the common cold. Also bad: we lost all your old comments as part of the changeover. We mourn the loss of your sweet loving words. Help us move on, give us some new ones (comments). 
  • Last thing: As part of the upgrades, we've also refurbished our various social media accounts. Not to brag, but our Facebook and Twitter accounts look amaaazzzzing (I lied about not bragging). You should go marvel at them, and give us a follow if you're not doing so already. Also worth noting: our Pinterest is so Pinteresting. And we have a newish Instagram you might like (especially if you like to look at photos of my cat my manicure profane jewelry) and a Google Plus that's so new it was practically born yesterday, but already it's dying to be in your "circles." 

Look around, enjoy, let us know what you think of my cat.

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4th and Bleeker’s Alexandra Spencer Gets Cozy with Michael Lo Sordo

Model/blogger Alexandra Spencer has built an online empire around her ridiculously good genes and love for finely tailored separates. She’s the perfect muse, then, for rising cool kid Michael Lo Sordo, who let her loose amongst the collection he showed to press during New York Fashion Week in February.

Lo Sordo is among a bubbling talent pool of Australian designers making waves overseas. Ellery and Christopher Esber both showed at NYFW last year, and New York is providing a good market for Lo Sordo’s prodigious tailoring skills and aversion of bright colours. The most recent collection is an investigation of light and dark inspired by a woman, and infused with a dark and stormy marble print.

Russh magazine made the New York via Sydney dream team recreate the magic, and photographed Spencer doing what she does best. The resulting images make a good case for wearing well-cut suits at every waking hour of the day, even if you’re just lounging barefoot in some else’s hotel room.     

Images: Michael Lo Sordo's Facebook

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