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Introducing Your New Favorite Hot Guy Twitter Account: @FoundBeau

Before we start, you’re welcome, because we just found your new favorite Twitter account. There are few things we love more here at tFS than hot guys and a new Twitter account is dishing out just that. @FoundBeau, the brother account to @FoundBae is a curated selection of handsome men of various ethnicities. It launched about two weeks ago and already boasts a following of 15K and counting.

The account is curated by a 24-year-old Southern California transplant named Terrell, who certainly has a keen eye for beauty. His @FoundBae handle has 125K followers, some of which requested an alternate account dedicated to hot guys. And so, @FoundBeau was born. “Hundreds of people were asking about an account that featured guys,” Terrell told us via email. “I pretty much said that in order for the account to launch I needed 1000 followers by the end of the day. An hour later I had the followers I had asked for and started posting.”

His first submissions: a suited hunk with a well-groomed beard, identifying as African-American, white and Dominican. That looker was followed by a tracksuit and beanie-clad Nigerian fellow and a short vine of a shirtless Armenian hottie. Later that day, we saw a gorgeous Brazilian and English fellow – and the shots of multicultural imaginary boyfriends kept coming. 

At the heart of the account is Terrell’s commitment to showcasing a diverse range of beauty. Granted, most of the guys pictured are pretty fit, but while many of the bodies largely conform to the anti-dadbod ideal, he knows how important it is to show all types of beauty. “The account was founded central to the idea that beauty isn’t skin tone, cultural, size or shape specific. It is also important to me that I do not perpetuate the ideology that lighter skin is superior to darker skin and vice versa; that equal/comparable beauty exists on both ends of the spectrum,” he says. “Diversity also broadens the demographic. There are accounts dedicated to highlighting the beauty of one specific type/race or accounts that will post ‘any’ race but tend to only exhibit fairer skinned individuals. I think bigger than the individuals who run accounts like that. I don’t like limits.”

And we love that you don’t like limits, Terrell. Below, feast your eyes on some of our favorite guys from @Foundbeau, and see if you can get through this post without hitting that follow button.

Sigh… Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

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Daphne Groeneveld Appears on One of Six Covers for Numéro’s Art Issue (Forum Buzz)

After featuring a smoldering Aya Jones on the previous issue, Numéro gears up for its latest installment. The French title’s current offering is an entire issue dedicated to art. The magazine created not one, but six unique covers for the occasion, making perfect sense considering it will appear at newsstands worldwide for two consecutive months. Thus far, Daphne Groeneveld and Jessica Miller are Numéro‘s June/July 2015 cover girls.

Numéro June/July 2015 The Art Issue


Forum members couldn’t wait to see what Numéro had in store for us. “Daphne! She looks great!” exclaimed justaguy, hitting us off on a high note.

“I love it so far! It’s always a pleasure to see Daphne!” contributed Valentine27.

“I like the first cover, nice seeing Daphne,” TeeVanity agreed.

Feeling the same way was burbuja8910 who wrote, “Amazing cover, Daphne can’t do wrong.”

Forum member thatsfierce shared, “I’m not sure about the makeup, but I’m glad Daphne got a cover!”

Not everyone was so impressed with Numéro‘s efforts, though. “I thought that art was creativity and fantasy! This is so boring, it’s not even ordinary boring but horrible. Both covers,” |PerfectTonight| declared.

Benn98 replied, “God, you’re so right!! They really should stop running with these ‘art’ themes. Every fashion edit could be art. Just because the shot looks slightly unconventional for a cover doesn’t make it ‘art’. Daphne’s cover looks OK, but the coat she’s wearing looks awfully cheap.”

Await the remaining covers and join the debate here.

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Fashion with Heart: Vancouver’s Obakki Foundation Brings Water to South Sudan

orchid scarf

Image: Courtesy of the Obakki Foundation

What if you could actually help someone by shopping? Vancouver’s Obakki Foundation has started its Scarves For Water program, launching a new limited-edition ORCHID scarf ($29). Proceeds from the sale of each scarf will go toward building a water well in Ronga, a remote village in South Sudan.

Obakki Foundation founder Treana Peake visited Ronga recently and was inspired to do something to help once she learned that the people in this village have little to no access to clean, running water and have to get it across the border in another county: A conflict zone where retaliation killings and sexual assaults are all too common.

With every 500 scarves sold, a well is built in an identified village in South Sudan. One hundred percent of the net proceeds of each scarf goes toward building a well in its identified community and the Obakki Foundation gives 100 percent of all public donations directly to its projects. Now that’s the kind of fashion company we can get behind.

Scarves Sold By The Obakki Foundation Bring Water To Villages In Sudan

Image: Courtesy of the Obakki Foundation

To date, the Obakki Foundation has provided medical, educational and nutritional support to thousands of children living around the world. More than 703 water wells in South Sudan have been drilled or rehabilitated to help reach the charity’s goal: one million people with access to clean water.

To find out more, click here.

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Merriam-Webster Adds Emoji, NSFW, WTF and More to the Dictionary

emoji keyboard

As language evolves, so does the dictionary, which is why Merriam-Webster is announcing the newest additions to its famed reference tome. Many of the new words refer to tech or Internet-related phenomena, including emoji, which we would have liked to see entered in the dictionary with actual emoji characters. But you know, baby steps. 

Included in the selection of Internet words, clickbait, meme, photobomb, click fraud, NSFW and the humble WTF are among the 1,700 new entries added to the dictionary. Other additions include vocal fry (the Kardashians’ preferred tone of communication), macaron (fashion’s once-preferred snack), crema, chilaquiles, Lambrusco and oh, there it is: we’re hungry now.

Some of the words added don’t even sound like words we’ve ever heard, but perhaps we’re just not in the loop with all the cool kids hunting colossal squid or misappropriating phrases like “at a loss for words” for eggcorns like “at a lost for words.”

But at least you can go to bed tonight knowing that the dictionary has officially legitimized all the tech jargon you use every day. Photobomb away!

[via Merriam-Webster]

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Forbes List of America’s Richest Self-Made Women Includes Lots of Fashion People

Tory Burch

Image: WENN

Forbes is all about the ladies today. The magazine released its list of 100 most powerful women in the world, which includes fashionable names like Anna Wintour, Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch. Forbes also highlights on a separate list, 50 of America’s richest self-made women, many of whom – surprise – made their fortune off fashion.

Coming in at #3 on the list is Gap co-founder Doris Fisher, who is worth $3.1 billion, followed by Forever 21 co-founder Jin Sook Chang, who is worth about the same amount. Sara Blakeley’s Spanx fortune puts her at $1 billion and #17, neck and neck with Tory Burch. Donna Karan comes in at #31 with a $450 million net worth, tied with another legend in fashion design, Diane von Furstenberg. Vera Wang’s $400 million net worth puts her at #34 on the list.

Though many of the people occupying the upper echelons of the business side of fashion are men, it is wonderful to see women in charge and building their companies into the powerhouses they are today. These ladies are sitting on fortunes they amassed on their own, which is definitely giving us some girl-power feelings. 

[via Forbes

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Chinese Customers Are Enjoying Gucci’s Latest Sale

Gucci Store

Image: WENN

Gucci is shedding all signs of Frida Giannini, a process that’s been sped up thanks to this epic Gucci sale happening in China. According to Business of Fashion, shoppers in China have been enjoying up to 50 percent off Gucci wares designed under Giannini’s direction. People have reportedly been lining up in front of the Italian label’s location at Shanghai’s International Finance Center in the wee hours of the morning to be first to pick up the coveted goods at discounted prices.

China recently decreased its import tariffs on clothes and shoes, presenting another incentive for shoppers to take advantage of the discounts – and part of the reason behind the feeding frenzy. The sale seems to come at a great time for the label, which is trying to move into a new era under creative director Alessandro Michele. “Bizzarri [Gucci’s CEO] is clearing inventory from the previous collection, as Gucci is looking forward to turning the page on Frida Giannini,” analyst Luca Solca told Business of Fashion. “Gucci needs a new direction and some correction — I consider this inevitable.”

But don’t be too jealous of the big Chinese Gucci sale. The rest of us can browse Neiman Marcus’ designer sale to get our hands on some discounted Gucci goodies. 

[via Business of Fashion]