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Nicole Warne Nabs ELLE Australia Cover

Things are looking good for fashion blogger Nicole Warne, who’s just nabbed the cover of Elle Australia for July. “It marks the first time a digital influencer has appeared on the cover of a major Australian fashion magazine,” Nicole wrote on Instagram.

Nicole Warne ELLE

The Gary Pepper blogger is in good company, considering the last ELLE Australia covers featured Nicole Trunfio with a groundbreaking breastfeeding shot and Kim Kardashian sporting platinum-blonde locks. (more…)

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Darren Hayes Is Truly, Madly, Deeply Done with Savage Garden

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand late-90’s hearts crashing and burning, because they’ve just found out there’s little-to-no chance of duo Savage Garden ever getting back together.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

It has nearly been 15 years since the news of Savage Garden disbanding was splashed across the pages of our favourite pop publications, and, though time heals most wounds, we’re still hurting like it happened yesterday.

The subject recently came back into the spotlight when the duo were asked by their record label to compile a new album consisting of the most successful material from their existing catalogue. Despite the fact Darren Hayes now resides in Los Angeles and Daniel Jones in Las Vegas, they have not had direct contact for quite some time and are even opting to promote the new compilation separately. (more…)

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Amy Schumer Is a ‘Trainwreck’ and She’s Heading to Australia

So, this just made our day.

This morning brought the announcement that Amy Schumer and Bill Hader will be coming to Australian shores in July to promote their new comedy flick, Trainwreck.

The exciting news was confirmed by the funny lady herself in a video where, amongst other things, she speaks of her love for both male and female Australians. This is not a drill. Amy thinks we are hot and our accents are hotter. So hide your kids, hide your wife, cause the new queen of comedy is coming for us all.

Directed by Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up) the hilarious new comedy follows Amy as a commitment-phobic career woman who is forced to face her fears when she meets a good guy. (more…)

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Etsy Celebrates 10 Years by Looking Back on the Trends That Dominated the Site

Etsy 10 year

Terrarium; Image: Etsy

Etsy, the online marketplace for all things handmade, is turning 10 this year. To celebrate, the e-tailer is taking a trip down memory lane, exploring the trends that have dominated the website since it’s been in business. Today, it launched a special site to commemorate some of the biggest milestones from the past decade. The website currently boasts 1.4 million sellers and over 2 billion of their listings have been favorited by shoppers. 

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Of course, there has been an evolution in the kitschy handmade stuff Etsy sellers have peddled over time and the site has unveiled shoppers’ favorite items from each of the past 10 years. Mary Andrews, merchandising manager at Etsy, has some analysis on the progression of the website’s trends. “Trends develop in a much quicker environment on Etsy. Because designers are able to create in small batches, essentially launching new concepts with very little lead time, we observe a constant stream of new ideas,” she said. “That, combined with the engagement around social components like favoriting, it doesn’t take long for a new trend to naturally surface within a broad view, where it will generally take off. For example, ear adornments have been a longstanding jewelry trend that continue to take new forms. We’ve watched this trend evolve from cuffs into the increasingly popular climbers, double-sided studs and ear jackets.”

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Below, check out all the trends popular on Etsy over the past decade:

  1. 2005 – Octopus
  2. 2006 – Cupcakes
  3. 2007 – Steampunk
  4. 2008 – Bicycles
  5. 2009 – Chevron
  6. 2010 – Vampires
  7. 2011 – Terrariums
  8. 2012 – Ombré
  9. 2013 – Moons
  10. 2014 – Wall Hangings
  11. 2015 – Ear Cuffs

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Mexican Women Accuse Isabel Marant of Ripping off Their Traditional Designs

Another day, another case of cultural appropriation from a high fashion designer. This time, an embroidered blouse from Isabel Marant’s Etoile Spring 2015 diffusion line is the subject of a complaint from a group of Mixe women from Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec in Oaxaca, Mexico. The women say that Marant’s $290 dollar blouse is uncomfortably similar to the traditional blouses they wear and that the designer outright plagiarized their tradition spanning centuries.

The Tlahuitoltepec women claim that the piece in question “contains the graphical elements specific to the Tlahuitoltepec blouse, a design which has transcended borders, and is not a novel creation as is affirmed by the designer.” But Isabel Marant isn’t the only one in battle over the design. According to the Guardian, Antik Batik is also challenging Marant, as it claims they have ownership over the blouse design. So now, we have two western labels fighting over the intellectual property of a people whose history spans back centuries. On the Batik website, the Italian-born designer Gabriella Cortese is described as one with “a spirit for traveling in her soul,” so it’s clear that she gets “inspired” by other cultures quite often. The hashtag #miblusadetlahui is trending on Twitter, taking Marant to task for her alleged plagiarism. 

At the very least, Marant admits that she did get a little too inspired by the aesthetic of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec. “She has presented submissions which expressly point out that these designs come from the village of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec in the province of Oaxaca, in Mexico,” Marant’s people said. “Moreover, Ms Isabel Marant, after tracing the true origin of these clothes, officially informed the court: ‘For her part, Ms Isabel Marant does not claim to be the author of this tunic and these designs’.”

The women of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec are imploring Marant to stop selling the blouse and to acknowledge where it came from, which is the very least she can do, considering she’s profited off the art and culture of these people, who likely will not see a dime of what Marant has made appropriating their aesthetic.

[via Guardian]


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Johnny Weir on His Personal Style and Wearing Too Much Cologne as a Teen

It is always a delight to see Johnny Weir, the stylish two-time Olympic figure skater with a penchant for the theatrical. Whether he’s hitting the Kentucky Derby in an eye-popping floral headpiece or adding a bit of bling to the lapel of his suit jacket, Weir is not one to shy away from fashion and definitely loves to take risks with his outfits. We had to know what inspires his looks and last night, Weir revealed all to us as he made his way down the Fragrance Foundation Awards red carpet.

“I love beautiful things. I love to feel great when I’m out. I buy things and work with designers that I know will do that for me,” he told us, noting that his sartorial proclivities come from a place many of us who didn’t grow up rich can relate to. “I am from a lower middle class family and I worked my whole life to be able to buy these beautiful things that I’m able to wear. I want [my clothes] to reflect hard work, to reflect beauty and the art of what fashion is. I like to do things a little bit differently.”

Johnny Weir

Image: WENN

And he certainly does. Last night, Weir made his grand entrance in a rubber top by young Malaysian designer Moto Guo, shorts by Mikio Sakabe and a pair of Chanel wedges with a cut-out at the heel housing a pearl ornament. He topped off his look with an Hermès bag. “I have touch-up materials, my phone, mints, I have a bottle of water and Haribo peaches,” Weir dished to us when we asked him what he could be carrying in such a large bag. With all those effects, we think he chose his carryall wisely – after all, there’s nothing like a few delicious Haribo peaches to get you through a long awards show.

Fragrance was the theme of the evening and Weir harkened back to some aromatic memories of his own, namely growing up with the smell of his mother’s perfume filling the house every morning. “I always love to remember my mother getting ready for work. I was still in bed, and she was going to wake us up any minute to go to school. The smell of her makeup, the smell of the Youth Dew fragrance by Estée Lauder she’s worn for years – that scent of my mother preparing to start her day will stay with me forever.” 

He also reminisced about the very first fragrance he owned, Obsession by Calvin Klein. “I was just a little 13-year-old dude and it was too strong and masculine then, and it still is.”