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Alexa Chung, Naked Models and More at This Year’s Whitney Studio Art Party

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If there's one museum that can consistently be counted on to throw a memorable event that attracts everyone from well-heeled socialites to young downtown influencers, it's The Whitney. This year for their Studio Art Party, they set up a half dozen male and female nude models around a huge stack of Louis Vuitton luggage, the event’s sponsor. Artists were lined around the center display sketching the models and then, later, guests were invited to sketch alongside the professionals. By the end of the night the floor was littered with hundreds of sketches of nude bodies. The event was held in honor of artist Ed Ruscha and, fittingly, his own work was also projected on large screens throughout Skylight at Moynihan Station, where the event was held.

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Who was the night's best dressed? Check out the slideshow below and see some of the A-listers, all of whom were dressed in Louis Vuitton.

Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder for Getty Images

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Karolina Kurkova for Glamour Italia: ‘She Kind of Looks Like Jessica Simpson on the Cover’ (Forum Buzz)

Image: Facebook/KarolinaKurkova

Image: Facebook/KarolinaKurkova

Glamour Italia featured Karolina Kurkova on both of its November Issue covers. The images were posted in the forums (along with the full editorial spread) via the Czech model's Facebook page and … I'll let just let the comments speak for themselves:

  • Bertrando3: "Oh gosh… nothing works."
  • Simera: "To use one of my favorite German words for emphasis, this is schrecklich."
  • MyNameIs: "The cropping around her hair on the cover looks atrocious. Makes her look like she has a helmet on. Other than that, KK looks sensational in all the pics."
  • Hector: "She kind of looks like Jessica Simpson on the cover." 
  • Nymphaea: "Looks like a weird parody."

It certainly does give a whole new meaning to the term "helmet hair."

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Cara Delevingne and Terry Richardson are Up to Something … Maybe

Cara Delevingne on the set of DKNY campaign shoot, 10/15:

Cara Delevingne on the set of DKNY campaign shoot, 10/15: “Ugh, Terry just will not stop texting me.” /// Image: TNYF/

Following up on some widely-circulated shots from Cara Delevingne's Instagram earlier this month, today Terry Richardson posted new photographs of the British model to his Tumblr. The previous photos were reportedly taken in Paris. According to the captions which accompany the recent batch of images, these originated at the photographer's (Manhattan) studio, suggesting that Delevingne has now posed for Richardson twice in the past month. 

Why is this dubious duo spending so much quality time together? Let's speculate:

  • Richardson and Delevingne are shooting an epic editorial spread slated to run across several issues of Harper's Bazaar.
  • The model and photographer are fulfilling a prophecy. By meeting, they have prevented the universe from collapsing, but they are both too modest to take credit for saving the world. 
  • Richardson has determined that Lady Gaga is ovah and so he's executing Mission: Hitch Wagon to New Rising Star — in this case, the "Rising Star" is better known as Cara Delevingne. The pair is collaborating on a coffee table book. 
  • There's nothing weird going on: contrary to all appearances, both batches of photos were taken at the same shoot. 
  • They are friends and generally enjoy one another's company. 

PreviouslyTerry Richardson’s Continuing Relevance is Maybe Even More Disturbing than Terry Richardson Himself

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We Love Behati Prinsloo On Vogue Mexico’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Behati Prinsloo on the cover of Vogue Mexico November 2013

image credit: via the tfs forums

When commenting on the November cover of Vogue Mexico, tFS forum members agreed on two things: The outfit worn by Behati Prinsloo on the cover is tacky and trashy. And, the cover is awesome. “She looks so gorgeous, like a gold digger going to her dead husband's funeral,” described Moofins Behati’s appearance on the cover. The Victoria’s Secret model, who is set to marry Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, is wearing a dress from the Versace Fall 2013 collection on the cover and forum members agreed that she can absolutely pull it off.

“Tacky as hell but how gorgeous does she look with her face and pose though?!” asked Bertrando3

And indeed, most forum members were wowed by Behati and could not find any flaws in the cover. 

“I LOVE this, I might buy Vogue México for the first time in a long long time. Actually, I think the tacky outfit looks amazing against that background, very powerful image,” posted GarageGlamorous 

And Urban Stylin wrote, “I love it! The fact that they used Behati who is known for being the sweet girl next door, makes it less tacky.”  

“Wow, this is breathtaking! Probably one of the best covers of the year, & the best I've seen Behati look,” swooned valliaddict 

And happycanadian gushed, “This is POWERFUL. It’s commanding. It’s easily the best cover Behati has ever had and one of my favorites from Vogue Mexico. I only wish it were for a bigger international version of the magazine. But man, this is stunning work. Her expression has such intensity and presence and I love the juxtaposition of the leather wedding (funeral?) dress with all the lushness of the greenery. Really striking!”

After a slew of disappointing November covers, this is a lovely surprise. This cover (shot by David Roemer) is simply great. Well done, Vogue México!


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Lily McMenamy is All Hair & Lips & Eyes on the Cover of Flair



Whether you are averse to Lily McMenamy or secretly stanning her, the above cover will likely reinforce your previously held beliefs on the subject of (duh) Lily McMenamy. Photographed by British duo Sean & Seng for Flair Issue 7, McMenamy poses with her head tilted back, her lips and heavily-shadowed eyes ballooning beyond their already-ballooned proportions. Her hair forms an intricate, tangled net and there's nothing pretty about any of it — not the hair, not the cover. But still, it's an arresting image. (Okay, fine: I love it.)

RelatedLily McMenamy by Terry Richardson for Purple Fashion: ‘It’s As Though She’s Farting Green Stuff’

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Jil Sander is Leaving the Jil Sander Label — for the Third Time

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

Surprising news this morning: Jil Sander is leaving her namesake line for the third time. The German designer returned to her eponymous label in February 2012 after an eight year hiatus, to replace Raf Simons, who later headed to Christian Dior. (A lengthy article in the Wall Street Journal last November found that the Sander comeback was negotiated ahead of Simons' departure to Dior, when it was still rumored that the Belgian designer might move to Yves Saint Laurent — meaning, the Sander hire was a strategic decision on the part of the brand's executives, and not a simple scramble to replace Raf.)

WWD reports that the label's Spring 2014 collection was Sander's last; the range for Fall 2014 will be designed by the in-house team.

Despite a strong reputation for minimalist design, the Jil Sander label has struggled to find stability in recent decades (the line was launched in Germany in 1968). The brand's founding designer made her first exit in 2000, one year after selling the majority stake of her company to the Prada Group. Sander returned to the label in 2003, and left again after designing two collections. The Prada Group sold the brand to Change Capital Partners in 2005, who passed it forward to Onward Holdings after two years. 

WWD reports that Sander's departure is for "personal reasons." The designer turns 70 in November. 

Read more:

Jil Sander Departing Namesake Brand — WWD

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