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Daniel Johns Says Fashion Designer Girlfriend was ‘Totally’ His Muse for New Record


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Daniel Johns‘ long-awaited debut solo album TALK was inspired in part by his girlfriend, fashion designer, Estelita Huijer.

With a mix of dark and intimate love songs on the new record – a far cry from the music Johns penned during his days fronting grunge outfit Silverchair – Johns tells that Estelita acted as a muse for the tunes. “Yeah, yeah totally (she was),” he explained to the publication. 


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Olympia Valance: ‘I’ve Never Owned My Body More than I Do Now’

Neighbours star and all-round bombshell Olympia Valance has stripped down to her unmentionables, leaving us feeling inspired, empowered and just a little jelly.

After being crowned Gossard Lingerie’s “Gossard Girl” late last year, Olympia has shared some behind-the-scenes shots from on-set with the British retail giant. Wearing almost nothing but her pride, the actress-turned-model reveals that she’s feeling pretty darn good about her bod. Rightfully so, we say. (more…)

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Triple j Is Attempting to Revive the Musical Glory of ‘The O.C’

Mmm watcha say? Australian radio station triple j is trying to bring back the musical flavours of rich-kids drama The O.C, almost a decade after it pulled on our heart strings for the first time.

This month marks exactly nine years since beautiful-headcase Marissa Cooper died in that fateful car crash courtesy of noted bad-boy Volchock, and triple j is commemorating the prime character’s death, and essentially the death of The O.C (let’s not pretend Season Four did anything for us), by celebrating the show’s significance as a portal for music discovery at the time. 

We’re talking Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers, Modest Mouse and Imogen Heap, plus Aussie acts like Jet, Howling Bells and Youth Group, who rose to the forefront of public consciousness, thanks in part to the show. (more…)

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Models Ashley Hart and Buck Palmer Are Married

Ashley Hart and Buck Palmer at Melbourne Cup

Photo: Getty

After being engaged for almost a year, ridiculously attractive model couple Ashley Hart and Buck Palmer have revealed that they secretly tied the knot over a month ago.

“I am actually married,” Ashley told Confidential. “We had been planning (a wedding) and then we woke up one morning and said to each other, ‘Do you want to just get married now?’ We did this really spontaneous, just-the-two-of-us wedding which was beautiful. I am Mrs Palmer.” (more…)

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5 Things You Missed This Week: Memorial Day Edition


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In our humble opinion, Memorial Day weekend is the best. Not only is it an XL-sized break from work, it’s also the unofficial start of summer. While the real deal doesn’t get underway for another month, all the friend-filled BBQs, pool openings and general chill summer vibes start right now. To lead you into the long weekend — and really, the summer season — we’ve compiled five can’t-miss articles from theFashionSpot this week. Ahead, we cover holiday nail art, the best summer beauty products and a bunch of budget-friendly beach bag options. Consider it essential weekend reading (then it’s back to your regularly scheduled programming of outdoor fun).

  1. Are you still keeping your legs in a pant prison? Let them out and into easy, breezy shorts. We’ve compiled this guide to the best on-trend shorts available right now. With our help, you’ll look anything but dowdy.
  2. It’s finally warm enough out to make beach-going a distinct reality. What are you going to use to lug your SPF, your sun-blocking hat and your beach read all the way to the water’s edge? We’ve got a few beach bag ideas and they’re all under $100, too.
  3. Beauty can be a bit complicated in the summer — going with a  full face of product and color can feel overwhelming in the heat, but you want to toss on something to feel put-together. Here’s our guide to a handful of hot weather beauty essentials.
  4. Are you the nail art queen of your block? Thought so. Don’t start this weekend without this spirited Memorial Day nail art primer. Find your ideal patriotic look or even one inspired by ocean waves.
  5. Need some ideas for healthy summer-gathering dishes but coming up short? We got you! Healthy doesn’t have to be boring — especially with summer’s produce bounty — and these 10 recipes are so easy and tasty you won’t even realize that they’re actually good for you.

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Link Buzz: A New Beyoncé and Drake Track Leaks, Game of Thrones: The Musical


image: Brian To/

  • London-based designer Marques’Almeida won the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers for 2015. [LVMH]
  • The Langley Fox Hemingway x Forever 21 collection of relaxed cool tees and tanks features illustrations from the talented model. [Forever 21]
  • Lady Gaga is back to blonde and documented every. single. step. of the transformation for posterity. [Glamour]
  • Ed Sheeran and Kermit the Frog sing “Rainbow Connection” for Red Nose Day. [Time]
  • Also for Red Nose Day, Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical will be the best thing you watch all weekend. [YouTube]
  • Quelle horreur! There might be a Prosecco shortage this year. [Mirror]
  • There’s a whole lot of abs on this new Magic Mike poster. [Cosmopolitan]
  • The lovely Chanel Iman stars in the new Dennis Basso campaign. [WWD]
  • The Internet is freaking out over a leaked track featuring Drake, Beyoncé and OVO artist Sal Houdini. [Vice]
  • Did you always want a bacon, avocado and selfie emoji? You might be in luck. [Mashable