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Flashback: UK ELLE February 2008 with Karolina Kurkova

A comment posted inside the UK ELLE September 2014 thread has prompted a shift in publication for our weekly Fashion Flashback series. It seems the majority of the members on our forums have taken a disliking to the redesign the magazine introduced back in March 2013

The February 2008 cover of British ELLE will always and forever be a favorite of mine. The issue came with two covers and ELLE was one of the first magazines to introduce special covers for subscribers. Lorraine Candy, editor-in-chief of the British monthly, selected Karolina Kurkova to front the issue, which came with a redesign. On the newsstand cover, Karolina dons a jacket by Yves Saint Laurent teamed with a pair of Guess jeans. For the subscribers’ cover (seen below), ELLE‘s fashion editor-at-large Sasa Thomann put Karolina in a tweed cardigan with chain detail by Chanel, a white T-shirt from Ralph Lauren and some denim jeans by Acne. Both were photographed by Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

Flashback UK Elle February 2008 Karolina Kurkova Matthias Vriens-McGrath


The feel of the cover shot trickles into the contents of the issue with a fabulously energetic six-page feature on Karolina. The Czech beauty discusses diet, exercise and the world of modeling alongside a set of images where the now 30-year-old mother of one stands before a white backdrop, posing up a storm in pieces from Mulberry, Yves Saint Laurent and Alberta Ferretti. The images appear so wonderfully unretouched, which is now a rare sight in the publishing industry.

Go visit the thread and discover the rest of the February 2008 issue, including a collections story with model Caroline Winberg, and see the newsstand cover for the issue here.

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Look Inside Rachel Trachtenburg’s Shoot with Russh Magazine

In an exclusive for theFashionSpot, Russh magazine has given us a look into its shoot and feature with singer, drummer, actress and model Rachel Trachtenburg. The 20-year-old shares her style inspiration, what it was like touring with her family band and love of writing in a simplistic, yet highly fashionable shoot which sees the young superstar decked out in head-to-toe Acne.

Rachel Trachtenburg RUSSH

Photo: Elle Muliarchyk/ Russh

Rachel on how she started playing in her dad’s band:

“I remember my dad’s drummer didn’t make it to a show and he was like ‘OK this isn’t working’ and just thought that I should join the band. My mum was like ‘No way, that’s ridiculous, she’s six years old!’ but then I took lessons and I really loved it and it just continued from there.”

On childhood touring with her family band, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players:

“I remember we had a lot of crazy tour managers. Like one of our earlier tour managers, we missed a couple of shows because he would want to pull over and climb a mountain and I was 10 years old and would be like ‘Yeah, let’s climb that mountain and jump into this river!’ That was always so fun. We met so many amazing people on the road. And some of my closest friends I met on tour.” (more…)

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Louis Vuitton Takes Another September Cover, This Time on Vogue China (Forum Buzz)

Editors are raving over Nicolas Ghesquière‘s debut collection for Louis Vuitton and certain pieces are now being showcased on the September covers. Freja Beha Erichsen wears the brand on Vogue Australia, Cara Delevingne dons a coat from the French fashion house on the cover of UK Vogue and now Fan Bingbing is wearing a monochrome dress on Vogue China’s September 2014 cover. Fan, who is captured by Patrick Demarchelier, poses against a washed out blue backdrop.

Vogue China September 2014 Fan Bingbing Patrick Demarchelier


Our forum members aren’t so taken with Vogue China’s latest installment. “I was hoping for their annual model covers for September. So hoping for more covers because this is just dull and we’ve seen her way too many times,” wrote an underwhelmed anlabe32.

“This is very underwhelming given the spectacular covers Vogue China have produced in the past,” noted AL92.

It seems as though the word underwhelming is going to be read often inside the thread. “She so bores me! And how many times has she been on the cover now?!! So underwhelming for Sept!” commented Miss Dalloway.

Luxx shared her disappointment: “She’s very beautiful and yet the cover fails to capture this. Somehow the blue tone kind of drains the life out of her.”

“Very similar to Vogue Australia’s cover: minimal, Louis Vuitton… only this is duller,” shared HeatherAnne.

“Absolutely underwhelming, Vogue China used to bring very creative and beautiful covers for September issues with top models. However this shot looks like a boring image of a very medically operated woman. Fan Bingbing is a cool actress, I do like her but gosh she looks like a plastic doll and not because of Demarchelier’s Photoshop. I feel like it’s a sad November cover or something. I’m sure the inside editorials of this issue will have a much much better shot than this,” wrote an uninterested Bertrando3.

I agree with the comment above — this does resemble one of those cold November covers! See inside the thread for more comments and post your own here.

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Now You Can Style Your Hair the Kardashian Way with Their New Line of Hairstyling Products

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

Image: WireImage/ Getty Images

Say what you want about the Kardashians, but you can’t deny that those girls were blessed with great heads of hair. Their thick, long, chocolate brown, sometimes blond manes are part of their trademark, ultra-glam aesthetic and now, the charitable sisters are here to help you make your tresses just as fabulous. The reality TV siblings are unveiling a new line of Kardashian Beauty hair products, which will include tools and accessories made in collaboration with Farouk Systems, Inc. 

The Kardashians already have a beauty line, which includes nail polish, makeup palettes, false lashes, color cosmetics and even a 24 karat gold-infused makeup primer. It seems only natural that they would expand into haircare.

“We have been developing Kardashian Beauty carefully with our fans’ needs in mind as well as our individual haircare needs,” the clan explained to WWD. “Our personal desire for healthy, beautiful hair and hands-on product development has allowed us to design products we felt were missing in the market.”

There’s no reason to think this latest venture won’t be a moneymaker for the reality starlets, since pretty much everything the Kardashians touch sells like hotcakes. They’ve already got their Kardashian Kollection line picked up by Sears and Lipsy London and recently unveiled a kid’s clothing line. It’s clear the girls can sell just about anything — take, for instance, Kim Kardashian‘s “Hollywood” game, which is poised to make her $200 million because people are spending real dollars on virtual renderings of some of the Kardashian girls’ most stylish outfits. What a world.

The new range of hair tools is due out next spring. Will you be picking up any Kardashian styling tools?

[via WWD]

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Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Even Bother to Smize for ELLE September Cover (Forum Buzz)

ELLE has revealed the cover subject for its September issue and it’s none other than broody celebrity Kristen Stewart. The magazine clad the actress in Chanel and put her in a supermarket for the accompanying spread — original. KStew is quite a divisive cover subject and our forum members are mostly unimpressed. 

Image: ELLE

Image: ELLE

She looks so impassive [in] those pictures,” Oxymore wrote. She wasn’t the only one who had a problem with Kristen’s ever-unsmiling expression. “Photographically this girl is so dead behind the eyes, so vacant and surly looking,” agreed honeycombchild.

Don’t expect to see the Twilight actress grinning for the cameras anytime soon, either. In the article, she responds to the criticisms that have been thrown at her over the years over her mean mug, saying that she’s not going to sell out just because a couple of people think she should smile every once in a while: “Now I feel like if I smiled for a paparazzi photo—not that I ever would—that’s exactly what people would be desecrating me for,” she dished. “They’d be like, ‘now you’re going to give it up, now you’re a sellout.’ like, okay. What do you want? What would you like?” Sure, whatever you say.

Some simply wondered how she got the gig in the first place: “I don’t think she’s ‘worthy’ of a September cover but well… I guess Chanel/Karl really pushed her on the editors…?” guessed kokobombon

[Piece Of Me] would have preferred an entirely different cover subject. “I like the shoot and the styling, but it would have been so much better with someone else. She does not photograph well at all.”

GIVENCHYlover threw a little shade KStew’s way: “I like her, I like Chanel… I’d like some Photoshop on her face, she looks too natural.” Ouch.

Kristen looks fine here, although she could have given us a little intensity in the eyes. It is the September issue, after all, a smize wouldn’t hurt.

Sound off on KStew’s cover in the forums.

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‘Everything Is Off’ with Lara Stone’s September Cover of Vogue Netherlands (Forum Buzz)

Members of our forums don’t seem to have much admiration for Vogue Netherlands. On the magazine’s September 2014 cover, we see Lara Stone photographed by Angelo Pennetta. Lara has also previously covered the May 2012 issue of the Dutch fashion bible. This time around, she dons a coat and neck scarf from Prada, while standing with her arms folded, flashing a hint of a smile on her flawless face.

Vogue Netherlands September 2014 Lara Stone Angelo Penetta


Our feisty forum members laced into the cover and within minutes of it being posted on our forums, a spell of negativity had engulfed the thread. “WHY did this magazine have to slap ‘the fashion issue’ on its cover? OF COURSE it’s a fashion issue!! It’s VOGUE!!!!” slammed blueorchid.

“HAHAHA what on earth is this?” questioned MON.

Also showing a lack of interest was anlabe32: “This is not an appropriate cover shot, and the font is soooo cheesy and cheap. Bye.”

Miss Dalloway shared everyone’s sentiments and simply posted, “Everything is off here.”

It seems our forum members cannot get over the fact that the team behind the shoot had bombshell Lara and this is the result. “Gosh it looks so cheap! They have Lara and they do that?” wondered Oxymore.

“I don’t know what’s worse that it looks like a Grazia image or those ridiculous fonts they tried. This magazine is totally laughable,” posted a disappointed HeatherAnne.

More Grazia than Vogue? Ouch! Check out the thread for even more slams against the cover and share your own opinion here.

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