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The Future of tFS is Here … Tomorrow

A couple of days ago, I told you to keep an eye out for some changes to tFS. Well, the first big chunk of improvements to the site are rolling out tomorrow. 

Everyone knows the tFS Forums are great, but now they're going to be even better because we're giving them a whole new look. The boards will be running on an upgraded platform, with tighter security and better usability. Here's what that means for you:

Less clutter
The Forums are going to look better than ever. We're bringing the design up a notch (or two) to match the high fashion conversation that lives in the threads. You'll also notice that we've cleaned up the header section and moved advertising around, so you can get to the discussions you care about faster.

Albums and social groups
As part of the upgrade, you now have the ability to create albums and upload your own images. Which means: no more hotlinking necessary. Also, the new Forums will have a social groups capability, which will allow you to create groups to share albums and conversations with your friends.

A slight hiccup 
In upgrading the platform, we did lose something: old buddy lists and profile comments. These features will exist in the upgrade, but old buddy lists and comments will not. We understand this isn't ideal, but it had to be done so we could build a smoother running, more secure experience for you.

Old school
What if you prefer the current color scheme and decide you don't like the new design? We've added an option to switch back to the retro color scheme, with the new layout pushed down to the bottom of the page.

Psst… sneak peek 
You want to see the changes for yourself, don't you? Here's a sneak peek of the new design.

One more thing
Those are just some of the changes we have in store. We're also cooking up an exciting new homepage redesign launching this week. (We can't help ourselves: here's a sneak peek.) 

The Buzz Latest News

Plain Jane Homme: Sexist or Sassy?

The Daily Beast recently published a scathing rant about Montreal-based lifestyle brand Plain Jane Homme, known for its irreverent, if not slightly chauvinistic, graphic tees and sweats. The precursor to the Beast's bite? That would-be clothing company's logo of a silhouetted naked woman standing with her panties around her ankles.

The seemingly suggestive blacked out logo is said to be  inspired by "the ultimate gentleman." The calling card has been part of PJH merch since the 70s and in a ye olde interview with GQ, designer Hardip Manku said, "As far as the logo, I wanted to create the letter 'A' and the only way to turn a female figure into that shape was to include the panties at the base of her legs. The logo means different things to different people and people seem to either love it or hate it. It's a strong reaction, which works in our favour!"

Call it fashion trolling if you will (I will), but the Daily Beast describes the move as part of a rise in sexist fashion. The logo reeks of those seen on mud flaps by truckers, the Playboy bunny or the short-lived motif Starbucks once used of a spread-eagle mermaid. PJH is promoting a girl who drops her underwear for, as their own website touts, a man with a "sense of a refined playboy."

Responding to the criticism, an executive at Plain Jane Homme, who wished to remain nameless, told the Daily Beast that not only was the brand "feminist," but it was subverting the stereotype of the traditionally unalluring "plain Jane." He claimed the logo wasn't intentionally titillating: "It wasn't meant to be sexy, it was a kooky logo. Either you love it or you hate it, but you’ll never forget it."

Neither will we forget their other T-shirt that sports a calendar on the front with a different woman’s name under each day of the week. On the back there's a scorecard with the words, "The Numbers Don’t Lie." Does this imply a kooky form of feminism to you? Reducing women to a scorecard? Maybe it's some kind of hipster irony that we're missing, but what do you think? Is PJH's vision sexist or sassy?

Images via Plain Jane Homme

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Georgia Hardinge’s Collection for River Island

London-based designer Georgia Hardinge has just teamed up with high street favourite River Island on a new limited-edition collection. As part of River Island’s Design Forum for 2013, the collaboration is set to fly off those shelves.

Hardinge’s signature style encompasses an aesthetic that is both avant garde yet wearable, and her collections are often inspired by her love for architectural shapes and sculptures, which is exactly what we are seeing with her River Island collection.

The collection is comprised of just fourteen pieces with a 2D greyscale pattern that’s key to most of the designs, which totally takes us back to those hours spent shading objects back in art class at school. Hardinge likes to form landscape shapes that accentuate the female silhouette and this kind of shading does that perfectly.

We love the printed crop top (£35) and the printed cut out wedges (£60). If you fancy checking out the entire collection, head over to River Island’s site, where you can also peruse her gorgeous maxi skirts and clutch bags.

This designer is definitely one we’ll be keeping an eye on, and we’re guessing that this is something that the celebrity world is already doing as she’s recently been commissioned to create bespoke outfits for musicians such as Alicia Keys and Jessie J. So, keep this one on your fashion radar!  

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Abbey Lee Kershaw Removes Clothes in the Name of Gun Control, Almost Has a Punk Moment

Abbey Lee Kershaw, long-time advocate for both nudity and DIY, is now lending her body to a more commendable cause.

On Monday night, the Aussie model caused a stir at a Met Gala after party by indulging in a very literal interpretation of the evening’s "punk" theme, lifting her sheer Rag & Bone dress to reveal "GUN CONTROL" Sharpied across her torso. It would have been more punk if she’d done it on the red carpet a few hours earlier, but given then she’d also be running the risk of having her political statement drowned out by Miley Cyrus’ Guy Fieri-inspired hairdo.

Instead, Kershaw chose the Standard Hotel as the scene for her statement-making, flashing the message mid-dance alongside Mad Max co-stars Nicholas Hoult and Riley Keough.

There’s no question of whether or not the move was contrived (the pre-gala photo posted to photographer Cara Stricker’s Instagram (right) shows the letters carefully outlined on the model’s stomach), but it’s still punk to diligently plan your evening and outfit around a diluted display of rebellion, right? Well, more punk than frosted tips anyway.

And while we’re on the subject of hair, can we take a moment to appreciate Abbey’s newly brunette locks? They ought to translate into editorial just as well as they do into a rat tail, and it’s about time she made her way back onto our radar for doing things that involve putting clothes on rather than taking them off. 

image: Instagram

The Buzz Latest News

Link Buzz: Tilda Swinton for Chanel Paris-Edimbourg 2013; Suri Cruise Not Getting Clothing Line

  • Karl Lagerfeld photographed Tilda Swinton for Chanel's Paris-Edimbourg line. Read more about the collection on Susie Bubble's blog and check out the rest of the campaign in the forums
  • I try to stay away from nail art tutorials but this Gatsby-inspired manicure may break me. [BellaSugar]
  • Chanel Resort 2014: I want to have whatever they're putting in Karl Lagerfeld's water. [Fashionologie]
  • Anything you can do, your LWD can do better. [FabSugar]
  • In the cards: A Vanity Fair interview with John Galliano. Yes, that one! [WWD]
  • The Carrie Diaries gets a second season which is a shame for anyone that's waiting for the Sex and the City dream to die. [SBT]
  • Is Suri Cruise getting her own fashion line? I'm sorry we even had to ask that question. [StyleBistro]

Image via TFS Forums

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