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See All the Roberto Cavalli-Designed Outfits for Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour

We've just got wind of what Miley Cyrus will be sporting during her upcoming Bangerz tour, all designed by Roberto Cavalli—and it is a doozy. But we wouldn't expect any less of this match up, really. "Skimpy" is the operative word here. Along with teensy, shimmery jorts and denim bras, there are two stand-out outfits that can best be described as "raunchy zebra"—a bodysuit with zebra stripe, body-revealing cut-outs—and "matching bikini and diamond choker." We aren't sure we want to know how the latter really works—it's reminiscent of a spray-on diamond bikini, and also recalls a certain look we've seen before on another pop princess. But we can't think of anything more appropriate for a live rendition of "Wrecking Ball" than this nearly-nude look. Still taking bets for how Miss Miley will be sporting her hair for this outing, though.

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Victoria Beckham to Open Debut Store in London

victoria beckham new store 600


Victoria Beckham is cementing her name in the fashion industry with real bricks and mortar. It is confirmed that she will be opening up her debut eponymous store in the autumn, on none other than Dover Street in the heart of London. Despite the fact that the designer shows her collection in New York, London is still a very important hub for her, and this area in particular. "There are great galleries in the area. There's Dover Street Market directly opposite of us, which is not a bad thing," She told WWD today.

The new store will be home to every string on Ms Beckham’s bow, housing Victoria Beckham, Victoria Victoria Beckham, denim, optical and accessories. The store is situated opposite the infamous Dover Street Market in a 7,000-square-foot space and with Olympic park architect Farshid Moussavi on board, it is no doubt going to be a truly exciting shopping experience. Victoria also mentioned that she wanted to start by "drilling a massive hole through the middle," so perhaps she is turning her hand to interiors as well now?

The move to street level stores seems to be timed extremely carefully and as Victoria says, "I think the time is now because I know my customer." The brand of Victoria Beckham is now 5 years old, has continued to defy critics of the former popstar and this is a real triumph.

Discussing the strategy behind the design house, the designer said, "I did believe in creative visualization and I always had high hopes. I believed what I was doing and I think I have a strong point of view. I always hoped. I like to look at the big picture and I like to build things in the right way. I never went into this thinking that it would be a flash in a pan."

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You Might Want to Pay Cash: Neiman Marcus is the Latest Retailer to Suffer Security Breaches



If ever there were a reason to make the appeal to cut up those credit cards, it would be the major retail security breaches that have come to light these last few weeks. To start with, 40 million debit and credit card numbers and 70 million names, email addresses and phone numbers have been stolen from Target. CNN is now reporting that Homeland Security has issued warnings to retailers to hopefully prevent future cyber attacks, but in the meantime, Neiman Marcus and Target shoppers are left to fret over whether their credit cards — or worse, social security information — is safe.

Worse yet, the Washington Post is saying that the security breach that hit Target "appears to have been part of a broader and highly sophisticated scam that potentially affected a large number of retailers." Well, surely if that were the case we'd know by now, right? Not so fast. Turns out the security breach at Neiman Marcus went undetected from July to December and it was not fully contained until a few days ago.

According to the retailer, some customers’ credit cards were used fraudulently after making purchases at the stores and they have taken the steps to notify those that they know have been affected. As of now, it is not believed that any social security numbers, PIN numbers or birth dates were obtained and the retailer's CEO issued a public apology on its website.

Target and Neiman Marcus both offer customers who made a credit card purchase in the past year a free credit monitoring service for one year “for an added layer of protection," and according to the open letter Neiman Marcus apology, sign-up instructions for the service will become available on the Neiman’s site by January 24. 

Neiman Marcus also writes that there's no evidence that the breach is connected to the one at Target.

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Meadham Kirchhoff to Debut New Fragrance This Spring

It’s always great when one of your favourite designers branches out into perfume, and today, we’ve learnt that one of our London Fashion Week favourites, Meadham Kirchhoff, has done just that.

kirch 1


The design duo, known for their quirky designs, has created a fragrance using such notes as whisky, incense, leather and myrrh for a scent that will certainly awaken the senses. The fragrance has been three years in the making and is a collaboration between the designers and luxury perfumers Penhaligon, known for its rich and varied heritage.

And the fragrance name of choice? Tralala, a suitably quirky name to fit such a flamboyant brand. 

The fragrance is set to launch at on May 5, but if you can’t quite wait until then, it’ll be available at from April 21. Just look out for a quirky little bottle shaped like a clown — what else would you expect?

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Mariacarla Boscono Stars In Pretty Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

image credit:

image credit:

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it," tFS forum member TREVOFASHIONISTO fittingly stated when commenting on the new Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 campaign. What worked so wonderfully last season was sure to turn out well again this season. “This is gorgeous,” TREVOFASHIONISTO also added. Peter Lindbergh shooting Mariacarla Boscono for the Alberta Ferretti campaign is clearly a formula that we have no objections to thus far. But whereas the Fall 2013 campaign had a dramatic, somber feel to it, this season’s campaign promises to be more on the colorful, romantic side. The campaign found many supporters on the tFS forums.

TianSoFine gushed, “I basically love everything about this! It's very natural and has an easy elegance. I also love the use of light and color.”

“I really love it. I think it's super pretty,” agreed Moofins

Sweet rus joined in on the swooning and posted, “Gorgeous, just gorgeous! Love this bright green color and the way the fabric flows, stunning!”

But not everyone was impressed. Mariacarla receiving negative comments on the forums is pretty much unheard of, but Ortemis, who thinks 'MCB' is not graceful enough here, was not the only one who criticized the model. 

“Love everything except her facial expression,” wrote Koibito.  

After looking at the hi-res version of the preview image, one might tend to agree about the facial expression. But nonetheless, the composition of this ad is striking and there is too much to love about this for me to actually be bothered by what her face looks like upon closer inspection. Beautiful!

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Lena Dunham Responds to Jezebel Posting Unretouched Images of Vogue Shoot



Yesterday, Jezebel posted an open call offering anyone $10,000 who can deliver un-retouched photos from Lena Dunham's Vogue shoot. Less than 24 hours and…voila! In fact, it only took Jezebel two hours to get six allegedly unaltered images from the actress' Annie Leibovitz shoot. Jezebel points out in detail the exact visual edits, of which there weren't that many. Jezebel is, of course, trying to give the few changes that were made some meaning in a larger context:

"In the end, while Dunham's images were not drastically altered, it's important to remember how unforgiving the media is when it comes to images of women. Men are generally allowed to have pores and wrinkles; women are supposed to be 'perfect' — a state that does not exist. As Mother Jones' co-editor Clara Jeffrey put it on Twitter: 'If [Lena]'s given us an image of a real woman on Girls, and they altered — perhaps without her consent, isn't that a paradox that should be explored?'"

To their point, in the bathtub image that also features Adam Driver, he was not Photoshopped at all, with the exception of his leg, which was raised to come up out of the water, but there's still no denying this whole fiasco was much ado about nothing.

Last night, Dunham tweeted, "Some shit is just too ridiculous to engage. Let's use our energy wisely, 2014."

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