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Camille Rowe Nude on Lui’s May 2015 Cover Sets Pulses Racing (Forum Buzz)

Back in September 2013 when Lui resumed publication, we knew for a fact the magazine was set to push boundaries, providing both stimulating covers and content. The provocative French title has already delivered unforgettable covers featuring the likes of Gisele Bündchen and Rihanna. Lui‘s latest is sure to stick in our minds for a while too, having tapped Camille Rowe to bare all for the racy publication’s May 2015 edition and we’re loving the result of the Guy Bourdin-inspired shoot.

Lui Magazine May 2015 Camille Row by Luigi & Iango


Our forum members are full of praise. “It’s one of rare magazines that I look forward too. Love the cover, can’t wait for editorial,” raved KateTheGreatest the moment the cover surfaced.

“I love the cover, perfect for summer,” complimented lelaid.

In agreement was DutchHomme: “Gorgeous!! There is something vintage/timeless about this cover shot. One of my favorite Lui magazine covers that I have ever seen.” Then after the cover story found its way onto our forums, he returned and rejoiced, “WOW!”

“Wow wow wow,” KissMiss echoed.

Also full of admiration was kokobombon who wrote, “Love the 70s vibe of the color pics.”

Oxymore was quick to proclaim: “Gosh I love this magazine!”

“The editorial is a total rip off of Guy Bourdin & H.Newton work. They are going to say is an homage of course,” sniggered Frenchkiki, projecting a different opinion.

“I love everything about this. Homage/rip-off/whatever, I’d be more than happy to see more stuff like this in magazines again. Very beautifully done, very sexy and super striking,” Psylocke fired back right away.

Check out Camille’s accompanying cover story inside the thread and drop us a comment here.

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L’Oreal Is Killing It in India

L’Oreal seems dedicated to multiethnic beauty and appealing to the growing market of customers from all over the world, of all different ethnicities. While L’Oreal is busy trying to get rid of “ethnic” beauty aisles here in the states in order to accommodate the ever-growing multiethnic market without making them feel excluded, they’re also taking steps overseas to make sure they’re bringing products their international markets will recognize and can relate to.

WWD chronicles L’Oreal’s expansion and tremendous success in India. L’Oreal is growing at lightning-fast speeds in the country, two and a half times as fast as the Indian beauty market itself. They credit their success to paying attention to the already-established beauty practices and staples in the country and including them in new products, or figuring out ways to improve on them. Take for example, their Colossal Kajal eyeliner, which draws from India’s centuries-old tradition with Kajal (which some might know as Kohl) eyeliner. The product has been wildly popular since they introduced it in 2011. New products they are introducing products to the market include cream hair dye, hair conditioner and face wash for men and it’s been paying off. in 2014, L’Oreal’s sales in India were at the tune of $31 million.

It seems that L’Oréal’s strategy for dominating the beauty industry lies in actually listening to their customers instead of imposing foreign traditions on them. Between India and their newfound commitment stateside to the multiethnic customer, L’Oréal is  making a statement that rejecting the status quo can have quite lucrative returns.

[via WWD]

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Mayhem Was Really Hands-on in Designing That Collection for J.Crew

We were thrilled when J.Crew announced it had tapped 5-year-old Mayhem, the social media sensation that along with her mom, creates miniature outfits out of paper, tape and other mundane household items, to design a range for their CrewCuts collection. But we couldn’t help but wonder how it would be for grown professionals to collaborate with a kid who is just old enough to be in kindergarten. 

According to the folks on the project, it worked out just fine. Mayhem’s mother Angie Keiser tells the Telegraph her daughter (then four) was very hands-on in the creative process. “‘Mayhem then put together her own design board, choosing colours and fabrics, and the rest of the playing and designing kept those colours in mind.” Crewcuts head designer Jenny Cooper says that Mayhem was very clear about her vision during the design process and expected to have to had to help the tiny designer a lot more as they put the collection together. 

But, since Mayhem is a kid, they did have to take into consideration that at times, she just needed to do little girl things. “Everyone knew and embraced that Mayhem was a little girl who liked having fun making stuff,” Mayhem’s mom said. “And when she got tired, it was totally OK that she took an impromptu nap in Jenny’s office.”

If only we adults were afforded such luxuries at our jobs.

[via Telegraph]

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Carlsberg and Swimsuits for All Release Perfect Responses to Protein World ‘Beach Body’ Ads

Carlsberg beer body ready

Image: Carlsberg

The Protein World “beach body ready” ads have sufficiently pissed people off, and now some brands are combating the message by releasing campaigns of their own. Carlsberg has added their two cents to the debate with an ad campaign that asks: Are you ready to drink beers all summer long in very little clothing?

The beer company has released ads picturing a beer bottle in tiny yellow bikini bottoms, with the tagline, “Are you beer body ready?” which is clearly a play on the controversial Protein World “Are you beach body ready?” verbiage. Protein World has already acknowledged the ads with a tweet basically thanking them for the added publicity, reading “If @carlsberg are getting involved, you know you are #winning.” 

Carlsberg’s senior brand manager Dharmesh Rana described the lighthearted message behind the new campaign. “We’ve decided to remind the public at major commuter spots across London that it’s not about the way you look or having probably the best body this summer, it’s about enjoying a Carlsberg whether you’re on the beach or at your local.”

Swimsuits for All has also put out its own cheeky but incredibly sexy response to the campaign, tapping outspoken plus-size model Ashley Graham to pose in a bikini (that it looks like she’s putting on… or taking off) asking the question, “Are you ready for this beach body?”


There’s no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt!! #curvesinbikinis

A photo posted by A S H L E Y G R A H A M ™ (@theashleygraham) on

One look at those curves bangin’ out of control and our answer is: yes. We are absolutely ready.

[via Mashable, @ashleygraham]

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Prada Releases Pre-Fall 2015 Campaign and We’re Loving the Casting (Forum Buzz)

If there’s one Italian fashion brand that continuously excites, it’s Prada. Therefore it shouldn’t come as a shock our forums erupted after the Pre-Fall 2015 advertising campaign surfaced earlier this week. Prada unveiled the photos via  its site after we witnessed some previews, and to our amazement, the campaign is better than we first anticipated. Steven Meisel captured models Maartje Verhoef, Niels Trispel, Willow Hand, Artur Chruszcz, Aya Jones, Johannes Spaas, Natalie Westling, Finnlay Davis, Julia Nobis and Tim Schuhmacher, and forum members are currently fighting over who outshines the most.

Ad Campaign Prada Pre-Fall 2015 by Steven Meisel


“I find the men to be more interesting here than the girls. They’re selling the old-school Steven Meisel vibe more imo,” shared TREVOFASHIONISTO as the ads struck.

“Oh looks great so far. I’m finding I often love the Pre-Fall/Spring/Resort campaigns more so than the mainlines,” BonesAndOil approved soon after.

In agreement was Phuel: “I don’t expect much from Prada campaigns these days… but I like what I’m seeing so far. It is very mid-90s with full-body shots and paired with the cropped shots, which is very mid-2000.”

Mody was quick to credit, “I love this. Surprised by these newbies and their ability to perform. Maartje looks great here the simple pose with tons of attitude. Really great job for her IMO!”

Sharing the same sentiments toward Maartje was Sensation who posted, “I like Maartje’s shots the best.”

“Love the mood and colors. That first shot is so beautiful, it reminds of the glorious Prada campaigns from early 00s. I don’t know who the male model is but he’s absolutely captivating,” appreciated Wolkfolk.

“I thought it was a brilliant idea they represent youth couture, to me Prada clothes are so mature. But this totally change things up,” elle_gb expressed.

Ad Campaign Prada Pre-Fall 2015 by Steven Meisel


See inside the thread for Prada’s full Pre-Fall 2015 campaign and join the discussion here.

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Cathy Horyn Has No Problem Telling You She Hated Your Fashion Show

Cathy Horyn

Image: WENN

Cathy Horyn has found herself in a few tiffs with designers over the years, thanks to her sometimes scathing but honest reviews. She famously got into it with Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent and Oscar de la Renta wrote a shady open letter to her in WWD after he took offense to her calling him a “hot dog” in a review. But in an interview with System magazine, Horyn says that even though she’s pissed off some designers in her time, they don’t always hold it against her. “One of my toughest reviews was for an Oscar [de la Renta] show and it was the one he loved the most,” she said. “Same with Tom Ford. Tom got so upset with me about something… but when I left the Times, a lot of these guys were like, ‘You said things that were terrible, that really hurt me, but you were right!'”

Though Horyn’s honesty can be a bit biting, she says she’s friendly (but not BFF) with a few designers. But if you think her friendliness in any way affects what she writes, you’d be wrong about that. Horyn says that even with those designers she’s cool with, she can’t help but tell them up front what she really thinks of their collections. “Narciso [Rodriguez] and I are very friendly, Raf and I are very friendly, but I’ve called them before and said, ‘I got to tell you this is not my favourite show.'”

[via Business of Fashion]

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