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Amber Heard Disappoints on the Cover of Flare’s September 2013 Issue (Forum Buzz)


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You would think Flare would pull out the big guns for its September issue (side note: can you believe we’re seeing September covers already?), but this Amber Heard cover falls completely flat. Photographed by Kurt Iswarienko, the cover features Amber against a bland rosy pink background with a green masthead. This “ultimate fashion issue” is supposedly “fresh for fall!” but the whole thing feels so stale. But at least her hair looks pretty, right?

“I don't think I've ever seen her look so ridiculously boring before,” Psylocke commented. “She's one of the sexiest actresses and here she looks completely lifeless and depressing. Also, what the hell is that layout? Could all the text drown her any more? Yuck, this is bad. Great timing to have her on the cover now that her relationship with Johnny Depp went public, though,” she quipped.

HeatherAnne was also unimpressed. “I’ve always found her super generic looking and uninteresting, and this just reemphasizes that notion to me,” she wrote.

Mat Cyruss seems to have given up on Flare altogether. “Wake me when they have a nice cover again,” he posted.

The editorial images are a bit less bland than the cover, but if you’re not enticed to even crack the magazine open, then really, what’s the point?

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Vogue China Celebrates 8th Anniversary With 8 Covers (Forum Buzz)


Image Credit: via tFS forums

Photographer duo Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin shot eight covers, each featuring one model, for the 8th anniversary issue of Vogue China. Four of China’s most internationally successful models – Liu Wen, Sui He, Fei Fei Sun and Xiao Wen Ju – nabbed a cover, as well as Russian top model Daria Strokous, Dutch beauty Doutzen Kroes, German model Kati Nescher and comeback queen Sasha Pivovarova. With such a top notch cast posing for this September 2013 issue and given the special occasion, one would expect the covers would be a little more exciting than they actually turned out to be. The consensus on the tFS forums about the released covers was that the result was quite a letdown.

“I'm kind of underwhelmed with all 8 of the covers, to be honest. Doutzen's looks the best from the thumbnails because it's more filled out, fluid and the composition is good. Kati's (who never takes a bad cover shot) looks to be second best and Daria's comes in third. I love the styling of Daria's but the lack of text ruins it for me. Sasha's is completely dreadful, she looks unattractive and the cover shot is very unflattering,” wrote vogue28

MON disagreed about the Sasha cover saying, “Sasha looks super gorgeous in all levels!!! I love her cover. The other covers look miserably forced. And the font used for 8 is completely unflattering.”


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Miss Dalloway also didn’t like Sasha’s cover but loved Fei Fei Sun’s. “Fei Fei for me, all the way! Sasha looks incredibly dead here, I have not been liking her recent work. Doutzen also looks fantastic, the styling leaves a lot of room for desire, especially with that background, it just isn't strong enough, so it’s down [to] the models to pull it off, and some really didn't,” she posted.

And Kanna commented, “None of the covers particularly catch my eyes. They all look just okay but fall flat generally. Totally forgettable.”

Forgettable? Miserably forced? Underwhelming? Those are most likely not the reactions Vogue China anticipated when producing these eight covers. But when the expectations are so high, the team behind it is so renowned and the outcome looks like… this, can you really blame tFSers for not showing more enthusiasm for these covers?

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Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 Fall 2013 Campaign [Video]


Image: Getty

Nicole Richie is gearing up to release the campaign for her House of Harlow 1960 Fall 2013 collection. We have the behind-the-scenes video below, where she talks about the inspiration for the collection, her 'more is more' styling philosophy and why she's not the real star of the shoot. 

Her inspiration: "The collection is inspired by music. This season I took that inspiration and made it a bit more literal, so you'll see a lot of guitar pics, you'll see some really cool safety pins. This collection is definitely a little more out there. There are some of the classic pieces, but we incorporate some really great skins, some great leathers with the jewelry… It's a really cool collection."

Shooting the Fall 2013 campaign: "One of the really important things to me was the set design. So we came up with the idea to do a very simple, crisp white background with molding. The reason we did that is just to kind of throw in something different, because I played with so much color this season. I wanted something to be extremely elegant and classic, and we're going to make the jewelry stand out from there." 

Her co-star: "Unfortunately, I'm not the star of this entire shoot. I have been joined by someone whose star shines much brighter than mine. His name is Iro [Nicole's dog]."

All about the layers: "What I like to do personally, is I like to layer all of my jewelry. And my philosophy really is 'more is more' so I've been layering every piece that I can on. And that's really the whole vibe of House of Harlow 1960, is that you can really wear it whatever way you want. Pieces are meant to be layered, and they're meant to reflect your personality. So it's however you want to wear it, you can wear it as delicate or as out there as you want." 

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Lover Taps Karen Elson for Its First-Ever Campaign (Forum Buzz)


Lover has quietly pulled out all stops for its tenth birthday. A decade is a long time for a label to wait before releasing a campaign, but Lover’s effort is evidence that the ‘practice makes perfect’ adage doesn’t always hold true in inverse.   

Model/musician and long-time Lover fan, Karen Elson, has been tapped as the face of Fall/Winter 2013’s ‘Chrous’. Designers Nic Briand and Susie Chong told, “She was at the top of our list, but it was an ‘in your dreams’ kind of thing.” A chance encounter at a wedding (weirdly apropos, regarding the label’s romantic aesthetic) led to that dream coming true.

Shot by Lina Scheynius and styled by Leith Clark, the images show Elson breathing in flowers and sunlight while clothed in Lover’s coated lace minidresses. Dropped into the black, white and red hues that pervade each Lover collection is an icy sky blue, which could have been mixed up for the sole reason of complementing the model's hair. So far, the campaign is garnering resoundingly positive reactions around the Internet, with the tFS forums having only nice things to say about the dreamy partnership.  

“I love the romantic feeling of it, and they couldn’t’ve chosen a better model," Not Plain Jane noted.

“This is really beautiful. Very sweet, simple with just the right amount of sexiness from Karen,” added just a guy

Misstarshine adds, “I love Lover and I love Karen so it’s a perfect pairing for me. Her red hair looks stunning against the pale blue lace.”

Of Scheynius' lensing chops, navyvelvetbowie says, “As always I love Lina’s photography, especially the shots with the black dress and the red flowers.”

Lover's taste in dream girls resonates strongly with ours. Last winter they were inspired by Winona Ryder's Beetlejuice character, OG goth girl Lydia Deetz. Hopefully Briand and Chong are planning to roll out campaigns twice yearly from now on, because we're pretty psyched to see who catches their fancy next. 

See the campaign in its entirety on Lover's website and chime in here


images via Lover

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Olivia Wilde is Unrecognizable as a Human Person on Cover of Fashion Magazine

Did you get the new Canadian edition of Fashion magazine in your mailbox? Did you recognize this month's cover girl? Well if you squint your eyes and repeat "Photoshop" in the mirror three times, you might notice that it's Olivia Wilde. Albeit a more airbrushed and plasticized version.

Yes, Fashion mag gave the already beautiful Wilde some serious Photoshopping treatment, practically erasing her cheekbones and real nose, lightening her skin and Kohling her eyes into Voldermort slits. For comparison, check out the real Wilde against the Fashion version…

Wilde Fashion Mag

Images via Fashion magazine and HPAIL /

Sure we love the dramatic, $10,000 feathered Gucci dress (kinda), but her skin is so smooth that she looks like a mannequin modelling said outfit in a store window. Inside things only get worse as the china dolled Wilde models leopard print Emanuel Ungaro and white Proenza Schouler with more eyeliner than Avril Lavigne on her wedding day. Even Perez Hilton couldn't say anything kind about this cover and he's only about the gossip niceties these days.

With all her talk of sex with Jason Sudeikis, maybe the editors were only trying to mold Olivia into the sex android she strives to be. But even so, I think she's beyond recognition as both her star personality and a real human person. Do you agree? What are your thoughts on this potential Fashion Photoshop fail?

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Link Buzz: Nicola Formichetti ‘Too Busy’ for Lady Gaga; Tampon Video Goes Viral

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

  • Apparently, Nicola Formichetti is so busy being the creative director of Uniqlo, he had to delegate the hard work (that's not actually sarcasm) of styling Lady Gaga to his assistant. [Fashionologie]
  • Bobby pins: an 'it' accessory you can believe in. [BellaSugar]
  • The varsity tee as a style accessory: I say it's cool only if you're in a fantasy football pool. [FabSugar]
  • Rihanna won her court case against Topshop, but some argue that it was hypocritical for the pop star to have taken legal action in the first place. [Telegraph Fashion]
  • If fashion's always changing, why are florals 'in' each spring? [HuffPo]
  • A video promoting a period care subscription service (timed to your cycle) has made many LOL. [SheFinds]

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