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Exclusive: Brittany Beattie Talks Moving Out of Her Caravan and Her New Life as a ‘Role Model’

Brittany Beattie

Photo courtesy of FOX 8

Even though the finale of Australia’s Next Top Model, which aired last night, was filmed late last year, winner Brittany Beattie only found out the results yesterday.

“We did two different endings and I didn’t know,” Brittany explains to theFashionSpot. Although runner-up Lucy Markovic‘s tears seemed very, very real when Brittany was announced as the winner in the chosen ending, Brittany believes it’s because “It was so stressful, the whole thing.”

Brittany celebrated her success in true self-proclaimed “bogan” fashion, at the local pub with her loved ones. “My family and friends all met up at the local pub and watched it there, so we had some drinks afterwards, it was good,” she says, although she admits she has a “hangover bad” this morning. (more…)

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Prada’s Fall 2015 Ad Campaign Couldn’t Be More Lifeless and Boring (Forum Buzz)

Prada has been teasing us all week with behind-the-scenes previews of its Fall 2015 campaign and our forums took an exclusive first look at the finished result prior to Prada releasing the official images. We never know what to expect from the Italian fashion house, especially when Steven Meisel is thrown into the mix. This time around, Meisel continued the idea of minimalism with Avery Blanchard, Estella Boersma, Inga Dezhina, Lineisy Montero, Ine Neefs, Greta Varlese and Maartje Verhoef wandering about a pastel-colored studio setting.

Prada Fall 2015 Ad Campaign by Steven Meisel


Since Prada always gets everyone talking, the thread was sure to receive a lot of attention. “Nothing noteworthy,” described Nymphaea immediately.

“IMO a big bad meh! Too plain, an interesting set design or background would have been so much better. Pre-Fall was a gazillion times better,” added an underwhelmed kokobombon.

Feeling the same way was Moofins: “Wow, at first look this is incredibly bland and forgettable.”

“Such a colorful collection and we get this!” shared an annoyed ThatGuyPaul.

Creative shared the same sentiments, writing, “It looks dated but not in a cool way. It’s so bland also. There’s no soul at all. And, as someone said, the clothes don’t pop at all as they did in the show. They looked a thousand times better in the show actually! Not fond of the styling either. And the cast is sort of boring, I’m so tired of MG casts.”

“A terribly boring bunch of kids, in a dull and unexciting setup,” echoed HeatherAnne.

Prada Fall 2015 Ad Campaign by Steven Meisel



Prada Fall 2015 Ad Campaign by Steven Meisel


Check out the rest of the campaign and join the conversation here.

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There’s a Reason You’re Seeing so Many Female Models at Menswear Shows

Naomi Campbell Givenchy

Image: Imaxtree

We’ve been seeing a lot of female models on the menswear runways lately and, while it’s always nice to see some of our favorite ladies stomp the catwalk with the fellas, it does seem a little strange to have so many women’s looks shown during what is supposed to be Men’s Fashion Week. It turns out, designers are showing the ladies so much love because, well, business.

According to Business of Fashion, one of the reasons why we’ve seen an influx of women walking men’s runways is because it attracts more womenswear editors to menswear shows. In addition, interspersing women’s looks with men’s is a way for a design house to show its pre-season women’s collections without having to spend money on a separate show or presentation. Plus, adding certain female models to your runway lineup is a great way to garner buzz. Just look at how much coverage came as a result of having Naomi Campbell and Kendall Jenner walk Givenchy’s menswear runway.

MyTheresa’s buying director Justin O’Shea brought up another great point about the menswear/womenswear mix, saying the phenomenon also has to do with the industry’s trend towards androgyny: “With men becoming more feminine and women becoming more masculine, this androgynous development is allowing for one concise, powerful message from the designers.”

[via Business of Fashion]

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Investigation Finds Many of Walmart’s Made in the USA Products Come from China


Image: Getty

There is nothing more American than Walmart and nothing more American than outsourcing jobs to other countries. Walmart made a big fuss about its “Made in the USA” initiative, a project in which it promised to invest $250 billion over 10 years to support American-made products. But it seems that Walmart isn’t being completely honest about where its USA-crafted wares are coming from. 

Truth in Advertising found over 100 items on the Walmart website labeled as “Made in the USA” were made overseas — and it wasn’t too difficult to unearth Walmart’s missteps. The organization said that many of these American-made pieces were made in China – and the proof was all right there on the packaging.

Walmart claims that the mislabeling is just a simple coding mistake and is trying to downplay the gravity of the situation: “Based on our initial internal review, we believe these errors are limited to a small percentage of items and we are confident in the overall integrity of the information on our Web site,” they said. Walmart intends to correct these mistakes by July 9 – and Truth in Advertising will be checking the site to make sure everything is accurate.

Walmart is apparently making a lot of money off “Made in the USA” pieces, according to Bonnie Patten, Truth in Advertising’s executive director. “Studies show Americans want to buy Made in the U.S. products and are willing to pay more for them. When Wal-Mart slaps that label on a product, it boosts the sales. It’s disingenuous for them to say this is all coding errors.”

[via WWD]

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Channing Tatum Dances for Vanity Fair’s August Cover (Forum Buzz)

We didn’t expect the already-iconic Caitlyn Jenner cover of Vanity Fair to vanish from newsstands so quickly, but the title dropped its August 2015 cover earlier this week, along with an entertaining video and some previews of the cover story. Channing Tatum had the honor of being photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the occasion, showing off his dances moves to promote Magic Mike XXL.

Vanity Fair August 2015 Channing Tatum by Annie Leibovitz


“They’re promoting Magic Mike and yet we only see the arms? There’s nothing sexy about this. And it doesn’t even look like him,” MON complained right away.

Steddycam91 wasn’t exactly jumping for joy either, ranting, “I like Channing, but this is already his THIRD time on Vanity Fair. I mean, come on. And he seems like a nice and funny guy, but I’m sure the story is going to be boring as. His stripper past has been thoroughly exhausted at this point.”

“So bored of Annie’s work and, nothing against Channing, but he’s on the cover again?” questioned justaguy in agreement.

Yet not everyone was so disappointed. “I mean sure it’s safe, but look at those arms. For me, arms can be as sexy as seeing a man shirtless, or even more so! His best cover for them,” enthused a satisfied Miss Dalloway.

“Once again, Vanity Fair has another hit cover on their hands. Channing Tatum looks hot and sexy without having to show his chest, etc. Also, Annie is on a roll at VF,” raved RanThe, projecting a different attitude inside the thread.

The accompanying video is sure to put a smile on your face. Check it out below and drop us a comment here.

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New Website Matches Kim Kardashian’s Outfit to the Weather

Kim Kardashian: wife, mother, selfie expert and now, weather guru. The reality TV star’s many outfits inspired, a new website that will tell you the weather in your city and match it with a look from Kim. “Rain or shine, Kim Kardashian has the outfit,” the website reads. Traveling abroad? You can even enter in the names of other cities to see what the weather is like – and, of course, what you should wear according to Ms. Kardashian.

kim guru


From New York and Paris to Nairobi and Kingston, Kim Kardashian has the perfect look no matter the temperature or precipitation. If anything, the site is a testament to just how much the reality star is photographed and how many (black and white) outfits she wears. Check it out here.

[h/t ELLE]