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Model Kayla Scott Stars on Vogue Italia’s ‘Refreshing’ May 2015 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Since the start of 2015, the forums have been venting about how Vogue Italia‘s covers have been far too dark and depressing. For its latest release, however, the team opened up the windows, pulled back the blinds and ushered in some light. The May 2015 issue features Kayla Scott, who is relatively unknown to the majority of members, in a surprisingly breathtaking cover shot by Steven Meisel.

Vogue Italia May 2015 Kayla Scott by Steven Meisel


Our forum members were quick to engage in conversation. “This is what I love about Meisel. He was able to take a model who I never really understood, photograph her and totally change my mind. This is beautiful, it’s unexpected and refreshing. Great to see him inspiriting again,” enthused TheoG

“No idea who she is but I would like to know because she is gorgeous!” DutchHomme wondered.

Also full of admiration was A.D.C: “Let there be light! Finally a non-dark cover from Vogue Italia and it’s beautiful.”

In agreement was gazebo who was quick to reply, “Finally we get a light breezy springy cover from VI – just in time.”

“She looks stunning! I love to see a new unpredictable face on the cover,” added dcmaike.

Benn98 was in favor of the cover too. “I wouldn’t know this girl from a bar of soap, but I’m mad about this. Quite refreshing. And for once he’s exploring a theme which I can actually relate to. I particularly like the neutral colors, it’s not something we see everyday. Her pose is great too,” he enthused. 

Want to show your appreciation for Vogue Italia’s cover? Share your opinion here.

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Here Is What a ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Real Housewives’ Mashup Looks Like

Blood, gore and dragons aside, with all the drama that goes on in Game of Thrones, it’s easy to imagine the hit HBO series as a reality TV show. After all, both genres are equally as fabricated. But for GoT fans with a taste for trashy TV, YouTube user Jason Gallagher brings us the most perfect mashup between the epic fantasy and some good old-fashioned mindless TV.

Gallagher imagines the Thrones series as a version of the popular Real Housewives franchise on Bravo. This time, the housewives (or…castle wives?) hail from King’s Landing and they are just as shady and conniving as their counterparts from Beverly Hills, New York and Atlanta. The short adds a humorous twist to the drama between Cersei Lannister, mother of the king, and the young king’s wife, Margaery Tyrell. This season, the pair have been throwing epic shade at each other as Tyrell flexes her influence over the king and tries to get Lannister to fade into the background. Their exchanges are very Real Housewives and this fan video is pretty spot-on illustrating the dynamic.

Watch as Lannister and Tyrell throw shade, side-eye and dish about each other in their “confessionals.”

[h/t TIME]

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Giorgio Armani Isn’t Stepping down from His Label Anytime Soon

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

Giorgio Armani has enjoyed an illustrious career and through it, has catapulted himself to legendary status. The designer is truly an icon, but after 40 years in business and having celebrated his 80th birthday last July, the question of what the future holds for the Armani label and who will carry on its legacy once Armani vacates his seat is one that is in the back of all our minds – and of course, Mr. Armani’s. 

“I never expected I would be 80 and have the success that I have,” he told Business of Fashion. “The fact remains that you cannot work or stay lucid forever and, of course, I’m going to have to deal with that, too. For now I think I’m still getting along quite well.” Armani hinted at a few options he’s been mulling over in preparation for the future of his brand. One thing is clear, though, Armani isn’t planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

“There are a few [potential] solutions for the future. Selling to a large group, which I exclude, putting the company on the stock market with a board of directors made of strong people, creating a foundation, for example… these are all possibilities,” he said. “However, I think this is something we should be discussing in a few years, or even ten years.”

We guess Mr. Armani plans on working well through his 80s. But when you’re doing something you love, it never really seems like work, does it?

[via Business of Fashion]

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Justin Timberlake Transforms into a Lime for a Hilarious Tequila Spot

Justin Timberlake is a joker and he’s putting his well-known comedic talents to use to help promote his Sauza 901 tequila brand. The singer has released a hilarious short in which he plays a lime, who was once a high-flying big shot at a time when folks needed the fruit to take the bite off a tequila shot. But now that Sauza 901 has entered the game with its smooth formula, limes have become obsolete and all the glamour of his past life has faded.

But the best part about the spot by far is Timberlake’s ridiculous and slightly terrifying lime costume. The singer is almost unrecognizable, adding to the overall hilarity. 

According to Adweek, the idea of the spot inspired by limes falling from grace was all Timberlake’s idea. “Our meeting was literally an hour long, and in that short time we decided to make it happen,” Sauza 901 global CMO Kevin George said. “Did I have some reservations? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, we decided to figure it out and get it done. It’s been a great collaboration, but it largely comes from his idea and the tone he wanted to set for the brand.” 

We think it turned out pretty great. Watch Timberlake kill it in the spot above.

[via Adweek

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Ryan Gosling Pays Tribute to Late Vine Star by Finally Eating His Cereal

Ryan Gosling

Image: WENN

Ryan Gosling is on Vine now, and it looks like he didn’t join just for the sole purpose of goofing around and blessing us with videos of his most perfect countenance. The actor used his first Vine as an opportunity to pay homage to Vine star Ryan McHenry, who passed away this weekend after a two-year-long battle with osteosarcoma. McHenry is the brain behind the hilarious “Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal” meme and Gosling himself took to Vine to offer a tribute to McHenry and his sense of humor.

In the Vine, we see Gosling pouring a bowl of cereal – and actually eating it. Gosling tweeted some kind words about McHenry to go along with the video. 

The meme McHenry created became so popular that Gosling actually started getting questions as to whether or not he likes cereal. Last month, Gosling (we’re assuming) jokingly tweeted to McHenry that he would never forgive him for the web phenomenon. (more…)

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Of Course Some of the Met Gala Looks Were Problematic

You knew it was coming. This year’s Chinese-themed Met Gala seemed dubious to us from the start. While we hoped that the exhibit’s curators would be respectful with regards to showcasing Chinese fashion and illustrating its influence on Western attire, we didn’t have such high hopes for the celebrities once they hit the red carpet

We prepared ourselves for all kinds of tone-deaf costumery from the rich and famous, and thankfully there weren’t too many offensive getups. Of course, there were a few celebs who probably should have thought a bit more critically (or at all) when it came to their outfits.


#Metball @ralphlauren it’s almost time!

A photo posted by Emma Roberts (@emmaroberts) on

Emma Roberts was an early offender, posting an image of her hair and makeup to Instagram before making her way over to the Met. She decided to wear chopsticks in her hair, because, why not? (more…)

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