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This Lemonade-Inspired Coloring Book is the Ultimate Form of Therapy

The ultimate form of therapy has arrived. Behold, the Lemonade coloring book.

For years, adult coloring books have topped Amazon bestseller lists and anyone who’s ever put pigmented pencil to paper will readily tell you why: “Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring [about] more mindfulness,” says Marygrace Berberian, a certified art therapist and the Clinical Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the Graduate Art Therapy Program at NYU. Research shows that coloring inside the lines is essentially akin to meditation. Now, combine that feeling with the transcendental state we assume when experiencing Beyoncé’s incredible new visual album and you might just achieve nirvana.


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Rebel Wilson Sues Publishing Company Over Accusations That She Lied Her Way to the Top

Rebel Wilson Torrid

Image: WENN

Actress and comedian Rebel Wilson, known for her starring roles in Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, is suing magazine publishing company Bauer Media for falsely accusing her of lying her way into Hollywood.

According to the writ that was filed to the Victorian Supreme Court on Monday, Aussie mags Woman’s Day, The Australian Women’s Weekly, New Weekly and OK!, all of which fall under the Bauer Media umbrella, made Wilson out to be a compulsive liar.

The writ states that the feature articles were timed to coincide with the release of Pitch Perfect 2 in order to attract maximum attention, and claimed that Wilson had lied about her age, her background and even her name in order to get ahead in the industry.


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Scalloped Eyeliner Could Be the Next Big Beauty Trend

Scalloped details: flattering on your swimsuit, not on your eye. So-called bubble eyeliner, which first appeared on Instagram as early as last year, is making a bid for the next big makeup fad. Ostensibly a reaction to the restrictive, mainstream cat eye, this bumpy look is achieved through a tricky, multistep process. 


#BubbleLiner #Red lips #Makeup #Artist

A photo posted by Nicole Amory Makeup Artist (@nicoleamorymakeupartist) on


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Elizabeth Olsen’s Cover of Allure Is Another ‘Missed Opportunity’ (Forum Buzz)

Following in the footsteps of sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen now steals the spotlight and poses on the cover of Allure. Recent staff changes at the beauty bible have resulted in a subtle change in direction (though we’re eagerly anticipating a full revamp). The new team seems to favor more natural, effortless and un-airbrushed cover shots, like the gorgeous Amy Adams cover a few months back. Now moving on to its June 2016 offering, Olsen was shot by photographer Tom Craig wearing a sunshine yellow dress while sporting a 70s-inspired makeup look.

Allure June 2016 : Elizabeth Olsen by Tom Craig


Members of our forums were left uncertain. “They wasted the opportunity! She is a gorgeous girl, and this could have been a stellar cover if it not for that eye makeup! It’s too heavy for the setting. Had they minimized it, it could have been gorgeous,” MON discredited straight away.

Justaguy wasn’t exactly feeling the makeup either. “Bummed. Was expecting something a lot better than this. The makeup just doesn’t work here. Too harsh with the subtle and soft styling,” he pointed out in frustration. (more…)

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Kesha Flipping Off Her Instagram Body Shamers Is Everything


A photo posted by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) on

Why a victim of sexual assault, or at the very least someone who has made their mental health struggles extremely public over the past year, seems like a worthy target to Instagram trolls is beyond our comprehension.

Since 2014, “Die Young” singer Kesha has been wrapped up in a legal battle with her ex-producer, Dr. Luke, claiming “continuous and ongoing years of sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse and harassment at [his] hands.” Frustratingly enough, thus far the pop star has been unable to legally escape her contract with her former collaborator’s Kemosabe Records.

So, when Kesha decided to take a vacation, recalibrate and post a few empowering if somewhat suggestive Instagram pics, the body-shaming and misogynistic comments that followed were understandably the least of her worries. (more…)

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Ruby Rose Speaks out After Being Accused of Throwing Food at Restaurant Staff

Ruby Rose

Photo: WENN

Ruby Rose has taken to Facebook to explain her involvement in an incident in a New Orleans restaurant last weekend. Rose, who is touring the United States at the moment, was reportedly kicked out of the restaurant after throwing fries at a waiter.

Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen owner Seung Hong told Nola that Rose “cursed out” the bartender. “She was having a tantrum,” said Hong, “She was a horrible person.”

Hong said that he had offered to comp Rose’s party their appetizers, but that she declined and threw food at a bartender. “One of my bartenders was walking by and could tell they were upset, and [Rose] threw food at him. … Ruby told my bartender that if she was a bigger man, she would kick my ass, meaning me.”

In a post, the Orange Is The New Black star has told her side of the story, revealing that she had felt offended by the waiter who she said had made comments about her sobriety after she’d already waited over an hour for her meal.


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