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Your Lash Game Is About to Get Serious: Eyeko Launched a Mascara Bar at Saks


Image: Joane Amay

When it comes to mascara, there is no such thing as one size fits all. All of us are looking for something different. Some search for length-inducing formulas to give their short spikes a natural flutter, while there are those who want to attain a dramatic flair. Others may want to achieve a specific look, like a starburst effect, and need a rich, thickening ink with a specialized brush to eke out the little clusters.

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Whatever it is that you require, Eyeko, Alexa Chung’s favorite eye-focused cosmetics line, has it. To address your every lash need, the cult British beauty brand has opened up a bespoke mascara bar at Saks’ flagship store in New York City. With over 100 formula and brush combos available, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match. During your consultation, an eyelash specialist will analyze your “fringe” and review your likes and dislikes, then she’ll prescribe a brush and formula tailor-made just for you.

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For such a luxury service, the price can’t be beat. At $45, your customized mascara tube comes encased in an ebony-colored monogrammed box with a chic silver-toned lash comb. Afterward, be sure to peep the full assortment of liners and brow products available at the counter to round out your look.

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Snore: The Kardashian/Jenner Clan Celebrates Cosmopolitan’s 50th Anniversary (Forum Buzz)

Our forums don’t usually pay attention to Cosmopolitan and the thread stays pretty dormant for weeks. But our dedicated Cosmopolitan – Worldwide thread soon became active earlier today as the title’s November edition features some well-known TV personalities (take three guesses…). In a move that should surprise no one, all the Kardashian/Jenner women (sans Caitlyn) pose together in an exclusive portrait image, which has our members throwing opinions left, right and center. Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie each wear crisp white shirts before the lens of Francesco Carrozzini, joining their mother Kris Jenner for Cosmo‘s celebratory 50th-anniversary issue.

Cosmopolitan November 2015 Kardashian/Jenners by Francesco Carrozzini


As we should expect by now, forum members continued to show shade at the family and Cosmo‘s efforts. “When will their 15 minutes finally be up? I’m beyond tired of seeing them everywhere, all the time. Also, the cover really looks like a Glamour cover,” criticized KateTheGreatest.

“Wow that looks like a Glamour cover,” MON said, in agreement.

“No no, an OLD Glamour cover! The new Glamour consulted by Anna [Wintour] would never turn out such crap. I’m not mad because it’s the Kardashians, after all, Joanna Coles has been their most staunch supporter (Kendall, Kourtney and her mum aside, the rest all had an OG cover). Coles seems to be deviating further and further away from the brand’s DNA. Is this Francesco’s first cover for them? It’s devoid of, well, everything,” responded Benn98.

A.D.C. wasn’t buying it either, adding, “I don’t like all these random changes Joanna is doing with Cosmo. It just doesn’t feel authentic to me. I don’t know why magazine editors think straying so far from a magazine’s glory days is ever a good idea. In this case, I’m referring to the Scavullo/Helen Gurley Brown era of course.”

Also quick to voice his view was ThatGuyPaul. “I think Khloe looks the best! Kim and Kris after her. The other three looks tired (Kylie), bored (Kendall & Kourtney),” shedding a glimpse of light onto the cover.

We’re expecting some more images to follow. Await the content and join the conversation here.

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Not Just a Pretty Face: Supermodel Natasha Poly Sings in Frame Denim’s Campaign Video

It appears that Russian supermodel Natasha Poly is not only gorgeous, but she’s an amazing singer too. Poly serves as the face — and voice — of Frame Denim’s 2015 campaign video and it turns out, she’s great. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, label founder Erik Torstensson asked her what she’d do if she weren’t a model. Her reply? “Well, I was going to be a singer,” she said. All it took was Torstensson listening to an iPhone voice recording of her singing and it was decided she would perform for the brand’s video.

“In the beginning, I rehearsed myself at home and was studying all the lyrics,” said Poly. “I came into the studio and started singing so loudly, and they were like, ‘you are doing great, but it isn’t the style of the music!’ That was a funny moment.” It turns out that music has been a passion of hers since childhood. “All of my cousins went to music school,” she revealed. “One would go every day to music school and her voice was so beautiful. I would all the time try to copy her. I would come back to my mom and say, ‘Why don’t you send me to music school? I think I’m really good. It kind of just stayed with me. It was just something I really liked.”

As for the future? It seems Poly is toying around at the idea of a possible (maybe even “permanent”) music career.  “Yeah, I could!,” she enthused. “I mean I really enjoyed it and I think it could be really great.” 

To get a taste of her gorgeous voice, watch Frame Denim’s “Alert Amour” video above.

[via Harper’s Bazaar]

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Link Buzz: Zoe Kravitz Hits the Catwalk at PFW, Jenny Packham Launches Bridal Diffusion Line

  • You’re going to want to check out this throwback Kaley Cuoco interview from 1999. [E!]
  • Zoe Kravitz covers C magazine. [E!]
  • Jenny Packham launches a wedding dress diffusion line. [Grazia Daily]
  • #MasculinitySoFragile that dudes are calling the rose gold iPhone “bros’ gold” because it’s definitely not pink…pink would just be way too feminine, right? [E!]
  • At 5 feet 2 inches, Zoe Kravitz represented for the shorties on the Balenciaga runway today. [@VVFriedman]
  • Why one writer buys expensive clothes and why you should, too. [The Atlantic]
  • Here’s what it looks like when Disney princesses are reimagined as hot dogs. [People]

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Guys Are Spending Thousands on Beard Transplants

Jamie Dornan

Image: our favorite (real) beard… Jamie Dornan’s. via WENN

Trying to get your hipster hair on fleek but can’t grow a beard? All isn’t lost. According to the New York Times, more men are remedying their hairless situation by opting for beard transplants. Citing the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, a nonprofit organization and leading authority on hair loss and replacement, the Times states that “beard transplants grew from 1.5 percent of all hair restoration procedures performed internationally in 2012 to 3.7 percent in 2014.”

Guys are getting beard transplants to fill patchy areas, look older, come across as more commanding, or simply to live out their dreams of masculine ruggedness previously deferred by pesky genetics. And thanks to advances in the surgery, which wasn’t available a generation ago, hair transplants are looking way better than they used to. These days, instead of implanting plugs of 15 hairs that look noticeably artificial, the hairs are placed individually and you can regrow them and shave them as you would a natural beard. But the procedure will cost you anywhere between $3,000 to $22,000 big ones.

Hey, if women wear weaves and wigs, then why shouldn’t men be able to fake a beard? 

[via NYT]

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The Makeup Application at Issey Miyake Spring 2016 May Change Your Life

Well, that’s one way to apply makeup. Issey Miyake sent his models down the runway with a pretty dope makeup look this season – fresh faces punctuated by a pop, rather, a splatter of color at the corner of the eyes. It’s a fun and graphic look that was applied in a most unexpected way. 

Makeup artist Alex Box had the models lie down on the floor as she blew the MAC pigments onto their faces through a straw, instead of a brush. It’s not something we often see backstage, and it’s making us want to up our beauty game. 

So… who wants to help us achieve this look tonight? See all the runway looks in the slideshow below.

[via @prettyconnected]

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