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Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Soundtracks Rag & Bone Fashion Show With New Song ‘Coloured Candy’

Fashion label Rag & Bone has brought Thom Yorke on board to create the soundtrack for its Spring 2017 collection. The Radiohead frontman has written an original new song titled Coloured Candy, which was played during the collection’s runway show.

The track, which features a Fitter Happier-style voice, reportedly takes lines from the newspaper which accompanied the release of Radiohead’s 2011 album The King Of Limbs and it’s just the latest in a series of collaborations Yorke has done with Rag & Bone.

You can watch the Rag & Bone launch show soundtracked by Thom Yorke, below.

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Watch: Kate Spade’s Hilarious See-Now-Buy-Now Video Stars Ali Wong and Zosia Mamet

Opening Ceremony gets it. Kenzo gets it. Kate Spade gets it. The secret to owning Fashion Week isn’t a runway show with a three-hour-long wait (cough, Kanye, cough) or an extravagant party with a guest list whose combined security force puts the Secret Service to shame. It’s self-awareness. It’s humor. It’s creating a beautiful line and hiring sharp-witted #GirlBosses like Carrie Brownstein and Ali Wong to help give it a stage.

This year, Kate Spade New York decided to approach Fashion Week a little differently. While the fashion set bemoaned the loss of the brand’s reliably awesome party-slash-presentation, we knew something great was coming.

Case in point: What could be better than a hilarious, star-studded, Kate Spade-filled show (as in fashion but also TV)? Hoping to reach a broader audience with its see-now-buy-now wares — and really reel that viewer in — Kate Spade has developed an ongoing series entitled “Miss Adventure.” And if the pervasiveness of the term “Netflix and chill” proves anything, it’s that the key to our hearts (and wallets) is scripted mishaps.  (more…)

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Lupita Nyong’o Returns to Kenya for Vogue’s Breathtaking October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our forums didn’t hide their disappointment with the September cover of Vogue featuring Kendall Jenner, but it seems as though the magazine has redeemed itself with the unveiling of its breathtaking October cover. As rumored on our forums, Lupita Nyong’o lends her grace and beauty to Vogue‘s front cover once again, as she makes a much-welcomed return for the third time. Nyong’o was joined by photographer Mario Testino as she traveled to her Kenyan hometown for the stunning cover shoot, which has resulted in a series of wonderfully refreshing fashion imagery.

US Vogue October 2016 : Lupita Nyong'o by Mario Testino


Our forum members were full of awe and admiration. “One of the best Vogue covers in… years? Decades, even? Spectacular, only a woman with so much beauty, presence and character like Lupita could make this happen. I love that she’s been playing with traditional African headwraps during the Queen of Katwe press tour, happy that they used in the magazine too,” championed Marc10

“This is a MUST buy. I’m blown away. I haven’t been a massive fan of Testino’s recent work but this is breathtaking. I’m struggling to remember the last time I liked a US Vogue cover this much. The makeup, the styling, the lighting…it just feels so authentic and approachable in a way that US Vogue always seems to aim for but struggles to achieve. Kudos to everyone involved,” applauded Edie123. (more…)

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Bittersweet Victory: Victoria’s Secret Pink Just Hired Its First Black Spokesmodel

Victoria’s Secret isn’t exactly known for casting diverse models. Quite the opposite, in fact. As Mic points out, only two of the lingerie retailer’s 14 Angels are black — and none are above a size 14, or even a 10. However, we will give the loungewear giant this: behind the scenes, they’ve tried. In a recent interview with Refinery29, an ex-Victoria’s Secret retoucher who, for obvious reasons, chose to remain anonymous, had this to say for the brand: “They tried different models and different body types all the time.” Unfortunately, consumers did not respond and the absence of money talked: “One time, during a swim season, they had these two girls come in that had abs and thick thighs and busts. They were really toned and their skin was amazing. They were still obviously models. But they were a different look. But, they didn’t sell anything and so they stopped using those girls.”

Diversity Report: Are Spring 2016 Fashion Ads Still Glossing Over the Issues? ]

While we doubt we’ll see any plus-size Angels anytime soon, Victoria’s Secret is diversifying (slightly) when it comes to race. Recently, the brand announced Zuri Tibby as the first black spokesmodel for Victoria’s Secret Pink. (more…)

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Kendall Jenner Just Scored Her FOURTH Vogue Cover for October, This Time for Vogue Spain (Forum Buzz)

Are we witnessing some secret deal between Condé Nast and Kendall Jenner? Because things just got a whole lotta suspicious now that Kendall has scored yet another cover of Vogue for the month of October. Something what most other working models only dream of, Kendall already has covers for Vogue Japan, Vogue Australia and Vogue Germany under her belt within the last couple of weeks (with an Allure cover thrown in for good measure), and now snatches the cover of Vogue Spain. This is, of course, in addition to her cover of American Vogue in September. 

Vogue España October 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Miguel Reveriego


Our forum members were pleasantly surprised with the outcome. “At this point, this is even more ‘full on’ than Bella, when she started getting covers!! But I have to say it’s her best cover IMO! I like the makeup and the colors,” voiced Miss Dalloway.

“I love it, one of her best covers. I think that the crisp photography works really well with her expression and the styling,” admired kokobombon. (more…)

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The M.A.C x Selena Collaboration Is Here and It Is Everything We Dreamed Of

Selena for M.A.C.

Image: M.A.C. Cosmetics

Last year, Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla’s rightfully devoted fanbase begged M.A.C. Cosmetics to create a line inspired by the style star via a petition. The cosmetics giant heard and obeyed and on October 6, the collection we’ve been dreaming of late at night when all the world was sleeping will hit select M.A.C locations as well as the retailer’s website.

In a press release, M.A.C. stated that the collection was “inspired by the devotion of all those still touched by the iconic Latin legend.” In La Reina’s stead, the makeup collaboration was “tenderly curated with Selena’s sister,” Suzette Quintanilla.

“I wanted the colors to be about her personally, what she wore on and offstage,” Suzette wrote earlier this year. “It just shows the love her fan base has even though she’s gone; that her music still lives on and her legacy has grown tremendously since she’s passed.” (more…)

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