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There’s Nothing Remotely Alluring About Dakota Johnson’s February Cover of Allure

Allure took a major risk with its bold January cover featuring a bejeweled Edie Campbell last month and it mostly paid off. The magazine takes two giant steps backward, however, with a washed-out and depressing cover for February 2018. Looking more like a fashion magazine (despite the lack of actual fashion) with a full-body shot, Allure gives up its latest cover to Dakota Johnson. Making her debut on the beauty-focused publication, the actress was photographed by Petra Collins looking rather glum in what looks like a shady motel room.

Allure February 2018 : Dakota Johnson by Petra Collins


Our forum members felt the cover left a lot to be desired. “What a sad and depressing looking cover,” described mikel.

“I like the new design of Allure, but this is not good. Dakota looks horrible and thank God she’s not in Vogue again,” voiced caioherrero. (more…)

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Kendall Jenner Delivers Her Best Modeling Work Yet for Missoni’s Vibrant Spring 2018 Campaign

Ever since she decided to become a high-fashion model, our forums have been incredibly hard on Kendall Jenner. Take, for example, her current cover of American Harper’s Bazaar, which had tFS forum members complaining (loudly) about her lack of modeling skills. Now, the haters might have to eat their words with the unveiling of Missoni’s new Spring 2018 advertising campaign. While Gigi Hadid proved she wasn’t a Missoni girl in the Fall 2017 campaign, Kendall replaces her BFF this season and…nails it. Photographed by Harley Weir, Kendall visited the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico for the shoot, striking some dynamic poses amongst the glistening white sands with Missoni’s colorful creations providing a beautiful contrast.

Missoni S/S 2018 : Kendall Jenner by Harley Weir


Suffice it to say, our forum members were impressed. “Her best work,” declared Wolkfolk.

“Her best shot ever! BRAVO!” applauded Lola701 in agreement. (more…)

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Forum Members React to Vanity Fair’s Overly Photoshopped Hollywood 2018 Cover

Vanity Fair may not be our go-to choice at the newsstand every month, having failed to hit the spot on more than one occasion recently. Nevertheless, our forum members always anticipate the magazine’s annual ‘Hollywood Issue‘. Amidst the ongoing #TimesUp movement, prominent Hollywood figures Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Tom Hanks, Michael B. Jordan, Zendaya, Claire Foy, Jessica Chastain, Michael Shannon, Harrison Ford, Gal Gadot, Robert De Niro, James Franco and the magazine’s very own Graydon Carter (seriously) make up the thirteen cover stars, Photoshopped, er,  photographed by Annie Leibovitz.

Vanity Fair 'The Hollywood Issue' 2018 by Annie Leilbovitz


After checking out the cover, our eagle-eyed forum members had some serious questions. “Glad they Photoshopped Nicole back to 10 years ago when she still looked amazing,” snarked chanelh at once.

“Holy s**t, I was sure it was Naomi Watts. What did they do to Nicole?” asked Melancholybaby. (more…)

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A Gucci-Clad Oprah Makes the Cover of InStyle for March 2018

It’s now been exactly twelve months since Laura Brown unveiled InStyle‘s overhaul and the magazine continues to surprise us (for better or worse). For March 2018, the magazine pulls a major coup by featuring none other than Oprah Winfrey. A cover girl at the age of 63, Winfrey follows in the footsteps of the likes of Bella Hadid and Drew Barrymore, who have each been cover girls under Brown’s tenure and participated in perhaps her most fashion-forward shoots to date. Photographer Phil Poynter captured the American philanthropist (and possible future U.S. presidential contender) in profile for the rather minimal newsstand cover (below), wearing a Gucci jacket etched with ‘LOVED’ written on the back (for obvious reasons).

US InStyle March 2018 : Oprah Winfrey by Phil Poynter


Members of our forums were quick to jump on the thread to discuss the cover. “I think they tried to go for an iconic shot, but it doesn’t work IMO. All I see is hair. It’s odd to see her on a magazine other than O. She’s a rather handsome woman through the right lens,” wrote Benn98.

MON shared the same uncertain sentiments, adding, “It’s an OK cover. I won’t read much into the fact that it’s an odd angle and cover shot. Maybe they’re trying something new.” (more…)

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Grace Elizabeth Steals the Spotlight From Sam Smith on V Magazine’s Spring 2018 Cover

Over the past year, it has become evident that V Magazine is no longer the cutting-edge publication it once was. Actress Daisy Ridley attempted ladylike glamour on the last issue and now Sam Smith is the magazine’s latest attempt to get our attention on the cover of Issue #111 Spring 2018. Photographed by Nicola Formichetti, the Brit singer-songwriter is joined by model-of-the-moment Grace Elizabeth as well as male models Jules Horn and Jaad Belgaid. Despite Sam being the main focus of the image, someone else succeeded in stealing the shot.

V#111 Spring Preview 2018 : The Discovery Issue


Who, you ask? Our forum members made it clear immediately. “Damn, this could have been an amazing close-up cover of Grace Elizabeth! Sam Smith looks okay, but those two models look like 18+ actors. What’s with the model aesthetics nowadays… Where has the gentleman look gone?” asked Srdjan upon seeing the cover.

“Grace looks gorgeous as always and I wish she had gotten the cover to herself (gigantic hat included!). Its a shame she’s been shoved to the back,” said 333101. (more…)

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Olivier Rousteing Is Back Shooting Balmain’s ‘Tacky’ Ad Campaign for Spring 2018

Despite our complaints last season, Balmain’s creative director of several years, Olivier Rousteing, continues to serve as the brand’s campaign photographer (because what’s good for Karl Lagerfeld, right?). As we head into the new season, Rousteing ditches the established, big-name models in favor of Valery Kaufman, Tami Williams, Aleyna Fitzgerald, Kiko Arai, Katrin Zakharova and Roosmarijn de Kok. Photographed amongst the lavish and opulent surroundings of the Château de Baronville in France, the girls endeavor to make the shoot look like a whole lot of fun, playing to Rousteing’s camera in Balmain’s coveted new collection.

Balmain S/S 2018 by Olivier Rousteing


Our no-holds-barred forum members went all in the moment the campaign struck. “Tragic photos. Tragic cast,” slammed simon.

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Olivier needs to leave the photography to the pros. The angles are so unflattering, it’s all one big blob of tackiness,” wrote GivenchyHomme. (more…)

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