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Magnolia Maymuru Makes History as First Aboriginal Woman to Represent the Northern Territory at Miss World Australia

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Making history, 19-year-old Yolangu woman Maminydjama ‘Magnolia’ Maymuru has been named as the first Aboriginal women to represent the Northern Territory at Miss World Australia.

Maymuru hails from the remote east Arnhem Land community of Yirrkala and grew up in the bilingual community surrounded by her family of traditional artists. Director of NT Fashion Week Mehali Tsangaris spotted her two years ago in Darwin. Maymuru, focussed on her studies, declined his offer, but when he approached her again after seeing her out shopping a year later, she took him up on it.

Speaking to Buzzfeed about what changed her mind she explained, “The main reason why I agreed to do it is that I don’t want to do it just for myself, I want to do it for young people all over Australia. That means black or white. I grew up both ways, the Yolngu way, and the balanda way, which is the white man’s way, the western way.”


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Anja Rubik Does Laid-Back Luxe for Vogue Portugal (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Portugal doesn’t normally get much recognition on our forums these days, even though it has a tendency to do reprints perfectly and we can vividly remember that vibrant Naomi Campbell cover for February. For June 2016, the magazine has proudly commissioned its very own cover shoot and enlisted the modeling expertise of Anja Rubik. Shot by photographic duo Hunter & Gatti, the Polish beauty does laid-back luxe with effortless ease, wearing a coat and trousers from The Row with a 3.1 Phillip Lim shirt worn underneath.

Vogue Portugal June 2016 : Anja Rubik by Hunter & Gatti


But members of our forums declared the outcome a missed opportunity. “You manage to get Anja Rubik and you’re coming up with this? Such a waste,” complained Bezimienna at once.

“I know the tagline says exclusive but this looks like a reprint IMO. There have been so many covers/editorials with Anja styled like this, posing like this… she has more range, what a wasted opportunity,” kokobombon chimed in.

Also disapproving of the magazine’s efforts was TaylorBinque: “I don’t mind it but it somehow looks weird. Maybe the cropping. I also get an ELLE vibe.”

Bertrando3 agreed, writing, “The styling is a mess, there’s way too much text, the cover looks like ELLE magazine and Anja does not bring any energy there. Next!”

“It does look very ELLE, and that’s mainly down to the styling. She looks great though, although it’s weird to see her still booking covers,” said Benn98.

Not everyone was left entirely unsatisfied, however. “Anja’s always a perfect choice. I really like it but the styling and palette of colors look like for fall,” pointed out narcyza.

“Great seeing Anja on the cover of Vogue again. I love the color palette, but this looks so fall to me,” echoed justaguy, feeling the same way.

Is Anja’s new Vogue cover doing it for you? Join the conversation here.

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Nike’s New Sustainability and Labor Practices Are One Foot Ahead of the Game


If it seems like anything is possible, that’s because it is. @nikeyoungathletes

A photo posted by nike (@nike) on

The fashion industry doesn’t get the greatest rap when it comes to worker’s rights or sustainability. As to the former, there was that notorious Condé Nast lawsuit regarding unpaid internships. Then there’s the reality of certain modeling agencies exploiting their charges. Add to those the rampant manufacturing violations and you have just a few examples of fashion’s Devil Wears Prada-esque attitude towards its employees. When it comes to sustainability, well, you’ve likely heard the stats: Consumers across the globe buy about 80 million pieces of clothing annually. The fashion sector, worth about $2.5 trillion, is the second most polluting industry on Earth, bested only by oil. Suffice it to say neither Karl Marx nor Mother Nature is very pleased with us fashionistas right now.

However, before you vow to stop shopping forever, let us point out that the industry is making strides on both fronts. For example, this week Nike, the world’s largest athletic gear company, not only granted full-time workers paid leave, it also announced it now uses recycled materials in 71 percent of its footwear and apparel products. (more…)

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This Comic Depicting Everyday Struggles of Curvy Women Is a Must-See

This Comic Depicting Curvy Women’s Everyday Struggles Is a Must-See

Image: angryartist113/Tumblr

In fashion shows as well as print ads, we’re starting to see a broader representations of women than in previous years and, thanks to forward-thinking illustrators and accessible creative platforms like Tumblr, the comic book scene is starting to follow suit.


#wonderwoman #fail

A photo posted by Trevor O’ Sullivan (@elvisrockysly) on

Thus far, in American comic book culture, women have typically occupied a very limited space — and we refer to both their characteristic roles and their Barbie-esque figures here. Catwoman and Wonder Woman, while powerful and independent, spend a good chunk of time off-screen shimmying into their skin-tight, breast-accentuating latex onesies. Then you’ve got your damsels in distress and your Bettys and Veronicas who, though more comfortably clad, waste too much of their time pining away or quibbling over emotionally unavailable or otherwise undeserving male protagonists. (more…)

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Kendall Jenner’s New Harper’s Bazaar Cover by Karl Lagerfeld Reminds Us of THAT Instagram (Forum Buzz)

Considering she’s already got a handful of Vogue covers and even a W Korea cover appearance in her ever-growing portfolio, Harper’s Bazaar is just a little late jumping on the Kendall Jenner bandwagon. Taking to the front of Bazaar‘s double June/July 2016 edition, the Estée Lauder ambassador and current face of Calvin Klein, looks comfortable posing on Karl Lagerfeld’s studio floor wearing a white bodysuit from Balmain — and giving us flashbacks to that Instagram photo

US Harper's Bazaar June/July 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Karl Lagerfeld


As usual, Kendall’s presence captured the attention of our forum members. “The huge type has more energy than she does,” laughed an uninterested TREVOFASHIONISTO within seconds of the cover surfacing.

“And this is a top model?” asked a horrified Srdjan, suggesting the cover lacked some serious pizazz.

Also not feeling it was MyNameIs, writing, “She looks plastic. Dead in the eyes. Awkward angle.”

GreyVetiver wasn’t much of an admirer either, disapproving, “Yet another major failure. Has she ever tried to be a legit model? Just give me Anna Ewers then I’ll be happy.”

Although the cover didn’t offend everyone. “Actually for Kendall’s standards this is pretty great!” championed a surprised KissMiss.

“Whoa, this is actually stunning! Possibly the best cover they have done in a long while! Even their ugly text layout works with the image, she looks beautiful, and the makeup is amazing, and in such focus!! Very surprised how well it turned out,” confessed Miss Dalloway, projecting a different attitude toward the cover.

“Well, it could’ve been much worse. Can’t believe Karl shot this, such a strong image. It’s flawless, glossy and luxe, plus I love the angle. Next to GQ, it’s quite possibly her best cover yet,” declared Benn98 in amazement.

US Harper's Bazaar June/July 2016 : Kendall Jenner by Karl Lagerfeld


See more from Kendall’s cover story and join the conversation here.

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A New Investigative Report Reveals the High Cost of Modeling

Models backstage at Altuzarra's Spring 2016 show.

Image: Imaxtree

When we were young, naïve and blissfully unaware of the Schedule C form’s existence, modeling seemed like a great gig. You’re gorgeous, you’re well paid, your job consists of strutting your stuff in designer fashions and occasionally jet-setting across the world to do it. As it turns out, unless you’ve reached near-Gisele status, modeling expectations vs. reality would make for a particularly tragic, unfunny meme.

A recent exposition by CNN Money delves into the injustices faced by workers in this time-consuming, demanding and highly competitive industry. Unhealthy restrictions on weight are just the tip of the iceberg. Models have none of the protections afforded to salaried workers in the U.S. — there’s no minimum wage, overtime, scheduled breaks or paydays. The main issue, however, is how much modeling agencies regularly deduct from their models’ earnings and the extreme lack of transparency within these institutions. (more…)

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