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Watch: This Hilarious Carrie Brownstein-Directed Fashion Film for Kenzo Imagines Social Media, IRL

If you thought Maya Thurman-Hawke frolicking through Woodstock for AllSaints was a stunner of a campaign video, wait til you see this. Kenzo’s latest fashion film combines the talents of Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein, House of Cards’ Mahershala Ali and Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne — and the result is just as clever and witty as anything you’d expect from the binge-TV triumvirate. The seven-minute — we know, in that time you could watch a whole third of a Sex and the City episode, but hear us out — short also features actress Laura Harrier as Abby, who is, quite literally, all of us (but maybe a little better at social media).

The Realest Real begins with social media maven Abby waiting in the lobby of the fictitious, eerie Institute of the Real and the Really Real for a meeting with the Minister of Public-Private Relations (Ali). A prim, no-nonsense Rowan Blanchard guides her to his office. Abby’s social media followers physically follow behind her. One wanders away, because they’re fickle like that. In the Minister’s office, puppies take selfies and the Minister explains to Abby that he has been observing her social media presence (every email, tweet, comment, caption and like she’s ever posted). He is pleased. Her reward? Natasha Lyonne is her new mommy, since Abby once commented “Mom” (“A term of affection implying that you are so fond of Ms. Lyonne that you wish she were your mother,” the Minister explains) on the actress’ Instagram. A hilarious, careful-what-you-wish for chain of events ensues. (more…)

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Gigi Hadid Stars on an ‘Embarrassingly Bad’ and ‘Cheap’ Harper’s Bazaar October (Forum Buzz)

You have to hand it to Harper’s Bazaar for rolling with what’s relevant (even though the mag tends to churn out dated covers from time to time). Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no question that this is the year of the social media/pop culture model, and American Bazaar certainly taps into that market with covers featuring the likes of Kendall Jenner in June and a kissing Kimye for September. Therefore, Bazaar‘s latest should come as no surprise as Gigi Hadid graces the cover while serving some seriously 80s supermodel vibes in the energetic and engaging cover photo captured by Karl Lagerfeld.  

US Harper's Bazaar October 2016 : Gigi Hadid by Karl Lagerfeld


Fair to assume that our forum members weren’t all too thrilled. “Gigi, Kendall, Gigi, Kendall… what a pathetic world we live in,” anlabe32 sniggered the moment the cover dropped.

“I feel genuinely bad for other models who are trying to make it. The worst time to come into modeling, everything seems to be taken up by the reality show kids,” responded a far from impressed KissMiss. (more…)

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Watch: Maya Thurman-Hawke Escapes Fashion Week In AllSaints’ Spring 2017 Video

Maya Thurman-Hawke is the face of British brand AllSaint's Spring 2017 collection.

Image: AllSaints

Total disclosure: Before British brand AllSaints announced Maya Thurman-Hawke as the face of its Spring 2017 collection, we’d nearly forgotten that Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke had replicated their near-perfect DNA. But that the Hollywood legends did, giving said offspring a relatively down-to-Earth upbringing as compared to other “actor’s kids.”

“For the most part, they kept me out of the public eye,” Thurman-Hawke told Vanity Fair. “The truth is, I have made very few public appearances, and when I have, my parents have been very careful to allow me to have my own experience. The first ‘advice’ I’ve gotten that comes to mind and probably some of the best has been not to worry about it too much and to smile if that will make you happy.” However, like other #blessed Hollywood heirs, Maya got her parents’ good looks and acting chops — the model-slash-actress is currently in her first year at Julliard.

While the college freshman spends most of her time “really busy with school and auditions,” she values her financial independence, hence the AllSaints contract. “She did that modeling gig so that she didn’t have to ask me for spending money,” Hawke told E! News at the Toronto International Film Festival. (Celebrity spawn, they’re just like us.) (more…)

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Miley Cyrus Shows Off a Toned Down New Look on ELLE’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Miley Cyrus has been absent from the magazine circuit for quite some time and it’s hard to believe that her last notable cover appearance was back in 2015 for British ELLE. The American edition of ELLE has brought Miley back into our lives on the cover of its recently unveiled October 2016 issue. After winning us over with Cara Delevingne last month, ELLE hits a home run for the second month in a row. Photographed by Terry Tsiolis, the “Wrecking Ball” singer sports a toned-down look for the light, airy and refreshing cover shoot, looking more at ease than she ever has before. 

US Elle October 2016 : Miley Cyrus by Terry Tsiolis


Members of our forums were loving ELLE‘s take on Miley. “What a beautiful cover! I love everything about it. She looks so gorgeous… And the layout actually works. They should stick with this,” praised MON.

“What a lovely cover!” added Handbag Queen. (more…)

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Kim Kardashian Does ‘Naughty Bride’ on Wonderland’s Autumn Cover (Forum Buzz)

Everyone has been so transfixed on what Kendall Jenner has been doing lately (ahem, scoring magazine covers left, right and center), that we almost forgot about sister Kim Kardashian for a second. Yet Kim has quickly reminded us of her existence by appearing on the cover of Wonderland‘s latest. The British title hasn’t been short of aheadlines lately, with its Summer 2016 issue starring Zendaya causing some controversy. Wonderland is set for some more buzz with its Autumn edition thanks to Kim, who plays a naughty bride in the cover photo shot by Petra Collins while wearing a ruffled Kenzo number complete with a veil and fishnet stockings — as all blushing brides are wont to do.


A photo posted by Wonderland (@wonderlandmag) on

Our forum members weren’t here for the cover though. “LOL at the fashion issue and the only thing they could squeeze her into was a Cartier necklace? Give me a break,” slated a far from impressed iclawhands.

“For a split-second, I thought she was rubbing herself under the wedding dress ensemble, or whatever it is, lace curtains and table napkins turned into a top. And always with the thigh-high boots. Kanye must be like one of those husbands with a fetish who can see no further than whatever weird item of clothing they constantly want their wives to be wearing, for their pleasure,” added tigerrogue. (more…)

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Kanye West, Irina Shayk, Jodie Foster and More Cover W Magazine’s Annual ‘New Royals’ Issue (Forum Buzz)

We hate it whenever a magazine changes for the worse — and W Magazine is most definitely headed in that direction. After the unveiling of its September cover featuring Rihanna, our forums noticed some changes in art direction, taking an immediate dislike to the redesigned masthead. Hoping the change was only temporary, W‘s set of covers for October 2016 reveal otherwise. The mag’s annual The New Royals Issue has just been unveiled and it features a handful of personalities photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Kanye West, Irina Shayk, Jodie Foster, Halle Berry, Kit Harrington and Elle Fanning (among a few others) each star on their own solo cover.

W October 2016 : The New Royals Issue by Mario Sorrenti


It was only natural for our forum members to start selecting their favorite. “The masthead on the men’s covers are upside down…why? None of these three images appeal to me, and it’s mainly the deadpan expressions. It perfectly captures Tonchi’s W – bland and boring,” slated Benn98.

“Oh WOW! Some interesting faces on these covers! Collectively, they’re all intriguing enough for me to purchase without seeing the content, although there is no way I’m going to buy them all. Admittedly, I’m enamored with Irina Shayk’s cover. She is serving up some serious face and pose here,” Valesco added. (more…)

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