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Anja Rubik Wears Saint Laurent on Vogue Ukraine’s February Cover

Vogue Ukraine is on a winning streak. After consistently impressing our forums in 2016, it seems that the glossy is riding the wave of success well into 2017. First, it delivered the ultimate winter cover for January and now, Polish beauty Anja Rubik delights for February in a stark black and white cover photo by Chris Colls. As one of Anthony Vaccarello‘s long-time muses, it should come as no surprise that Anja models a dress from his debut Saint Laurent collection.

Vogue Ukraine February 2017 : Anja Rubik by Chris Colls


Our forum members seemed to like what they saw. “I’m not an Anja fan at all, but she looks better than usual here (to me),” blueorchid confessed the second the cover dropped.

“This is good, albeit more commercial than usual for Vogue Ukraine. If it had said Vogue Paris I would have believed it as well,” a pleasantly surprised anlabe32 stated. (more…)

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Allure’s Makeup-Free February Cover with Alicia Keys Causes Controversy on Our Forums

Our forum members are quick to applaud when mainstream fashion glossies do something out of the ordinary, whether it’s refusing to use Photoshop or featuring much-welcomed diverse cover stars. So it’s no surprise that Allure‘s makeup-free cover of Alicia Keys for February 2017 gained the attention of our opinionated forums. The beauty bible failed to impress last month with Zendaya‘s lackluster cover and it looks like Allure won’t be getting any love this month either. Captured by Paola Kudacki, Alicia is all smiles in the cover photo, wearing a mixture of Alexander Wang and Max Mara.

Allure February 2017 : Alicia Keys by Paola Kudacki


“I’m confused! What’s the thinking when a magazine which consistently aids and abets the beauty industry publishes a cover with an anti-makeup message? The way I see it, Alicia Keys and her crusade is absolutely at odds with the beauty industry. Plus, I don’t think the cover works as she’s not making direct eye contact,” forum member Benn98 critiqued the moment the cover dropped.

“The thing I don’t like about this whole ‘Alicia Keys without makeup’ thing is that she is overusing it for publicity even though it isn’t completely true. She only stopped wearing foundation because she had bad acne – she clearly continues to use eyeliner, mascara and discreet lipstick. And now her team turned it into a whole ‘Alicia is a makeup-free woman, liberated from society norms’ fiasco which is a lie and a confusing one at that. Cover wise, I don’t think I like the red Allure masthead with the outfit. There is something that bugs me about the whole color combination,” critiqued dodencebt. (more…)

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Doutzen Kroes, Natasha Poly and Isabeli Fontana Can’t Save Balmain’s Embarrassingly Bad Spring Campaign

Our forums rarely miss a beat and, thanks to social media, noticed in December that models Doutzen Kroes, Natasha Poly and Isabeli Fontana were wearing head-to-toe Balmain for an unidentified shoot. Our suspicions have been confirmed with the reveal of the brand’s Spring 2017 campaign featuring the aforementioned cast. Photographed by Balmain regular Steven Klein, there is (thankfully) no sign of Kanye West this season as the modeling trio turns the Miami desert into a runway, storming down a derelict road for this season’s new campaign.

Balmain S/S 2017 by Steven Klein


Unfortunately, it seems that three of the best models in the industry can’t save a photographer’s work from mediocrity. “Why do they make their campaigns so Photoshopped looking?” asked Scotty immediately.

“I don’t like the composition and the pictures look way too saturated, you can’t even tell if it was shot on location or not. Not a fan, despite the cast,” voiced Valentine27. (more…)

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Karl Lagerfeld and Ralph Lauren Will Likely Be the First Designers to Dress Melania Trump

Update:  According to WWD, fashion baron Karl Lagerfeld is “likely” to join Ralph Lauren in dressing Melania Trump for her husband’s inauguration this Friday. Like Lauren, Lagerfeld is a former Hillary Clinton supporter. Although the German designer was, for obvious reasons, ineligible to vote in the U.S. election, he nonetheless weighed in on the matter. “I think with the first black president, what they need now is the first woman president. That has to change, too,” the always opinionated, rarely politically correct Lagerfeld told The Associated Press back in March.

Whether this means Melania will be wearing Fendi, Chanel or Lagerfeld’s eponymous brand remains to be seen. Whether Lagerfeld will be responsible for Melania’s day or evening look is also a mystery. Although Lauren is known for his polished, preppy suiting, we could just as easily picture Melania donning a tweed two-piece for the swearing-in and an off-the-shoulder Lauren number later that evening. A Jackie O.-inspired Chanel suit would certainly get the fashion world talking — not that this apparent endorsement from Lagerfeld and Lauren, two major designer powerhouses, hasn’t already. Several wary designers have remained mum on the subject of dressing the incoming first lady (Christian Siriano among them), but with Lauren and Lagerfeld calling for separation of fashion and state, it’s hard to imagine their peers (underlings?) won’t fall in line.


January 17, 2017: Either Ralph Lauren has not been following the L.L. Bean backlash or he is one very brave man. WWD reports that the American designer is now working on a custom piece for Melania Trump’s Inauguration Day appearance (in T-3 days). Spokespeople for Lauren have neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

Of course, unlike duck boot heiress Linda Bean, Ralph Lauren — at least up until November 8, 2016 — was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. He created the pantsuits worn by the former presidential candidate on several key occasions, including all three debates, her trip to the voting booth and her concession speech. Perhaps that’s why the public didn’t think much of it when Melania wore a one-shoulder Ralph Lauren jumpsuit (purchased at the brand’s Madison Avenue store) to her husband’s acceptance speech. Up until now, the FLOTUS-elect’s wardrobe has been largely off-the-rack.

Michelle Obama’s Best Looks Ever (Including That Versace Dress) ]

True, designing a custom piece for Melania is, on the most surface level, an act of bipartisanship (which Obama and Clinton have urged ever since Trump’s victory). On the other hand, popular sentiment seems to be that to participate in Trump’s inauguration (or administration) in any sense is to condone the 45th U.S. President’s political beliefs. Thus far, the list of inauguration performers reads like a flyer for a low-budget college concert and few celebrities — apart from Caitlyn Jenner — have deigned to RSVP, despite the potential for exposure.

The fashion world seems (somewhat) further removed from the matter. After all, as Cynthia Rowley told WWD, “She can simply purchase whatever she wants, so how can we control it?” That said, several designers have seized the chance to make a political statement, speaking out either for or against dressing Melania. If Ralph Lauren is, in fact, outfitting the soon-to-be first lady, we’ll be interested to see whether he gains Isabel Toledo-like acclaim or joins L.L. Bean and New Balance in the proverbial pillory.

[ via WWD ]

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Naomi Campbell Is the Latest Model to Go Topless for Givenchy Jeans’ Recycled Campaign

Contrary to our forum members’ outspoken opinions, Riccardo Tisci seems pretty satisfied with his tried-and-true Givenchy Jeans’ campaign concept. Despite the lack of innovation, at least we can look forward to a change of casting each season. Having already given us Candice Swanepoel, Irina Shyak and Gisele Bündchen, modeling royalty Naomi Campbell joins the list for Spring 2017. In the black and white images shot by Luigi & Iango, Naomi goes topless while perching on the shoulders of model Justin Levy — in the same pose as her predecessors.

Givenchy Jeans S/S 2017 : Naomi Campbell & Justin Levy by Luigi & Iango


“Wait what. This is from few years back, no?” questioned forum member gazebo the moment the campaign struck, feeling a little nostalgic while viewing the image (above).

“Again this pose?! A bit more creativity please,” reprehended a disapproving Nymphaea. (more…)

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Anna Ewers Gets Swallowed Up in Loewe for Her Fourth Cover of Vogue Paris

Anna Ewers is certainly no stranger to the cover of Vogue. The German beauty captivated us on the cover of Vogue Japan last month and can currently be seen on British Vogue‘s February issue alongside fellow models Imaan Hammam and Taylor Hill. A favorite of Emmanuelle Alt, Anna returns to the cover of French Vogue for a fourth time, wearing Loewe on the magazine’s February edition shot by photographer David Sims.

Vogue Paris February 2017 : Anna Ewers by David Sims


Unfortunately, the cover was met with mixed reviews by our critical forum members. “Stunning and powerful! There’s some excessive softening going on around her face which doesn’t match her body, but I love this shot. Glad to see Anna back at VP after a yearlong hiatus,” Benn98 pointed out the moment the cover dropped, about to stand alone in his liking toward the cover.

“I don’t like it. Anna is too weak of a model to be styled like this. She’s literally being swallowed by the clothes. Boring, next,” announced an unforgiving anlabe32. (more…)

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