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Rihanna and DC Comics Duke It out over ‘Robyn’ Name

Rihanna Met Gala

Image: WENN

She’s not commonly known by her first name, but that’s not going to stop Rihanna from making sure no one else is allowed to use it. Riri’s trying to get a trademark for her first name, Robyn, but DC Comics is absolutely not having it. The comic book company says Rihanna’s name is far too similar to that of Batman’s beloved sidekick Robin and argues that its customers will be confused by the grab, saying it ”is likely to cause dilution by blurring and tarnishing the famous opposer’s mark.”

According to Page Six, Rihanna tried trademarking her name because she wants to use it for an online publication. DC Comics is pulling out all its already-trademarked Robin merchandise to fight Rihanna’s filing.

Rihanna is a pop superstar, but DC Comics is an American institution at this point. Robin and Robyn are spelled differently, so we’re not sure if the name would be all that confusing for DC Comics’ customers and fans, but it’s up to the courts to decide. Still, we’re more interested in the possibility of a Rihanna-owned website. Could the singer be fixing to make her own lifestyle destination à la Gwyneth Paltrow or Reese Witherspoon

We can only hope!

[via Page Six]

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Liam Hemsworth Crowned First-Ever Celeb Face of Diesel Fragrance

Liam Hemsworth is the new face of Diesel’s iconic fragrance Only the Brave. It’s a biggie because he’s the first celebrity to be awarded the role, and, because, well, it’s Liam freakin’ Hemsworth. Let the ogling begin.

The 25-year-old The Hunger Games star has offered his good looks and charm to other labels like UK brand Bench in the past, but this will be his first gig in “beau-tay”. He channels a bit of a moto dude for the shoot, which sees him rock a leather jacket, lace-up boots and just the right amount of, what we like to call, Hemsworth stubble.

“The brave one is characterized by his strength, his determination and most of all his ability to live life bravely on his own terms,” Diesel’s Creative Director, Andrea Rosso, said in a statement (via MTV). “I think that Liam embodies these qualities, I am happy to have him representing Only the Brave.”

The black-and-white effect for the shoot only makes him look more dreamy and unattainable, but we can’t wait to see this campaign anywhere an everywhere. Seriously, we hope Diesel has a big advertising budget for this one.

[Via MTV]

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Anna Heinrich Steals the Limelight for Men of Influence Dinner

Anna Heinrich arrives at the Men of Influence Dinner

Photo: Getty

The Bachelor Australia‘s Anna Heinrich proved that she’s so much more than just Tim Robards‘ girlfriend, stealing the show at the Men of Influence Dinner at Sydney’s The Bridge Room last night, May 19. Even though she was there in support of her main man and final rose-giver, who recently nabbed the first-ever male cover of Men’s Style magazine, all eyes were on Anna and her alluring elegance. (more…)

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Rebel Wilson’s Real Age Finally Revealed in ASIC Documents

Rebel Wilson Torrid

Image: WENN

Australian comedian and actress Rebel Wilson has finally had her real age revealed through official Australian business records, confirming she is 35 and not 29 as originally thought.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that business records filed with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) list the date of birth for a “Rebel Melanie Elizabeth Wilson” as March 2, 1980. That makes her 35-years-old, mathematicians, and six years older than the 29 we previously believed.

In case you’re thinking, “There could be two Rebel Mealnie Elizabeth Wilsons, right?”, the ASIC documents pretty much prove that this particular individual is indeed who we think it is. It shows that the same person was the director of several entertainment production companies including Bogan Pride Productions, which produced some of Wilson’s earliest work on Aussie TV including Bogan Pride on SBS. The address attributed is also in Rebel’s old home suburb of Cherrybrook in Sydney’s north-west. (more…)

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The Woolmark Company and the CFDA Celebrate This Year’s International Woolmark Prize Winners

Woolmark Prize 2015 USA

The USA’s contenders for the 2015/2016 International Woolmark prize. Image: BFA

Last night, the Woolmark company and the CFDA joined forces to fête Public School’s and M.Patmos’ big wins in the mens and womens prizes (respectively) and to introduce the USA’s contenders for the 2015/2016 International Woolmark prize. CFDA CEO Steven Kolb and Michelle Lee, Director of the Americas for The Woolmark Company, were both on hand to help celebrate the designers making a play for the grand prize. This year’s lineup includes Cadet’s Raul Arevalo and Brad Schmidt, David Hart, Lucio Castro, Thaddeus O’Neil and Siki Im for menswear. Representing for womenswear is Kaelen Haworth of Kaelen, Nellie Partow, Novis’ Jordana Warmflash, Tanya Taylor and Chris Gelinas. The new class seemed quite enthusiastic about their inclusion in this storied tradition, dating back to the 50s. 

“It’s an honor to participate,” Chris Gelinas told us. “It’s really exciting mainly because of the history, obviously with Yves Saint Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld winning the prize (in 1954) and they were relatively unknown designers at the time. Something like this can really make a career. There are a lot of prizes these days, but to be involved with one that has such a history and a heritage with supporting designers is interesting.” 


The CFDA’s Steven Kolb, M.Patmos’ Marcia Patmos, Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne and Woolmark’s Michelle Lee.
Photo: BFA

Each designer will use wool textiles to bring to life their modern visions of the fabric, which to many people has a very specific connotation. “Wool to a lot of people has very obvious references, whether it’s outerwear or Fall/Winter,” Gelinas explained. “I think that it lacks this technical edge and I love bridging this gap between classic conventions and innovation. I’m working on some really cool techniques that I think are really innovative and I think will bring a totally new view on wool. I don’t think you think of wool as being really high tech and hopefully, I can achieve something that will change people’s perceptions a bit.”

It is this same keen sense of innovation that helped M.Patmos’ Marcia Patmos win the 2014/2015 award, along with Public School’s Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne.  Patmos said she’s already gotten several inquiries about her label and the collection, which is due to hit stores for the fall season. Her collection is truly elevated casual wear, a trend that has taken fashion by storm. 

The Public School designers are having their moment in the sun. With their 2014 CFDA award for Menswear Designer of the Year, their 2013 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Prize and the possibility that they could take home two CFDA awards this year, it’s a bit of an understatement to say that Public School has been having an excellent past few years. 

Osborne and Chow, who have already started their tenure as creative directors for DKNY, don’t feel any differently despite the accolades. “It’s weird because we’ve been taking it day to day and it doesn’t really feel like [we’ve skyrocketed.]” Osborne said. “I think we step back and try to look at it from the outside, our trajectory to us is something we can’t fully embrace. We’ve just been working and taking it one day at a time and doing the best that we can. There is so much more to go, so it really feels the same.”

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Vans Releases “Young at Heart” Disney Collaboration

Vans x Disney

Vans x Disney “The Young at Heart” Collection; Image: Courtesy

We’ll never be too old to freak out over Disney. Just today, Vans launched its new Disney collaboration and we’ve already gone bananas. The adorable cartoon collection, called “The Young at Heart,” includes apparel, accessories and shoes for men and women featuring all our favorite pals: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh. Look closely and you’ll even see Mickey and Minnie swapping their traditional yellow shoes for red and pink sneakers.

vans and disney 2

This isn’t the first time Vans partnered with Disney. In fact, they have a long history together. The two first linked up in the 1980s on limited-edition sneakers patterned with original artwork. Later, in 2013, Vans debuted a line of retro-inspired Disney shoes featuring those same classic drawings.

“The Young at Heart” collection will be available this June at Vans retail stores and select locations globally.

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