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Kendall Jenner Claps Back at Stephanie Seymour’s Harsh Criticism


A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

Nowadays many owe their careers to the prevalence of social media. From the community managers who tweet from corporate accounts to the influencers who meticulously curate their own pages to models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, there’s no question that amassing a following gets you paid. In the case of Kendall and Gigi, that pay amounts to “between $125,000 and $300,000 for a single post across their portfolio,” says Frank Spadafora, CEO of D’Marie Archive, an app that ranks how profitable fashion notables are.

Models with vast social media followings can now make more money on a single post than they do in a day’s worth of shooting. This fact has not escaped the notice of the earlier generation of models, who don’t seem too pleased with sharing the title of “supermodel” with the likes of Kendall, Gigi and Cara. “We [90s supermodels] had to earn our stripes and take our stepping stones to get to where we’ve gotten, and to accomplish what we have achieved… Then it just comes like that for them — but I sometimes believe easy come, easy go,” Naomi Campbell told the audience of The Meredith Viera Show. (more…)

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Gigi Hadid and Steven Meisel Are the Perfect Match for MaxMara’s Fall Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Gigi Hadid is most certainly on the road to campaign success this season. She’s already fronting Versace alongside Karlie Kloss and her campaign for Stuart Weitzman launched earlier this week. Now comes Gigi’s brand new campaign for MaxMara, making a triumphant return after she channeled Marilyn Monroe in the Fall 2015 ads. Gigi once again posed for legendary photographer Steven Meisel (who is quite fond of the American beauty), taking part in a classic studio sitting sporting air-drying hair and a gorgeous nude makeup look.

Max Mara Accessories F/W 2016.17 : Gigi Hadid by Steven Meisel


Yet the campaign seemed to leave our forum members divided. “Seriously?? How can a model like this rule the fashion world? She’s not sexy nor sensual, just plain awful!” cried a deeply unimpressed congacon the moment the campaign leaked.

“Not even Steven Meisel can make this girl look like a model. She really has no place in the modeling industry. Thankfully this is only accessories (too bad they ditched Amy Adams) so hopefully the mainline campaign is better, WITHOUT Gigi and WITH Meisel please,” added a less than impressed anlabe32. (more…)

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Victoria Beckham May Have Just Posed for Her Best Cover Ever (Forum Buzz)

Victoria Beckham most definitely likes to sit for the odd Vogue cover or two…or three…or sixteen. She most recently made an appearance on Vogue China (which received dismal reviews on our forums) and now Victoria poses exclusively for the cover of Vogue Korea. Noted for being a magazine that serves up unconventional and creative covers each month, the title’s take on Mrs. Beckham has certainly paid off. Captured by Hyea W. Kang, the Brit fashion designer photographed wonderfully, posing for an effortlessly stunning profile shot, which has certainly caught the attention of our forum members.


Excited to share my latest Vogue cover with you all! Thank u @voguekorea! X vb

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

“Stunning portrait! For once her bone structure works well for this type of profile, and the sheer masthead adds a nice touch,” complimented Benn98 straight away, about to set the tone for comments to come.

“What a stunning, stunning portrait! My goodness, she’s gorgeous. And the layout is finally clean! This is a perfect cover. One of the best they’ve produced so far,” announced a more than content MON. (more…)

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The Veronicas Send Cyber Bully a Grocery List After He Body Shamed Them

Image: Facebook / Photo by Sasha Samsonova

Image: Facebook / Photo by Sasha Samsonova

Aussie pop duo The Veronicas have dealt with criticism regarding their weight for the bulk of their music career and after uploading a new professional pic to Facebook this week, the negative comments started streaming in thick and fast.

Many of them were shaming the sisters for being underweight and one, in particular, begged them to eat a cheeseburger, with the commenter even offering to pay for their food. The Veronicas swiftly responded, posting a thorough and very specific shopping list that would cover just one day’s worth of shopping and eating for the pair.

matt lee

Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook


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Blake Lively ‘Rarely Disappoints’ in Print and This Marie Claire Cover Proves It (Forum Buzz)

Having proven herself on the likes of Allure and Vogue, we never tire of a good Blake Lively cover. She now returns to the front of American Marie Claire (after a rather messy appearance back in 2014) and looks perfectly effortless in the soft, unfussy image. Photographed by Beau Grealy, The Shallows actress wears an Alexander McQueen dress posing before a white backdrop and we’re loving the simplicity. After last month’s gorgeous Selena Gomez cover, is Marie Claire turning over a new leaf?

US Marie Claire July 2016 : Blake Lively by Beau Grealy


The vast majority of our forum members swere into the cover. “Oh this is gorgeous!” MON admitted immediately.

“Wow, I’m impressed. It’s actually quite simple, yet beautiful, just like last month’s cover. Marie Claire has been on a roll lately,” praised Benn98. (more…)

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Opening Ceremony’s #Pride Collection Benefits Victims of the Orlando Shootings

None of us have been left unaffected by last weekend’s shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, which saw 49 dead and 53 wounded. June being Pride Month, Marc Jacobs seemingly timed the release of his symbolic fall ad campaign to underscore the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ community. Post Pulse, Jacobs’ portraits took on even greater meaning. Opening Ceremony, meanwhile, was slated to release a Pride collection commemorating some of New York City’s most iconic LGBTQ outposts. In an expression of solidarity, all profits from the line will go to the Pulse Victims Fund, providing aid to victims of the tragic events in Orlando.

Opening Ceremony announced the collection with an Instagram post, stating that the line is a response to “seeing so many iconic #LGBTQ landmarks close down.”

“We are celebrating Pride this year by highlighting bars that have been so essential to the social life of New York…Now more than ever, we stand behind these establishments that make our community strong,” Opening Ceremony co-founder Humberto Leon added in a press release. (more…)

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