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Emma Watson Is Vogue Australia’s Guest Editor and Cover Girl for March 2018

Vogue Australia has been making quite an effort to create buzz and drive sales lately. The magazine unveiled a daring new redesign back in September (much to our forum members’ dismay) and now makes Emma Watson guest editor for March 2018. The Brit actress and activist was photographed by Peter Lindbergh for one of his signature effortless and laid-back photo shoots, resulting in two covers: one (below) with Emma cozying up in a thick knit sweater and a second (after the jump) featuring a smiling Emma wearing a black ruffled number.

Vogue Australia March 2018 : Emma Watson by Peter Lindbergh


The covers generated all sorts of feedback on our forums. “Shades of young Rachel Weisz in that first shot, with the long messy hair, pretty brows, and relaxed smile. Gorgeous. The second one (below) is too forced, with the fake Kate Middleton like smile,” commented HeatherAnne.

“It’s nice to see her smile! She’s beautiful. Love the first cover. She looks like she’s cold on the second one, and her smile does look more forced,” echoed Valentine27. (more…)

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Luna Bijl Serves High Voltage Glamour on Vogue Russia’s March Cover

If there’s one thing we crave from our favorite fashion glossies, it’s glamour, and Vogue Russia gives us just that for March 2018. The magazine won us over last month with a bold 80s-inspired Grace Hartzel cover and now enlists forum favorite Luna Bijl as its latest cover girl. Fresh from the covers of Vogue Japan and Vogue Netherlands, Luna delivers what may be her strongest magazine cover yet, looking fierce and fabulous for photographic duo Luigi & Iango and stylist Patrick Mackie (no doubt shot right after the Vogue Japan shoot).

Vogue Russia March 2018 : Luna Bijl by Luigi & Iango


Members of our forums were quick to share their love for the cover. “Finally, some high voltage glamour from Vogue Russia! Trust Luna to be the one coming through with it,” commented Benn98 the moment the cover struck.

“Luna is serving glamour,” wrote Cute. (more…)

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Giampaolo Sgura’s Birgit Kos Cover for Vogue Germany Gets Mixed Reviews

Our forums have a love/hate relationship with photographer Giampaolo Sgura and often call him out, whether he’s shooting Moschino’s latest fragrance campaign or producing some pretty horrific covers for Vogue Germany. We clearly need to make our rants a whole lot louder as the magazine welcomes back the Italian lensman to shoot the March 2018 cover story. Vogue Germany enlists rising star Birgit Kos for the sultry cover shot, styled by editor-in-chief Christiane Arp in Giorgio Armani.

Vogue Germany March 2018 : Birgit Kos by Giampaolo Sgura


Our forum members won’t be making a dash for the newsstand. “Nothing works for me here, it looks like a makeup and hair test shot, this is NOT cover worthy! Why is Arp so into Sgura?” asked Miss Dalloway upon checking out the cover.

“2018 and I’m wondering why Sgura is still hired,” stated helmutnotdead. (more…)

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Natalie Portman Tries on a New Look for Porter’s Retro-Inspired Spring 2018 Cover

Porter was our everything at the newsstand when it first launched. Eventually, our enthusiasm dimmed after a series of safe and mundane covers, though the magazine seems to have gotten its mojo back with recent covers featuring Brie Larson and Imaan Hammam. Now, actress Natalie Portman fronts the publication’s 25th issue for Spring 2018, minus all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Cass Bird photographed Natalie hanging out of a car window wearing a Vivienne Westwood corset and some Isabel Marant denim shorts for the retro-inspired cover shoot, styled by Veronique Didry.

Porter #25 Spring 2018 : Natalie Portman by Cass Bird


The cover generated mixed feedback on our forums. “This is certainly… different for Natalie. I can’t tell whether I like it or not,” dodencebt voiced.

“Maybe it’s just my mind, but here, she looks like a prostitute hanging out on a sunny day, when the going is still good, feeling free… before night falls and the work begins,” mused forum member tigerrouge. (more…)

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UK ELLE Uses a Recycled Margot Robbie Image for the March 2018 Cover

After undergoing a complete overhaul last year, UK ELLE has been riding a wave of successful and compelling covers. Yet after a disappointing February cover last month, we now get a lackluster reprint for March 2018 — and our forums aren’t a happy bunch. Despite a successful Rihanna reprint back in October, British ELLE‘s recycling of American ELLE‘s Margot Robbie cover shoot is an uninspired choice for what is considered the industry’s biggest issue of the year besides September.

UK Elle March 2018 : Margot Robbie by Alexi Lubomirski


After seeing the cover, our forum members did not hold back. “It just looks so dated, and what happened with the slick, new art direction? And a reprint for March? Taking a leaf out of Edward [Enninful]‘s book, I see. It’s embarrassing, and I’m positively fed up with Margot Robbie. Hopefully this is her last cover for this year,” commented Benn98.

“OMG!!! What the hell is that? A reprint for March? Are you insane Anne-Marie [Curtis]? GOSH, BIG NO!!!” exclaimed caioherrero. (more…)

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Vogue Poland Debuts to Mixed Reviews With Anja Rubik and Malgosia Bela on the Cover

It’s hard to believe that it’s taken Condé Nast this long to give us a Polish edition of Vogue, yet Vogue Polska makes its long-awaited debut this week on newsstands. While a select few magazines are cutting back in 2018, the release gives a much-welcomed boost to the industry and reminds us that there’s still a demand for print. Veteran Polish models Anja Rubik and Malgosia Bela appropriately take to the inaugural cover, photographed by Juergen Teller on location in the middle of Warsaw as the Palace of Culture and Science looms in the foggy background.

Vogue Poland March 2018 : Anja Rubik & Małgosia Bela by Juergen Teller


Unfortunately, the magazine’s debut failed to make an impression on our forum members. “Feels like I’m looking at Vogue Polish Architecture or something. Pretty weak debut cover for me,” stated Ed the moment the cover dropped.

“Even Małgosia and Anja can’t save this cover. Very weak debut,” noted narcyza. (more…)

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