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Blake Lively ‘Rarely Disappoints’ in Print and This Marie Claire Cover Proves It (Forum Buzz)

Having proven herself on the likes of Allure and Vogue, we never tire of a good Blake Lively cover. She now returns to the front of American Marie Claire (after a rather messy appearance back in 2014) and looks perfectly effortless in the soft, unfussy image. Photographed by Beau Grealy, The Shallows actress wears an Alexander McQueen dress posing before a white backdrop and we’re loving the simplicity. After last month’s gorgeous Selena Gomez cover, is Marie Claire turning over a new leaf?

US Marie Claire July 2016 : Blake Lively by Beau Grealy


The vast majority of our forum members swere into the cover. “Oh this is gorgeous!” MON admitted immediately.

“Wow, I’m impressed. It’s actually quite simple, yet beautiful, just like last month’s cover. Marie Claire has been on a roll lately,” praised Benn98. (more…)

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Opening Ceremony’s #Pride Collection Benefits Victims of the Orlando Shootings

None of us have been left unaffected by last weekend’s shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, which saw 49 dead and 53 wounded. June being Pride Month, Marc Jacobs seemingly timed the release of his symbolic fall ad campaign to underscore the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ community. Post Pulse, Jacobs’ portraits took on even greater meaning. Opening Ceremony, meanwhile, was slated to release a Pride collection commemorating some of New York City’s most iconic LGBTQ outposts. In an expression of solidarity, all profits from the line will go to the Pulse Victims Fund, providing aid to victims of the tragic events in Orlando.

Opening Ceremony announced the collection with an Instagram post, stating that the line is a response to “seeing so many iconic #LGBTQ landmarks close down.”

“We are celebrating Pride this year by highlighting bars that have been so essential to the social life of New York…Now more than ever, we stand behind these establishments that make our community strong,” Opening Ceremony co-founder Humberto Leon added in a press release. (more…)

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Amy Schumer Makes Her Debut on Vogue’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

Each month our forums endlessly debate who might turn up on the cover of Vogue. The usual names always arise, but we’re pleasantly surprised to see Amy Schumer as Vogue‘s cover star for July 2016. Following her Vanity Fair appearance just two months ago, the comedy queen was once again shot by Annie Leibovitz, on location at New York City’s Central Park. Similar to Katy Perry‘s 2013 cover, Amy poses nonchalantly on the grass, decked out in a figure-hugging Dolce & Gabbana dress selected by the magazine’s very own Tonne Goodman.

US Vogue July 2016 : Amy Schumer by Annie Leibovitz


Per usual, the real question remains: were our forum members impressed? “For crying out loud, this can’t be the best cover shot they had! Her face looks especially unflattering here!” cried out a disapproving Miss Dalloway the moment the cover dropped.

“She is way more lively than this Vogue! What an uncomfortable angle,” agreed a disgruntled jeffandtheworld. (more…)

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Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour Pull a Freaky Friday in This Hilarious Skit

In the latest Vogue Original Short, Anna Wintour takes on — and, of course, conquers — the comedy world. To complement Amy Schumer’s July cover, the Condé Nast creative director and Trainwreck star filmed a Freaky Friday-esque bit.

To give you all some context, Amy’s professed just how little interest she has in the world of fashion. “I don’t think it’s stupid; there’s no moral reasoning,” she tells Vogue. “It’s just not my thing.” Gesturing toward her yoga pants and navy-blue puffer, she continues: “I just have this sense of entitlement that I should be able to feel comfortable at all times, like I could go to bed at any moment in what I’m wearing.”

This explains why she crashes and burns as Anna. In a meeting to discuss Amy’s feature, the two defiantly declare one another’s jobs “easy” and a life swap challenge ensues. Amy quite literally takes a dive in Wintour’s shoes, hopelessly trying to differentiate between cardigans and choke down a Gisele Bündchen-worthy lunch. Wintour, meanwhile, slays the crowd at the Comedy Cellar, ending her set with a mic drop to raucous applause. She even pulls off the fashion crime of wearing her sunglasses at night. The woman can really do it all.

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Prince William Makes History as First Royal to Appear on Cover of LGBT Magazine

Prince William will become the first member of the royal family to be photographed for the cover of a gay magazine, after Attitude UK announced that the Duke of Cambridge will appear on the cover of their July issue.

Prince William also features in an interview, in which he speaks out about his own experiences with homophobic bullying directed towards the gay community at his Kensington Palace home and the impact it has had on the mental health of those involved.


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New Marc Jacobs Ad Campaign Celebrates the Strength of the LGBTQ Community in the Wake of the Orlando Shooting

Marc Jacobs is the king of the politically charged fashion statement. Over the past year, he’s come out in strident support of Planned Parenthood, dedicated his Spring ad campaign to the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage and featured plus-size rock star Beth Ditto on his Spring 2016 runway. The designer’s Spring 2016 promo was also the season’s most diverse. Jacobs accompanied the spread with eloquent anecdotes discussing exactly why he’d chosen each of his subjects, making their personalities come alive on the page.

Now, in the midst of Pride Month and the wake of the horrific Orlando shooting, Marc Jacobs has once again shone the spotlight on those who challenge the status quo, both in their actions and simply by existing. Part of the trauma of the shooting, aside from it being the most fatal in American history, was that it occurred in the age of social media. We have unprecedented insight into all 49 victims’ lives and even their last moments thanks to sources like Instagram and Snapchat. Regardless of our sexual identification, we can identify. (more…)

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