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Link Buzz: Anna Kendrick Is the New Face of Kate Spade, Funeral Arrangements for Oscar de la Renta Set

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

  • Anna Kendrick signs on with Kate Spade as the brand’s newest celebrity ambassador. [People]
  • Funeral arrangements for Oscar de la Renta have been made. The service will take place November 3 at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola on Park Avenue and 84th Street. [WWD]
  • Because a long, party-filled wedding weekend wasn’t enough, the Clooneys are reportedly planning a third wedding celebration in the U.K. Must be nice! [The Independent]
  • i-D charts the rise of the new “it” model. [i-D]
  • Not only is your iPhone 6 too big for your pockets and likely to bend — it could turn blue because of the dye in your jeans. [The Huffington Post]
  • Kelly Osbourne got a tattoo in honor of Joan Rivers. [Page Six]
  • What it’s like to be a student at Parsons. [The Cut]
  • Some idiot thought this Ray Rice Halloween costume was a cute idea. [The Cut]

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Designer Sid Neigum Wins 2014 Mercedes-Benz Start Up Competition

Sid Neigum

image: George Pimentel

Toronto’s World MasterCard Fashion Week is rapidly climbing the ranks of legitimacy and importance on the international stage, and designer Sid Neigum is playing a big role in helping the event grow. The conceptual Canadian designer, who has stockists in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Seoul, was declared this year’s winner of the Mercedes-Benz Start Up competition, an ongoing initiative that supports and promotes emerging Canadian designers.

The award comes with a $30,000 bursary that will be administered by a mentoring team of industry experts who will ensure that the funds are used to the greatest benefit of Neigum’s business. He will also receive editorial support from Canada’s FASHION magazine as well as international publications and a fully produced runway show at the Fall 2015 collections in March.

This season, Neigum dazzled the fashion crowd with a cerebral and inventive spring collection that relied heavily on the laser-cut and draping techniques that are becoming his hallmarks. The black, white and gray collection drew inspiration from origami artistry that resulted in intricately folded and tucked tops and skirts as well as one show-stopping cape. There were also delicate silk separates with geometric cut-outs, elegant Asian-inspired draping and chic minimal lines. This is one designer to watch.

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Chrissy Teigen Gets Run Out of Twitter Land for Ottawa Shooting Comment

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Chrissy Teigen is never one to reserve her opinion on social media, but this time, her quips have gotten her in trouble with the Twitterati. The model took to the social media outlet to offer her two cents on the horrifying shooting that occurred earlier this week on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill and her comments, to say the least, were not well-received.

In the wake of the shooting, which has been deemed an act of terrorism, Chrissy took the opportunity to make a political comment on gun control in the United States. 

This set off several of Chrissy’s followers, who took great offense to the tweet, some saying she was making light of the situation in Canada, others criticizing her for being anti-American. As what tends to happen on the Internet, things quickly got out of hand with Chrissy receiving a slew of nasty comments.

Fox News also got in on the bashing with commentator Andrea Tantaros giving the model a light read on-air: “Chrissy Teigen is known for, obviously, her lovely bottom, and her food Instagram pictures,” Tantaros said. “She should stick to that. This is the problem when models start to talk. It plays into that dumb model stereotype. Because it’s too soon for her to weigh in, and also conflate gun control and crime in America with a global war against radical Islamic jihadism. She clearly doesn’t know about the radical Islamic threat to the nation, she hasn’t educated herself, but when she does stuff like this you’ve just got to shake your head.”


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Court Finds Dolce & Gabbana Not Guilty of Tax Evasion

Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce

Image: IMaxTree

Dolce & Gabbana’s legal troubles have finally come to an end today as they have been found not guilty of tax evasion.

It has been a long case for the design duo. Back in June of 2013, they were found guilty of the crime and were sentenced to serve jail time for a year and eight months. They took their case to a court of appeals, where they were again found guilty yet didn’t serve any jail time since a minimum of two years must be doled out in order for anyone to actually go to jail in Italy. 

Dolce & Gabbana then took their case to the highest court, which today found that there was “no ground” for the case and set the designers free, according to WWD. Dolce & Gabbana’s lawyers argued that the pair were innocent of the charges, considering they handled the creative side of the business, leaving the finances to the experts. Any wrongdoing would not have been their fault, as they were too busy making dresses. 

No doubt, Dolce & Gabbana must be pretty pleased with this outcome.

 [via WWD]

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Just Like Us: Kim Kardashian Uses Her Birkin as a Diaper Bag Too

kim kardashian carrying north west in a matching black lace outfit

Image: WENN

Some things in life simply defy the laws of common sense: Bottled water (why are we paying for something that is supposed to be free?), Ugg boots with shorts, Justin Bieber’s entire existence… But Kim Kardashian West, as she is wont to do, has taken the nonsensical to an entirely new level. Marie Claire published an interview with the reality star this morning, in which she dishes on everything from growing up Kardashian to being a mom. New moms make all kinds of mistakes with their first child, but none so silly as letting a toddler near their very expensive grown-up stuff.

Money is clearly no object for Kim Kardashian, who is reportedly worth about $45 million. Which is probably the reason why the bag she uses to carry daughter North’s diapers and other baby effects is…a Birkin bag. You read that right. North West’s nappies get carried around in a bag that’s worth at least $10,000.

“My diaper bag is a Birkin… a big one,” she said. “There’s milk everywhere, spilled all over it and I want to say, ‘[North] we need to be a little neater, this is a Birkin.’ But obviously it means nothing to her yet.”

Um yeah, obviously not because she’s a BABY. We get that Kim’s a first-time mom, but come on, kids are messy. They spill, they drool, they poop, they put their fingers in all kinds of dirty places, because that’s what they’re supposed to do. It seems a little ridiculous to have such an expensive item as your go-to for something that can get as dirty as a diaper bag. 

But hey, in Kim’s world, Birkins probably grow on trees.

[via Marie Claire]

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Caroline Trentini Gets Us Ready for Winter on Vogue Korea’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Korea gets us ready for winter with its November issue. The magazine tapped American Vogue regular Caroline Trentini for its cover and got Steven Pan to photograph the blonde beauty. Caroline sports a crop-top teamed with a huge fur hat, which surprisingly works. The 27-year-old Brazilian’s hair appears wet as if working up a sweat for the sports-inspired cover story.

Vogue Korea November 2014 Caroline Trentini


Yet members of theFashionSpot aren’t so sure. “She looks ridiculous, she does not look good and this image for a cover does not say VOGUE to me,” states Bertrando3, who starts off the discussion and sets the tone of thread.

“I love Caroline but this is not a good cover… At all,” notes Nepenthes.

KateTheGreatest shares the same sentiments and posts, “I only like that Caroline is on the cover, everything else does not work for me at all.”

Also to disapprove of the cover is Benn98: “Certainly not a cover-worthy shot, and I hate the open spaces (for once there’s too little text!). Glad for Caroline, and obviously her editorial will be better but she appears to be engulfed by that odious cap.”

“Is this the actual cover or a preview? I think that the layout isn´t working, too much free space doesn´t enhance the picture at all…”  replies kokobombon in agreement.

Nymphaea dislikes the makeup look: “Doesn’t work at all, she looks ridiculous with the painting below her eyes.”

However, forum member narcyza soon changes the mood of the thread as she enthuses, “Wow, this cover is amazing. Another great work of Caroline. I’m so glad that she is back.”

“I actually really like this cover! It’s different and has a lot going on, but it works for me. And the fact that it’s Caroline makes it even better!” approves justaguy.

Check out the thread for a preview of Steven Pan’s cover story and share your own opinion here.