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Jennifer Lawrence Addresses Nude Photo Scandal on Cover of Vanity Fair (Forum Buzz)

Amid the ongoing scandal of those leaked nude photos of celebrities stolen via their iCloud accounts online, Jennifer Lawrence is the first to speak out about her humiliation. The Hunger Games star poses for Patrick Demarchelier whilst taking a dip on location in the Hollywood Hills. Jennifer dons nothing but a diamond necklace on the cover with her hair styled effortlessly in tussled waves. Due to the media’s persistent coverage of the subject, Vanity Fair allows the cover image to do the talking and decided not the overcrowd the cover with text. Kudos!

Vanity Fair November 2014 Jennifer Lawrence


The scandal doesn’t stop our forum members from having their say. “Of course she had to be topless in a pool, Vanity Fair I despise you sometimes, you are that obvious, and cheap!! And that is really not the best face shot of her I have ever seen, why not show her in control, confident, and powerful! None of it is conveyed in this cover!” shares Miss Dalloway.

“So last month we got Robert Downey Jr, one the biggest male movie stars at the moment, looking cheeky and suave and handsome without being sexualized on the cover or in the editorial. This month we get Jennifer Lawrence, one of the biggest female movie stars of the moment…completely nude and open mouthed. Never change Vanity Fair,” comments an unimpressed fee de foret.

Benn98 appears to be on the fence: “The composition looks unfinished, but I like it. Very surprised that Patrick shot this, it’s got a nice sheen to it which accentuates the tropical backdrop.”

TaylorBinque, however, likes what he sees and writes, “It’s a beautiful image. Thank god for Demarchelier! I think the photo along with the story, it’s too literal and I just don’t feel like she’s in control. Though, I’m a fan of hers and definitely not complaining. (She has the best team and she actually has a talent to go with it.)”

“She’s so unbelievably beautiful,” compliments Kite, a clear fan of the 24-year-old American actress.

Are you a fan of the cover or is it too literal considering the circumstances? Check out a preview of Jennifer’s cover story and share your own opinion here.

Vanity Fair‘s November 2014 issue hits newsstands worldwide October 14.

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What Has Harper’s Bazaar Brazil Done to Ana Beatriz Barros? (Forum Buzz)

The discussion of overly-airbrushed cover images has become a popular topic with our forum members this week. First with Anne Hathaway‘s botched eyes on the cover of U.K. ELLE and now the Brazilian edition of Harper’s Bazaar is in the firing line. The magazine’s October 2014 cover surfaced on our forums and features Ana Beatriz Barros, photographed by Fabio Bartelt, wearing a blush pink ensemble, while a sweeping ocean makes for the vibrant background. Good cover shot, right? Think again.

Harper's Bazaar Brazil October 2014 Ana Beatriz Barros


Members of our forums are irritated with the amount of post-production the image received. “What plasticization did they do to her beautiful face?” questioned marsnoop2, not kicking off the thread on a very positive note.

“Horrible,” simply proclaimed an uninterested burbuja8910.

KateTheGreatest was quick to respond, “Photoshop disaster, she doesn’t even look human.”

Also noticing the airbrushing was Benn98: “Eek! Love everything except her face. This could’ve been a stunning cover but they spoiled it with the horrible retouching.”

“So over-Photoshopped,” shared GlamorousBoy, not very impressed with Harper’s Bazaar Brazil’s efforts this month.

“It´s a beautiful image, love the summer feel. IF ONLY they didn’t Photoshop her to look like a plastic doll!!” complained kokobombon.

After a string of negative comments, Zorka came to the magazine’s defense: “For those of you complaining on the ‘over-Photoshopping’ — first hand info: except for basic retouching and massive color grading, everything else is done in camera. In other words, Max Weber (the makeup artist) did – as I already said – [a] SENSATIONAL job contouring Ana’s face, that’s why it looks like porcelain (in the best possible way).”

So, over-retouched or just good contouring? Take a peek at the contents and have your say inside the thread here.

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The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund Launches Causemetics

CBCSF article

Breast cancer is an issue that has touched so many Canadians, and its cost is both literal and figurative to many families. Which is why the Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund (CBCSF) has partnered with 11 national beauty companies to launch Causemetics. The all-natural and non-toxic skincare and cosmetics companies have agreed to donate a portion of proceeds (from $4 to $10 as marked on the package) to the CBCSF.

The products are packaged in a universal theme with the word “today” written across the label to signify how quickly proceeds will make their way to women as well as to underline the immediacy of need. “Causemetics emphasizes ‘today’ because despite illness and the inability to work, the rent is due, groceries need to be bought, car payments need to be made, hospital parking needs to be purchased – not someday, today,” Kathleen Collins, VP integrated solutions at Cheil advertising agency, said in a statement.

Participating companies and products include Graydon Face & Body Lotion ($29), Evoke Botanical Perfume ($55), Lovefresh Natural Cream Deodorant ($15), Ella’s Botanicals Hand & Body Lotion ($20), Sappho Lip Gloss ($22), Province Apothecary Moisturizing Cleanser & Makeup Remover ($42), Sigrid Naturals Skin Healing Salve ($39), Cocoon Apothecary Moisturizing Serum ($48), Pure + Simple Hand & Body Cream ($49), Consonant Body Soap ($12) and Schaf Moisturizer ($45).

Products can be purchased here and at Green Beauty Spa in Toronto starting October 14.

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Stephanie Seymour’s First Ad for Estée Lauder Is Here! (Forum Buzz)

As reported on our forums back in February, Stephanie Seymour is the newest face of Estée Lauder. The 46-year-old model joins the likes of Arizona Muse, Joan Smalls, Constance Jablonski and Liu Wen as a brand ambassador for the New York-based cosmetics giant. Stephanie’s debut ad is starting to surface inside various November issues and our forum members consider it a real treat.

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv Ad Campaign Stephanie Seymour


Aedlacir was certainly feeling Stephanie’s presence at Estée Lauder and wrote, “Wow what a mesmerizer. I wonder if this signals a long-term contract.”

“Wow, would have never tied Stephanie to Estée Lauder, but what a great fit! This is beautiful and reminds [me] of the gorgeous ads from the 80s and earlier,” commented a more than satisfied justaguy.

Also appreciative of the former Victoria’s Secret model’s ad was tigerrouge: “Shot in this style, she feels more ‘Estée Lauder’ than some of the girls working for the brand today.”

“I agree! I don’t mind Stephanie at all here. So glad their spokesperson actually reflects the demographic. This reminds me somewhat of Paulina Porizkova and Elizabeth Hurley‘s ads. Speaking of the latter, why didn’t they use her? Does this mean her contract has ended?” replied Benn98, with some questions of his own.

“She looks really nice. Do I see fine lines around the eyes?” posted kokobombon, admiring the lack of airbrushing in the ad.

Are you a fan of Estée Lauder signing up Stephanie as the newest face of the brand? Have your say inside the thread here.

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Alexa Chung Guest Edits for Tommy Hilfiger



Tommy Hilfiger seems to be really feeling quirky “it” girls as of late. The label recently gave New Girl star Zooey Deschanel the reins to design a capsule collection and now it’s working with another wide-eyed brunette with to-die-for fashion sense. According to WWD, the brand has tapped TV personality Alexa Chung as its fall guest editor. 

Alexa has chosen her favorite fall pieces from Tommy Hilfiger, all of which go hand-in-hand with her boyish yet feminine aesthetic. You’ll find a red checkered lumberjack coat, a silken blue camo print shirt, black leather leggings, two pairs of oxfords and more. So far, we found about 16 items available, but for those of you who can’t get enough of Alexa’s picks, there are more to come. Every month, she’ll choose new pieces to add to the edit, which will run through January.

In the meantime, check out what Ms. Chung chose for this month and get to shopping.

[via WWD, Tommy Hilfiger

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Guillaume Henry Joins Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci

Image: ImaxTree

Guillaume Henry will be the new creative director at Nina Ricci. He replaces Peter Copping, who is rumored to announce his appointment at Oscar de la Renta any day now. The 35-year-old designer, best known for revitalizing Carven since 2009, will stay at his post until the end of November.

Ralph Toledano, president of Puig, Nina Ricci’s parent company, told WWD that Henry’s “artistic vision, intuition, intelligence, charisma and curiosity” would translate into “great ambitions for the brand.”

Henry will start at Nina Ricci on January 5, and his first collection will be Fall 2015.

[via WWD]

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