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Cara Delevingne Gets Serious About Acting

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Cara Delevingne is well on her way to becoming a bona fide supermodel, but don’t think that posing for pretty pictures is the height of her aspirations. As she’s made clear, Cara has Hollywood dreams and is making a push to become a full-fledged model/actress…or perhaps a model-cum-actress. The buzzy model told WWD that with all the acting projects she’s been racking up, modeling has increasingly become less of a priority for her. 

“[Modeling] has definitely become more on the back burner, just because there’s no way I can work as much as I have been,” she said. “I mean, every day of my last couple of years, I’ve been modeling and now, I’ve just been doing films…I’m just going to be taking my time and doing things that I really care about, you know, parts that I really enjoy.”

Cara has definitely been busy lately. She’s been in the recording studio with Pharrell Williams and has roles in several films lined up. She’ll be appearing in the Pan movie, will have a major role in the upcoming Paper Towns film and will appear in Tulip FeverKids in Love and London Fields.

[via WWD, IMDb]

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Watch: Of Course Karl Lagerfeld’s Bodyguard Is Hot

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most powerful men in fashion, and all that influence needs to be protected accordingly. Knowing Lagerfeld, he’s not going to pick any ol’ Joe to cover his neck. No, the Chanel creative director deserves better and naturally, he’s got a major hottie working his security detail. Meet Sebastien Jondeau, the guy who keeps Lagerfeld safe every day. Vogue U.K. did a shoot with the rather handsome Jondeau, quizzing him on what it takes to be a world-class bodyguard like himself. 

Of course, it would be a shame for the man’s looks to go to waste, so Lagerfeld is using Jondeau to front his namesake brand this season. Watch the video above to see just exactly what Jondeau’s job entails — besides being really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

P.S. If you can’t get enough of Jondeau, he has an Instagram profile with a ton of selfies for your viewing pleasure.

[Vogue UK]

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Marco Zanini Officially Out at Schiaparelli

Image: Getty Images

Image: Getty

Following rumors of his departure, Marco Zanini has left his position at Schiaparelli, according to several sources at The New York Times. According to Style editor Stuart Emmrich, the designer and the house have parted ways, as per a “terse statement” the design house released today. 

The house confirmed it is on the hunt for a new creative director, which it will soon announce. Apparently, things were rocky between Zanini and his employers because T magazine claims the brand outright fired the designer. “The House of Schiaparelli is looking towards its future while transcending the aesthetic codes created by Elsa Schiaparelli,” the house said in a statement. “It follows a dynamic where a contemporary spirit meets its founder’s daring personality.”

[via @StuartEmmrichNY]

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Flashback: Vogue Paris December 2005/January 2006 with Kate Moss by Craig McDean

As U.K. Vogue takes a look at everything Kate Moss for its December 2014 issue, we thought we would dig out our copies of Kate’s memorable guest-edited issue of Vogue Paris for this week’s Fashion Flashback series.

Back in 2005, Carine Roitfeld tapped the British supermodel to take over the magazine’s December 2005/January 2006 issue. As a result of Kate’s health at the time of publication, only one shoot had taken place before Kate entered rehab in Phoenix, Arizona. As a result, we only get the one story with the then-troubled model — thankfully, it’s a good one that will fulfill us for years to come. To celebrate, Vogue created not one, but four iconic and highly collectable covers from Craig McDean’s shoot.

Flashback Vogue Paris Dec 05 / Jan 06 Kate Moss Craig McDean


To accompany the four cover images, the same concept runs inside the 308-page issue with a story entitled “Ultimate Kate.” McDean captured the true essence of the “scandaleuse beauté,” which resulted in some amazing shots of the then 31-year-old wearing pieces from Dior Homme, Chanel Haute Couture, Givenchy and Christian Dior Haute Couture. Left with only a single, original editorial to accompany Kate’s guest-edited issue, Roitfeld filled the rest of the magazine with retrospectives and features.

We luckily managed to snag a copy with Kate wearing the Chanel cape on the cover a few years ago online. Which one do you have? See all four covers and take a trip down memory lane inside the thread here.

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Victoria’s Secret Changes ‘The Perfect Body’ Campaign to Be More Inclusive — Is It Much of an Improvement?

Victoria’s Secret caught a lot of flack this week for “The Perfect Body” campaign on its website that featured images of tall, thin models. Naturally, as most women don’t look like Lily Aldridge or Jasmine Tookes, plenty of shoppers took offense, claiming the ad reinforced feelings of body negativity. 

Image: Victoria's Secret

Image: Victoria’s Secret

As one does in these cases, Leeds, England resident Frances Black started a petition demanding that the retailer change the slogan. “Every day women are bombarded with advertisements aimed at making them feel insecure about their bodies, in the hope that they will spend money on products that will supposedly make them happier and more beautiful,” the petition reads. “All this does is perpetuate low self-esteem among women who are made to feel that their bodies are inadequate and unattractive because they do not fit into a narrow standard of beauty. It contributes to a culture that encourages serious health problems such as negative body image and eating disorders.” (more…)

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Jewelry Designer Bao Bao Wan to Release a Limited-Edition Collection with MAC



Fine jewelry designer Bao Bao Wan is set to release a limited-edition line of cosmetics with makeup giant MAC early next year. The unreleased collection, which will feature five eyeshadows, four lipsticks and three nail polishes, will hit 33 countries in March and only be available for four weeks. The Beijing-born Chinese Dior ambassador said, “It’s all about gemstones and the colors that I love,” when asked by WWD about the line. She mentioned that the colors will be “easy” and work on all skin tones. “I’m very conservative with makeup color, and I’m very much about gold shades. I used my logic and my senses: I didn’t want any crazy colors in the collection, and I wanted it to be practical and to suit every skin tone,” Wan said.

Images for the products have not been released, but the five eyeshadows will be shades of gold, including green and oxidized rose gold, which were inspired by the metals used in Wan’s jewelry designs. The lipsticks and nail polishes were directly inspired by gemstones and a beauty powder. Wan also designed the packaging herself and stars in the campaign, which was shot by Chen Man, a friend of Wan’s who has had a collection with MAC previously. 

[via WWD]