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Lottie Moss Stars in RED Valentino’s Fall Campaign

If nepotism is wrong, in the case of Lottie Moss, we don’t want it to be right. The younger sister of supermodel Kate has captured the fascination of the fashion set, partly because she’s got a great face for modeling, but also because she’s related to a fashion legend. The 16-year-old has already snagged a spot in the campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans’ The Re-Issue Project with (apropos as her big sis starred in the ads back in the 90s) shot by another famous fashion offspring, Michael Avedon. 


Image: Tim Walker/Red Valentino

But if you thought Lottie’s stint with CK was a one-off modeling gig, think again. You’re about to see a whole lot more of her now that she’s snagged herself another high-profile project. Lottie is this season’s muse for RED Valentino, the hipper, younger version of the Garavani namesake brand.  (more…)

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Does Carey Mulligan Deserve the Cover of Harper’s Bazaar UK’s December Issue? (Forum Buzz)

Carey Mulligan has landed the latest cover of U.K. Harper’s Bazaar for the magazine’s December issue. Carey was photographed by Bazaar regular Alexi Lubomirski for the British glossy. The Great Gatsby star joins the likes of Marion Cotillard and Cate Blanchett, who have previously fronted Bazaar‘s “Women of the Year” editions. We currently only have a sneak peek at the cover for subscribers, but Carey’s appearance is still causing quite the discussion among forum members.

UK Harper's Bazaar December 2014 Carey Mulligan


“Who cares about Carey Mulligan?! Honestly… Can someone answer me that? How do these niche actresses sell any copies of anything?? Is it proven that they increase newsstand sales? I get why editors put Angelina and Aniston on the cover but Carey f*cking Mulligan??? And more than once?” slammed an uninterested A.D.C.

But pixiedust1603 disagreed and replied, “Well Carey is one of my favorite actresses especially after seeing her in Skylight, a play which got her rave reviews and broke box office records, so I’m happy to see her on the cover and it is also her best cover in a while. I don’t get why actresses have to be ‘interesting’ to the public to be taken seriously or deserve magazine covers. I’d rather hear from the likes of Carey than hear Jennifer Aniston or Goop talk about their personal lives for the millionth time.”

Also voicing their opinion was [Piece Of Me], who explained, “Carey is probably one of the most talented actresses of her generation. She has had a lot of good roles already and gets critical acclaim. It’s not like she is on the cover for doing nothing or because of some lifestyle website she is launching.”

The topic of Carey’s relevance soon died down and it seems as though our forum members ultimately liked the cover image. “I love Carey and that subs cover makes me want to subscribe. Have always been a fan of HB UK,” raved a more than satisfied ThatGuyPaul.

“I quite resent not being a subscriber now — love that image! Hope the newsstand cover will be just as good. I don’t get the Carey backlash. She doesn’t even get that many fashion covers in the UK to begin with. I recall only 1 ELLE cover, and no Vogue, Glamour or Marie Claire! This cover is probably promoting her upcoming film, Suffragette (title says it all), which will be painstakingly appropriate to the Harper’s woman,” enthused Benn98.

Are you a fan of the subscriber’s cover? Await the regular newsstand cover inside the thread and share your own opinion here

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Kim Kardashian Gets Another Painted Birkin for Her Birthday, Explains Why Styling North Is So Important


Image: FayesVision/

Kim Kardashian has such an extensive collection of Birkins, she’s actually cool with her toddler daughter getting her pricey diaper bag version all wet with milk. Kim added to her collection of soiled expensive purses last week with a birthday gift from her daughter, North, and husband, Kanye West. Apparently, Papa Yeezy purchased a Birkin for his wife and then let little Nori go to town on it, painting the bag into oblivion. According to Kim, the purse was so well-done, she initially thought Kanye had commissioned an artist to do it. “Kanye had a box [with an Hermes purse in it] and I opened it up and it was all painted really cool and on my computer was this message that said ‘Play’ and it was a video of my daughter sitting outside painting the purse,” she told the Mirror. “I had thought it was this new artist who had painted this purse [but] it was my daughter. It was amazing.”

Another Birkin kicks the bucket. But don’t think Kim is worrying about it — she’s got more pressing concerns, like making sure her 16-month-old daughter is dressed to the nines at all times. Kim has come under criticism for how she clothes young North, particularly for that mesh and lace see-through number she outfitted her daughter in for the Givenchy show in Paris last month. But Kim says she dresses her daughter like a mini fashion plate so that North can look back on her baby photos with pride. “It’s hard to find cool baby clothes,” she told Grazia. “Mums want so many frilly things and it’s hard to find a line that doesn’t have all of that. There is nothing worse than when you look at baby photos and you’re like, ‘What was I wearing, why would my mum ever dress me like that.’ I want her to look back and be like, ‘I was dressed so cool.'”

Not that looking “cool” matters if you’re a baby, but we guess when you’re involuntarily in the first family of fashion, you’ve got to keep up appearances.

[via Mirror, Grazia]

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Link Buzz: Leighton Meester Covers Nylon, Walmart Apologizes for Selling ‘Fat Girl’ Halloween Costumes


  • Someone at Walmart thought it would be cute to label plus-sized Halloween costume options as “Fat Girl Costumes.” [Mashable]
  • Women’s Wear Daily is unimpressed with L.A. Fashion Week. [WWD]
  • Mila Kunis designed a motherhood ring in honor of her daughter Wyatt. [WWD]
  • Helen Mirren goes unretouched in L’Oréal Paris’ latest campaign. [Telegraph]
  • Just how much color-correcting goes into a beauty ad? This shocking video reveals all. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Here’s what it would look like if women kept it 100 percent real when they’re shopping. [BuzzFeed]
  • How to get all those stanky, funky smells out of your vintage clothing. [Racked]
  • Amazon warehouse workers are disgruntled indeed and say they are treated like “dumb” children. [Gawker]
  • J.Crew throws shade at sexy Halloween costumes. [The Gloss]
  • Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are no longer a couple. [People]
  • Aaaand here’s Leighton Meester looking adorable on the cover of Nylon. [Nylon]

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Amazon Fashion Holds Its Second Student Studio Sessions Series

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Fashion is all about what’s new and next, so if you want to know where the industry could be headed, looking to today’s crop of fashion school students may be a great place to start. After all, they’re the ones who will be dictating the future trends. Amazon realized this and has given fashion students an opportunity to flex their creative muscle and show us what’s to come once they graduate and start working in the industry. Last year, the e-tailer held its Studio Sessions competition, tapping students from LIM College, the Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons The New School for Design, School of Visual Arts and the Pratt Institute to compete against each other by creating an editorial for Amazon. The contest was such a success, the company decided to do it again this year. 

Amazon divided 10 of the top students from each school into menswear and womenswear teams, each tasked with having to shoot, style and produce a fall-themed editorial based on the products available on the website. The competition took place at Amazon’s Williamsburg photography studio, where the students were joined by mentors to help them conceptualize their campaigns. Lori Goldstein, Eric Wilson, Amy Odell, Ivan Shaw and Kate Dimmock guided the students through their work as they shot all day. Michelle Phan was on hand to give each team advice for their beauty looks. 

Students from all different majors came together to art direct, style, photograph and put together the editorials, which they presented to a panel of judges at the end of the day. Listening to each student team speak about their respective projects, it was clear that these kids are learning a lot at school. The understanding of the Amazon customer, the attention to detail and catering to the ever-important “working woman’s” market really came through. Also apparent was the students’ keen sense of innovation. The teams were allowed to work mostly with flat JPEG images, but FIT’s womenswear team created a graphic that could easily be converted into a rollover, creating a more experiential and dynamic graphic. Parsons’ menswear team styled their male model in a woman’s coat to add a splash of color to the editorial.  (more…)

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Vamps It Up for Vogue Mexico’s November Cover (Forum Buzz)

After a blockbuster set of covers for its anniversary issue, Vogue Mexico continues to bring its A-game by producing a fabulous cover with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, lensed by James Macari. The British babe’s hair was styled in soft Hollywood waves and she donned a show-stopping pantsuit from Versace’s Fall 2014 collection. As usual, the cover will also be used for the Latin American edition of Vogue.

Vogue Mexico November 2014 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Most members of our forums are in favor of the cover. GlamVal expressed his excitement by writing, “I love this cover, [it] is so perfect, the only thing that annoys me is the necklace, [it] is awful. I think this is the best cover of the year. So happy the cover is not saturated with text.”

“How gorgeous, if you’re going for vamp, this is how to do it! All covers look good,” raved Miss Dalloway, noting the fold-out cover shots are on par with the main cover image.

But our forum members soon started to notice the amount of post-production. “She looks gorgeous, overly Photoshopped but still gorgeous,” commented KateTheGreatest.

Also sharing the same sentiments was justaguy, who wrote, “Rosie always looks over Photoshopped, but these are really nice covers.”

“Meh, too much Photoshop on her beautiful face, I wish she looked a little fresher/softer than this,” agreed marsnoop2.

“Indeed!” replied fluxxx, who went on to post, “She looks like [she] had too much Botox on her face on the cover.”

See inside the thread for the other cover images and check out a preview of Rosie’s cover story here. Don’t forget to add your own two cents!

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