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ELLE UK Opts for a Bella Hadid Reprint for the July Cover (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying that Bella Hadid is on top of the modeling game right now. She just landed her first Vogue cover, was announced as an ambassador for Dior Beauty and was one of the many faces of Givenchy for Fall 2016. Therefore, can we really blame the British edition of ELLE for reprinting its American sister’s cover shoot a month later? U.K. ELLE, however, opted to use a different shot entirely, reusing a close-up image of Bella wearing a denim jacket as she gazes intensely at the lens of photographer Terry Tsiolis. But for a magazine that always commissions its own shoots, Bella’s reprint comes as a slight shock to our forum members.

UK Elle July 2016 : Bella Hadid by Terry Tsiolis


“I’m very surprised they reprinted to be honest. I wonder if it could be a limited cover? And someone else has the main cover? I even questioned if it was the U.K. edition, but it’s definitely all in English and the July issue, so I presume it must be? They haven’t reprinted in a long time have they? Excluding the Beyoncé issue,” informed honeycombchild the moment the cover surfaced.

“They haven’t reprinted in a while actually. It’s not a bad shot, but she’s a model, not a celebrity. Surely they could’ve booked her for the edit,” questioned a stunned Benn98. (more…)

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This Curvy Blogger Had the Perfect Response to Instagram Removing Her Bikini Photo


Take a good look at us three. Do you know what we have in common? The belief that Any Body deserves to look good in what they wear. Be it a swimsuit, a pair of jeans, a dress, lingerie, a crop top. We have seen and heard the shaming directed towards us. We have also seen plus size role models in the West – be it bloggers, models, magazines or advocates – teach us that the world will judge you no matter what and that does not mean you go into hiding. While shooting for this, I realised how I hadn’t been around other plus size friends in swimwear and This made me reflect on how important it is to stay visible despite the hate that might come your way. Because while ppl might shame you, there will be people who look upon you with respect for Who You Are. Follow more body positive people online. Screen who follows you and who you choose to be inspired by or you can relate to. Surround yourself with that and you will see that: 1) you’re definitely not alone in this and 2) you are not supposed to be at war with yourself all the time. And if few celebrate your personal triumphs, it is okay to feel sad but remember that That is not something you have control of. Take charge of what you Can control – your sense of self, your self respect and willingness to view the world with different perspectives. #plussize #southasian #igsg #fatshion #nobodyshame #losehatenotweight #fuckfatphobia #pizzasisters4lyfe #celebratemysize #bodypositive

A photo posted by Aarti Olivia Dubey (@curvesbecomeher) on

With its #RunwayForAll campaign, Instagram made the statement that it’s all about inclusivity and diversity in the fashion world — which makes the following story all the more perplexing.

A few weeks ago, Aarti Olivia Dubey, a plus-size blogger and the founder of Curves Become Her, posted a picture of herself and two other curvy women showing off their bikinis. The snap was a behind-the-scenes look at the photo spread that would accompany Dubey’s article for Cleo Magazine, a Singapore-based publication. With said feature, Dubey would become the first plus-size woman to have her work appear in a Singaporean fashion glossy.

Dubey’s caption oozed with pride: “Do you know what we have in common?” she wrote. “The belief that any body deserves to look good in what they wear.” Despite the fact that it contained no lewd content, Instagram removed the photo a few hours later, having been flagged as inappropriate by multiple users. (more…)

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Gigi Hadid Pens Support Letter to Zayn Malik After He Cancelled a Show Due to Anxiety

Image: Mario Testino / Vogue

Image: Mario Testino / Vogue

Former One Direction star Zayn Malik canceled his Wembley Stadium show over the weekend, citing crippling anxiety as his reason for pulling out just 90 minutes before he was due on stage.

Malik took to Twitter to explain that his ongoing issues with anxiety had finally gotten the better of him, and that leading up to the event he “suffered the worst anxiety of [his] career”.

Now Zayn’s girlfriend Gigi Hadid has penned an open letter as a response, in an effort to help fans understand exactly what Zayn has been suffering. 


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Taylor Swift Just Rented the West Village Pad of Your Dreams (Pictures)

Taylor Swift rents out Cornelia Street townhouse to the tune of $40k per month.

Image: Property Shark

As is the case with many celebrities, Taylor Swift sometimes laments her personal life being the subject of public scrutiny. “If I could talk to my 19-year-old self I’d just say hey, you know, you’re gonna date just like a normal 20-something should be allowed to but you’re going to be a national lightning rod for slut-shaming,” she once told Vogue. However, we think Taylor’s post-breakup recovery methods are pretty inspiring: use your emotions to fuel your songwriting, adapt your music to fit with your post-relationship persona, tour like hell, rinse, repeat. This time around, the siren has added “renovate your $19 million Tribeca bachelorette dream pad while renting another $40,000-per-month West Village dream pad” to the catharsis list. (We can’t speak for Taylor, but consider our T-Swift and C-Harris mourning period over.) (more…)

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Oops! Dolce & Gabbana Shows an Armani Handbag in Its Fall 2016 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Dolce & Gabbana’s viva Italia concept lives on for yet another campaign season with the brand showcasing its interpretation of the ideal Italian family-oriented lifestyle. (Remember the good old days when Steven Klein photographed the label’s high-octane campaigns?) For Fall 2016, D&G ditched the selfie sticks and took things out of the studio to the streets of Naples for its latest advertising campaign. Franco Pagetti captured the likes of Bianca Balti, Leila Goldkuhl and Sasha Kichigina dancing around while causing excitement and delight among the locals who gathered around the shoot. But leave it to our eagle-eyed forum members to spot something VERY out of place in the image.

Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2016.17 by Franco Pagetti


“Armani Jeans and Adidas should write them a thank you note for the free advertising because my eyes went straight to the AJ bag and the sneakers on the right side. Horrendous campaign as usual,” cried out VogueDisciple93 straight away.

“The Armani Jeans bag is stealing the show,” laughed DutchHomme. (more…)

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Mario Testino’s Towel Series Goes 3D With Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge

Welcome to the future. It’s an intimidating place. Donald Trump may very well be the next president and Mario Testino’s iconic Towel Series, featuring photos of notables like Naomi Campbell, Kristen Stewart, Anna Wintour, Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively wrapped up in varying amounts of terrycloth, now comes in 3D.

The idea for Testino’s photo series came when he spotted Kate Moss reclining during an “off” moment on set, her body sheathed in a white robe, her hair secured in a towel turban. Thenceforth, the Peruvian photographer often follows his commissioned shoots with a stripped-down segment. The ongoing project, documented on the shutterbug’s social media, seeks to liberate its subjects. Testino holds: “I think girls and guys feel this freedom at being able to express themselves because there is no predetermined way of how they should put the towel on. You can do anything you want…wear it however you want.” (more…)

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