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Pop Rapper Brooke Candy Gets Her Very Own MAC Cosmetics Collection

Image: MAC Cosmetics

Image: MAC Cosmetics

MAC’s latest collaborator is pop rapper Brooke Candy, who is bringing a small makeup collection to get you ready for fall. The Nicola Formichetti style muse teamed up with the cosmetics giant on two in-your-face lipstick shades, Mind Control, a bright cherry red, and Which Witch, a dark vampy hue – both of which you can top off with the boot black liquid eyeliner included in the range. 

The shades are the perfect complement to Candy’s ever-changing style, which she described to i-D as “White-Trash-West Virginia-Chloe-Sevigny-in-Gummo with Liberace-Excess-Bedazzled-Jumpsuits.” Surely, a red or very dark lipstick could fit into such a, uh, unique aesthetic. The collection is said to be inspired by the forces of good and evil, though we think the collection skews a bit more bad girl than perfect angel. 

But even if your style isn’t as extreme as Candy’s, you can still get on board at least with Mind Control – after all, who doesn’t look good in a classic red lip?

Brooke Candy’s collection for MAC is due to hit the MAC website August 27.

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Joan Smalls Strips for Lui’s Gorgeous and Unconventional September Cover (Forum Buzz)

Leave it to Lui to deliver the most visually stimulating September cover. Joan Smalls joins the likes of Gisele Bündchen, Anja Rubik and Natasha Poly, who have each stripped for the racy French publication. This time around, we get an unconventional cover image with Smalls posing naked with a phone on a bed covered in PVC plastic — as we all do. Luigi and Iango captured the shot and our forums are left gagging for more.


Part I of #LuiMagazine Cover by the wonderful Duo @luigiandiango Hair: @luigimurenu Face: @_virginiayoung_

A photo posted by Joan Smalls (@joansmalls) on

As always, forum members couldn’t wait to see Lui‘s new installment. “Gorgeously unconventional cover, but one that works,” Miss Dalloway praised immediately.

“Back to doing something (in)decent. I’m not sure what she’s lying on, but I like it,” said tigerrogue.

Also impressed was Melancholybaby: “Now that is a gorgeous cover. A touch of [Guy] Bourdin, an unconventional pose and catchy colors and you have a great September offering.”

Justaguy couldn’t contain his excitement either, raving, “Absolutely beautiful cover. Love the props and the 70s vibe I get from it.”

Soon after, Avogadro went as far as to proclaim: “I think this is the best cover of Joan.”

“Stunning!! That makeup is on point!” MON pointed out.

“Oh wow, surprisingly I like it. Never would’ve expected her on this cover though. The composition and her make-up looks perfect,” agreed Benn98.

Are you buying it? Await the cover story and drop us a comment here.

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Claudia Schiffer Designed a Cashmere Collection for TSE

Claudia Schiffer wants to drape us all in luxurious cashmere this fall – and we will happily oblige.The model has teamed up with TSE to create an 18-piece collection of comfy knits. On tap you’ll find sweaters, sweatpants, ponchos, skirts, sweater dresses and more. Schiffer has spent more than 25 years in the fashion industry, so making the shift to design seemed like a no-brainer for her. She actually contacted the folks at Tse to work on the collection. 


@claudiaschiffer for TSE coming soon! #ClaudiaxTSE

A photo posted by TSE Cashmere (@tsecashmere) on

“I couldn’t always find great casual cashmere tops to wear with jeans for every day and as I have been a huge fan of TSE, having been introduced to them in the early Nineties in New York,” she told Vogue UK. “I called them about collaborating on a knitwear collection and it’s an amazing experience working with one of the best in this field.” Schiffer plans on collaborating with TSE again, perhaps on collections beyond that. 

Schiffer’s new collection is due to hit and Stylebop this Thursday. So ready your wallets and prepare to be smothered in sweet, supermodel-made cashmere.

Claudia Schiffer for TSE Cashmere


[via Vogue UK]

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H&M Has a Million Euros for Anyone Who Can Improve Clothing Recycling

Image: courtesy H&M

Image: courtesy H&M

H&M is committing itself to having a more positive impact on the environment, and it’s willing to shell out a million euros for some help. The Swedish retailer is launching the Global Change Award, a contest searching for new ways to recycle clothes and will give out $1.16 million USD every year to anyone who can help improve its recycling methods. 

Currently, the methods of recycling cotton aren’t the best, as Business of Fashion points out. “Existing cotton recycling methods make poor-quality fibres, and there is no efficient way to recycle garments of mixed materials, so the vast majority of clothes end up in landfill.” 

Recycling is imperative to fast fashion, since a lot of clothes are made and purchased – and also thrown out. New recycling technology would help create a more sustainable approach to the industry. “No company, fast fashion or not, can continue exactly like today,” H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson said. “The (prize’s) largest potential lies with finding new technology that means we can recycle the fibres with unchanged quality.”

H&M will choose five winners of the contest who will split the €1 million prize, half of which will be distributed by the people through an online vote. You can submit your ideas before October 31 to be considered for the prize. The winners will be announced in February 2016.

[via Business of Fashion, H&M]

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This Is How Much Money Australian Bloggers Make

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

It’s no secret that the blogging industry is a financially viable one, but what’s still a little uncertain is just how much money these bloggers are actually making. Is it enough to get by? Do they need another job on the side? 

A Catablog survey (via Ragtrader) reveals that 70 per cent of bloggers earn money from their blog, but only 11 per cent earn the equivalent of a full-time wage. 20 per cent earn the same amount as a part-time job.

Catablog’s co-founder Janye Moore said the results prove that many bloggers make money from sponsored posts, however, there is still no industry standard on how much. (more…)

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Aisha Jade McKinnon Just Launched Her Own Style Website


A photo posted by Aisha Jade (@aisha_jade) on

It’s no secret we’ve got a major girl crush on Aisha Jade McKinnon, namely because of her preppy tomboy style with an appropriate dose of glam. Now she’s sharing her personal fashion flair with the world through her new website, Boy By Her, which launched today.

“Maybe it’s the fact I grew up with a very sporty background, or the fact that I have always been good friends with the boys, but I absolutely love dressing like one and having masculine undertones in my clothing,” Aisha wrote on the website.

With her tomboy style mantra advocating “Less is more”, Aisha promises to pay tribute to the 90s through the blog with laid-back and raw images, a la Calvin Klein. (more…)

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