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This Reese Witherspoon Cover Is More Proof That Glamour Needs New Art Direction

It’s hard to believe Reese Witherspoon’s last notable magazine cover was back in January for ELLE‘s Women In TV issue. Eight months later, Reese reminds us she’s still out there doing her thing by gracing the cover of Glamour for October 2017. Following a disastrous Blake Lively cover, the all-American actress-turned-producer wears a combination of Miu Miu and Aritza in the cover image, styled by Jillian Davison and shot by Emma Summerton.

US Glamour October 2017 : Reese Witherspoon by Emma Summerton


According to our forum members, Glamour desperately needs to ditch its current art direction. “Magazines adopt scrawls and doodles on their covers in order to seem modern and fresh – in a world where people don’t write by hand anymore, not in comparison to how things used to be. I wish publications would give it up, or at least make it worth looking at,” tigerrouge complained.

“Well, at least it looks faintly better than Kerry [Washington]‘s and Priyanka [Chopra]‘s covers, but wow, what’s with these doodles?? Like the color scheme, not sold on anything else. Least of all reading more on Reese Witherspoon when there are others who’d have something more interesting to say,” Benn98 chimed in. (more…)

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Grace Elizabeth Looks Every Inch the Supermodel in Steven Meisel’s Flawless Max Mara Campaign

Grace Elizabeth is having her moment in the spotlight. Back in July, she received a standing ovation from our forum members for her flawless cover of Vogue Italia, was declared the ‘new supermodel’ to watch by V Magazine and now scores the Fall 2017 ad campaign for Max Mara. Replacing fellow model Faretta, Grace once again captivates in the simple, effortless and understated campaign. Photographer Steven Meisel is clearly a fan of the American beauty, having also photographed Grace for Zara’s latest campaign.

Max Mara F/W 2017.18 : Grace Elizabeth by Steven Meisel


Needless to say, Max Mara’s new campaign was an instant hit on our forums. “She looks different from her Vogue Italia cover. Everyone photographs well with Meisel though. I am super biased,” stated forum member Scotty upon checking out the campaign.

“She is the perfect example of what is the difference between Meisel and other photographers,” echoed dcmaike, showing Meisel some love. (more…)

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British Vogue Delivers a Disappointing Zoë Kravitz Cover for October 2017

There are some celebrities that always deliver strong and compelling magazine covers, and Zoë Kravitz is one of them. She’s covered her fair share of fashion glossies, including the likes of ELLE, Allure and Teen Vogue (each receiving our forum’s seal of approval). The actress-turned-YSL beauty brand ambassador now makes her debut on the cover of Vogue, fronting British Vogue‘s newly unveiled (yet not so new to us) cover for October 2017. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, the team embraced the upcoming fall season, complete with grungy styling and a laid-back attitude.

UK Vogue October 2017 : Zoe Kravitz by Alasdair McLellan


Unfortunately, our forum members simply weren’t here for Zoë’s latest. “Messy hair and all those tiny tats make her look dirty,” slammed Srdjan straight away.

“Bland and forgettable, plus those tattoos look like they were done in a prison. The idea of Zoë for Vogue sounds great but it’s a shame the execution ended up so underwhelming,” expressed Benn98. (more…)

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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over Meghan Markle’s Vanity Fair Cover

Vanity Fair is seriously into exclusives lately, having just delivered a post-split Angelina Jolie as its September cover girl and now taps actress Meghan Markle , who also happens to be the girlfriend of Prince Harry. In true Vanity Fair fashion, all hands were on deck to give the women’s rights campaigner a fashion shoot to remember for October 2017, with master portrait photographer Peter Lindbergh on set to deliver a series of natural, effortless and perfectly undone pictures of Meghan.

Vanity Fair October 2017 : Meghan Markle by Peter Lindbergh


Our forum members weren’t crazy about the cover, however. “…but probably wilder about fame. Yikes,” slammed MulletProof, taking jabs at Vanity Fair‘s choice of cover lines.

Nymphaea felt the same way: “Thinking the exact same thing. Major yikes!”  (more…)

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Mica Arganaraz and Musician Yoshiki Wear Head-to-Toe Saint Laurent on Vogue Japan’s Androgynous October Cover

Vogue Japan has a whole lot of redeeming to do before getting back into our forum’s good books. While the magazine is currently getting us hyped for the October 2017 issue, we’re still scratching our heads over how utterly plastic and lifeless six supermodels looked on its September cover. Sticking with photographic duo Luigi & Iango, Argentinean beauty Mica Arganaraz is back fronting the Japanese fashion bible, joined by Japanese musician Yoshiki. Rocking head-to-toe Saint Laurent and some killer makeup, they make a striking androgynous pair.

Vogue Japan October 2017 : Mica Argañaraz & Yoshiki by Luigi & Iango


The cover received mixed feedback from forum members. “Awful. Too much Photoshop. And that black border is atrocious,” announced Style Savvy the moment the cover struck.

“Mica always looks the same, her hair hair hair,” MDNA wrote.

“Yeah I know how Mica is going to look like, she’s always the same. And the hair is the same too, so boring that they don’t try something new,” confessed KateTheGreatest.

Badgalcrush felt the same way: “I’m so sick of Mica always looking the same, I think if they switched the makeup and hairstyle with Yoshiki it could be way more interesting!”

“Is that a cardboard cut-out of Mica? I think I’ve seen it several times now. They might as well at this point. Same results,” said Vitamine W.

However, not everyone was so quick to show their disapproval. “I somewhat like it,” TeeVanity admitted.

“I kinda like that slightly moodier – almost Marc Bolan – look on Mica’s face,” admired tigerrouge.

“I love this, the mood, the styling, the great makeup. Mica is getting quite a few Vogue covers this year, and she never looked more beautiful,” Miss Dalloway praised.

“I love it, has that vintage YSL feel,” liked Urban Stylin.

Are you a fan? See more from the issue and join the conversation here.

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Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington Dance in the Streets of Naples for Dolce & Gabbana’s New Fragrance Campaign

Dolce & Gabbana is jumping on the Game of Thrones bandwagon with the new ‘The One Eau de Toilette‘ fragrance campaign starring Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington. The brand continues with the viva l’Italia concept for the campaign, which was unsurprisingly shot on location in the picturesque Italian city of Naples. Photographed by Luca Morelli, both Emilia and Kit soak up the Naples atmosphere and are pictured amongst the hustle and bustle of the city with a handful of locals attempting to steal the spotlight. Moving on from past ads featuring the likes of Gisele Bündchen, Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConauhey, the campaign didn’t fare well with our forum members.

Dolce & Gabbana "The One" Fragrance : Emilia Clarke & Kit Harington by Luca Morelli


“I’m so done with D&G. Look at this, so fake (look at the Photoshop!!) and pretentious,” wrote horrified forum member whitewine82 upon seeing the campaign images.

“What crap is this?” asked OllieJE. (more…)

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