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Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone Pose Nude for Vogue Netherlands’ Fifth Anniversary Cover

What better way to celebrate a five year anniversary than to have Mario Testino shoot an entire issue? Vogue Netherlands follows the lead of Vogue Australia, Vogue China, Vogue Japan and Vogue Spain by tapping the master Peruvian lensman to celebrate the milestone. Dutch models Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone were selected for the commemorative occasion, posing nude together for the vibrant cover image.

Vogue Netherlands April 2017 : Doutzen Kroes & Lara Stone by Mario Testino


Our forum members loved the envelope-pushing image. “Finally an exciting and iconic cover! After all the Bella/Gigi blips everywhere that has been thrown at us,” welcomed Riseup.

“I think it will even look better in real life. I like it. Two great models,” applauded Nymphaea. (more…)

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Victoria Beckham Tries Her Best to Smile on InStyle’s Awkward April Cover

Victoria Beckham is a regular fixture at the newsstand and we’ve become so used to seeing her deliver fantastic covers that it’s hard to imagine she can take a bad photo. However, her latest cover for Laura Brown’s newly revamped InStyle is not her best look. Photographed for the April 2017 issue by Pamela Hanson, Victoria wears a white Max Mara coat and an awkward Mona Lisa smile. She looks a bit more at home on the special subscribers cover, though (after the jump).

US InStyle April 2017 : Victoria Beckham by Pamela Hanson


“Oh wow, we’ve never gotten a smiling Victoria on a cover, have we? A smirk is the most she’s given us I believe! The subscriber’s cover is just sweet, even though it doesn’t look like a cover,” described forum member dodencebt the moment the covers broke.

“Smiling? Deliberately? For a magazine cover that’ll be seen by millions? After those Beckham email tantrums were leaked, surely it hasn’t forced Victoria into THIS level of public rebranding? Or maybe she’s just thinking about all those Estee Lauder lipsticks she’s going to sell,” added tigerrouge. (more…)

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Madonna Serves a Trio of Gorgeous Covers for Vogue Germany’s April Issue

We’ve been seeing a whole lot of Madonna at the newsstand lately, including cover appearances on February’s US Harper’s Bazaar and this month’s Vogue Italia. Now, Madonna turns up on Vogue Germany, a magazine that usually shies away from celebrities. German Vogue tapped the legendary singer for a trio of stark black and white covers for its April edition, shot by photographic duo Luigi & Iango (for the second time this year).

Vogue Germany April 2017 : Madonna by Luigi & Iango


The three covers generated mixed feedback from our forum members. “This could have been shot on the same day as the Harper’s Bazaar shoot for all we know. They just slicked her hair back,” dodencebt pointed out upon seeing the covers.

“Wow, how random! Why is she getting all these big covers? New album? I find this more tolerable and less offensive than Steven Klein’s Vogue Italia one. If I was a magazine editor I would be wary to work with Luigi & Iango. They have no qualms to shoot the same subject in a similar way for another magazine,” added Benn98. (more…)

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A Bare-Faced Chrissy Teigen Redefines Beauty on Glamour’s April Cover

Our forums aren’t afraid to rat out magazines who abuse Photoshop and heavily-retouch their cover subjects. But we also applaud magazines who shun the idea altogether — and Glamour does just that for its April issue. Though their covers have been overdone and messy in recent months, the sight of a bare-faced Chrissy Teigen is a refreshing move for this month’s cover. Shot by Miguel Reveriego, Chrissy looks at ease wearing a striped shirt in the effortless, natural shot.

US Glamour April 2017 : Chrissy Teigen by Miguel Reveriego


But the majority of our forum members simply weren’t buying it. “Beautiful colors, but it’s wasted by Chrissy Teigen, who I find quite tacky actually. Why celebrate a girl whose claim to fame starts and ends with being married to some famous singer? Suddenly the Kardashian association makes a lot more sense,” voiced an unforgiving Benn98 the moment the cover dropped.

“Zero interest in her, so I definitely won’t be getting this issue,” quipped a disapproving Miss Dalloway. (more…)

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Kate Moss Just Made Her 38th Appearance on the Cover of British Vogue

As Alexandra Shulman gets ready to leave her role as EIC of British Vogue in the summer, she’s making sure to feature her favorites before she waves farewell. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to see Kate Moss back on the cover for a mind-blowing 38th time. The iconic Brit supermodel returns for the April 2017 issue with a commanding cover image captured by photographic duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

UK Vogue April 2017 : Kate Moss by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Unfortunately, the majority of our forum members weren’t impressed by Kate’s latest cover appearance. “YIKES! Her hair looks so dry. The imagine is too washed out with the light background, her pale skin, and her fried hair,” exclaimed a horrified VogueDisciple93 the moment the cover dropped.

“This does not look inviting. At. All. Terrible!” declared MON. (more…)

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A ‘Lifeless’ Bella Hadid Wears Chanel on Vogue China’s Odd April Cover

Bella Hadid’s 2017 domination continues with yet another magazine cover to add to her growing portfolio. Following in the footsteps of older sister Gigi, who delivered a knockout cover for Vogue China last month, the magazine now taps 20-year-old Bella for April 2017. Shot by Collier Schorr, the current face of Fendi, Moschino, Christian Dior and DKNY looks ethereal in the simple portrait image, sporting minimal makeup with her hair scraped back while wearing a ruffled Chanel look.

Vogue China April 2017 : Bella Hadid by Collier Schorr


Given Bella’s track record of giving good face, our forum members were disappointed by her latest cover. “Yikes, what a dull cover! Bella’s deadpan expression leaves me cold. I don’t think Collier Schorr should be shooting Vogue covers,” stated Benn98.

“This cover is bad. Bella looks washed out and ill. Strange image to choose for the cover, while it definitely accentuates the flow of the garments, it has this odd effect where she appears to be carrying her own head?” added an unforgiving magsaddict. (more…)