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Alicia Vikander Looks Lifeless on Vanity Fair’s September Issue (Forum Buzz)

Alicia Vikander doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record for magazine covers, having recently disappointed on British Vogue‘s August issue. She now takes to the cover of Vanity Fair, oozing glamour and sophistication while wearing a monochrome Louis Vuitton creation. Vanity Fair had a winner last month with the delightful Margot Robbie, but according to our forum members, photographer Mario Testino and VF have done Alicia a huge disservice for September.

Vanity Fair September 2016 : Alicia Vikander by Mario Testino


The vast majority of our forum members weren’t buying it. “I’m sorry. I don’t understand the fascination,” stated liv4beauty straight away.

“Not working for me, also can’t understand her appeal. The blue and gold make me feel she is at a beauty clinic or something like that and the background looks fake round her head, the transition is too sharp,” described a disapproving Nymphaea. (more…)

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Ashley Graham Pens a Powerful Essay for Lenny Letter About Instagram Body Shamers

Body activist and model Ashley Graham, despite being a size 14, has been given a seat at the fashion table and thus exists in a pivotal, yet unfortunately, limited space. As theCURVYcon founder Chastity Garner Valentine aptly put it in an interview earlier this year, when it comes to the industry’s slow march towards inclusivity, girls like Ashley represent concurrently both the change we’d like to see in the fashion world and the maintenance of the status quo: “I feel like mainstream fashion is becoming more inclusive of plus-size fashion and plus-size people, but only a certain type of plus-size girl. She’s hourglass, tall, a size 14 and, most times, white. A lot of the growth and attention in the plus-size industry has come from the bottom up and from women of color, but once plus-size became mainstream the less diverse the industry has become. The plus-size fashion industry feels, as it relates to fashion, like it’s a different side of the same fashion coin, where only a few people who look the same are allowed in the door.”

However, the fact that Ashley’s image conforms to a certain standard does not make her body activism any less important. That said, within and without the plus-size community, it does make her something of a divisive figure. In a recent essay for Lenny Letter entitled “Shamed If I Do, Shamed If I Don’t,” Ashley explains her frustration at being constantly judged for her “neither here nor there” status. (more…)

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Bella Hadid Gives Glamour Its Best Cover in Decades This September (Forum Buzz)

You’re about to see a whole lot more of Bella Hadid at the newsstand over the next few weeks — we can guarantee that. She was just given the job of covering Vogue Japan’s September issue (while already posing on Harper’s Bazaar Australia) and now Bella has the honor of gracing Glamour‘s newly unveiled September 2016 offering. You have to give credit where it’s due, as the current face of both Calvin Klein and Givenchy makes an oversized bright red and padded Balenciaga coat actually look wearable. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, Bella uses her signature moody facial expression to win our forum members over.

US Glamour September 2016 : Bella Hadid by Nathaniel Goldberg


“Gotta say – Bella is seriously impressing me lately. I just can’t get over how beautiful her face is. But, it’s not just the beauty – it’s that Bella always manages to look alluring and alive behind the eyes. She’s giving us something and connecting. Love the cover!” raved happycanadian instantly.

“Even more than her sister, she is turning out to be a GREAT cover girl, I love this! And for such a commercial title this is a really daring cover to go with, I applaud them!” raved Miss Dalloway. (more…)

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Raf Simons Is Officially Creative Director of All Things Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein, Inc. today announced the appointment of Raf Simons as Chief Creative Officer of the brand, effective immediately. ⠀ Mr. Simons will lead the creative strategy of the Calvin Klein brand globally across the Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein Platinum, Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Home brands. As part of his role as Chief Creative Officer, Mr. Simons will oversee all aspects of Design, Global Marketing and Communications, and Visual Creative Services. Mr. Simons’ first collections will debut for the Fall 2017 season. ⠀ The appointment of Mr. Simons as Chief Creative Officer marks the implementation of Calvin Klein’s new global creative strategy, announced in April 2016, to unify all Calvin Klein brands under one creative vision. The strategy comes as part of a global evolution of the Calvin Klein brand, which began with the reacquisition of the Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear businesses in 2013. As Calvin Klein looks to grow the brand to $10 billion in global retail sales, this new leadership is intended to further strengthen the brand’s premium positioning worldwide and pave the way for future long-term global growth. ⠀ The arrival of Raf Simons as Chief Creative Officer signifies a momentous new chapter for Calvin Klein,” said Steve Shiffman, CEO of Calvin Klein, Inc. “Not since Mr. Klein himself was at the company has it been led by one creative visionary, and I am confident that this decision will drive the Calvin Klein brand and have a significant impact on its future. Raf’s exceptional contributions have shaped and modernized fashion as we see it today and, under his direction, Calvin Klein will further solidify its position as a leading global lifestyle brand.” ⠀ As part of the creative strategy for the apparel and accessories business, Calvin Klein also announced the hire of Pieter Mulier as Creative Director, reporting directly to Mr. Simons. Mr. Mulier will be responsible for executing Mr. Simons’ creative and design vision for all men’s and women’s apparel and accessories lines within the Calvin Klein brand.

A photo posted by Calvin Klein (@calvinklein) on

At long last, Calvin Klein has confirmed possibly the worst-kept secret in recent fashion history: Raf Simons is its new Chief Creative Officer. Apparently Simons’ non-compete agreement with his previous employer (he served as women’s creative director of Christian Dior Couture for three years) has finally expired, allowing the new couple to finally share the news via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth. (Although Calvin Klein himself pretty much spilled the beans during an interview with Andy Cohen back in June).

“The arrival of Raf Simons as chief creative officer signifies a momentous new chapter for Calvin Klein,” Steve Shiffman, CEO of Calvin Klein, Inc, told Business of Fashion. “Not since Mr. Klein himself was at the company has it been led by one creative visionary, and I am confident that this decision will drive the Calvin Klein brand and have a significant impact on its future. Raf’s exceptional contributions have shaped and modernized fashion as we see it today and, under his direction, Calvin Klein will further solidify its position as a leading global lifestyle brand.” Simons will helm the creative director of all of the brands under the company’s umbrella — everything from the brand’s racy campaign imagery to the logo placement on your Calvin Klein down-alternative pillows will be Raf-approved. (more…)

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Rihanna and Steven Klein Give Us Two Gorgeous September Covers for W Magazine (Forum Buzz)

As rumored on our forums a few months back, Rihanna makes a much-welcomed return to W Magazine’s all-important September edition for 2016. After managing to impress on the cover back in 2014, she knocks it out of the park once again with a dramatic cover shoot photographed by visionary photographer Steven Klein. Giving us not one, but two collectable covers, Rihanna’s Mad Max-inspired shoot has given our forum members (almost) exactly what they needed.

W September 2016 : Rihanna by Steven Klein


“YES. Striking and memorable the way all September issues should be, I love it…she’s such a superb model and has so much character and understanding of what she does…probably the reason why everyone produces such great work with her,” MulletProof enthused.

Scotty felt the same way, echoing, “I love it. RiRi delivers better than models today.” (more…)

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This Viral Makeup Tutorial Shows That Luxury and Drugstore Cosmetics Look Exactly the Same

The beauty industrial complex would have you think that in order to have truly flawless makeup, one must shell out the big bucks. However, as demonstrated by Raye Boyce, known to her 1,342,030 (at time of publishing) YouTube subscribers as ItsMyRayeRaye, such is not the case.

In a now-viral makeup tutorial (246,000 views currently) the beauty vlogger, lauded for her transparency, sense of humor and affordable product hauls, made up the left side of her face with expensive products and the right side with their drugstore counterparts. “Most of the makeup brands you use today and are made with the same formulas or similar techniques in the same factories,” Raye attests in the video’s written introduction. Other beauty bloggers have used the same reasoning to contest Kylie Jenner’s cultish Lip Kit following, arguing that ColourPop’s Matte liners are identical to the teen mogul’s marked-up merchandise. (more…)

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