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Vogue Italia Celebrates the New Beautiful With Model Sara Grace Wallerstedt

Not even Steven Meisel could save last month’s Vogue Italia and we’re somewhat pleased to see photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott take the reins for April 2017. As the Italian fashion bible’s new EIC gets acclimated, the Turkish photographic duo capture ‘The New Beautiful’ while helping Emanuele Farneti’s vision become a reality. Fresh-faced beauty Sara Grace Wallerstedt makes her debut Vogue cover appearance on the title’s main cover (below), while fellow models Ansley Gulielmi and Cara Taylor star on the fold-out (pictured after the jump).

Vogue Italia April 2017 : Sara Grace Wallerstedt by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


Our forums erupted as soon as the cover struck. “Flat, and uninspiring, this is just so bland, almost, can’t even comment!!” declared an enraged Miss Dalloway.

“Boring. Looks like they tried to imitate Meisel’s style for Vogue Italia,” pointed out a disapproving Scotty. (more…)

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Victoria Beckham Models Her Target Collection on the Cover of UK ELLE for May

After gaining our forum’s approval with a stunning Damaris Goddrie cover last month, the British edition of ELLE is going through a transition period, having secured a brand new Editor-in-Chief this week. Victoria Beckham, a typically reliable cover star, fronts the May 2017 issue, following a somewhat awkward stint on last month’s InStyle. Photographed by Kelly Hallihan, Beckham wears her highly anticipated collaboration with Target in both the newsstand cover (below) and the limited one for subscribers (after the jump).

UK Elle May 2017 : Victoria Beckham by Kerry Hallihan


Our forum members were surprised by the outcome — and not in a good way. “This looks bad. Not her best cover,” pointed out MON within seconds of the cover reveal.

“Her face is so bloated! It was either shot very early in the morning or she’s got too much botox,” added Srdjan. (more…)

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Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Irina Shayk Go Au Naturel on Vogue Germany’s Trio of Covers

Vogue Germany is back on a winning streak, having regained our attention and received our seal of approval with a gorgeous set of Madonna covers last month. Sticking with multi-covers again this month, the German title dishes out a trio of covers featuring three of fashion’s top models for May 2017. Showing the others how it’s truly done, Kate Moss (below), Lara Stone and Irina Shayk each appear solo on the three effortless covers photographed by Peter Lindbergh.

Vogue Germany May 2017 : Kate Moss, Lara Stone & Irina Shayk by Peter Lindbergh


Surprisingly, the covers received mixed feedback. “Kate’s looks like déjà vu, Lara looks dead, and I couldn’t care less about Irina. Not very exciting!” reviewed an unimpressed Valentine27.

“All three aren’t very good, too much reality for me. Kate is lucky because she got black and white, it’s more flattering,” wrote Nymphaea. (more…)

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Amber Valletta Is Feeling Good on British Vogue’s Summery May Cover

Ever since Ashley Graham‘s  groundbreaking January cover, British Vogue has been treating us to one model cover after another. Following in the footsteps of Kate Moss last month, UK Vogue opts for legendary supermodel Amber Valletta as its May 2017 cover star. Currently covering Vogue Ukraine, Amber makes a much-welcomed return to the British edition for the eleventh time in her spectacular career, flashing a warm smile in a Bottega Veneta wrap dress on the summery cover, captured by Lachlan Bailey.

UK Vogue May 2017 : Amber Valletta by Lachlan Bailey


As usual, forum members wasted no time voicing their opinions. “Glad to see Amber and I quite like the un-fussed mood of this shot. It’s very British Vogue. Lachlan Bailey should shoot more covers for them. The styling and her hair could be a improved though, crikey!” quipped Benn98 the moment the cover struck.

“Yes! Amber f*cking Valletta back on Vogue UK! I love her comeback and this summery vibe so much. It might be a bit too beachy for May but hell, it makes me want to take a vacation,” added dodencebt. (more…)

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Glamour’s Latest Kerry Washington Cover Is a Real Nail-Biter

Glamour can’t seem to catch a break on our forums lately. Members often complain about the glossy’s overdone and over-styled covers and it seems like the trend continues for May 2017. Making a return exactly two years after her last appearance, actress Kerry Washington wears a floor-length Valentino dress in the latest installment. There’s a lot to digest in this Steven Pan-shot cover.

US Glamour May 2017 : Kerry Washington by Steven Pan


Our forums were quick to critique the cover. “Sigh, this had so much potential. Nice to see Kerry, but some cropping was needed. And the styling is too dark for summer. The art direction, which looks like those Instagram tags which pop up on pictures, is a bad idea. Don’t want to sound jaded, but every US Glamour cover this year used activism as a marketing tool. Whether it’s working or not, I don’t know, but each time I lose more respect for them,” said Benn98. (more…)

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Vogue Turkey’s April Cover Is a ‘Waste of Two Top Models’

According to our discerning forum members, Vogue Turkey doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to creating groundbreaking covers, despite the odd hit from time to time (Kendall Jenner‘s cover from 2016 still fresh in our mind). This month, the magazine adds another “miss” to its portfolio with an awkward and somewhat uncomfortable April 2017 cover. Model Lexi Boling (who usually photographs like a dream for Steven Meisel) is joined by Jordan Barrett, coupling up as they lounge around a luxurious hotel room for photographer Sebastian Faena.

Vogue Turkey April 2017 : Lexi Boling & Jordan Barrett by Sebastian Faena


Forum members flocked to the thread to voice their dismay. “Not exactly a cover-worthy image, looks more like an editorial preview to me. Poor Lexi, her non-Meisel covers never seem to impress me. And now she’s being outshined by Jordan Barret of all people,” critiqued Benn98.

“A non-Meisel shot of Lexi usually fails unfortunately. Awkward cover!” echoed Vitamine W. (more…)