Everybody’s Talking About: Tulisa


TulisaTulisa Contostavlos is currently one of the most famous women in Britain right now, largely due to the fact that she’s replaced Cheryl Cole as a judge on the UK’s X Factor. She initially sprung to fame as part of the band N’Dubz, with her cousin, Dappy, and her ex-boyfriend, Fazer. Although the band has some great success stories under its belt, including several top hits, they have parted ways in recent years in order to focus on their own projects, which obviously paved the way for Tulisa’s new career as a talent judge. Plus, like every bona fide celebrity should, she’s also released her own perfume, The Female Boss.


Back in the Day!

Looking back at Tulisa's style at the beginning of her career, we can see a fresh faced Tulisa, accompanied by her band mates, in a velour tracksuit and Ugg boots (below left). A massive fashion faux-pas! When she used to up the glamour for a red carpet event (below right), she would typically opt for skin tight leggings with a zip up jacket. Hello camel toe! 

Tulisa’s Style Evolution

The more she’s been in the spotlight, the more her style has blossomed. Long gone is her peroxide blonde hair, and she’s almost completely ditched her streetwear. She’s embraced darker locks and a more feminine wardrobe, and has simultaneously become a style icon amongst the masses. The fact that she also admittedly wears items from low cost retailers such as Matalan (the UK’s equivalent of Walmart’s fashion offerings) is endearing, and the public relates to her non-snobbish attitude.

What a Transformation!

Thankfully, Tulisa's X Factor days have helped her to see the light, and these days her fashion choices are a lot more stylish and chic. Above left, Tulisa opts for a sleek fitted dress, contrast heels, and elegant side pony for an X Factor promotional shot. In fact, Tulisa is so popular in the UK right now, that she's just been awarded the "sexiest female in the world award" by FHM magazine. Whilst attending the awards show (above right) she wore an asymmetric gold stud detail dress with chunky heels. Tulisa really is taking the UK by storm, and it's only time until she tries to conquer America! 

Images:  WENN.com,  Daniel Deme/WENN.com