Celeb Trend Alert: Black and White Summer

We may technically be well into the Spring/Summer season, but there’s no doubting that all of the miserable rain and windy weather is affecting our wardrobe choices — and we don’t just mean that we’re still having to cover up, but rather it’s also influencing our colour palette of choice, too. We should be dabbling with cute pastel shades or experimenting with more exuberant neons but instead we’re seeing more and more people playing it safe with somber black and white outfits, and that includes our favourite celebs.

Last week, the world famously saw Kate Middleton trying out this season’s animal trend with a monochrome leopard print, as she attended her last official solo royal engagement before the arrival of her baby. The Duchess opting for black and white was just the tip of the iceberg though, as plenty of other celebs were also following suit. Here’s our recap of the best Brit celebs who’ve also been rocking this trend recently.