15 DIY Hacks for Scarves

I've always been a huge fan of repurposing things in the name of fashion. From using a zipper for a headband or thumbtacks on shoes, I just can't help myself. I've got to say, though, out of all the things I love to refashion, scarves are my favorite. Maybe it's because they are just huge hunks of pretty fabric, there are many ways you can use, decorate, and wear scarves that are a bit out of the ordinary. While I will always love wearing my scarves in many different ways, here are some of my favorite DIY scarf tricks:

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DIY Scarf Shirt

Have a bunch of silk scarves lying around from older relatives or thrift stores? Check out this easy tutorial on how to make a shirt from two square scarves.

DIY Scarf Watch Band

Did you have a strap break on a favorite watch? Replace your watch band with a scarf!

DIY Scarf Dress

Use those extra-large and extra-colorful scarves to make an interesting dress

DIY Scarf Flats

Decorate the tops of your flats with a cute scarf bow. 

DIY Scarf Belt

Make a funky belt by sewing a buckle to a scarf with this tutorial.

DIY Quote Scarf

Write out your favorite quotes on a scarf and carry the words around with you everywhere!

Scarf Camera Strap

Tired of the bland camera straps that come with your camera? Check out this tutorial on how to make one from a silk scarf.

DIY Scarf Purse

Need a bag on-the-go? Check out how to make a scarf purse with just a couple knots.

Scarf-Wrapped Purse Strap

If you've got a purse strap that's looking a little tattered, spice it up by wrapping it in a scarf.

DIY Lace-Tipped Scarf

Add some lace to the end of a scarfto add some length and a feminine touch.

DIY Scarf Skirt

A simple way to make a skirt from a scarf — perfect for any music festivals you attend this year. 

No-Sew Scarf Shirt

How to make a fluttery shirt with a brooch and a large scarf.

DIY Braided Scarf Bracelet

A fun and easy way to make an accessory… from an accessory! 

DIY Scarf Necklace

How to make a layered necklace from multiple scarves.

DIY Scarf Purse Strap

Have a purse strap that is broken? Make one from a scarf!




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