My First Trip to Paris: A Fashion Story

I recently returned from a week-long trip to Paris, my inaugural jaunt to the city of light and love. It was every bit as enchanting as I had hoped and dreamed it would be, and the most magical part was, of course, the fashion. The land of berets, stripes, and scarves has a reputation for being über-chic, and it did not disappoint. After only a couple days, it became very apparent to me that Parisians care about style beyond the physical level: it's not just an appearance, but also, more deeply, a reflection of their lifestyle choices. Parisians would never dream of leaving their homes in anything remotely ill-fitting, not only because it simply looks better to be styled and put together, but also because as a general rule, they prefer to put effort into themselves and enjoy life. (These values are also demonstrated by the astounding city-wide cleanliness, the citizenry's penchant for long lunches involving wine, cheese, and copious amounts of bread, and the fact that the entire city pretty much shuts down on Sundays — an extremely foreign concept to this spoiled New Yorker.) Even the children are stylish! What follows is the story of my first trip to Paris, told through the fashions I wore, saw, swooned over, and remain in love with. 

All photos, writer's own.