Atlantic City: A Fashion Story

America's Playground isn't exactly a city known for its fashion: the name Atlantic City is more likely to conjure images of dealers wearing transparent green visors and smoking fat cigars than it is to call forth visions of women in high heels and chic dresses. With a hip new "Do AC" ad campaign and the opening of Revel, the shiny new resort right on the boardwalk, it would seem that the town is trying to a tell a new, slightly fancier story about itself. This tale includes high-end shopping, concerts from the likes of Beyoncé, and dining from celebrity toques like Marc Forgione and Alain Allegretti. So when I planned my virgin voyage to AC, one of the first things on my mind, of course, was how many fanny packs and tacky t-shirts I would see. Little did I know, what I was to discover would be far more shocking, horrifying, and hilarious.