7 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Men


altMen may be useless when it comes to fashion and beauty, but as far as life goes, well, they’ve kinda got it down. Check out these seven life lessons I’ve learned from the men I know, and then share your own in the comments below. Ah, #GottaLoveGuys!

1. Ask For What You Want

Whether it’s work related or personal, my boyfriend’s always encouraging me to ask for what I want. And guess what? It works! I asked my mom for a new iPhone the other day, and I got it. Okay, Im totally kidding because that’s an awful example (although I did get a new iPhone). But seriously, if you never ask, you’ll never know, right?

2. Take Risks

Men in general seem to take more risks than women, so last year I decided to follow suit. I quit my job in PR to do my own thing. And now I’m happily freelancing full time. 

3. Speak Up For Yourself

When it comes to saying what’s on their mind, men definitely have no problem. Women, on the other hand, tend to skirt around issues for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Well, what I’ve learned is, it’s okay to speak up for yourself. In fact, it’s even healthy. Because if you don’t, who else will?  

4. Do What Makes YOU Happy (Not Everyone Else)

If there’s one thing the men in my life have taught me, it’s to stop worrying so much about what others will think and just do what makes ME happy. You can’t please everyone, and if you try, you’ll only wind up unhappy yourself. It’s a fact, trust me.

5. Have Some Confidence

Guys are always so darn confident, and it’s from them that I’ve learned to be truly confident in myself. You have to know your own self worth before you can spread your wings. You have to spread your wings before you can really fly.

6. Work Hard Now So You Can Relax Later

When I graduated from college, my dad told me, “If you work hard now, you can relax later.” And the thing is, he was right. If you apply yourself now, while you’re young, and put in all the hard work, you’ll be able to reap the benefits later. You’ll enjoy the rest of your life comfortably (more or less, that is). Anyway, that’s not to say you shouldn’t have a little fun along the way though.    

7. Just Chill Out

Whenever I get worked up over something stupid (like, uh, misplacing my hairbrush), my boyfriend is the first one to tell me to calm down. Somehow, guys are so good at that? They just know when to relax, and when it’s not worth getting so emotional over. Me? I’m still trying…   

image via imaxtree