DIY T-Shirt Upcycle: Make this Easy Braided T-Shirt Top

Out of all the materials I use for crafts, t-shirts are at the top of my favorites list. The jersey knit of the world's ubiquitous shirt is so versatile and craft-friendly — whether you make a woven t-shirt project or a t-shirt quilt, the simple cut top makes for one of the best DIY materials around.

How to make the braided t-shirt top:

Supplies: Two t-shirts, a needle and thread, and some scissors. I found my tee in a thrift shop, but you can always just use an old one you find in the back of your closet.

Step One: The first thing you need to do is cut off the neck and part of the sleeves of the shirt you're planning to wear.


Step Two: With your second t-shirt, cut 6 one-inch-wide strips and braid them together. Sew the ends of your braids together to make a big loop.


Step Three: With your needle and thread, stitch the braided loop to the front and back of your shirt in the middle. Leave a bit of the loop free from the shirt so that the t-shirt braids can rest on your shoulders.

And that's it! Pair your upcycled t-shirt with a pair of wedges and some breezy pants and you've got a unique and easy look for this transitional season.


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