Insta-Crush: Actress Jena Malone’s Artistic Instagram

When celebrities take to Instagram, you get mixed results. Mostly, it's all about a totally enviable lifestyle: pics of gifted high-end wares and vacations to far-flung locations. Happily, there are some folks who don't think of Instagram as the ultimate humble-brag platform. Enter actress Jena Malone. The indies-flocking actress has been in lots of acclaimed films, but she's not exactly living the A-lister's life for the sake of it. Instead, she's using her Instagram account for visually stimulating art photography: wistful pictures of flowers and hair, photogenic friends and gorgeous nature scenes. We have to say, we are especially enthralled with a star using a social media account for art-good. Here, we've chosen 10 of our favorite snaps of Jena's.