Friend In Fashion’s Jasmin Howell Discusses the Fine Line Between Modelling and Blogging

JasminHowell-theFashionSpotThe fine line between fashion blogging and modelling is becoming more and more ambiguous. Why would labels choose a model when there’s a babin’ fashion blogger with an outstanding social media following, guaranteeing a widespread reach to its audience? If they can pose up a storm for street style photographers, can’t they do the same for brands?

We caught up with Friend in Fashion blogger Jasmin Howell at MBFWA 2015 to talk a little bit about the profession crossover, who hinted that fashion bloggers should probably be renamed as “influencers” now that the lines are so blurred.



“I’m probably far from a model,” Jasmin laughs. “I have had the opportunity to feature in campaigns, more as my role as an influencer.” She says her role as a fashion blogger changes all the time.

Jasmin Howell Models for Caslazur

Photo courtesy of Caslazur

“I think the role of the social influencer has really kind of catapulted, particularly within the last couple of years,” she explains. “Brands see the value of an influencer as opposed to just maybe a model. Someone who has that voice and that reach as well.”

“It’s about being multidimensional. It’s being a jack of all trades.”