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Closed Set with Julie Bensman: Meet The Fashion Spot’s Editor-at-Large

Julie BensmanNew York City can be both a wonderful and harrowing place to live, especially when one finds herself employed within its media circuit. Through no particular scheming or schmoozing, I entered this crazy world several years ago and am still living to tell the tale. As the Entertainment Editor of Niche Media, I book models and celebrities for the covers and inside features of 10 regional magazines. But my job doesn’t stop there. Rather, it’s the catalyst that leads me to some of the most interesting people, places, and parties I’ve ever encountered.

This column is called Closed Set because that’s where I find myself from time to time. Whether it be a cover shoot, fashion shoot, model casting, or private soiree, I’m hoping to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at what is new and buzz-worthy in the city (or at least in my little world). I’ll be talking not only about fashion, but all things that are en vogue for any given week, from artist collaborations and industry news to high profile openings and generally cool things that warrant way more discussion than can fit into a measly 140 characters (if you’re interested in getting daily updates, follow me on Twitter @JulieBensman). 

What I DON’T want this column to be is a diary about moi. I think Twitter and Facebook and all that jazz can be a slippery self-promoting slope, and I would hate to subject you to my potential social media collapse. So, let’s get the icebreakers out of the way now so we can focus on the interesting things later (the first week of 2011, to be exact):

Five things I really like:

  1. Viral cute animal videos (if you don’t visit this website regularly, I highly suggest you start)
  2. Peanut butter 
  3. New York Magazine and everything it touches (obvi)
  4. David Sedaris (obvi)
  5. Thrift stores, consignment shops, and pretty much anything vintage or one-of-a-kind (I’m a bit of an eBay and Etsy fanatic) 

Three things that push my buttons:

  1. Cliche headlines and the editors that let them slide by
  2. People who don’t send thank you cards
  3. Uggs

There you have it! If you like the things I like, email me! If you think peanut butter should be reserved for prison inmates and subway rats only, email me! Lucky for you all, I’m not easily offended, so feel free to be candid, give me feedback, ask questions and contact me about anything that pops into your head. As long as you like funny animal videos on YouTube, we should get along just fine…



The Fashion Spot’s Editor-at-Large, Julie Bensman, is also the Entertainment Editor for Niche Media, whose titles include Gotham, Hamptons, Ocean Drive and LA Confidential. Closed Set is a collection of her musings on all things fashion, from an editor’s desk to your desktop.