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Model Bregje Heinen Stops by The Fashion Spot Forums

Bregje Heinen in Commons + Sense

"Hey guys, I know it looks like I’m not really working any more but I work quite a lot! A lot hasn't come out yet so that's why! And not everything is posted yet! xx Bregje"

And so, eighteen-year-old model Bregje Heinen introduced herself to the members of the Fashion Spot forums when she posted in her thread last Friday. Born in the Netherlands, Bregje began her modeling career in 2008 when she signed on with Women Management in Milan and Select Management in London.

Bregje Heinen in Commons + SenseBregje Heinen in Commons + Sense

Members excitedly welcomed Bregje to the Fashion Spot and were thrilled when she posted an editorial from Commons + Sense that they hadn’t seen before. “Great pics and very sensual. I like this idea… models posting their own shots,” wrote Northern Star.

Bregje revealed that tFS tends to be the place where she finds pictures of the work that she has done. “Normally I find my pictures here but nothing of my new stuff is posted yet and I don’t have it,” she lamented. “I have one new story but it’s not out yet, I’ll post when it’s out!”

Bregje Heinen in Commons + SenseBregje Heinen in Commons + Sense

Fadedcolours assured Bregje that if our forum members know what to look for, they’re likely to find it. “The thing is that most models work more than you could tell from their threads,” she wrote. “Members post work they find accidentally or they know to look for but otherwise I'm so sure a lot of it gets missed. But! I am sure if you let us know some info about upcoming work, like who photographed it and such, our crafty members will scramble all over the place to share your new work here!”

Bregje Heinen in Commons + Sense

Forum members are surely looking forward to more interactions with the friendly young model, and are up to the challenge of searching for and posting any of Bregje’s new work in her thread. We hope to see her posting in her thread again soon!

Images courtesy of Bregje Heinen in the Fashion Spot forums. 

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