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Hermes Spring 2012 Runway Review

Along with Louis Vuitton, Hermes is arguably the luxury brand most associated with travel, and this was reflected in the worldly influenced Spring 2012 Hermes collection. Designed by former Lacoste creative director, Christophe Lemaire, the designer's sophomore collection showed hints of Moroccan, Native American, Oriental, and rain forest dress styles, all of which were fashioned into garments that stuck with the clean lines, loose and relaxed silhouettes, and neutral palette – with bursts of color and prints – that were prominent in the Fall 2011 Hermes collection. 

While Hermes may lack some of the sexiness that Jean Paul Gaultier brought to the brand when he was leading the design team, Lemaire's cool, cozy, sportswear elegance is equally appealing; his background at Lacoste has clearly served him well and the ready-to-wear can more than stand up to Hermes’ accessories.

The one notable misstep in the Spring 2012 collection was a shapeless white monk-like hooded linen robe, which was hard seeing fit into anyone’s wardrobe. Oddly, this very outfit was paired with one of the season’s most covetable bags – an off-white handbag accented with caramel leather and a roped handle.