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The Fashion Spot’s 10 Best Articles of the Week

1. Shop Now: Limited Edition Designer Collaborations – If you don't get it while it's hot, you won't be able to get it at all.

2. It's Vintage: Closed Set with Julie Bensman – The Fashion Spot's editor-at-large discovers the secret to scoring a great vintage piece.

3. Surviving the Winter: Beauty Experts Weigh In Part I – What you need to know to get through the next few months. (Check out Part 2 here!)

4. The Glossies: November 2011 Best and Worst Covers – Your virtual newsstand.

5. What We Bought: Topshop Glitter Loafers, Zara Lace Shorts and More (Forum Shopaholics) – And here's your next shopping list.

6. What the Celebrities Wore: Halloween Edition – There's some truly scary stuff going on here.

7. Get In Touch With Your Five Fashion Senses – Don't forget about your sense of style.

8. How to Get the Perfect Top Knot – Top knots for all!

9. Christian Louboutin Fetes 20 Years in Fashion – Nearly every celebrity you care about turned out to celebrate Louboutin's career.

10. Tom Ford, In the Flesh, Launches Beauty Collection  – The Fashion Spot met fashion god Tom Ford. Here's how it went down.