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Amsale Designer Dishes Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Amsale Designer Dishes Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

It’s little surprise that Amsale designer, Amsale Aberra, appeared cool as a cucumber when I met her after all the anxiety-prone brides she deals with on a daily basis. Decked out in a blue ready-to-wear dress she designed and pieced together that day (sadly, she told me that a RTW collection is not likely to take shape anytime soon), the affable designer chatted with me about what brides should know before embarking on the wedding dress process, getting the right fit, and more.


The Fashion Spot: What should every bride-to-be know before starting to look for a wedding dress?

Amsale Aberr: Brides need to feel confident and comfortable. They need to be true to themselves and portray their individual style. My advice for brides when they begin looking for gowns is to always look at their cocktail and evening attire. The cut and shape that they usually gravitate towards generally works in bridal as well. When a bride is looking for her gown, it is important to seek recommendations from others, but ultimately, she knows what looks and feels most comfortable on her. Bridal consultants will then step in and help her select the right gown, veil, and accessories. A confident bride always looks and feels beautiful.

tFS: Do you find more women are going for out-of-the-box dresses? More brides going for non-white colors?

AA: I am not sure about out-of-the-box dresses, but I do know brides are increasingly looking for ways to make their wedding gowns unique while still looking like a bride. More and more brides are expressing their individuality by using variations of white, like a rich caffe or champagne. They are also incorporating color through accent pieces, hair accessories, jewelry, and shoes.

Amsale Designer Dishes Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

tFS: What's your take on a short dress? What do you suggest wearing for a beach wedding?

AA: Short dresses are great for rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, or a small wedding. For a beach wedding, I think the style of the dress depends on the bride and what she wants. We often think of brides as wearing soft, light, and flowing gowns for a beachside wedding. However, a clean and crisp wedding gown can contrast beautifully with the casual beach setting.

tFS: So many women get on a serious exercise kick leading up to their wedding; any tips for taking measurements when going in for a fitting?

AA: Always set realistic goals. When purchasing your wedding dress, select the size of your gown with your current weight in mind, not your desired weight, as it is always easier to alter down. Also, arrange a final fitting close to the wedding date so that alterations can be made more easily and the gown will fit perfectly.